theyre rly pretty

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where do you get ur textures/how do you integrate them into ur art?? theyre rly pretty

I use brushes other artists made, the most common one i use is CA_paint_build4 from cale atkinson’s brush set. I have ps cs6 and once i lock the layer i start from a dark color and tap/gently brush on my tablet until i get a nice texture of lighter colors i choose.  my pen sensitivity is also really light because i tend to press the pen hard and apparently my hand hurts afterward.  messing with opacity and flow REALLY helps to get the right amount of texture you want.  size of the canvas affects it as well. (example below is p big)

each brush can give a different texture and rlly experimenting is a good thing. the king boo sketch i recently made i used a little mix of brushes.  

i recommend checking out these brushes (make sure ur version of ps is the right one, especially for kyle’s cuz most of his brush packs cost money)

Kyle T Webster’s Brushes 

Cale Atkinson’s Brushes 

Natalie Smith’s Chalk Brushes

Naomi Romero’s Brushes 

Grace’s Brushes

Blue-Ten’s Brushes

Domareen Fox’s Brushes

Goro Fujita’s Brushes 

Stumpy Pencil Brushes

Sam’s Brushes

brushes everywhere

“pastel” anything is my go to im a sucker for any dry media brushes but yeah try them and see what u like peeps

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Do you have any recs for someone new to kpop but interested in checking it out? xx

this took me like half an hour omg but i hope u like some of these!!

this is my most played song on itunes its very catchy (hot red hair girl means a lot to me)

this is cute i like it a lot (rly cute boy w the cheekbones and zero lines also means a lot to me)

good song pretty boys

this was my jam before i even got into kpop

theyre rly rly rly pretty and i like this song (1st girl who shows up is the prettiest girl in kpop imo)

im just getting into them today but i love this song and theyre so cute

theyre trash but this song is good (its the one that really sucked me into kpop)

this makes me want to go out and fight people

good song and theyre gorgeous 

cute song and theyre cute if you ignore the hair i promise (red power ranger is kpops prettiest boy)

also download pink tape by f(x) its the best kpop album every song has over 200 plays in my itunes and j download brown eyed girls entire discography they slay

all this talk of android on my dash and i’m thinkin like

an android that was designed to be male wondering what the big deal is about the difference between “guys clothes” and “girls clothes” and one of their feminine human friends letting them borrow some traditionally female clothes and theyre rly pretty and nice and so their friend takes them out shopping to buy more 

ahh androids refusing to adhere to the gender norms set up by humans because they arent human