theyre just so hilarious

Eren constantly makes puns at any given opportunity,even when the situation isn’t suitable for it. Hange’s the only one who genuinely laughs at them and will even try to out-pun him


time for some kurofai feels feat long-haired fai

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Hi!!!! Have you read banbandoridori?????

yes and i encourage any who who hasn’t read it to please do immediately

ok so AU where america and england are incubuses and angels respectively, but they suck ass at doing what is required of them. england curses and drinks and it just an absolute shit show of an angel, while america doesnt feel right rushing into things and wants to take time and get to know people before actually having sex with them cuz he doesnt wanna use people and he just wants to do the right thing. 

anyways, england meets america and just wants to fuck but of course america tries to keep his hands off and hilarious shenanigans ensue because theyre just so dysfunctional  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

honestly it makes my day every time i see one of those godawful posts that some superwholock made in 2012 that’s like “omg my teacher likes sherlock !!!1!!” bc theyre just so fuckin funny and over the top it’s hilarious ahjsfbs

My ultimate headcanon for sasuke and naruto is them growing old together. Like just imagine old sas and old nar still bickering over the smallest things (“tch. 70 and still a dobe”) and having those stupid competitions and its just hilarious cause theyre both so slow but theyre not giving up cause “i swear this time ill beat that asshole” & “ive been winning since we were kids i cant lose now”

But then also imagine theyre both growing weak. Lets not forget sasukes eyesight is getting worse and you have naruto trying to help him (cause he’s still a bastard who doesnt like getting help). When naruto gets confined in the hospital, sasuke stays beside him and he never leaves that the nurses just delivers him his and naruto’s food and clothes but eventually he also gets sick and confined. They don’t worry much though cause Naruto knows he’ll be with sasuke in another life and Sasuke’s just happy cause Naruto kept his promise in dying together.


this is long overdue but did i mention i hung out with my literal bae tonight? evswiftie is officially the cutest human being alive and I’m a little too excited to meet her this summer at the 1989 tour gillette! i love this crazy awesome weirdo who is waaaay good at making hilarious faces. thanks tay for bringing us together!