theyre so cute and perfect

Boy howdy not only is your art amazing but your handwriting too!!!!! These children are so adorable and i love seeing all of them in your style and dressed up!!~ Goodness gracious theyre so cute!!!!~

Thank you so much for doing these and i hope you get lots of discounted candy this year!!!!
Also props to kid you and your bro for winning those halloween costume contests yall mustve been so cool and spooky!!!~

wheres my resident evil movie with all the resi girls in it ??? i mean why the fuck not, i love chris and leon but they work for totally different organisations yet capcom loves throwing them together, regardless if it makes sense or not so that obviously won’t be a problem. gather ALL the girls lets get on this ladies

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🎶Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips, We should just kiss like real people do🎶

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i did a couple fe14 style portraits of the 2 best berserk characters? casca is a cavalier and farnese is a spellcaster! 

i kinda headcanon farnese as a dark mage and schierke as an anime mage but… i couldnt do that to farnese.

imagine a fullmetal alchemist au and adrien and felix are brothers. when they try to ressurect their mom, it is adrien, the younger brother, who loses his arm and leg, but felix gets transmuted to a black cat plush toy.


Orange County Performing Arts Academy
I’ve Got Rhythm (2016)
Choreography by Heather Chavarria and Rachel Miller

listen i love the line “Dammek is bronze and burnished” in broom temperature so much. i had to look up the definition of burnished but it means to polish metal or to perfect or enhance a skill so in this context xefros is basically saying that he thinks dammek is polished and perfected and thats…. so cute. theyre 13 and have a shitty metal band and xefros works in lyrics abt how great he thinks his moirail is into their songs. its really sweet im honestly getting a little emotional