theyre a riot

star guardian jinx: so… do you like lux or what?

star guardian ezreal: *laughs*

star guardian jinx: what’s so funny about that?

star guardian ezreal: i’m gay

star guardian jinx: you’re gay?

star guardian ezreal: there’s nothing wrong with that right?

star guardian jinx: i’m gay too

you, a fool: the zircons got shattered
me, an intellectual: the zircons got poofed and the diamonds were too busy with pursuing steven and lars to shatter them on the spot. at most they’ve been bubbled or they’ve been left lying on the floor of the courtroom

Even if the world shall end right now

With you by my side, I’ll continue to stand tall


I still prefer them as siblings, but okay you could even treat this as just a siblings picture, which is what i was going for

Side note I still hate that Support Supports are still completely obsolete. Its getting to the point that I wish at least Support dedicated Tanks would roll back in because Supports are seen as useless right now.

They’re not completely outta meta- Hai is playing Ali and Morganna has seen some light, ect. But the big thing rn is Trundle, Brand, ect. And god forbid a brother pick sona. “Shes useless go x”
Sona, Janna, Soraka, Lulu, all the true blue support ladies are lackluster to everything else in eyes of the community. (I mean, raka is occasionally banned but its liked a 60/40 opinion on if shes a good ban or not since the nerfs.)

Its a common pattern. Riot tries to fix supports, everyone thinks they’re too op, they get nerfed, and people take a flavor of the month, that a season ago you woulda heard of and thought it was a troll pick!
Supp Supports just will never have anything over full dmg or full tank supports because theyre too split and riot refuses to acknowledge they need to take characters one way or another. (I.E All Sonas go full AP for DAMAGE anyways- why buy auras or focus on healing when youll die right away and get nothing done anyways? (Also worth mentioning, Full DMG Sona has pros and cons, a big con being if I’m going damage I should take someone who will have more dmg output will full dmg build.))

in a modern au team where team mustang have youtube channels

fuery would have a channel where he talks about new tech like new phones and gaming systems and general nerdiness and he ends up  being a channel that people go to for nerdy and tech news

havoc and breda have a gamegrumps style gaming channel where they just hang out and talk about dumb stuff and people think theyre a riot; havoc would have his own vlogging channel on the side where he does whatever he wants sometimes he does skits or maybe he attempts to do a cover of some song and sometimes he does daily vlogs its usually whatever floats his boat

falman does education-y type things and talks about history and does book of the months and reviews them and sometimes he’ll talk about science he’s like a one man crashcourse and people love him because he’s so enthusiastic

roy’s a vlogger and he tells dumb stories and convinces riza to let him use black hayate in some of his videos and he begs her to do those ____ does my makeup tag videos and they’re both equally bad at it

riza seldom makes videos but they’re usually kind of artsy or serious but even though she doesn’t upload much people always love when she does and look forward to them constantly