theyre so cute i hate them


i love these two so much

please dont be mean to my gremlin daughter she does not deserve this hate

Please Explain To Me

Why am I so obsessed with the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ characters? The ones I’m supposed to hate? The ‘bad boy’s? The ones with shaggy and/or messy dark hair with a brooding personality. The more angsty the backstory the better. Give them to me. I mean just


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REAL QUICK BEFORE LESBIAN DAY IS OVER i love aratou.. also arakita probably let toudou do their hair lol

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If you go onto boy/male positivity posts and say shit like, “I think you meant girls”, or “More like girls!”, or anything like that, you can go fuck yourself.

Men and boys are precious cinnamon rolls who want nothing more than to provide and protect. They just want to love their partners, love their family. They want to have fun and live life to the fullest, just like any woman.

Boys are great, okay? Don’t try to ruin positivity posts made for them just because you’re a misandrist.

Guys, gentlemen, you all are lovely and handsome, and precious and I love you and hope you have a good day!

either or (you and me)

yoonkook drabble inspired by yoonkook asking if they should do lamb skewers business together lmffkdjs and yoongi’s parents being like NOPE

“ahhhh i really wanted to do it!” jungkook flops onto his back, rolling round on the couch. yoongi pulls his headphones down.

“we can still do it,” he turns in his chair, hands folded in his lap. jungkook squirms onto his side, cheek smushed against the couch arm, glasses slightly askew; it’s cute. yoongi clears his throat. “i mean, it’s not like we’d be doing it for a while either way. it’s not really up to them to decide.” at this, jungkook extends one arm and waves a finger in a ‘no no’ fashion. yoongi’s brows rise.

“nope,” jungkook finally gives up and sits upright like a sort of normal human being, folding his legs underneath himself. “i know you care what they think,” he holds his hand up when yoongi opens his mouth to argue, “which’s good. i care too. and the furniture thing could be fun.”

yoongi sputters. “i was joking.”

“but you weren’t joking about the restaurant?”

“well, no,” if yoongi could back-pedal on a rolling chair he would; but the back of it is already against his desk. he blinks. “would you really want to?”

jungkook rolls his eyes and considers throwing a pillow at yoongi except that might be hazardous for all his equipment, so jungkook just stares at him. he thinks about the yoongi who used to hold him in the dance practice room when he’d fall asleep by accident; he thinks about yoongi grinning at him during their recent choreography break together, his hand at the back of his neck like it belongs there. he thinks about yoongi as he is now, his favorite version because it is also yoongi’s favorite version of himself – in his finest element; creating. he thinks about how he loves him, because that’s definitely what it is and jungkook has grown into himself now enough to know it. and it’s funny, how he can have his little crushes on the others too – because he loves them also, is inhumanly fond of all of them; and well why wouldn’t he be? they have only ever been there for him; and isn’t that everything? with yoongi it is different though.

the idea of a business together means the idea of a future together, beyond bangtan for all that jungkook wants this to last forever too.

the idea is: not having to say goodbye.

so when he asks yoongi if he’s serious, the smile he sends him is very serious – seriously warm, seriously open, seriously in love.

he watches carefully, the slight glare of the light caught on his own glasses doing nothing to obscure a flicker of something like comprehension that appears and disappears so fast, if jungkook had not been looking so closely, he would have missed it; but he sees it. he waits.

yoongi shifts in his chair, hands going to his knees. he’s nervous. jungkook wonders if that’s good or bad.

“of course i want to,” jungkook gets off the couch and stands so near to yoongi that they’re touching – barely but very all at once. jungkook imagines being bolder, imagines pushing yoongi’s beanie up off of his hair and watching the unruly light blue fall into his perfect dark eyes, imagines maybe kneeling down in front of him just to make a point or pulling yoongi up just to make another point; but it’s imagination and jungkook is not bolder, not yet. he’s just what he is right now: in love and knows he’s in love and likes to be close. it’s enough. for now. yoongi surprises him by leaning up to fix jungkook’s glasses, his fingertips grazing his skin brief warm and wanted when he lowers his hand.

“it doesn’t have to be furniture either,” yoongi more or less blurts out – the way you do when you’re so nervous you just let the first thing that comes to mind be what you say. all in all, it could be worse. yoongi could have said one of the other things on the heels of that thought, things like: that makes me happy, you make me happy, 'we’ make me happy. things yoongi knew but never consciously Thought and now that he’s thinking it, well. he looks away but the soft burn in his cheeks is there anyway; stupid complexion.

but when jungkook laughs he looks back up, his own smile suddenly there because jungkook’s joy is contagious. that’s something they all agree on. just the other day he’d been in namjoon’s studio, giving input where he wanted it and where he didn’t, saw the picture of all seven of them on his desk, picked it up and said: “we’re good now aren’t we.” namjoon pulled him in by his waist like the old friend he is and said,

“yep,” then asked why yoongi thought the transition in the current track needed to be moved.

a little after that they heard jungkook’s laughter. they know each other well enough to recognize that’s jungkook’s 'i’m watching something funny on my phone while walking down the hallway despite all the hazards that come with that’ laugh. namjoon chuckled and yoongi shook his head and namjoon said without any prompting, “love that kid.”

yoongi didn’t notice his own words as much as namjoon did when he murmured, “yeah….same.”

now, watching jungkook bubble over with brightness, yoongi sees parts of all of them in how he ducks his head, how he can laugh with his whole body, how he curls his fingers, how he emanates an invigorating sort of love that says: if you’re doing good, i’m good too.

yoongi considers the probability of being in love.

blinks again.

“maybe we’ll do both,” jungkook says and locks his hands behind his back like a child, bending forward so that his face is level with yoongi’s, and it’d be both easy and hard to kiss him. yoongi wants to, isn’t as shocked by it as he might have been a couple years ago; but he doesn’t. instead he reaches a hand up to card through jungkook’s hair, ruffling it just this side of playful and adoring, hums a thoughtful sound and says,

“maybe we will.”

a moment passes. jungkook’s glasses slide down his nose. yoongi fixes them again, gently recedes…only to pull jungkook along with him by his wrist. at his desk he lifts his headphones off his own neck and puts them on jungkook; one ear still lifted, he says,

“not sure about this one. might be pretty good in the end but the foundation’s got to have more melody…ah anyway…” he smiles, all teeth this time, taps the side of jungkook’s neck and looks back at the screen as he hits play and says softly,“let me know.”

eventually, jungkook does.

i hate how people think sharks are just like…mindless killers. they’re not really that different from wolves and lions, bears, etc? they’re apex predators and great hunters. we’re not their prey but theyre capable of hurting or killing us. this is also true of wolves, and even though people are scared of wolves our culture still respects them (for the most part. but i wont get into wolf conservation issues right now) and even characterizes them as cute? so why are sharks not the same. well partially because they aren’t fluffy mammals but people like dolphins despite that? my point is justice for sharks. thank you

klance klance klance kla

  • lance is an animal lover. like a huge animal lover. A HUGE ONE. he will literally take every stray dogs or cats he sees on the streets. like. he doesn’t even care. picks them up and takes them to his apartment. keith doesn’t mind at first, but now he is suffering too much.

° lance, slamming the door open with his feet and a puppy on his hands: GUESS WHOS HOME WITH A SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!

°keith, surrounded by the cats and dogs: lance i know this apartment is pet friendly but we literally have like 10 dogs and 8 cats can you please stop

  • lance likes to play with his pinky. or keiths. he jut likes touching them. sometimes he intertwines his with keiths. keith doesn’t mind at all. he’ll squeeze lances pinky and continues to do his thing.
  • keith likes to cling to lances back like a koala when he’s stressed. sometimes even in public. lance doesn’t care if someone thinks it’s embarrassing. sometimes people point it out and he will literally snap at them.

° some bitch: why is he clinging onto your back like that?

° lance, holding keiths hands tightly: why don’t you mind your own damn business, BITCH *zooms away*

  • keith has so much cryptid documentaries??? like?? the boy has a whole collection for each one??? sometimes he watches it with pidge or lance or both at the same time. pidge obviously gets excited to have more company, but hates it when they do their Thing.

° pidge: ALRIGHT!!!!!!!! time to watch some alien documentaries!!!! who’s ready for this shit!!!!!!!!

° lance, in the middle of smooching lance : i sure am when my boyfriends here<33

° keith: AW BABE!!!!!!!! <33

° pidge: nevermind. we’ll just see it when you guys aren’t sacking faces w each other.

  • let lance give cute nicknames for keith, let lance give cute nicknames for keith, LET LANCE GIVE CUTE NICKNAMES FOR KEITH, LET LANCE GIVE CUTE NICKNAMES FOR K
  • AWKWARD!!!!! HAND!!!!!! HOLDING!!!!!!!!!! LET THEM!!!!!! AWKWARDLY!!!!! HOLD!!!! HANDS!!!!!!!
  • cute morning rituals!!!!! when lance wakes up first —which rarely happens ahem— he likes to wake keith up by peppers kisses all over his face. when keith wakes up first he likes to wait until lance wakes up and when he does he likes to play with lances hair and kisses his forehead. lance sometimes gets a bit mad bc keith was supposed to wake him up but keith tells him that he had a cute sleeping face and that he was scared to wake him up. lance proceeds to oversleep everytime.
  • clingy boyfriends, clingy boyfriends, clingy boyfriends, CLINGY BOYFRIENDS, CLINGY BOYFRIENDS, CLINGY BOYF
  • they just love living happily ever after and theyre each other prince charming!!!!!!

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imagine matt and lance holding hands as they go through one of those haunt houses at an amusement park. imagine matt totally planning on having lance snuggle up to him in fear, only for them both to get scared. imagine as they go to get food afters and matt shares his by feeding it to lance, like the gross couple they are. imagine them uploading their pictures onto social media and their friends can't even make fun of them. imagine pidge pretending she hates that theyre dating but she's so happy

!!!!! i’m crying?? this is so cute??? They probably even have matching halloween sweaters?? And they just enjoy the night and go home and cuddle up with their sore feet and feel so happy together eating discounted halloween candies. 

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Hello, dear friend! You are the reason I started watching Gotham and I can't thank you enough for that. But I need to ask, why do you like the Jim/Oswald ship? The way Jim treats Oswald was the thing that got me to hate him (like the fact that he took advantage of the sweet love sick penguin in s1.) I'm so bitter when they are on screen together, so maybe you can shed some light on my biased grumpiness? Thank you!

Hi! I’m so happy you started watching! 

I like the Jim/Oswald relationship because (I’m putting this in bullet-point form for the funzies):

  • They have some insane chemistry, that screen be sizzling when they’re together
  • Aesthetically, quite pleasing (they’re a lovely contrast to each other, both in size and looks)
  • Neither Jim or Oswald seem to care about personal space when it comes to each other (they get real up in each other’s business)
  • And when they do get real up in each other’s business neither one of them ever backs down
  • And Jim may throw Oswald around, but Oswald has been in the criminal underground business for years before Jim–he’s been through way worse (his pain endurance is so high he can be completely silent, stoic, level headed enough to keep his men from attacking while maintaining eye contact with Fish Mooney when she stabs a big ass pin straight through his hand–getting pushed against a wall by a hot cop is a good night for Oswald)
  • Oswald was and is still incredibly fond of Jim (before he met Ed, Oswald was using those big blue eyes of his to shoot some serious heart eyes at Jim and, even now, in a room full of people–one of whom is literally the best assassin/bodyguard–he clings to Jim when he’s high off of fear gas and Jim doesn’t push him away)
  • Jim has a soft spot for Oswald too, though it’s not as explicit as Oswald’s (especially with all the threatening Jim seems to do when it comes to talking with Oswald–but you can catch it in these lovely scenes)
  • There’s a genuine camaraderie between the two, they both want what’s best for Gotham and for the city to succeed 
  • This shot of Oswald looking at Jim after inviting Jim to his club’s opening night/asking for them to be friends will sustain me for the entirety of my life
  • The way Oswald and Jim can confront each other on the other’s bull shit, the way they both have this great skill in zeroing in on the other’s vulnerabilities–they know each other so damn well
  • For a villain who’s not exactly restrained when it comes to getting ‘rid’ of any obstacles, Oswald has never really tried to kill Jim 
  • The ‘I’m going to act like I hate you despite the fact that I keep coming back to talk to you and only you and I’m going to be as dramatic about it as possible’ dynamic they have
  • There’s just so much passion and history between them that you just want to shove them in a room and see what would happen (and see how many times Jim can push Oswald into a wall before Oswald asks if Jim likes doing this and doesn’t that say a little something about someone’s proclivities, hmm?

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hi lisa :D mind revealing your top 10 BL couples? pretty pls

omg of COURSE I DON’T MIND most of these are manhwa but i have some manhua and manga in there too

  1. FOOLS - eungi & jeongwoo (what did you expect lmfao)
  2. RAISING A BAT/BATBREED - chun sam & min gyeom
  3. H&H ROMAN COMPANY - ginger & rum (i want to post more about them tbh,,, theyre so cute ahh)
  4. DARK HEAVEN - simon & conor
  5. I’M YOUR CUTE COPYCAT - yohan/john & semin (i hate spelling his romanized name my finger always goes to the e instead of the i)
  6. YATAMOMO - yata-chan & momo (ahhh theyre so cute tbh i love them a lot)
  8. 19 DAYS - jian yi & zhen xi
  9. OUT OF CONTROL/NEVER UNDERSTAND - dohoon and yumin (i love yuri and jaerim too but i have so many side ship feelings for them theyre my faves)
  10. i couldnt pick so i have like 4,,,
  • TEN COUNT - shirotani & kurose
  • HIDAMARI GA KIKOERU - taichi & kouhei (really REALLY good read 100% recommend)
  • BLOOD BANK - eric & shell
  • HEY, YOUR CAT EARS ARE SHOWING - i dont know their names but the main guy and the small catboy !!!! its super cute i havent read it in awhile but im probably going to read it again;;; ahhh idk if they’re rlly considered a couple but they’re super cute??

anyways yeah that was really long but like im v indecisive

these are all of the ones in english btw!!! if i did everything including untranslated stuff im p sure this post would jump out of the computer screen and slap me for being so incompetent at making lists

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favorite nct blogs?

adhfsjfh someone actually asked me  ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you anonie ~

okay so here goes

@nctinfo & @nct-u for updates and pics of the boys during their rookies days aduhauhf

@1aeil & @taeiloves my fave fave fave taeil stans theyre the best (and sappiest we all are but) taeil stans and i love them with all my heart  ❤ 

@taebreez my closest friend on here (ily june  ♡)
@starrynct possibly the nicest person i ever met (we dont deserve you zen)
@neocity my mom im in charge of hyping her up and i take my job very seriously ily 
@taeyongshi a cute taeyong stan & her textposts *thumbs up* 
@spicypancakedoyoung shes a fave but i still hate her  ♡

@hqleetaeyong SO NICE OKAY and funny like thanks for making me laugh at 2AM 
@taeyonggi soft ty stan pls enjoy her edits and her

and others i really enjoy seeing on my dash 
@2-tae @chokemewinwin @dofawn @taeyounq @1aeyong @grandpa-ty @nakamuto @teewhytrack @taei @taeyongd @incorrect-nct-quotes @taeiljaeh @doyouta @14jae @icetaeil @tybeoji @nctmark @jonginkims @hey-uta, @rookiies, @lqtaeyong, @taeyonghi, @nakasyuta, @dovounq, @lqmarklee @nctaezen

oh yeah lets not forget the legendary blogs @neotechs & @nakamotens

lmao sorry i turned this into a follow forever (its just i might never make one so might as well answer this like this ~) 
appreciate these blogs i love them all 

idk man

hey! some danatole + a whole bunch of wedding stuff because i owe you all some good fluff

also: my first week of rehearsals is almost done! please keep in mind that while my next week of rehearsals is happening im going to be in another production at the same time (i have a couple hours in between) so updates may be slow and most likely posted on the weekend or the week after next!! thanks i love you all

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“I loved you in spite of Deep fears that the world would divide us- And say, say that we got it. “ could you imagine how scared she got when people found out about them and prolly cried to him but Joe assured her, “hey babe, we got this” 😭

i just imagine her spilling all her fears and worries to him and he just cuddled up to her and listened to every word she said and reassured her that everything will be okay and sajdihdsajdha THEYRE SO CUTE I HATE THEM