theyre like flying



Shiro: The head of voltron. Though he’s always level-headed, he’s struggled w/ regaining memory of his year in alien captivity. Everyone’s depending on him to lead, but he doesn’t want a repeat of what happened to his team on the Kerberos mission.
Keith:The sword arm. Dedicated to fighting for the team. Kieth struggled with finding himself, reaching to space for answers about his past.
Pidge: The shield arm. Protective of those she cares about, Katie never stopped reaching to space to find her family. She misses them dearly, but must remain with the team to deal with the threat of the Galra Empire.
Lance: Voltron’s right leg. He’s essential and supportive of the team (though clashes with Keith at times) & smiles with them though his heart badly aches for home. 
Hunk: Voltron’s left leg. Hunk is the other major support for his team. He misses home as well, and like a team Mom of sorts, he worries for his friends and the dangerous situations they get into.

a little something from tamyra of two dorks singing terribly and loudly. theyre probably keeping everyone else awake because they are incredibly rude. thank you, tam, it came out great!

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when john and sherlock first get together its the best thing ever and they feel like theyre flying!! sherlock literally cant sleep he keeps rolling over and giggling and john can't sleep because sherlock is being Too Cute and they just lie next to each other awake for hours with legs intertwined and holding hands staring into each others eyes with nose kisses and eventually sherlock gets tired but he keeps telling john he loves him while hes eyes droop and john is just holding him i

oh my god. o h my god

Being saved by the princess is not an everyday thing y'know, especially when the getaway transport is by umbrella hehehh

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I hope you like it and fits your expectations * q *

I like action shots that involve characters spinning

like if theyre flying? RAAAAD

Swinging a weapon and slicing through shit? RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD

Just spinning with no real purpose but it looks cool?  RADDDDDD