so i watched the ep and i have Many Things:

-i love jesse and cesar

-i feel like this ep had more old school spn grit? and spookiness? and darker elements? which means i LVOED IT okay i love that it felt like Real Spn not awkward fake spn that we see a lot sometimes

-dean said “penis” and sam said “yall” and its trippin me the fuck up

-!!!!!!!!! i think the showing of cesar and jesse making it to the finish line and settling down together was a Direct Parallel/Foreshadowing for sam and dean!! like seriously i think sam and dean might not die bloody and might just try to adjust to civilian life together which Tbh is the ending i want!! they deserve at least a small slice of happiness ok and lord knows theyll never separate

-spn hasnt made me cry in awhile but the scene with mr cochran talking about his daughter was making me tear up hardcore so im so happy it was well written to have actual emotion from the victims because after so long its hard to do that over and over again and make it feel true each time


anonymous asked:

i want to be qpps with @/exstormtrooper but im to scared to ask and i dont think they would want to be...

i think u should ask !! mayb theyll be interested ? 👀👀 ull never know unless u try friend!
- eli