theyre not bics tho

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what kind of markers do u use tho? like can you give me a link or smth please. bc im good at drawing with pencils but every thing ive tried to color with just hasn't worked for me, and im shit at digital

for skin tones i use mostly prismacolors although ive started using spectrum noir & premiere by nicole bc theyre a little cheaper (like $3-$4 as opposed to $6), for non-skin colors tho i usually use bic markers bc theyre about as expensive as sharpies & they blend as well as the fancy markers & u can get em in big packs with a decent variety of color (this is what i usually buy, u can find em in the office supply/crafts section of stores like target & walmart) & there are actually some decent skin tones in this pack too but not as good a range as the Fancy Markers have. & sometimes i use sharpies too if i dont need to blend them or if im just adding a little bit of color 

tldr: bic markers are Saucy Boys