theyre in love bye




in which hanamaki is surprisingly the one making sense


mattsun made sure all 4 of them are available on makkis bday this year so they can meet even tho theyre all in diff unis

he also made sure to give makki a very memeingful bday

god that was awful

( ah, iwa+oi got the drinks and creampuffs) 



Part 2 of The Get Down will take place one year after the events of part 1 which means Dizzee and Thor will probably have been together for a year. They’ve probably gone on dates and Dizzee probably takes him to all his favorite graffiti places. He might’ve introduced him to his family or at least his siblings.

They probably share kisses and joints on rooftops, gazing up at the stars while Dizzee says some cheesy shit about how beautifully Thor’s eyes reflect the moonlight. Thor probably comes to all of his battles, cheering for him in the crowd.

They talk about using art as a way out of here, they dream about the entire world admiring their work. Thor probably waxes poetry about Dizzee’s eyes in the early morning light, about the curves of his lips, the slenderness of his fingers.

Dizzee doodles swirling patterns on Thor’s wrists when they’re sitting cross-legged on Dizzee’s bed, and when Thor asks about them, Dizzee tells him that’s how he feels when he’s with him; messy and all over the place and colorful and /alive/. Thor smiles and pulls him into a kiss, and Dizzee feels fireworks on his lips.

Thor says the silliest shit when he’s high, like “what if dogs don’t want to be a good boy?” And it always makes Dizzee giggle uncontrollably. They probably say their first “I love you” when high. Thor is being ridiculous again and Dizzee is laughing and he’s so happy and light and he just blurts “God, I love you.” And Thor grabs him by the waist, kisses him on the nose and murmurs it back.

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Okay, but really...Otabek is soo EXTRA????...i mean he skates to 9th sinfony from beethoven! You just got to love that^^

yes yesyes he is omg
He looks so stoic and put together but he’s the biggest nerd. He probably has weird remixes of classical music and electro in his hard drive that he never intended to make see the light because he’s too embarrassed to put them on while he’s dj-ing. Of course when he and Yura start hanging out they magically find their way out of hidden folders and Yuri loses his shit. He demands to be sent some of his worst/best remixes and circles through them to put as his ringtone. Otabek is both terribly pleased and flustered, but of course it doesn’t show on his face. Yura guesses it anyway.

Otabek Altin has eclectic tastes and in his (terribly little) free time likes to stretch lazily on his small, ratty sofa reading Shakespeare’s sonnets while buff tattooed guys scream their lungs out in the background playing from a vinyl. He has a vast collection of sturdy leather boots that all look exactly the same and has an honest to god working vintage walkman. He likes to saunter through small thrift shops and buy dusty cassette tapes to add to his growing pile, and the walls of his apartment are covered with yellowed band posters. He polishes his motorcycle at least once a week, and generally putting things in neat stacks relaxes him. His books are ordered by genre, and the poetry shelf is so cluttered it trespasses into the narrative one - but is, in his opinion, still grossly lacking. His guilty pleasures are Johann Sebastian Bach, succulents and trashy zombie movies. He probably collects stamps and he brought his childhood teddy bear directly from Kazakhstan, can’t sleep without it.

He wakes up at indecent hours to do push ups before going to train at the rink, mercilessly drilling his routines till there’s no air in his lungs anymore. He moonlights as a DJ, because music talks to him, resonates within him like nothing ever before, and of course to put aside some money - he’s paying for his basic expenses by himself, trying not to burden too much his family, as skating is already so expensive.

Otabek Altin is solid as a rock, large as life and kind of disillusioned. He can’t really express his emotions through facial mimicry by some weird joke of destiny, doesn’t know how to make small talk and has a terrible memory for faces. He’s too honest, can’t find it in himself to circle topics through pleasantries instead of going straight to the point, but has also a distinct dry, deadpan humor that’s really funny if you know how to recognize it. He’s polite, but can come off as cold. Isolation comes scarily easy to him, but he also likes the tangle of sweaty bodies twisting in time with the thrum of his music on the dance floor.

Otabek Altin, more than everything, is self aware. He knows his dreams are probably too big to be within his grasp. That doesn’t mean he won’t keep trying to reach them.

and by the gods, do I love him


the next valentines day episode….

this comic just started with me doodling the first panel haha. i might get around to cleaning it one day, who knows

dialogue under the cut in case my chicken scratch is hard to read

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