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They Cuddled, They Danced, They Kissed.

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Ship: HamLaf

Word Count: 1122

Summary: They had won the war, and manage to find themselves a moment of peace.

Warnings: Light angst, mentions of death (Neither Laf or Alex die, so no need to worry.)

A/N: I love these suckers at the moment, so be expecting a lot more of their content. God, they’re too cute.

No matter how much rain hammered down from the sky, how many thick grey clouds hung in the air, how strong the thick smell of blood and death lingering was, or the number of countless dead bodies lying over the war-torn ground, everyone had a small smidge of happiness in their hearts. People had died, so, so many people, yet the war had finally been won; they were an independent colony, and no longer had to put up with King George the Third, who was a harsh ruler, and only thought about himself, not caring for his people, his friends, or even his family. Money was his main priority, that and making others miserable.

George Washington, their general at the time, smiled, though it was strained. He looked as if he had gained a few years on what he used to look like, but a war was expected to have that effect. Very few people’s smiles reached their eyes. Yes, they were free and no longer had to fight, but above that, they were exhausted and had lost too many friends to ever be the same again. Whether it was a brother, a drinking partner, a cousin, someone you shared a tent with, or a stranger that you had only hit it off with today, to have lost them was still too much. No one went unaffected.

Though some managed to hide it.

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