little DID things:

no matter how hard singlets try even the ones that ur closest too theyll never understand u mean by alters that are completely separate from whoever they talk to the most. even worse is after a host shift thats rly drastic and u have to work rly fucking hard to keep connections to old relationships including ur immediate family and other close ppl 8) and having to deal w the fact that u know theyll never rly get that ur not the same person that theyre used to 8))

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13) Do you have someone really important to you? If yes, using song lyrics, what’s one thing you want to say to them?

[♫ my head, is holding on to all the things you said. you taught me to be strong and get through it- the mist of darkness in my head. ♪]

princess moats

i wanna go sit down in a castle on a cloud
and drown myself in precipitation now
I’ll never be found out they’ll never know how
i disappeared with a self inflicted spear
youd think theyd hear
the way my guts poured out
and spilled through the clouds
raining blood over the town
so much blood there was a flood
and everybody drowned
i let everybody down again

princess with moats in her eyes
babygirl drowns when she cries
fuck fuck fuck im just bleeding again
every single fluid that leaves my skin
if its tears if its blood if its pus if its cum
i dont know what it is ive done
but its disgusting

i wanna go hide out in an alley out of town
crawl into a corner and never come out
I’ll never be found theyll never know how
I started eating apples from old ladies
they knock me out and make me kind of crazy
my disposition has been becoming hazy
but dont think these lyrics arent smart because i am lazy
im left then im right
im a film in black and white
oh it keeps me up at night
that i know this isn’t right

im not the fairest of them all
you can’t catch me if i fall
ill be fucking no one
i will be fucking nothing