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seems pretty insensitive to make a woman ruin her life because of an unwanted pregnancy. and the world is ridiculously overpopulated, so no we don’t need a million extra people running around.

It’s not the baby’s fault she got pregnant. If a woman has an abortion, she is not only affecting her life, but her baby’s life as well. It’s just not fair for the baby. Sorry ladies, when you’re pregnant the world does not revolve around you. You’re responsible for that life inside you. Adoption is always an option as well, if she really dislikes her child that much she can give it away. She doesn’t have to kill him.

Ok so why don’t we just be communist and not let people have as many kids as they want? I guess since the world is so overpopulated it wouldn’t matter if we just mass-mudered in random communities because there’s already just so many people. 

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first off, not entirely sure why you’re using the word ‘baby’ since abortions are not performed 8/9 months into pregnancy… and secondly, yes that is totally what I said, you didn’t twist my words at all!

Look, I’m not trying to start a fight. But it is a baby. When you’re conceived you’re alive, you’re a person at conception. Did you know there’s a heartbeat about 6 weeks after conception? :P 

And let me ask you something else if you bother to reply, what if they DID perform abortions 8 months into pregnancy? It’s a baby, right? Would you think that was ok too?