theyre actually getting married


You better be careful, Ollie; I’m gonna start to think you’re falling for me.

g-d tier addams fam musical :

everyone is there bc they think wednesday nd lucas wanna get married but actually theyre both jst two gay kids who dnt know how to tell their respectively overprotective parents tht they wanna go to college Far Away frm home. the dinner is fr the families to get to know nd trust each other so tht wed nd lucas can go off together nd b th real lesbian / gay solidarity on an actual campus. they didnt rly count on their families getting as…close as they do though.

alice nd morticias passionate affair is a main plot point. theyr th real stars of th show— highlights include alice bursting out in bouts of sappy (nd truly awful) poetry after she develops a crush on morticia following the secrets tango nd nearly outing herself every time she does so. ‘waiting’ ends w her pulling morticia up on to the table nd fixing her w the most intense gaze as she says “im not waiting anymore” before kissing her right then and there.

in addition, gomez tries to find th root of mals angry neuroticism nd then they accidentally fall in love + pugsleys disdain fr lucas comes frm him mayb sorta kinda having a crush on him but if u asked him abt it ud better run quick

tl;dr evrybdys gay nd they all live unhappily ever after th end. am i hired