theyre better than u

so u can go and graduate from a shit school thats almost not allowed to be a school and people will think better of u than ppl who drop out bc theyre getting a shit education / not what they need

its just stupid and im telling u its stupid and u do what u need to do

sebastian @ joseph one time probably: dont fuck w me on this you goddamn maple leaf

tbh if u asked prom to design ur outfit ud expect it to b rlly bad but theyre actually rlly good @ it ? they’re an artist - they know what’s up. theyll pick out the tie that brings out ur eyes n the dress that makes u pop. ask em to do ur makeup even. theyll so a better job than most. not all, mind u - theyre better at applying it to themself than others, but it’s still p fucking stellar

alexred819  asked:

ew why are these FREAKS acting like theyre better than u when they literally want to suck off some racist neo nazis

I don’t FUCKING know lmao. First off if you’re older than me then why are u actually up my asshole and trying to hard to insult me like that won’t work bitch I’m a FUCKING model I’m used to it. And SECONDLY if you’re legitimately so old that you can make fun of me for being less than 2 years away from being an adult instead of having a valid argument then get off tumblr and find a job or something

Things Your Friend Says When They Just Got Out Of Surgery Starter Sentences

Starring bucksfightmebarnes as the Friend Who Just Got Out Of Surgery.

  • [text] u go round and round and fuck everybody else up and kill their hopes and dreams. the game for greedy bastards
  • [text] i wouldnt be able to figure that out not high
  • [text] teenage angst, cold places, sparkles and drama that could be easily avoided by talking
  • [text] hell should i know probs tacos
  • [text] musical singing people w/ elephants
  • [text] do not fear. i hate. poetry. the end
  • [text] jail isnt bad
  • [text] theyre treated better in jail than school
  • [text] u sit in the wheel and just floor it ppl will move out of youtr way or die
  • [text] if i dont come bac i died going down stairs
  • [text] i made the stairs my bitch
  • [text] fruitsalads and mom
  • [text] hobag who screams
  • [text] trash not hq
  • [text] a fucing dinodog
  • [text] a raptor with a chihuahua
  • [text] no cant even say it
  • [text] my tummy has rumbls help
  • [text] like if i were an alien i would not come in peace