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what are your favourite stilwater hidden details? stuff like easter eggs, funny posters and npcs, and so on.

ooh wow big ask lemme think

ok i think the #1 thing is that you can actually pick up and try to play basketball at any of the hoops but that really ties overall into how much i like the situational idle animations. theyre the same animations youll see npcs doing in the right places – browsing shelves in a store, leaning on a wall smoking a cigarette outside………….. dancing on a pole in a strip club (which yes, is an animation your boss will do if the situation is right). 

something that makes the sr2 world feel way more alive for me is how npcs will just… walk around and do things. theyre not programmed to sit in one spot repeating one animation for All Of Eternity or to just endlessly walk back and forth up a street. they do shit! its neat!

is it just fair to say i love how many stupid little minigames there are?? ambulance and taxi and streaking?? theres so many little timewasters…

signs and stuff… are funny bcs like holy shit it never stops cracking me up how insanely bad the like… graphic design in stilwater is. all the posters and signs in the city look unbelievably amateurish but i would argue this fits so well in some horrible way. 

anyway the best signs in the game are the Stilwater U fliers which push me into hysterics every time i see them

and of course the vitally important and unforgettable No Rings Boo Hoo

a lot of what makes sr2 so funny to me is just how the game world is fucking absurd in a way the game doesnt especially draw attention to. 

the best hidden location is the nuclear dump w/ the three eyed fish bcs those and the Secret Hidden Crabs are the only animals in the game world i think, which says a lot about Stilwater imo. most of the easter eggs (the hidden cabbits fr example) are pretty silly. i like that the merman exists even if ive never managed to catch a glimpse myself. 

when it comes to npcs…. man i just love listening to people walking around in the world? a lot of them just spew dumb jokes but theres also so many that inform my idea of stilwater as a real place, people who have to live and work there and have opinions on whats going on. having npcs come up to you and bully you over what youve been doing in the story was such a great fucking idea? like genuinely, it gives such a vivid impression of Stilwater as a world in which the absurdity and violence of the game’s story can happen. 

i also love the shop staff. is there BLOOD on this TWENTY?

other random details… i like that road signs list the icons for stores and activities? i like that theres a guided tour in the saint’s row church, i like that the in-game radio accounts for the fact that Veteran Child dies and how Shivington is a burned out husk after youre done with the place (i love seeing tangible real-world impacts of shit in games). 

thats everything i can think of off the top of my head but i know ppl are gonna say “hey what about this” and im gonna be like OH YEAH MAN THAT RULES!!! bcs theres way too many little things to remember all at once.

hey Heres some more shit about act 7 that pisses me off, specifically. im generally of the opinion that theres nothing wrong with act 7 by itself, rather the problem lies in the fact that nothing was resolved as it should have been in act 6, and if act 6 was better act 7 would be a perfect ending

which isnt quite true. there is something that bugs me about act 7 that i havent been able to put into words til now, and whats bugging me is the brief happy shots of everybody in the new world that we get

i understand the intent of them, which is to show that like, these kids get a happy ending and they can do whatever they want. but what we see is so, so generic and vague and doesnt feel anything like what any of these kids would do. which is total bullshit considering how we know EXACTLY what these kids like to do for fun, considering its spelled out on their fucking introduction pages!!

we could have seen jake finally showing john weekend at bernies, like he said he wanted to all the way back in his letter in act 4. we could have seen rose and kanaya and dirk having some kind of homosexual handicrafts club, sewing puppets and beautiful fashions for them. we could have seen karkat giving calliope a point-by-point breakdown on alternian romance, culture and history that she would have eaten the fuck up. we could have seen terezi christening the Aimless Renegade Memorial Law School For Kids Who Want To Do Justice Good or whatever. we could have seen the kids playing their instruments together. we could have seen magic tricks or pranks or video games or rap or any one of a MILLION hobbies these kids have in common.

instead we got… picnics? sports??? jake and dirk grew up totally isolated from society so im pretty sure theyve never seen a soccer ball in their lives, never mention how weird it is to juxtapose a member of the infamous “its called the bruce bombardi trophy or something, for best pile squad” strilondes anywhere NEAR a sports ball. rose/kanaya and roxy/calliope/john arent even doing anything, theyre just walking around outside, smiling politely at each other (or aimlessly at the horizon, in rose/kanayas case). for fucks sake, dave and jade are drinking tab at their picnic, and while i appreciate that particular callback, its a completely missed opportunity to finally conclude daves Quest For Apple Juice. :(

it doesnt feel happy or peaceful, it feels stiff and contrived, like staring at strangers. i cant take it as a happy ending bc im not seeing anybody doing anything that they enjoy doing.

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Soundwave gets near the Autobot base and Theyre like getting ready to fight and Soundwave just walks around them and uses clips to say "I don't care about you there's a Squirtle near by" and everyone's just really fucking confused

fun fact my uncle barged into my room (the door was open so its k) bc he was chasing a bulbasaur and scared me.

he confused the pokemon poster (that has a big picture of pikachu) for an actual in-game pokemon and said he had to leave bc he kept confusing the pikachu for an in-game one.

then he just opened the door to my granny’s room and said “MAMA ARE YOU HIDIN POKEMON IN HERE” and i just barely heard her go “WHAT”

i just want a yoi episode/ova/short where viktor and yuuri are having a christmas eve date where theyre just walking around moscow with starbucks in their hands and ice skating for fun in the red square rink and when midnight comes i want yuuri to whisper “happy birthday, thank you for making my life better” and he kisses him in front of the saint basil cathedral with all the christmas lights and falling snow in the background. And viktor, he has never been so excited to spend his christmas and celebrate his birthday until he met yuuri, too.

most people i’ve talked to say they dont talk to themselves but even when theyre home alone theyre happy enough to just walk around an empty house and make no noise like wtf if im home alone i’ll start having a gotdamn conversation with myself and making noises of some sort like if anything its the perfect excuse to be loud for no reason how do u just accept the SILENCE go make some noises u giant idiot

its so funny how like every other animal is born and they just start walking around like straight out the womb theyre ready to go its time to party but with humans we’re literally helpless and incapable of functioning until we’re like 3. or in my case 20.