theyre real yes

Me: do you ever just feel content and happy at the knowledge that when kaisoo are alone Jongin can just stare and stare and admire Kyungsoo as much as he wants and Kyungsoo will just…let..him

Oh look at that, its me crying


Kaisoo shippers in general

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*flies in*

*throws a pokeball and a feraligatr comes out*

No one cares if you don’t like pop-culture spirits! Stop complaining to people who aren’t hurting anything! Who cares if they have an Pokémon companion? Or a companion that’s from a video game? Or even a companion that’s a dragon from Dragon Tales? Let people live their lives.

*My feraligatr carries me out*

Wanna One as posts i've made
  • Yoon Jisung: god I wish I could go out to drink with all of my friends…. and hang out at night…. also wish I had friends
  • Ha Sungwoon: Stop there’s a video of me from last night where I’m dancing and it looks like I’m drunk.... good
  • Hwang Minhyun: i need a guy who would wash my face for me because i’m lazy and depressed (no guy would bc perfect guys don't exist)
  • Ong Seongwoo: I kno I said I went to sleep first of all that was a lie I sleep at 3am but I found a big bag of candy that only has starbursts and skittles so guess what im eating
  • Kim Jaehwan: I just made the worst ramen it was so bad I don’t think I like noodles anymore
  • Kang Daniel: I’m just here eating baby cereal why don’t they make these for adults….
  • Park Jihoon: can’t believe any of my friends would ever drop me I’m so funny and a joy in life 🚶🏻(can't wait till someone screenshots this for my future call out post)
  • Park Woojin: *me on the elevator* am I supposed to turn on airplane mode?
  • Bae Jinyoung: Even in my sleep I sing hands on me
  • Lee Daehwi: life sucks but at least me and baejin met each other
  • Lai Guanlin: i just want u all to know pentagon r so talented… just in case u forgot…. also someone just stole my hot cheetos and i’m very upset

tumblr: x historical person is problematic!!!111!!!! don’t learn about them because that’s humanizing them which is excusing their actions making you an enabler!!1!!!

anyone on here who’s been interested in one historical thing for at least two months: …….moving on…….