theyre my tags yeah

beta kids mystery inc au


  • fearless friendleader
  • owns the shitty 60′s van
  • stoner who eats all the food
  • wants them to wear matching ghostbusters uniforms and carry the vacuum things whether they work or not


  • owns the part elder god sometimes talking dog
  • defeats villains with science (she breaks their fog machines)
  • will fight cryptids with her bare hands
  • also a stoner who eats all the food


  • genre savvy dead things enthusiast
  • jumps at loud noises
  • does not like splitting up
  • notices details to solve the case


  • psychoanalyzes cryptids
  • always wants to split up
  • drags them into danger always
  • Dramatic Reveals At The Last Second

in the town of coolsville four teenagers and their slightly terrifying god dog solve mysteries in a shitty van. also they’re in love.

feat. everybody else as various villains and monsters


[💫] potato ghost is now forever covered in glitter (they/them)

Any book is a cry in the wilderness.. It says ‘this is the world I recognise. Do you recognise it too?
—  Patrick Ness speaking at the Siobhan Dowd Trust Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Book Festival, 2014

is this what the kids call cute 


 christmas icons → dean  

feel free to use them!

more christmas icons: x

This splatfest is 2 of my favorite things mixed together, so i gotta make art for it!! I tried to stick with a not-so-detailed pixel like in an old game or smthn!! 0:

Team Red vs Team Blue!! which team are you on? :3


This is my cover of Say Something and I thought I would post a video for you guys so you can see me while I sing instead of just, ya know, hearing me sing… ???

so ive been thinking about this a lot and i think im gonna start going by Cai or Ada and im gonna start using They/she pronouns. Please only use she/her pronouns if you like know me and we’ve talked before. if i dont know you, please just use they. thank you all so much! im really trying to further my transition.