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beta kids mystery inc au


  • fearless friendleader
  • owns the shitty 60′s van
  • stoner who eats all the food
  • wants them to wear matching ghostbusters uniforms and carry the vacuum things whether they work or not


  • owns the part elder god sometimes talking dog
  • defeats villains with science (she breaks their fog machines)
  • will fight cryptids with her bare hands
  • also a stoner who eats all the food


  • genre savvy dead things enthusiast
  • jumps at loud noises
  • does not like splitting up
  • notices details to solve the case


  • psychoanalyzes cryptids
  • always wants to split up
  • drags them into danger always
  • Dramatic Reveals At The Last Second

in the town of coolsville four teenagers and their slightly terrifying god dog solve mysteries in a shitty van. also they’re in love.

feat. everybody else as various villains and monsters


@weshallbefree-together ive tried posting this so many times, so hopefully it doesnt screw up this time. anywayyy i made a moodboard for you!

trying to draw refs for ocs, its REALLY HARD when i dont know what colors to use, like i have stuff in mind but when actually drawing it, its like……… what if it looks bad…………… so im just staring at these half lined sketches like wtf do i do…. 

i DO need to post existing ones… though since im now doing stuff w colored lines (i think it looks nicer for my art style, but if you think solid color/just black lines works best with my art style let me know!!) im gonna re-do some other ocs like celeste, luceni, anju and cressie. and for cressie im gonna change up some of her design, make her outfit look a bit different and change her ears!! 

i think for centaur/satyr their ears could look more like the animal that their bottom half is.. (though if you wanna get specific its not directly that animal. like a human isnt a chimpanzee, we’re apes but not that specific existing one. centaurs have horse or cow or deer bottoms but arent directly horses, cows, deer, all that stuff. that ways its not like cannibalism if they ate like a burger or venison or something. to them its a bit weird and they mostly have a veggie diet, but its not some horrible crime or anything.)

ANYWAYS that was a long ramble. now i gotta get back to drawing.

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I've never really seen you talk about them before, so what's your opinion on Matsukawa and Hanamaki? :o


both as characters AND as ship (top 5 or 10?? in both lmao… not to mention im VERY inclined to ship them with my two absolute favs cough especially matsuoi and kagemakki cough)

I’m also additionally pissed that they are basically used as a fodder to iwaoi and you literally can’t have them without it >__> tags are absolutely disgraceful here (or on ao3 ughh). everybody thinks matsuhana is popular but it’s popular as a side pairing and plot device only @_@ 


 christmas icons → dean  

feel free to use them!

more christmas icons: x

This splatfest is 2 of my favorite things mixed together, so i gotta make art for it!! I tried to stick with a not-so-detailed pixel like in an old game or smthn!! 0:

Team Red vs Team Blue!! which team are you on? :3

Any book is a cry in the wilderness.. It says ‘this is the world I recognise. Do you recognise it too?
—  Patrick Ness speaking at the Siobhan Dowd Trust Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Book Festival, 2014

This is my cover of Say Something and I thought I would post a video for you guys so you can see me while I sing instead of just, ya know, hearing me sing… ???

so ive been thinking about this a lot and i think im gonna start going by Cai or Ada and im gonna start using They/she pronouns. Please only use she/her pronouns if you like know me and we’ve talked before. if i dont know you, please just use they. thank you all so much! im really trying to further my transition.


is this what the kids call cute