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in which hanamaki is surprisingly the one making sense


mattsun made sure all 4 of them are available on makkis bday this year so they can meet even tho theyre all in diff unis

he also made sure to give makki a very memeingful bday

god that was awful

( ah, iwa+oi got the drinks and creampuffs) 



said God, Love covers a multitudes of sins

Summary: Louis is sixteen years old when he realizes that his father is still alive.

this is like. the most self-indulgent bittersweet fluff i have ever written in my whole life but there was no two ways about it, i had to. anyways, note that i have played so utterly fast and loose with historical accuracy that it’s not even funny, but also note that these characters deserve to be happy and to raise a good son because they are actually made by god to be parents this is like, canon, okay, anyways i hope anne and aramis live happily ever after into the sun and aramis gets to tell as many dad jokes as he wants. love u bye. much love to @hansolosbutt, @emilybrontay and @elsaclack (who hasnt even watched this show but proofread for me anyway because shes the real mvp).

When Louis is five, he quickly realizes that Aramis is not, in fact, going to be his new servant. Aramis is in the palace a lot more than he was before – before, when everything was a little different and Papa was still around. But he wears pretty blue clothes and Mama says he is the First Minister of France, and that that is an important position, and that his job is to help her rule Louis’s people until Louis is old enough and wise enough to do so himself.

Louis wonders if he will ever be wise. He is not wholly sure what the word means, only that it is something that makes you a person people like, and that Madame d’Chevreaux, who has been hired as his new governess, says it is a word that describes Mama well. Wise despite her youth, is what Madame d’Chevreaux had said, helping to button him into his tunic in the morning, three weeks after Papa stopped coming to wake him in the mornings and he had his adventure with Madame d’Artagnan in the streets of Paris. You would do well to learn from her, your Majesty.

Madame d’Chevreaux likes Mama very much, which is why Louis supposes she is his new governess. His old governess, Mademoiselle Dufraimont, always went tight in the lips when Mama was in the room. Papa liked her, but Louis thought her smiles were too pinched.

Louis likes it when people have nice smiles, and Aramis has the best of smiles. He is not always smiling, Louis knows. He has seen him talking to the council, standing taller than everyone with a snap to his voice and a clench in his jaw. He has seen him speaking extra quietly with Mama, sometimes, their heads bent over important state papers. He has seen the crease between his brows when he carried him the first time, through the streets of Paris with Mama on his other side. But he is always smiling at Louis, it seems, with a twinkle in his eyes that Louis likes very much. And when Aramis is smiling, Mama is also smiling, so Louis supposes that even if Aramis isn’t his new servant, he would very much like him to stay a long while, just so that Mama smiles more. She didn’t used to smile nearly as much, before when Papa still woke him up in the mornings, unless she was smiling at Louis. Mama always smiled when she looked at Louis, just as Aramis always smiles at him now.

But now Mama smiles when she looks at others as well. Louis likes Mama dearly when she smiles. It lights up her whole face; it’s such a nice smile.

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how do Kevin and Aaron spend Valentine’s day you ask?? (no one asked but im having emotions so let’s do this):

- Kevin puts enough strawberries in their morning kale drinks to make them pink instead of the usual greenish brown
- and there’s a side of pomegranate seeds with breakfast
- Aaron becomes increasingly stressed trying to make some cute small muffins that are healthy but also taste good with Matt while Kevin is out, he throws a whisk at the poor tall boy’s head, somehow all the wheat flour ends up on the floor and in their hair and down Aaron’s shirt
- “I thought you were baking something, what did you guys make??”
- “we made a fucking mess, Nicky, go clean it up”
- Kevin comes back with like 5 cheesy greeting cards in one envelope one of those heart headbands that he slips on Aaron’s head when his bf isn’t paying attention
- (Aaron pretends to be annoyed but he wears it for the rest of the day)
- they go out to lunch since the kitchen is a disaster
- Kevin orders something he hasn’t tried before and ends up hating it and they have to share Aaron’s food
- after lunch they walk around town and stop in at little shops, it gets cold and Kevin gives Aaron his psu hoodie (Aaron yanks it right off Kevin’s body, nearly choking him in the process)
- Kevin spends the rest of the afternoon shivering and trying to figure out if he’s upset about losing his hoodie or if it’s worth it because it’s way too big on Aaron (like down to his knees) and its adorable
- it starts to rain but they’ve wandered pretty far from the car by now so they have to run like a mile and its getting dark and Aaron trips and hurts his ankle
- Kevin carries him the last like 5 blocks
- They’re already soaked, so he just sets Aaron on the hood of the car so he can see if hes okay and they knock their heads together trying to look at his ankle at the same time
- (he’s ok, he could’ve walked tbh, he just wanted to be carried, lazy child)
- kisses in the rain because they’re a salty little cliche ok shoot me
- they go home and dry off and then play video games and drink wine for the rest of the night


a really bad spoiler free star wars review. 

will @dongoverlord ever not make me ship something

probably not

Are any of y'all ever just…emotional about how far Bellarke has come?? From “you don’t have the guts to make the hard decisions” and “I wouldn’t even know what to wish for” to “it had to be done” “if you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you” and “we can’t lose her.” From “you might be an ass” to “I need you” “I trust you” and “together.” I mean do u ever just???