youtube CHALLENGE day 11- youtube you'd want to meet-excuse you this is too hard but i pick MISS GLAMORAZALFIESGAP

yeah ok that was a really bad attempt at blending miss glamorazzi (my number one idol) zalfie (my fav british now real couple omg) and jacksgap ( twins with the cutest grins) into one person. I honestly can not choose who I would wantt to meet most.

Ingrid actually is my inspiration and I think she is one of the most brilliant youtubers/humans in the whole world. It would be a dream come true to see her and talk to her even though she is a beauty vlogger and I am so bad at beauty omg.

Zalfie was me cheating because I couldn’t choose out of Alfie, who is so hilarious and just really cool and Zoe who seems like the sweetest person in the whole wide world.

Jacksgap - i mean come on?!!!?! who wouldn’t want to meet the twins? They are inspiring, beautiful, really cool people and THERE ARE TWO OF THEM. (what is this gif omg)

so yeah IDK

(thanks if i stole your images yo xxx)