theyre close close!!!!!

Painting practice with Ezra Amell 👌


No matter what HE says I think I was pretty spot on.


Ask referencing THIS post from like 200 years ago by @dailyakutagawa

You might think Jungkook’s bold enough when he asks for a hug from Jimin, kneels down before him and holds out his hand for Jimin to take, but boy he’s really just that shy boy from next door who would peep to see if Jimin’s around and smile to himself when he sees him.

Just look at him smiling and blushing like a mad man in love when Jimin makes a move on him. He’s whipped af.

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Fluff Week: Red team movie night!

Red team is split on movie nights, between those who enjoy watching musicals and singing along to the songs, and those who hate musicals and wish they could just have a quiet night for once.

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I want to see rich holding michael and comforting him and if Michael had to get out of his house honestly I'd want him going to rich first,, let them be friends!!

R: Michael didn’t really feel comfortable with “holding” and honestly neither am I.
R: But I mixed some of my foundation with his so it’s closer to his tone, so I’ll help in any way I can.