theyre just too cute okay

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hi! i was just curious if you were going to have jungkook sing in tra? like, obviously not as an idol, but i think it'd be cute if they were just lounging around her dorm one afternoon and he started singing outloud while he was on his phone and she would be like "oh my god you sing??" and then he would get all shy and embarrassed and be like "no LOL ME???? SING??!?!?" and then oc would tease him but tell him he has a good voice and she would encourage him to sing more around her :,) BYE LOVE U

OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY BECAUSE I WAS LISTENING TO MUSIC IN THE LIBRARY THE OTHER DAY AND i think about tra when i listen to music. and i DID think about singing actually. i was like. what if theres a scene much later on where theyre drunk and they crash a karaoke party at a bar. like these two could have so much fun together if they would let themselves have fun. and fun for them doesnt just mean rubbing up against each other LMAO!!!!!! but omg i love asks like this. i would love to hear what u guys wanna see in the story!!!!!!

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