theyre so cool and calm and pretty and i love them

kpop stans on

1. aesthetic stan: probably got a cute url or smth like … 1melon or whatever lmao …… they either reblog aesthetic posts on their main or have a special side blog for it where they post random pictures from instagram…. pretty mobile themes… usually quiet and nice. probably like using heart emojis. have a nice tagging system!

2. loud, extra stan: TAGS TAGS TAGS oh god the tags, they cant live without TAGS, you either Go Full On Caps Lock When You See A Picture Of Ur Ultimate Bias Or You Go Home, enthusiastic, lovely, and humorous! might not have many friends but many people love them and are too shy to tell them usually, they Scream and They Make Memes Probably, “INVENTOR OF THIS COLOR INVENTOR OF MUSIC INVENTOR OF JEANS INVENTOR INVENTOR INVENTOR”, feel lots of things At Once, “OJYMNDNSNDNSKDJNDND”, usually pretty popular stans, have urls that are not forgettable and funny

3. soft stan: theyll never shut up about their bias trust me, will see a picture of two trees probably and go “me and (bias)💘”, actually write love letters to their biases sometimes, really just want the best for their bias, “my baby…. my cinnamon apple😢💕💞💘💗💝💞💕”, uses heart emojis alot whew!, or just emojis in general… they love them, they seem polite, sweet and their presence is usually calming!, probably likes reblogging aesthetic stuff as well!, probably has some url like “(bias)sgf/bf/girl/girlfriend/baby/etc”, usually pretty protective over their bias, probably well liked

4. the ‘i never talk’ stan: never uses tags, never posts, all just reblogs…., they probably like ur posts ALOT, and you kinda wanna follow back, but who… are they even, mobile theme is.. questionable sometimes, i think all they care about is just reblogging the stuff they like lmfao theyre not about that tumblr life probably

5. drama stan: have beef with everyone, probably have a mile long byf page, and a block list lmfao, they usually post aesthetic stuff and maybe have nice urls too, seem intimidating and ‘mean’ usually, “callout post for (insert url)”, petty and nosy as hell, cant mind their own business!

6. the normal stan: a pretty cool person actually, you just think…. Wow i wanna be friends w them bc they seem so tolerant and nice?, uses tags but in a normal way, like “#oh my god #hes the cutest #my heart”, you just wonder how someone can be this chill…, they probably rarely come online too!

7. the multifandom stan: their blog is….. Everything, a pretty MESS, how can they even keep up like dang…, have so much love for so many people… its great!, might occasionally post personal stuff, probably a gif maker, generally liked, friends with the normal stans probably!, a great tagging system usually

8. the NASTY stan: “DADDY😫😫😫”, probably use twitter, thirsty as hell Give Them Water, theyre similar to the extra stans usually, kinky as hell, probably under 18 LMFAO, “i want them to **** ** ** *** ***”, people probably told them to chill before, they usually dont really care, NOOOOO CHILL, loves reading smut probably🙃

9. the gfx stan: SO GREAT, MAKE AMAZING EDITS, come up with great things you just wonder yoooo how they Do That, probably too cool for you, might not talk often! but they get lots of messages probably saying how nice their work is, are just great people like… thanks Gfx Stans For Existing

rushman2-0  asked:

Hey mom, I know you're not taking prompts right now and I totally get if you can't bc you always come first (never forget that) but I'm having a really rough night and I was wondering if you could write something for Alex having OCD and needing to control things and she's pretty good at knowing herself (she'd have to be) but sometimes she can't and she throws herself into work and training bc theyre the things she can control and Maggie pulls her out of it? idk if that makes any sense sorry ily

She’s generally got it under control.

It’s generally not something that gets visible to anyone else.

J’onn knows. Of course J’onn knows. And Kara knows. Of course Kara knows.

They help, when it gets overwhelming.

When her thoughts spiral and won’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop, when she needs to have everything in the lab just so because it won’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop, when she needs to get out of the apartment and get into work because she knows what will happen if she stays. Which is how Eliza knows.

She wishes Eliza didn’t know.

That never helps. Eliza never helps.

Eliza makes her cycles stronger.

It won’t stop.

Now? Now, it’s Maggie. Now, it’s Maggie, because she’ll find out that Alex isn’t cool and badass and calm and kickass. She’ll find out that Alex is a complete wreck inside. She’ll find out and she’ll leave and Alex will break and she needs to be in the lab. She needs to be training new recruits.

She’s good at those things.

She’s good at those things.

She’s good at those things.

J’onn sighs when he sees her – feels her, really – slip back into the DEO after two long shifts that most certainly mean she should be home sleeping and eating ice cream and resting, not coming back for more.

He tries to make a habit of never deliberately dipping into her or anyone’s thoughts, but strong, powerful surface thoughts always leave impressions in his mind.

So he sighs, because he knows, and smiles softly, because he’s proud. Because somewhere in Alex’s struggle right now, she remembers that she copes better when she doesn’t close herself off, alone. And she’s doing what’s best for herself by dragging herself here.

He will never stop being proud of his eldest Earth daughter.

And he’s hardly surprised when his newest daughter shows up with a bewildered, concerned look on her face a few minutes later.

“Hey J’onn, I’m sorry, is Alex here? I thought she’d be home, I know she just got off some really long shifts, but she’s not picking up her phone, and – “

He puts his hand on Maggie’s shoulder and leads her to one of the sparring rooms without a word.

“She’s not feeling so great, is she?” Maggie asks, and J’onn glances down at her, curious and impressed.

“I may be new, but I know her,” Maggie answers his unspoken question, and his eyes smile down at her.

“She’s not feeling so great, no,” J’onn confirms softly as they stop in the entryway of a room identical to the green room except lacking in Kryptonite-emitters. She’s got some new recruits lined up and she’s teaching them a new set of moves, and damn, is she good at it.

She’s good at it.


A demanding but thorough teacher. A ruthless, smart fighter.


She can’t control her mind, maybe, but dammit, she can control the way her body wraps around a new recruit’s and shows him how to throw her down. She can land perfectly, and call attention to the way that she let herself fall without breaking any bones, so the rookies can learn how to both throw down and be thrown down most effectively. She can flip herself off of her back and back onto her feet without using her hands, because she can control her strong, how agile, how useful, her body is.

Maggie watches her with a tilted head and soft eyes, and she sees the battle raging in Alex’s, and she knows that she’s in love.

J’onn can feel it radiating off of her, and he smiles.

“I’ll leave Agent Danvers in your very capable hands,” he says, because Alex’s family is growing and he couldn’t be happier. Even if it added another child for him to worry over. It was worth it.

“Hey Danvers, you about done beating up the newbies?” Maggie calls, and Alex stiffens, and the rookies grin.

“Oh come on, it’s just training, once we finish basic, we can take her,” Yve calls, and Alex scoffs.

“Doubt that, Butler,” she parries, but stiffens and dismisses them to practice on each other in a different room nonetheless.

Maggie squeezes Yve’s hand on the way out, and Alex has barely-controlled terror in her eyes.

“I’ve got to go join them, supervise their session,” she tells Maggie quickly, efficiently.

Maggie nods softly. “You can do that if you need to, babe, but I think you need some sleep.”

Alex gulps and her breathing starts to get ragged, her heartrate starts to skyrocket. “Can’t sleep.”

Maggie is quiet for a long, long, long moment, and then, “Thoughts spiralling, Danvers?”

Alex blinks rapidly and swallows and fights the instinct to run. “How – “

“I know you, Alex. Here babe.” She puts her hand on Alex’s chest. “Breathe out into my hand, okay? Just breathe into my hand. Just breathe into my hand.”

Alex glares for a long, panicked moment before closing her eyes and conceding. Her coiled muscles relax somewhat in a few breaths, and Maggie strokes her cheek softly. “Come home with me, Ally. You need to rest.”

Alex tenses again.

“Breathe into my hand,” Maggie repeats, and Alex does.

“I have to…” She splutters, at a loss for explaining, and thinking, hoping, from the kind, patient, affectionate look on Maggie’s face that maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t have to.

“I know. I know. What if I promise not to leave your side until it gets quieter in there? Hm?”

“And then you’ll leave?”

“Would you want me to?”

Alex shakes her head fearfully.

“Then no, I’d stay to celebrate the quiet with you.”

“Why are you – “

“Because I love you, Danvers. Because you’re amazing and you’re allowed to feel what you feel and be supported every step of the way. Okay?”

Alex quirks her lips to the side and Maggie nearly swoons.

“You’re the best.”

“I certainly hope so, because the best is exactly what you deserve.”


i’ve seen a lot of people mix up certain gods and goddesses with each other and thats totally ok considering that even i, a girl born and raised in a Hindu family, gets shit confused all the time because it’s literally impossible to memorize the millions of gods like there are literally millions literally

SO FIRST UP meet Vishnu

he’s one of the three supreme deities, part of the holy trinity and what not. he’s basically known for being in everything and maintaining the world up to the atomic level and is also in charge of all things good. he’s a real nice guy, super friendly. had three jealous wives but can you blame him i mean it’s not every day you can find such a guy like him.


this guy’s your super chill grandpa. also part of the holy trinity, he basically created the universe and was the first to appear and gives humans creativity and knowledge. he gives advice to everyone and is basically everyone’s…. brah. GET IT HAHAHA i am going to Naraka–


part of the holy trinity he is referred to as the WORLD DESTROYER. and how does he destroy the world? he dances it into fucking oblivion thats fucking how. fear the arts. literally kinda useless without Shakti though but we’ll get to that later.

aside from his whole world annihilation thing he’s a pretty chill guy who meditates all the time. total family man, loves his wife and all. just don’t get him pissed off ya know.


there are literally so many cartoons about this guy that i’ve watched as a kid like he was the biggest little shit alright lemme just say that just think of a spoiled pooh bear except as a little blue human and instead of honey he goes after milk/sweets HE’S ALWAYS HUNGRY I SWEAR EVERY FUCKING STORY IS ABOUT FOOD 

anyways he’s basically revered as the most prettiest– thats right, PRETTIEST – god/avatar of Vishnu. this is why i said it was ok to get these guys mixed up since theyre all fucking blue anyways except for the old guy man Brahma my dude are you sure you gave humans enough creativity 

but yeah most of the stories are about his childhood but then he becomes a prince and every girl wants him so basically he’s our version of Romeo BUT HE STILL ACTS LIKE A ROYAL PRICK HES LIKE THE EPITOME OF “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” he lifts mountains for sport and beats up/plays around with demons for the fun of it like theyre toys or whatever man i have a lot to say about this kid but i’ll stop 

so now that you know about the holy trinity of gods it’s time to learn about the holy trinity of GODDESSES YEAHHH GIRL POWER right under the cut cause shit this post is getting long

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Little Accidents // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff, slight angst, parent!phan

Words: 1.9k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: broken bones, hospitals

Summary: Dan and Phil’s son breaks his arm while at the park.  

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victuuri + yuri plisetsky parent au thing

ok me and maddie quickly came up with a bunch of scenarios involving victor and yuri being yuri plisetsky’s parents?? we got pretty excited with it and came up with a lot and its all under the cut!!

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anonymous asked:

i love noorhelm so much but i'm interested in hearing your opinion about the people who constantly bash them saying theyre unhealthy and william is abusive? yeah i'm just interested in your opinion

sure ofc!

listen everyone has the right to their own opinion and i do really feel like the way you see noorhelm and william reflect a lot on your own life experiences which is really cool in my opinion! but that being said…

i think for some reason a lot of people are being very unforgiving when it comes to william as a character. especially because they seem to have no problem giving characters like isak (who’s said and done a lot of sexist, ableist, homophobic shit in the past.. he actually kept doing it through most of his own season) room to grow and evolve but for some reason they are stuck in the past when it comes to william. which i think is super unfair. skam is a show with incredibly real characters and real relationships and to me noorhelm and william both are very real they aren’t perfect by a n y means but nothing in real life is and that’s why they appeal a lot to me.

back to william i am not excusing any of the bad shit he did that’s never been my prerogative what so ever but let’s go back to the one thing people seem to have a hard time letting go… the whole vilde thing. now don’t get me wrong i l o v e vilde i think she’s wonderful and made of sunshine and i actually want her to be the main person of season 4 more than any of the other character. but she is not innocent when it comes to her ///relationship/// with william. she never cared about william as a person. she literally only wanted to fuck him because he’s in her own words “the coolest ‘97′er” her obsession with william was nothing less than creepy and gross (if she had been a dude, after wiliam telling her no 50 million times and she still kept stalking him people would cry abuse and it would be a fair statement as well. someone saying no should be taken seriously and she didn’t do that all through season 2) so yes what william said to her in season 1 regardless of him having a “good” motive was wrong and horrible but vilde’s intentions were never good in the first place she was using him as much as he used her.

i’ve seen people saying he’s a douche to everyone and i think they watched a different show??? bc i truly never saw him being an ass to anyone other than vilde? he was kind and polite to all noora’s friends, eva’s mom, isak, eskild… literally everyone he interacted with so yeah that one i think we can debunk pretty quickly. it sounds like these people have had a shit experience with a williamesque person irl and are putting all their personal ill feelings onto him which is unfair.

then i’ve seen people saying that season 2 was bad because noora “deserves better” than the storyline she got and it goes against everything she is. which is exactly why i l o v e season 2. noora being a very put together person in season 1 always being the rational one it was incredibly fascinating to me to see her fall apart in all the good and the bad ways imaginable. we got to know her better than we ever would have if she had just been the completely same she was in season 1. the only person that could have that effect her remains william. because he’s incredibly intelligent while being the complete opposite of her as a person, so their dynamic (in my opinion) remains the most interesting of the show to this day. because it’s an explosion of emotion and feeling. everything that noora never had in her life before with her always remaining very calm and collected.

william walking away from noora at the end of season 2 in the school yard was obviously heartbreaking. but it’s like people completely forget william’s biggest insecurity. his family. like yes of course he should’ve listened to noora. yes of course he shouldn’t have walked away. but to him this was the worst thing imaginable. he didn’t want noora to even talk to his brother because he was so terrified of what would happen. i think the biggest achilles heel in noorhelm’s relationship will always be william’s insecurities when it comes to his family. in season 3 noora describes that he became obsessed with being validated by his father because he never got any validation before. that he becomes a little kid when dealing with anyone of his family members. that’s what so heartbreaking about william as a character he truly has good intentions but his judgement is always clouded when it comes to his past and his family. the only person who truly made him see his worth (and not the superficial part of his worth) was noora. but even she couldn’t save him when it comes to the missing love he never got from his parents. the reason nico went after noora wasn’t because he liked her. it was because he KNEW that it would ruin things between william and her. because he knew william’s worst insecurity all along. he had all the cards in his hands.

last but not least the whole “william is a manipulator he manipulated noora to go an a date with him” thing. again what he did was douchey as fuck. obviously he shouldn’t have played on noora’s weakness (that being always being kind to people and helping her friends no matter what) he knew that she wouldn’t be able to refuse and that was a shitty thing to do. again not excusing any of that. but this takes us back to the real part of noorhelm. they started out badly they did they had a rocky start but that’s so real to me? and i think again people are overreacting when it comes to that whole thing. it was a date. one single date. and we all know noora wanted to go anyway. he made her fucking cocoa and they just talked for an hour on a goddamn bench and he bought her a fucking blanket. after that he stopped approaching her and she was the one who couldn’t stay away from him. he just needed a night of being around her. how he approached that was wrong but… enough.

ending this… i love noorhelm. i love how he always listens to her and respects her. how she made him grow and he made her see things from different perspectives (not that her perspective was wrong in the first place but she was very stubborn and him teaching her to look out of her own mind brings a lil tear in my eye) i love how real they are they are cute but they aren’t cute all the time that’s not how anything works. i love how she calls him out for his bullshit and he never gets angry or even annoyed he just listens because he loves her so goddamn much and he thinks she’s the best thing in the whole world.

it’s fine that everyone doesn’t love noorhelm thats completely okay with me. but don’t dismiss their whole story and everything they went through especially when you have no problem letting other ships and characters grow.

Etsy Exy 

This is probs the silliest thing ive ever come up with but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  •  so basically when I first started reading the foxhole court i kept saying ‘etsy’ in my head when I saw the word 'exy' 
  • so me being a nerd thought: what if the team started an etsy shop???
  • like say Allison was completely broke and Matt too and they’re all just a bunch of struggling college kids and they have no time to get actual jobs between school and exy practice so they decide to open an etsy shop to make some extra cash??
  • it probs starts w the girls making like necklaces and bracelets or something like renee’s really good at making those braided bracelets bc she used to make them w her church youth group all the time
  • and allison is really good with beads and stuff
  • and then dan surprises them all w her secret embroidery talent and she starts making cute little things (with foxes designs!!) 
  • then matt gets dragged into it by dan and he’s like…I CAN BUILD THINGS!! WITH WOOD!! such a guy lmao so he starts making like wooden sculptures of animals (FOXES!!! its their theme) and like idk bird houses????
  • he asks neil if he’s got any secret crafting talents and neil is like “…uhh…no…” but he brings up the etsy shop thing to andrew’s gang later and nicky like DIES. HE SOOO WANTS IN!!!
  • “I CAN SEW!!!!” he proclaims, barging into the girls’ room and so he ends up joining dan and they start altering clothes and embroidering things and making cool patches and stuff 
  • meanwhile aaron’s like disappeared into his room and they don’t see him for hours until he returns later that night with all these cool sketches and things and they’re all like :O 
  • “YOU CAN DRAW???????” and he like scratches the back of his head all shy like “um. yeah…but they’re not like…they’re not that great so idk if you’d want them but…” 
  • dan shuts him up real quick and puts him to work sketching out designs for clothes and logos for their stuff and cool prints to sell 
  • i can also see renee being a really good painter so maybe she and aaron collaborate on some art stuff too 
  • kevin??? is actually a really good photographer???? he probs takes a lot of sports related pictures…he turns exy into art…like dramatic shots of racquets and people in motion. he probs captures like really beautiful shots of the foxes on the court…dan in her element making a speech before a game…nicky cracking a wide grin after they’ve won…neil a blur in motion racing towards the goal…andrew actually enjoying himself 
  • so the whole gang (minus andrew and neil) get so into this etsy thing and like they start becoming pretty popular esp with fox fans bc like 90% of their stuff is basically homemade fox merch 
  • the girls have turned their dorm into a workshop/office
  • its like a month into this whole etsy thing that andrew walks in and drops this little knitted fox plushie onto the girls’ desk and they’re like????
  • and he’s like “do you want me to make more or not?” 
  • and they’re like….stunned into silence like none of them can even form words so they all just nod silently and andrew just points across the room to neil like “you. come with me.” 
  • neil gets up and follows him out still in shock and they go out into the parking lot and get in andrews car and drive all the way to the craft store and neil follows andrew inside and andrew hands him a basket and stalks ahead of him to the back of the store like he knows exactly where to go and what he’s looking for 
  • and neil just jogs after him and then andrew starts grabbing all the orange and white yarn he can carry and shoves it all into the basket and walks away and neither of them have said anything yet 
  • on the way to the register he blindly grabs a pair of knitting needles and then they check out and finally finally when they’re in the car again neil just turns to him like “what the fuuck andrew???” 
  • andrew just looks at him like “what” 
  • andrew shrugs. “you never asked did you?” 
  • andrew just shrugs again and then neil asks him when, how, why??? 
  • “i learned in juvie” andrew says. “ they had all sorts of dumb hobby classes there. it was supposed to be like, a good way to calm people down. therapeutic.” 
  • neil nods and then they drive back to fox tower and andrew gets to work and neil just sits and watches him all quiet as he works the needles rhythmically and he’s just so fascinated and finally andrew looks up and gestures for neil to come over and he gets out the other set of needles he bought and hands them to neil. 
  • “watch,” he says and then he starts casting the yarn onto the new needles and he slowly shows him how to make basic stitches and neil’s leaning in super close so he can see properly and like they’re shoulders and pressed together and then andrew hands neil the needles “your turn” he says and he guides!!!! neils!!!!!! hands!!!!! and helps him stitch
  • and its like the softest, grossest, most romantic thing ever
  • and neil’s a fast learner so he gets the hang of it pretty quick and they spend the rest of the night lying side by side in bed knitting 
  • and andrew make another little fox and neil makes a horrific bright orange scarf that’s super wonky and full of holes and andrew tells him “you suck at this” but there’s a smile in his eyes and neil can see it and he can’t help grin at him and they kiss and its like..just too picturing such teeth rotting sweetness like. andrew telling him he sucks and neil kissing him and saying “you’d wear my scarf tho right?” and he’s grinning against andrew’s lips
  • and andrews like “pftttt no. i wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing.” and then he pushes neil down onto the mattress and kisses him some more and neil’s like “you love my hideous scarf” 
  • “um. no. i hate it. 100%. the worst thing i’ve ever seen. after you of course” and neil’s like “i believe you 0%” and they kiss some more and andrew probs gives neil his little knit fox but like of course he makes it all ~casual~ like nbd “here take this…your scarf is so awful you should have a prize” “rewarding me for my failure??” “no. that’s not–just take the damn fox.” neil takes it and probs falls asleep holding it wow what a lovesick nerd 
  • then the next day its like super cold out and theyre late for exy practice and neil’s the last one out and when he slides into the car he just freezes bc andrew has this bright orange monstrosity wrapped around his neck and andrew just stares at him like “seatbelt neil we don’t have all day. kevin here’s already got his panties in a twist bc we’re LATE.” 
  • later in the locker room when they’re all getting changed neil whispers “you like my scarf” all smug. “no, i hate it and i only wore it bc i hoped it would choke me so i’d never have to see this hideous thing again” 
  • “you like it.” 
  • andrew ends up wearing it all winter and they continue to knit and andrew keeps teaching neil stuff and eventually neil knits a perfect scarf but andrew still wears the horrible first one he made and the gang’s etsy shop is a HIT and they’re all just really really happy and cute making their arts and crafts!!! 

paladins’ secret talents

  • lance is good at crosswords puzzles. mostly because he gets bored and learns a lot of random facts off the internet. if he put hismind to it he can solve basically any puzzle but 99% of the time he cant be bothered/ gets immediately distracted. also really good at rhyming and puns, which isnt really much of a talent but lance considers it one anyways.
  • hunk can whistle like nobody’s business. doesn’t do it very often but lance thinks it’s so freaking cool he always shows him off at parties “hunk show them your whistle skills” hunk also owns every crane game machine and usually gets stuff for everyone else because he feels bad about winning the big prizes and keeping them for himself. also he’s the only one in the group who can actually wrap a present, nobody understands how even shiro messes up but everyone asks for hunk’s help wrapping presents.
  • pidge is good at anything you do with your hands. they can do origami and juggling really well. if they really wanted to they would probably rock at playing piano. also out of the group theyre the best at learning languages, which comes in pretty handy with the various aliens they come across. pidge can also hold their breath the longest, which doesn’t sound like much of a talent until the gang realize they can hold their breath for almost 8 minutes and it actually scared shiro so pidge isn’t allowed to do it anymore
  • shiro can do uncanny voice impressions of tv characters. it scares everyone the first time he does it. he also learnt card tricks when he was younger and knows a bit about small magic tricks that involve deceiving a person. shiro also has a pretty calming singing voice but he gets incredibly embarrassed singing in front of the others. somehow though keith and pidge manage to persuade him into singing a few lullabies and everyone falls asleep at the end of it. (allura and coran are incredibly impressed they thought nothing could calm the younger paladins down)
  • keith is good at little house related work. Sewing, cleaning, laundry, etc keith knows all the best tricks for them. kid lived by himself mostly on survival instinct and learnt the hard way that it’s easier to just patch up your ripped blanket than get another one. also he’s super duper flexible and it isn’t a huge shock to everyone when keith can just casually put his leg behind his head but one time in the middle of a fight with lance he stared at him, crossed his arms, and just did a perfect squat that made lance speechless and everyone else was screaming 

okay so on this post i got some FABULOUS replies from @k-lionheart and i honestly needed to elaborate on them bc they are so heckin good (high school au part 2):

  • allura as the soft sweet Badass™ who will literally take down anyone who bullies anyone 
  • she’s not a violent person but… she will Talk You Down till you Died to Death
  • knock over some kid’s lunch tray? you best believe she’s gonna find you and tell you off into next WEEK. push a kid in the hall?? boi she is more than ready to scold u in front of all ur friends. mess with PIDGE??? friend you have awakened a STORM
  • therefore everyone respects her a lot and goes to her when theyre having trouble with other kids bc not only will she help squash the problem but she will also look out for u and be ur school mom its so nice
  • once a kid was getting their lunch stolen every day and allura made sure to bring an extra one just for them for four weeks straight and she left little positive notes inside it was ?? so cute
  • and shiro is the proudest dad ever 
  • every time he hears someone talking about how she totally ruined some jerks life/helped out a classmate he just smiles and is so proud like “yeah, isn’t she great? she’s amazing! what a great, amazing girl!”
  • shiro is always giving her little gifts bc he Treats Her Right and so one day he wants to give her a lovely portrait of herself and who does he contact for the job??
  • why, everyone’s favorite emo art kid keith of course
  • art kid keith who basically lives in the art wing and draws the most beautiful portraits of the people he meets
  • his signature style is adding little stars and galaxy-like designs around the person he’s drawing and its just so pretty to look at
  • (he has this one drawing of lance standing on his desk and reading Shakespearean plays during english class and it is the most beautiful thing ever, he spent four days working on just his expression alone because he remembered how enthralled he looked and wanted to get it just right aw)
  • but yeah shiro comes up to him like “keith, know’s it going?” “you want to make a request don’t you” “wh”
  • they work out the details and keith draws shiro this enchanting portrait of allura, oh gosh its amazing, she’s laughing and there’s stars bouncing off of her face and constellations traced on her collarbone and shiro is Stunned at how Lucky He Is (”its just a painting dude calm down you can go see her in person right now” “i know its just.. she is so beautiful *wipes tear*” “hhhhhyggh”)
  • then our guy lance catches wind of this and Immediately wants in on the action
  • he just comes BARRELING INTO THE ART ROOM “keith!!!! wow funny seeing you here haha come here often?” “you literally just texted me that you were coming down here also you memorized my schedule so you could stick your tongue out at me every time u pass me in the hall” “…touché ”
  • “what do you want” “i want… HA i want you to draw me like one of your french girls ;))) (there’s no way in hell lance was gonna pass up a prime opportuinty to say that)” 
  • “… yea alright”
  • and lance just chokes on his spit 
  • keith is… actually being serious he has no other projects currently and his teacher said that he should be stepping out of the box a little bit more so this seemed like a good opportunity to… expand his horizons
  • lance is still choking on his spit he wasn’t prepared
  • “i- ffu- fuck… i mean… i wasn’t,, i actually,, shi t- okay okay yea cool whatever let’s do it,,, i don’t even care really… eat shit keith ill meet u after school at my house” “okay”
  • lance.exe has stopped working
  • and honestly…… ill just sum it up in that lance is a complete flustery mess and keith is as Calm and Cool as a Cucumber and hunk walks in on them bc he was supposed to study with lance that night R I P
So Messy

Uh so Jinki’s work was closed because of the horrendous snow storm, but Taemin’s was not and he had to go in until the manager got the call from the big boss he could go home and close the store etc, and while sitting in an empty department store he starts something he really wants to be home to finish right about now.

So Ima say its nc-17 because of what they are sexting, but there’s very little sex sex.. some solo Jinki tho for like 3 paragraphs lol 

Title came from @leejinklies and also @jinki-as-thumper because both called Taemin so messy, I hope you enjoy :D

The snow outside his window was falling in heavy drifts with no sign in sight that it was going to even slow down, let alone stopping.  The only reason he cared at all about the constant accumulating snow was that his boyfriend was out there stuck at work waiting for his boss to get the call from higher up telling them they could close the store.  He would be more worried if the man was texting him constantly. The store had no customers obviously. Jinki didn’t understand why they made Taemin go in at all.

It’s so cold like the heat just said fuck this im out

Jinki snorted, Well when you get home ill warm you right up baby

:D is that a promise

With a loving smile he replied, pinky promise

ooooh this is serious bizniz

Taem pls

<3 you love me though

/sigh, that I do…. unfortunately.



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- he’s the type to be really loud and do stupid things in front of the one he likes oh god

- he gets x9234593 more annoying than he usually is when he is with his two bestfriends seokmin and seungkwan

- he’d be the type to always trip or accidentally do something wrong to the one he likes aka you


- but even after all his failed attempts to confessing to you, he’d always have a smile on his face and his eyes never leave you

- awwww

- story tIME

- so you’re a “tough”-looking girl and you’re always quiet but you’re really pretty wow

- you’d always have a blank face on pretty much and like you always wear black, white, creme, or brown

- and one day you wore a leather jacket

- and thats where everyone marked you as the “bad-ass”

- but some guys and girls find you so cool like

- some girls would be like omg y/n oppa

- like hani oppa lol ol o lo l l hani  i  love her

- and you’re hella smart

- like the teacher would see you on your phone so she decided to pick you because we all know teachers are evil like that

- so then you just glance up and yOU ALWAYS SAY THE CORRECT ANSWER AND EVERYONES LIKE !!!????!!! HOW?!?!?!?

- cue hoshi, who’s sitting near you, sigh dreamily and stare at you with dreamy eyes

- tbh you find hoshi creepy and hella annoying lmAO

- he lives near you and whenever you step out of the house



- and you always brush past him lOL

- but he would still smile and follow you like a baby kitten that needs love aww

- he’d admire how cool and smart you are

- and he falls for you even though you brush him off multiple times

- he has many reasons to like you but when he tells seokmin and seungkwan,

- they’re like ????? so?????? she hate s you ? ? ? ??

- hoshis like, “pshhhh she doesn’T HATE ME!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN!!”

- hoshi is head over heels for you goddamn

- one day, during phys ed class, two teams were picked to play volleyball against each other

- and not being in any, hoshi was sitting with his team and was just watching

- but then he perked up when he saw you in one of the teams and he gets a bit worried because you look so fragile to him??? with your gym wear and how it made you look so thin and how your hair was tied up so messily

- but then when the game started with the other team serving,






- “our turn to serve.”



- “thats my future girlfriend gUYS”

- and his eyes are shining like awww


- so after the game and your phys ed teacher praising the hell outta you,

- you just brush everything off and drink your water

- everyone is passing you like omg you were so good

- and you just nod and continue drinking water

- cue more girls staring at you in awe

- and boys

- and hosHI

- hoshi jogs up to you and he’s likeomG!!! YOU’RE SO GOOD!! YOU DID WELL!!!

- you just nod at him as well and wipe off any sweat with a towel

- and hoshi just suddenly takes the towel and helps you

- and you’re looking at him like ?!!?! what are you doing?!?!?

- you sigh and grab the towel from him and mutter, “i can do it myself.”

- instead of being butthurt, hoshi’s just watching your figure walking away with a dreamy expression lMAO HE’S THE TYPE OF PERSON TO DO THAT


- okay so time to move to a different day

- one day you were in class with hoshi

- and the teacher supplying for your sick one was hella strict and bossy

- and telling you not to use your phone or else it’s confiscated

- ofc most people listen because theyre all scared and dont want their lives taken away from them

- but being you, you bruSH IT OFF AGAIN and was hiding the phone, scrolling and picking music

- and then



- and you just close your eyes and hiss silently because you heard the teacher’s heels click closer to you

- and the whole class goes silent

- you slowly look up and find the teacher’s hand out

- you sigh and give her the phone

- and you look at hoshi who’s pink and was like oops

- and you both were given detention

- and you’re looking at hoshi with an annoyed expression

- cue hoshi’s cute sheepish smile

- so thats how you ended up sitting in the same room with just kwon soonyoung

- and was told to clean up the room

- and the teacher just left and you wanted to ditch

- but being with hoshi

- hes like no!!!!! you cant!!!! you’ll get in real trouble!!!

- you look at him with the most annoyed eXPRESSION LMAO

- but then he scurries and hurries up to clean bc you guys only get an hour

- and you just sigh but a small smile appears on your face bc hoshis always getting you in trouble yet he tries and fixes it

- in the cutest ways lmao

- and the most embarrassing ways

- so you also clean up

- but then you hear a loud THUMP

- so you flinch and slowly look over and found hoshi on the floor lmAO WTH

- and you hurriedly run over and look at him who’s making this pained expression

- and you’re kinda shocked cause he’s always either smiling

- actually he only smiles when he’s with you lmao

- and you help him up and ask if he’s okay

- and he’s blushing so hard and he starts sniffing lmAO OMG DONT CRY BABY

- and you’re sighing helplessly and helping him so you can check on his head

- you grab medicine from your bag because you usually hurt yourself when you play sports

- and hoshi’s like scared cAUSE HES LIKE I MADE IT THIS FAR WHAT AM I GONNA DO

- and you’re just massaging the medicine to his head so the bruising and swelling doesn’t go too bad ((im not a doctor so idk how to explain this ok)

- and hoshi’s just there, quiet and blushing really hard

- “i’m sorry, Y/N”

- and you blink and look at him who’s staring at you with a small frown and he looks so dejected

- “i’m sorry for all the trouble…”

- and you just look at him before a small smile appears on your face

- so then you wipe your hands clean and just stand in front of him

- and he looks so sAD AWWW

- and you just place your hand on top of his head

- and he looks at you with wide eyes like !!??

- and you just smile at him and softly pat his head

- and he’s looking at you with the most flustered expression

- “it’s okay, kwon soonyoung.”

- he almost starts crying again because omg my life is complete

- lmAO BYE


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

the stoner au: the petting triangle

content warning: drug use

  • so after the night of ihop hell root decides her and shaw are friends now
  • you smoke together you’re automatically friends
  • root doesn’t make the rules she just follows them okay
  • so root will just like. randomly show up in shaw’s dorm
  • how does she get there? who knows
  • sometimes root doesn’t even know
  • so root hears a rumor from zoe that it’s shaw’s birthday
  • so naturally root has to go all out
  • gotta impress the bae
  • she has to get The Good Shit
  • harper wont do this time. she has to go directly to the machine and harold
  • so root takes her motorcycle across campus to the little house that finch and john share because they’re married or something
  • and johns taking a post-work weednap with his head on finch’s lap and finch is running his fingers through john’s hair and its very pure and gay
  • root texts finch to let him know shes there and he tells her to just come in to not disturb johns nap
  • root isn’t a dick /all/ the time so she’s quiet
  • she starts to explain to harold about shaw’s special bday gift and he’s like “don’t fret, root. i’ve been preparing for this for ages. or rather, She has”
  • root has never loved the machine more.
  • TM hooks her up with the Good Shit
  • so root pays tm and of course smokes a bowl with harold before she goes (it’s only polite)
  • they’re having a good time and happily petting finch’s service dog, bear
  • bear licks johns face a little and he wakes up and indulges in a little wake n bake before he gets up and goes to study for his psych test
  • harold gets up to follow him and root’s like “hey harry, if you’re gonna be busy for the rest of the night…”
  • harold sighs. “yes, root. you can take bear”
  • root does a little dance and thanks him profusely and skips off with bear
  • before remembering she took her bike.
  • she’s too stoned to be bothered though. abandons her bike at rinch’s and lights a joint and makes her way back to her place, head bobbing to the sweet jams blasting through her earphones
  • she makes it back to her dorm a little before nightfall, ruffles zoe’s hair on the way in
  • "i know that look, root…what’s in your backpack?”
  • zoe makes grabby hands but root lifts the bag above her head.
  • “nope. not today zoe.
  • "but rooooot. sharing is caring!”
  • “not today, zo. it’s for sameen.”
  • zoe grin deviously. and proceeds to tease root like theyre in middle school.
  • “OOOoooooOOO /sameen/.”
  • root is suffering.
  • “zoe stop killing my buzz and swap rooms for the night. go make gross eyes at joss.”
  • “oh /i’m/ the one making gross eyes????”
  • “…zoe get out or i’m going to change all of your grades to f’s and delete your final paper for your business comp class.”
  • zoe scampers out pretty quick after that.
  • she grabs joss and they go sneak off to have sloppy makeouts somewhere. joss thinks they’re gonna study for french.
  • neither of them are wrong.
  • root picks out her nicest drug rug and second nicest pair of cargo shorts
  • (she’s trying to play it cool)
  • she debates on the weed socks and decides to go for it
  • it IS shaw’s birthday after all
  • got be Fancy
  • she knocks on shaw’s door and rocks on her heels a little bit
  • "give me a second, you’re early”
  • root leans awkwardly against the wall
  • practices a few different poses for the Maximum Cool Effect
  • and shaw opens up the door and she’s dressed for like. clubbing.
  • root feels a tad bit under dressed.
  • shaw’s like “i thought you said you wanted to go out?”
  • root’s a little speechless because punk!shaw in leather pants does things to her
  • “i thought i said…hang out. i can change?”
  • shaw looks at root’s socks. root crosses her legs uncomfortably.
  • root does not look thrilled at the idea of going out to a club.
  • shaw gets it.
  • “nah, it’s fine. clubs are overrated anyways.”
  • “are you sure? it’s your birthday…”
  • shaw shrugs. “if we put on loud music and drink it’s the same thing anyway. and it’s free.”
  • root starts to smile a little.
  • “and” shaw continues “if your socks are any indication, you brought party favors?”
  • root beams and starts to bust open her backpack in the middle of the hallway and nerd out about weed
  • “jesus root get inside first” and drags root in by her shitty ass drug rug
  • once they’re both inside root starts to unpack everything
  • “put on some music while i change, i’ll be right back.”
  • shaw accidentally on purpose doesn’t close the bathroom door all the way
  • “you heard the urban floral ep?” root asks, squinting intently at her ipod
  • “yeah, it’s good shit. go ahead and put it on”
  • root turns automatically at the sound of her voice and wow that’s some real life sameen shaw skin right there
  • shaw could totally bench press her and root’s 110% okay with that
  • shes too gay for this
  • she makes herself blink a few times and loads the bowl she picked out extra special for shaw’s birthday
  • shaw get the first hit and the party is On
  • they’re about two bowls in and shaw’s feelings pretty gosh dang good
  • “sam, you ready for part two of your birthday gift?”
  • “root. root. i don’t put out on the second date. okay that’s not true but i’m /really/ high right now.”
  • “oh. that’s not. um.”
  • shaw just blinks at her innocently.
  • “you don’t have to worry about that, sweetie. it’s a different kind of gift. you like dogs right?”
  • “who told you???”
  • “…you just seem like the type.”
  • “i LOVE dogs. i love dogs more than people. dogs don’t /lie/ root.”
  • “that’s probably true. here, sit tight for just a sec. lemma get bear.”
  • “nOO don’t /leave/.”
  • “you can come with me, sam.”
  • of course, shaw demands another piggyback ride even though they’re just going next door.
  • they come back with bear and shaw is immediately obsessed with petting bear
  • root decides she needs to catch up to shaw’s good vibes so she opens the window and smokes a bit more
  • dramatically puffs little rings out the window to keep it all outside and away from bear because getting animals high is not cool
  • “you good for now, darlin’”
  • (the dank memes make root’s accent pop out more)
  • “mhmm. come pet bear with me.”
  • “don’t mind if i do!”
  • they end up in a petting triangle of love and everyone gets nice head scritches and pats
  • “root. i know we’re both really high right now. but i think i really like you. and your dumb socks.”
  • shaw pauses a second. “maybe as much as i like dogs.”
  • roots gay and high but she can read a cue.
  • she leans in over bear. very very gently kisses shaw on the corner of her mouth.
  • leans back real quick. waits.
  • “not in front of bear, root.”
  • root blinks.
  • “besides, you missed.”
  • shaw shoves bear in the bathroom. “i’ll be back in half an hour buddy.”
  • and then proceed to kiss root’s dumb socks off.
  • literally. root loses them in shaw’s room.
  • after they calm down a bit and decide to not take things any further that night, shaw lets bear back in
  • they all pile together on shaw’s bed and cuddle and fall asleep and it’s pure and gay a good
The Owl and the Snow (Part 1)

      It was cold. That was his first thought as he drifted on the verge of sleep and wake. His feet were sweating through his thick fluffy socks but cold nipped at his nose and ears. He silently cursed the cold Canadian weather and slid out from under his thick blankets. He wished he hadn’t kept the windows open, there was frost hedging the glass and small clumps of snow were stuck to the screen. He tapped the top of the screen and watched the small flakes tumble to the windowsill. There was a thick blanket of snow in the yard, untouched other than a few small prints from birds. A small smile graced his features as he watched the still slumbering neighborhood. A few strands of hair fell into his vision, knocking him out of his trance. Glancing at the clock, he squinted, trying to get his eyes to focus on the number displayed in a glaring red. He sighed in relief as he finally read the digital clock: 9 am. He still had plenty of time to record and edit a video for his fans. A realization struck him rather suddenly, he needed someone to record with.

     After about a half an hour of failed attempts to record with friends he was left with few options. One option struck his fancy, his best friend Delirious. Evan hovered the mouse over the call button. He briefly wondered if his mysterious friend would be awake this early seeing as during one recording session he joined at 9 pm. It was 9 am in North Carolina as well and if he was awake, which was unlikely, he would probably be busy. Evan ran a hand through his messy faux hawk and leaned back in his chair. Sliding his phone out of his pocket, he searched for a certain contact. He briefly hesitated before typing.

     Hey Luke! You up? I think it’s 9 am there as well… sorry if Im waking you up. Do you know if Jonathan is up? I’m not sure if he would be up this early. I know you’d probably be up and you live near him… tell me if hes up, yeah? He read the text out loud to himself before sending it.

     “And now we play the waiting game.” Evan muttered to himself. Just as he finished his sentence Luke texted him back.

Luke: Hey dude! Yeah, Im up. Jonathan isnt tho, he had a rough night ;) He should be up in a bit tho, yall plannin on recording?

Evan: Yeah, whats with the winky face? Is he okay?

Luke: Hes fine. Went to the bar last night and got drunk off his ass

Evan: Ah, tell him to skype me when he wakes up, i have some ideas for a vid

Luke: Sure, ya comin to the con theyre holdin here? ;)

Evan: Dunno yet, stop using that fuckin winky face

Luke: Nah, hope ya come dude. I know the gang will be happy to see ya

     Evan smiled softly at the glimmer of hope that it may be Ryan, Smitty, or Jonathan… it was a small hope but one he grasped onto nonetheless. The three of them seemed to be getting more comfortable with the idea of showing their faces. In fact, Craig knew what Smitty looked like, Luke knew what Jonathan looked like, and Ryan was posting pictures and videos of his hands and his dog Buddy. Jonathan seemed the least likely of the three but he was still making progress. He jumped slightly at the far too loud Skype notification. Silently cursing himself for being startled so easily, he answered the call while sliding his headset on.

     “Hi, Evan…” murmured a groggy Jonathan from the other line. Evan could’ve sworn his heart skipped a beat at hearing Jonathan’s sleep heavy, rumbling voice mumble his real name. ‘Uh… you there?” Jonathan mumbled and scratching sounds emitted from the headset as he tapped his mic. Evan let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

     “Yeah! I’m here. Sorry, I got distracted.” Evan lied and closed his eyes, imagining what his friend looked like and how their meeting would go for what must have been the thousandth time.

     “Oh, cool. Sorry for being late. I forgot we were going to record and I got a little too drunk last night. I had some… things I had to take care of first.” Jonathan slurred sleepily and Evan could hear him ushering something out of the room, his voice growing quieter for a moment and a door clicking shut.

     “It’s fine! I figured you were up to something so I didn’t bother calling you. Plus, it meant I got to be mesmerized by early morning light glistening off of fresh clean snow… jesus, that got unnecessarily poetic, sorry. You would love it though, you should come visit me in Toronto sometime! When you want to of course! When you feel comfortable showing your face! No rush!” Evan had begun to panic and hoped he wasn’t pushing his friend. Jonathan let out a rumbling laugh and Evan was calmed almost instantly. He was using his good mic and the asian silently thanked god, any god, for blessing him.

     “Maybe someday. I don’t know if I could leave my baby here. Sure, Luke could take care of her but she’ll miss me…” Jonathan trailed off into thought, almost speaking too quietly for the shocked man to hear.

     “Your baby?” Evan asked in a startled and confused tone of voice, “what baby? An actual human baby? A child?” He was starting to get worried there was something Jonathan wasn’t telling him. He knew the man liked his privacy but damn! Jonathan started laughing fully, wheezing slightly, and Evan couldn’t help but laugh at the man’s maniacal giggling.

     “No, of course not!” Jonathan started when he could breath again, “she’s a pitbull! Her name’s Isla and she’s a huge sweetheart. I got her from the pound. They had just gotten her from a dog fighting place, luckily they got her young enough that she hadn’t been trained into aggression yet! She had a broken leg but it healed pretty well. She only limps slightly. She’s gorgeous! She has a short and stocky little body that makes me waddle. She has striking blue eyes that are lighter blue than Wildcat’s! It stands out against her dark gray pelt. She’s super muscular and has cute floppy ears and a long tail. They didn’t dock her for some reason… Did you know the reason dogs have docked ears and tails is so they don’t get stepped on and crushed by cattle! I’m glad I got to the pound when I did because she was about to be put down! She looked so happy when I pet her. She’s so precious and cute! She is so damn cute!” Jonathan took in a deep breath and panted a bit after rambling for so long. Evan laughed and decided to cut him off before he passed out.

     “Alright, I get it. You have a deep and burning passion for pitbulls and Isla,” Evan laughed again and turned his webcam on, smiling brightly, “Where did you get that name?” He combed his fingers through his messy black faux hawk and suddenly wished he had a dog. It seemed like all his friends had dogs. Lui and David with Joe. Tyler has Kino, Archie, and Chief. Ryan has the adored Buddy. His kinda friend Chilled had Rex. It seemed about time to get a dog. Evan laughed softly and looked up at his webcam. Jonathan was being oddly quiet. “Do you think I should get a dog?” he asked softly, trying to get the conversation going again.

     “Hm? Oh! Yeah, yeah.” Jonathan mumbled in reply, seeming to be very distracted. Evan huffed. This was going nowhere. Might as well record and change the subject.

     “Alright! We should start recording. I think it’s time to break out Batcoon and Night Owl!” Evan shouted as Canadian-ly as he muster, trying to gain his friend’s attention again. “Brock said he might join us but Lui is busy with David being mopey about Joe being sick and having a hard time getting inspired for a song. He’s trying to get David to stop being a mopey dick and pay for the medical bills for Joe. It’d be better if only Brock joins us and joins late. What with the running gag of EarlyBird being late all the time.” Evan finished, smiling.

     “Sure! Sounds fun! What are we going to do? Glitch into the comedy club? Fail a heist? Get drunk in your apartment? Glitch the absolute fuck out of the game? Make a car horn song? Blow up the military base? Fail to steal a jet?” Jonathan rattled off a list of a few things they’ve done in the past, causing Evan to burst into laughter.

     “Relax! I’ll tell you when we get into the game.” Evan told his giddy friend and turned off his webcam. He could have sworn that Jonathan sighed sadly but he shrugged it off as his imagination.


That’s all for now folks! I wrote this for school… in my English journal and typed it out because… it’s kinda well written? I edited it a bit of course… not much though. Hope yall like it! I need some inspo for what they should do in GTA V so give me some SCHOOL APPROPRIATE ideas??? Don’t be offended if I reject your idea. It’s either because a) it made me uncomfortable b) I wouldn’t know how to write that c) my teacher would hate me or it’d get me in trouble 


anonymous asked:

magnus chase and nico maybe? if u haven't read mcga then could you write about nico and mitchell the aphrodite kid?

mango cheese/nickleback and also that one guy, i got u boi!!!!!


- when they first meet in boston they do not trust each other one single bit. Nico is just glaring at Magnus like “???? what the fuck are u, you not dead person” and Magnus is like “why??? are??? you??? staring?????????” and it takes a lot of mediating on Annabeth’s part to get them to not just stab each other right then and there.

- after everyone is calmed and placated, Nico and Magnus get pretty chill. They trade stories of being homeless, grumpy youths and stuff that has tried to kill them. Their dry senses of humor mesh well and they find each other very fun to to talk too

- Annabeth is so invested in the two of them getting together. She tries to be subtle about setting them up, but honestly they see what shes doing from the moment she asks Nico to “show her favorite cousin around Manhattan”. Nico does not know his way around Manhattan. at all. They get fuckin lost as shit but they have a good time so they dont mind.

- They never ‘officially’ start dating, because they are both lame and neither would ask the other out. They just kinda end up together and silently agree that theyre a ‘thing’ now.

- Hazel threatens Magnus’s eternal life if he hurts her brother. But then immediately goes back to being sweet as apple pie, and he finds her terrifying honestly.

-  Magnus manipulates the weather a bit whenever they are together, so that Nico is never cold even in the dead of winter which is super cute.

- Arguments over what is better, Macnuggets or Falafel



- Mitchell had such a crush on Nico. He had it bad, man. writing his name in his journal with little hearts around it and shit. But he refuses to just go and talk to him. He’s nervous and shy and not super confident in himself but he thinks Nico is really cute and cool and mysterious. The other aphrodite kids got so sick of watching him that they basically force the two together.

- Piper tries to be gentle in encouraging Mitchell to talk to him. She knows Nico thinks he’s cute too and can see the potential in the pair, but he’s so stubborn!!! At a certain point it just became frustrating. She will never ever admit to it, but she may or may not have used charmspeak to ‘encourage’ her brother to just go up to Nico and say ‘hi’

- Nico, all the while, was super surprised about this. He thought Mitchell was cute, yeah, but he didnt think he noticed him. It was a shocking revelation to say the least.

- They go out on a date or two, both kind of shy and awkward and not sure what to say. Its very cute though, and all the while aphrodite kids are spying on them and secretly rooting for them. Even Drew thinks its a little sweet but ‘still totally lame or whatever’

- They have a first kiss on their third date, when Nico walks him back to Aphrodite Cabin. A chorus of wolf whistle can immediately be heard coming from inside and he retreats back to his own cabin completely red.

- They’d be very cute. Mitchell is super affectionate, and gives Nico little pecks on the cheek, which makes him blush and turn really really red. He figures out that Nico is not actually cool and mysterious, but really just a big nerd who is very sweet and plays nerdy card games.

- Nico trains Mitchell how to sword fight. He’s a very gentle teacher, and Mitchell is a surprisingly fast learner! sometimes he pretends not to know how to do something for a little bit longer, just so Nico can show him~

woo! thats all for those two. I had a bit of a harder time with the magnus one, I hope you still like it though. I honestly love writing about the lesser known characters because i feel like i get to play with them more, so writing about mitchell was really fun!

again, still takin requests, though if any new ones come in they will have to wait there till i get to them tomorrow (unless bobbie decides to answer them tonight)