theyre having too much fun

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okay, babs nina and vanessa dancing together???

have i mentioned how much i love these girls before???

the original screenshot looked So Much like a family trip and im So Weak to this found family bs that i had to do another damn hxh redraw goodbye

(click for better image quality i guess idfk)
STZ week Day 2: Sleepover

Second day of @stz-week!! Another casual, fun piece about our boys being crazy and this time with a problem that could literally only happen to them because they’re all freaking nerds. I hope you enjoy!!


★ Xenoblade Chronicles X Click & Drag Game!

Feel free to comment, tag or make a post sharing your results! :)

im finally playing this game and pit has such son status

Whenever I draw stuff Im like, oh but it has to make sense and I dont know how to make it make sense because I dont know enough… but then my favorite costumes and drawings and photos on pinterest all demonstrate that its often cool to just have a bunch of stuff that doesnt necessarily have a good explanation for it. Like just having a bunch of weird components mixed in a not necessarily stable way. Gonna try to make use of that more haha

starting late but Even Mehl Amundsen and Kim Il Kwang and others are making me wanna do that daily sketch thing :) they look like theyre having too much fun, I want in :3 Ill catch up over time~