theyll be okay

headcanon time! so @deohsogay and i were talking and as we all know, vasquez is a giant fucking lesbian and has been out and proud since she was in high school probably and long story short, her gaydar is off the charts

so OBVIOUSLY she has alex figured out from the moment she steps into the deo. and at first she’s not sure if alex is just lowkey and private but then she realises wow alex does not know that she is in fact a giant lesbian

and this amuses vasquez to no end because alex is the gayest gay to ever gay in the history of gay, and she has absolutely no idea. and after a while it gets to vasquez and she cant hold it in anymore so their conversations go a little like this

‘vasquez i got a new motorbike!’
‘i said yay! how exciting!’

‘vasquez i went to the movies last night and saw this one with kristen stewart in it she’s so cool i really like her’
‘what was that?’
‘thespian! you love actors!’

and when maggie shows up on the scene, you bet your ass vasquez hears all about the stupid, short, dimpled cop with shiny eyes who annoys the shit out of alex and vasquez is like oh my god she has a crush is this what it feels like to be proud of your children and she watches closely at the way alex smiles when maggie is around and she sees the way maggie looks at alex and she’s like ‘i give them three months and theyll be engaged’

‘it’s okay, vasquez i dont need back up, maggie’s coming with me’
‘you are so gay’
‘excuse me?’
‘you sure youre okay?’

ANYWAY so after this back and forth for years, FINALLY alex approaches vasquez one day and is like ‘hey susan did you know that maggie and i are dating and also i am gay’

and vasquez goes OH THANK GOD! and she pulls out this huge fucking scrapbook and it’s called DEOh So Gay: The Gaygent Danvers Story by susan vasquez and it’s literally a scrapbook made up of sneaky photos she took of alex’s gayest outfits and also written down documentation of every time alex said or did something gay and alex is blushing and also laughing because she’s so happy she’s come so far and vasquez is a good friend and also maggie loves it and it sits on their coffee table for the rest of their lives

If you know your friend, partner, or family member has dependency issues and they’ve made it clear to you that they have separation anxiety and would rather you tell them you don’t want to talk to them rather than ignore them, and you still ignore them, I’m sorry, but

You’re a piece of shit and they deserve so much better than you. I don’t care what the fuck your reason is. There literally can’t be a logical explanation as to why you can’t take a minute out of your day to text your loved one who’s MADE IT CLEAR THEY NEED THIS to tell them that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just not in the mood to talk.

You are a piece of shit.

My heart barely survived the first arc, I am not ready for everything bad that can happen to them out here

3.9 & 3.10 “Hi Honey” feels

Okay, so here’s the thing – on closer look, I actually do think Bitty is calling to potentially break up with Jack. Don’t panic – I don’t think it will ACTUALLY happen. Here’s my reasoning which somehow turned into a ficlet:

(Under a cut for convenience – it’s not super long, but it’s long enough)

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  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about

also things i just found weird in fo4
- how open goodneighbor was to individual freedom, and yet not a single prostitute was there. a guy selling drugs to kids? sure okay theyll show that.
- again the whole game not mentioning anything about actual human/ ghoul slaves except for 2 instances: a shitty sidequest and a info dumped backstory by a companion
- but the whole last dlc being centered on enslaving random people and even mutants?
- how you actually go about enslaving anyway is kinda. odd. you just put a collar on them in public and say “youre a slave now!”
- the collars are labeled as shock collars instead of bomb collars? why? are they trying to make them seem less… evil or something??
- where did they even get the collars? where did they get so many?? elijah says how they might’ve been used by corporations for “compliance issues”…was nukaworld using them on their employees???????
- that random encounter with the dude who sells you a credit card (who’s apparently a self insert kinda) calls you a fucking ableist slur but not a single npc says theyre gay or bi. mkay bethesda.

how shimotsuki feels about her co-workers
  • ginoza: fuck you
  • hinakawa: fuck you
  • togane: fuck you
  • tsunemori: fuck you in particular
  • kunizuka: fuck me

v short drabble, natsu pov, basically
Natsu realizing he was about to kill himself and the implications of this

Everything hurt.

His heart was pounding frantically in his chest, blood oozing out of various wounds. Hell, he couldn’t even feel his cheek anymore, only a burning inferno of pain. It became worse with every heartbeat, with every mile Happy brought between him and Zeref.

His body was aching, but it was nothing compared to the chaos raging in his mind.

Natsu didn’t want to believe any of this. And yet, in some old, hidden part of his mind and soul, he knew Zeref had not been lying.

The guild had come into sight, and troubled thoughts had mixed in with his confusion. He could feel Happy trembling above him, from distress or from holding onto him, he wasn’t sure. Both. His paws…

And that was when Happy dropped him, right in front of the large doors to the guild. Both of them fell to the ground in complete exhaustion, but it took less than a second before footsteps trampled all around them, the frantic shouting of their names filling the air.

Wendy dropped beside him first; he barely saw her in his field of vision, and she looked unsure who to reach for, tears in her eyes. Weakly, Natsu nodded, and she understood, cradling Happy into her arms and gently letting her healing magic envelop his paws.

“Sorry, buddy…” Natsu croaked, closing his eyes as a new wave of pain washed over him. “Sorry…”

“You’re my friend, Natsu!” Happy suddenly started sobbing, “You’ll always be my friend, no matter what!”

Clenching his fists, Natsu tried to sit up. Worried faces stared at him wherever he looked, and he knew they wanted, and needed, answers. They deserved them.

But oh, Natsu didn’t even know where to start. And there was no strength left in him, not right now. He coughed, tasting the blood on his tongue and fighting against the black dots clouding his vision.

That was when he saw Lucy pushing through the crowd, though. She must have arrived later, for some reason, he didn’t know and he didn’t care. But she was here now, her eyes locking onto him the moment she broke through the circle of people surrounding him.

Tears spilled onto her cheeks, eyes wide as she took in his state, much like the faces of everyone else. Some had tried speaking to him, he knew, he’d heard Grey shouting and Erza demanding answers in a way that tried to conceal her shaking voice. But none of their words registered in his brain. It was like a cloud of noise, and he couldn’t filter anything out.

Lucy’s lips moved too, and he blinked slowly, trying to focus on her alone so that maybe she could anker him to reality. And then she dropped to her knees, flinging her arms around him so hard he almost fell onto his back all over again. He could not lift his arms to return her embrace, but he could feel her shaking against him, trembling and sobbing and repeating words all over again, words that made no sense to him.

But one thing made perfect sense to him now:

He had almost died. He had almost killed himself in vain.

He had almost betrayed every word he had ever spoken, every moral he lived by and every friend he had ever saved.

You didn’t die for your friends. You lived for them.

And yet dying was exactly what he had chosen back then, dying for his friends, his guild, his loved ones. It was Happy who had stopped him.

Oh, what a hypocrite he was.

Natsu realized all this now, in the arms of his partner who cried for another near-loss, who cried for him, out of fear and worry and relief. He buried his face in the nook of her neck.

“Lucy…” he rasped, “Everyone… I’m back…”

Then, he lost all his strength, and the world went black.

He was back home, alive, and he would stay.

If they let him.

To Everyone Who Read 383

Okay, so im happy and disappointed about all the posts of Lucy bein a badass

Happy: because i see people POINTING OUT HER AWESOMENESS


So im going to do it myself.



First off, ill just say that i think the reason most of you guys arent overwhelmed with what happened is because you dont understand what Lucy just did.

Here is all the goons Mashima shows that are after Lucy

External image

And thats showing MOST of them considering the square cuts OTHERS out AND 




the reinforces that are showing up AS WELL


So Lucy whips out her River of Stars and starts beastin

External image

but now more and more are coming and are practically JUMPING her with their advance in numbers

External image

So little Ms. weakling  Lucy here, fucking takes her whip, does some INDIANA JONES SHIT and CATCHES A TREE BRANCH

External image


External image


External image





*might i add* WITH HER BARE FEET



External image



Ill give you a moment to let that sink in.


AND THEN after summoning two spirits THIS FUCKER SHOWS UP

External image

Now here Lucy KNOWS that she probably has no chance against him, she remembers that even NATSU,  THE DRAGON SLAYER, couldnt beat him. OBVIOUSLY or else Jackal wouldnt be here



External image




All of her power is being drained by Loke and Virgo but she still  has the will to go up against JACKAL, knowing that she cant summon and that her only defense is her whip

and she puts all her faith in that

External image

Now that ive established what Lucy TRUELY did, and i understand that Mashimas artwork is very detailed and sometimes hard to read, but THIS is what happened

And ALL of this happened BEFORE the big scene where shes effing RISKS HER LIFE to save all of her friends inside the monster

External image

Now i know im probably asking of too much here and a lot of you would disagree, but i sort of hope that Jellal or Wendy wont come along to help her out

I know there are always going to be people out there who will still think Lucy is useless and that no matter what she does, theyll think:

Okay, that was alright. But Erza could of done it quicker

But Natsu could of beaten them in a punch

But Lucy cries too much while doing it

External image

Do you see her crying?

Didnt think so.

Haters out there dont realize that when she cries, she cries for her friends. Shes hopelessly worried for their lives and what will become of Fairy Tail and so she kinda freaks out about it. Why is that such a bad thing?

Shes literally the kindest person in the guild. She doesnt worry if the enemy will get away, like everyone else, she worries about the people hurt in the process, even if its the enemy including.

She understands that sometimes the enemy just needs guidance and that they have feelings too, she understands that their still human but they need to go down.

My rant is offically over, and if at least one of you haters change your mind about Lucy, ill consider it an accomplishment. 

But if you still think Lucy is pathetic and worthless, then i honestly have no words for you except

I feel sorry for your blindness.