theyre both somewhere in there

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holy shit hi okay this got kinda long but ive been thinking a lot about ushijima/kageyama recently its really important to me,,
Them meeting up on the street again while theyre both on a run. They kinda just glare at each other but because of mutual respect and, well, their personalities in general, they run in a peaceful silence together

Ushijima suddenly stopping n getting Kageyama n him something to eat somewhere. Theyre both stiff and awkward but one of them finally says something and they start talking about volleyball, and how each of them can improve.

Ushijima asks Kageyama to practice with him and after a few moments of shock, Kageyama agrees. They go to Shiratorizawa and practice in one of the empty courts together for //hours//, before one of them has to leave. They exchange numbers and start having practice sessions together without their teammates knowing.

Then Sugawara notices after a while Kageyamas spike have gotten powerful (ushijima helped him practice spiking) and questions him about it. Not paying attention, he accidently mentions Ushijima (“Wakatoshi-san has been helping me practice”) and everyone stops dead in their tracks and stares at him. Bada bing bada boom they figure out about the pair’s “(volleyball) dates”, as Tanaka and Nishinoya deem them, and help him get the courage to ask Ushijima on a real date.

On the other side Ushijima told Tendou after the first time it happened. Tendou watches how relaxed and happy his friend seems after coming back from practice with Kageyama and, even though he isnt the biggest fan of Karasuno’s setter, pushes Ushijima on to ask him out.

They both walk around the subject until Kageyama gets spiked right in the face and hurts his nose during one of their practices. Ushijima is looking over his nose and face and cleaning it up and theyre really close. Kageyama, kinda out of it from getting hit so hard, blurts out that he likes him.

Ushijima just looks at him for a second before nodding and saying that he likes him too (and although he says it in a monotone voice, he’s blush a shitton). They dont immediately start dating but instead ease into it, especially with Ushijima being a 3rd year and Kageyama a 1st year, and being in different schools. They work it out, though, and all of their teammates are equally confused and happy for them.