theyre so cute and perfect

Brain why dyou keep bothering me
  • Me: *taking a shower*
  • Brain: Psst... hey
  • Me: jfc what now
  • Brain: Yurio accidentally calling Yuuri and Victor mom and dad

🎶Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips, We should just kiss like real people do🎶

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listen i love the line “Dammek is bronze and burnished” in broom temperature so much. i had to look up the definition of burnished but it means to polish metal or to perfect or enhance a skill so in this context xefros is basically saying that he thinks dammek is polished and perfected and thats…. so cute. theyre 13 and have a shitty metal band and xefros works in lyrics abt how great he thinks his moirail is into their songs. its really sweet im honestly getting a little emotional

imagine a fullmetal alchemist au and adrien and felix are brothers. when they try to ressurect their mom, it is adrien, the younger brother, who loses his arm and leg, but felix gets transmuted to a black cat plush toy.


Literally my OTP, they’re just so cute and soo perfect together! loveinfinitelyy


Orange County Performing Arts Academy
I’ve Got Rhythm (2016)
Choreography by Heather Chavarria and Rachel Miller