theyre so cute i hate them

Please Explain To Me

Why am I so obsessed with the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ characters? The ones I’m supposed to hate? The ‘bad boy’s? The ones with shaggy and/or messy dark hair with a brooding personality. The more angsty the backstory the better. Give them to me. I mean just


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Some rando: “So how did you two meet?”

Person A: “We were in the same lecture and he/she got the hiccups during a test. I couldn’t help but notice.”

some rando: “aww thats-”

Person A: “No you don’t understand. He/She wouldn’t shut up. They were endless.”

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u know I'm gonna ask for victurio for the ship thing

   when I started shipping it if I did: dude on the 22th of november of 2016, when i started to rp it
   my thoughts: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA these are my thoughts on this ship pretty much. it’s my otp and i’ll cling to it for eternity.
   What makes me happy about them:
literally everything. they’re so cute together and they have such a good dynamic and theyre so understanding of each other and both are so dedicated with their love [crying] and age difference or not they know they can get through anything and they support each other always [more crying]
   What makes me sad about them:
THE FACT THAT IT WILL NEVER BE CANON!!!!! also the needless hate us shippers get. that’s pretty much it, the ship is perfect otherwise.
   things done in fanfic that annoys me:
viktor as a rapist with no feelings. and yuri without any redeeming qualities aside from his anger. i get it, he’s frustrated, but he isn’t aggressive 100% of the time, especially in intimate situations. he can spend a few minutes without hitting anyone, thanks
   things I look for in fanfic:
SMUT lmao honestly tho. if it doesn’t have smut i won’t read it. i usually prefer canonverse but some AUs aren’t bad. i also like happy endings thank you very much
   Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: in canon it’s kind of obvious. viktuuri and otayuri. i ship yuu2 but like that won’t happen in canon either. and the creators have been hinting at otayuri so much that it’s actually not that much of a stretch (see: recent official art)
   My happily ever after for them: they get married when yuri turns 18. a few years after that they adopt two kids, a boy and a girl. they also get more pets along the way, especially as makkachin and the cat get older…
   who is the big spoon/little spoon: viktor is big spoon though they change positions a lot during their sleep. yuri is a huge clinger overall.
   what is their favorite non-sexual activity: pair skating !!!!! PAIR SKATING!!!! just for fun and to be able to be close to each other while still doing the one thing they love the most

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This is totally random but I realized today that following your blog totally turned around my opinion on birds?? Like I always thought they were whatever, and then my first girlfriend had this mean parakeet that hated me so I was like "birds are dumb" for a while but now after seeing you and your bird, I started to see how they could be cute and friendly and wonderful. Now every time I see a bird I'm like BIRB! HELLO FRIEND!

BIRDS ARE GOOD FRIENDS they can be hard to understand because they dont think like cats or dogs if that makes sense, so some of them end up mean or cranky because its harder to make them.. not. that being said theyre cute and smart and have loads of personality!! 

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stanning rv is so good theyre so nonproblematic and cute and loving at the same time i love them so much bihh!!!!!!!!!!

I KNOW !!!

I hate di fact that joy gets so much hate , like ya girl could b like “I LIKE FRESH PINEAPPLES XD” n netizens would b like “FRESH??? WHO EATS FRESH PINEAPPLES ANYMORE? WHY DONT SHE GET IT OUT A CAN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE?? SMH 😤 WILD” like i’m so akxjjajfnand i really love my girls so much it hurt i wanna cry