theyre gonna make out

Few Thoughts

Okay, don’t get me wrong. These pictures make me insanely happy and its so much fun to see the scarlet vision fandom rise from our slumber. 

But I’m not exactly happy Vision is human looking. 

Like, I love that scarlet vision will be a thing. But if the only romantic scenes we see of them are while Vision looks human, then I will be very disappointed.

There has to be a very good reason for Visions appearance in these scenes. Like maybe its the effects of an infinity stone, or a mind trick or something more creative. And even if it is just Vision using his power to hide his figure or disguise himself, I honestly wont mind as long as its well written and acted out. 

But. I will mind if its only during this period that we get to see Wanda and Vision kiss or be so sweet and touchy with each other. 

Because one of my favorite aspects of their relationship is that she loves him exactly as he is. He doesn’t have to pretend to be human around her because it doesn’t stop her from caring about him, and shes always been passionate about defending that love. 

So if they don’t display that love as well as they’re doing with them both human, then we will be missing a huge aspect of their characters. 

Now its certainly too much to ask for two romantic scenes between these characters in one, character packed, movie. But I do hope they aren’t afraid to show the love between these two when Viz is looking himself. 


fixed the ask for u anon, since you made such a silly mistake 😘😘😘😘😘


its true!!!!!!!!!!!

“logan was an awful jerk!!! he was the worst!!”

k well maybe u forgot that he:

  • respected rory as a reporter (he literally gives her the nickname ‘ace’. he’s literally calling her a great reporter)
  • he comforted rory when her boyfriend broke up with her in public 
  • was upfront to rory about what kind of guy he was (he told her that he had only had casual rel. before. he didnt hide it and understood that rory didnt feel the same)
  • lent his car and driver to rory bc her mom was upset 
  • he asked her for permission before they had sex. he. literally. asked. for. her. consent.
  • he recognized his feelings for rory and gave up his other casual relationships bc he liked her sm
  • he stood up to his shitty family who were awful to her
  • he understood that she was upset and wanted to talk to her about it
  • understood that rory needed to make her own decisions about school. (i know a lot of ppl hate him for this but honestly…wtf was he supposed to do? he challenged her by not demanding that she go back— he let her do what she thought was best for her)
  • the entire vineyard valentine episode
  • he respected lorelai and all the work that she went through in running away raising rory. he makes an effort to understand her and her relationship with rory.
  • “if you come with me i wont get on the plane”
  • the love rocket
  • he literally got so happy and excited about work and he was super good at it. a real work dork
  • faked a meteor shower
  • “im tired of not being around you.”
  • accepted that he made the wrong decision and took responsibility for it
  • denounced his family and gave up his wealth to start fresh and work hard to earn his own money
  • “I want to work. I’m ready to work. And I want to work hard.” 

looking at the ninjago fandom now its so weird because I remember just a few years ago that u could barely find anyone off of the forums making art and whatnot. now the forums are shut down and theres discourse??? and actual fans??? and its so wild to remember how small it used to be she I first joined.

ive sorta grown out of ninjago now, I’m in the phase of “the old stuff was better than the new stuff” because I joined in early 2013 after the finale for season 2 aired and it seemed like the series was ending. but it makes me happy to know that so many people no are making art of a thing I used to (and still to some extent) enjoy. its still not a very big community but its a lot bigger than it used to be.

enjoy your show about lego ninjas everyone. you really made it special

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do you have any pet peeves?

so this is kinda out of nowhere and probs not what u expected but. the mistreatment of betta fish pisses!!!me!!!!off!!! like putting them in these tiny little bowls or vases for ~aesthetic~ is not cute or quirky it’s!!!abuse!!!!

like this. is not. CUTE. THATS WAY TOO FUCKING SMALL. just bc betta are hardy fish who can survive through a lot does not mean they are happy or healthy surviving this way. betts are probably one of the most mistreated fish and it makes me sad,bc theyre pretty and bc they can survive in small spaces, people think they’re decoration. I get that its hard having them in a bigger tank bc they fight with other fish, but that doesnt mean they deserve such tiny cramped spaces. All those tiny tanks they sell at stores as “betta tanks” and the tiny containers they keep them in make me so mad. 

THIS is what a betta tank should look like. They’re fish that came from rice fields, they’re used to wide open spaces. i know it may seem like a waste to get a tank this big for just one fish, but even just a 2 gallon tank would be better than those tiny ass little bowls. (but still not recommended) 

And also!! just because they can survive w/o eating for longish amounts of time or in dirty ass water for a long time does not mean!!! they should!! take care of ya goddamn pets

please, if u have or are considering buying a betta, please do research and take care of them properly

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Tips on making ocs? (Your's are super cool btw!)

thanks!! this is kind of broad but here are things i think about when i make characters (if you want me to go into depth let me know)

  • color schemes
  • inspiration from other artists (my main ocs i took a lot of inspiration from takehito harada specifically because i was in high school LOL)
  • area they live in (if its hot theyre not gonna be wearing a coat, etc)
  • what will make them stand out?
  • practicality (i somehow always manage to add pockets or something)
  • the shape of the characters/their silhouette (if u compare two of my characters one could be more triangular while the other could be more rectangular, etc)
  • diversity (you dont want five characters that look the same)

those are just a few things i personally think about!

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Yo not disagreeing with u but Lars is confirmed as a high school student, but with his grades (which were supposedly bad back in that one ep when he and Steven switched bodies), maybe he's been held back? Either way he's probably late teens, so idk

this isnt directed at you personally but just a few things about that

  • i was in high school because of similar grades at 19 so… yeah
  • dont hold me to this but im pretty sure the creator of the 
  • you gotta be 16 to have a job and its been like 2 years in the show so hes probably 18 at least
  • i just dont think theyre gonna go out of their way to make some weird age gap
  • also even if hes like 17 and shes 18 thats… not pedophilia…