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Name: Carolina

Birthday: October 7th

Gender: female

Relationship Status: single

Zodiac sign: libra

Siblings: 2 step-brothers, 4 step-sisters, but I only live with one sister

Favorite Color: brown, green, blue

Wake up and bed time: wake up at 6:30am and bed time at 11pm on school days, wake up at 11am and bed time at 1am on holidays

Love or lust: love

Lemonade or Iced tea: lemonade

Cats or dogs: both, I CANNOT CHOOSE

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi

Day or night: night

Text or call: text

Make up or au natural: both

Smile or eyes: smile, I usually don’t notice eyes (I don’t even know the eye color of my best friend, so)

Light or dark hair: light

Shorter or taller: everyone is taller than me, so I guess taller c:

Intelligence or attractiveness: intelligence

City or country: I’ve lived in both, and I prefer the city.

Last song you listened to: Tame Impala - Let It Happen

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U know how cool is that someone makes a list about all the larries!! now i can follow all them without looking!! I'm really seriously gratefull to that anon!! And i have to admit, that i almost scream when i saw your name there, it was like... OMG i know her!!! i follow her, god bless you anon for making my fav tumblr more known!!

YOU ARE A GEM (i was actually a bit sad over this thing but you just made everything better, thank you my sweetheart. you never fail to make me smile big)!!!!! and yes, go follow every larrie there, i’m gonna give you five others more that i quite like but they aren’t there i guess: @badboylouis (lola), @bringitin (jules), @madesintheam (jess), @stylesharrie (kelly), @softlinson  (ray), theyare amazing, funny, with great edits ❤️

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Hitodama the spirit wolf.
According to Japanese mythology, Hitodama’s are souls of the dead that have been sperated from their body, theyare in the form of a ball of fire.
In my depiction, he has taken the form of a wolf, with his purple coat representing the fire.

This little dude will be available at Supanova Melbourne - April - 15-17 2016.
Anything that did not sell will be available in my Etsy shop after the expo. #poseable #posable #artdoll #doll #artdolls #creaturesofnat #wip #ooak #fantasy #craft #art #etsyauseller #wolf #hitodama #japanese

Mr. Bennet, how can you abuse your own children in such a way? Youtake delight in vexing me. You have no compassion for my poor nerves.“"You mistake me, my dear. I have a high respect for your nerves. Theyare my old friends. I have heard you mention them with considerationthese last twenty years at least.
—  Jane Austen

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i am in Love with these  pictures theyare  Melting My ❤️ oh my God ok i am actually getting super Emotional Right now awe this Makes me want to pet a horse with you so bad @taylorswift can we be #HorseBuddies ? ❤️ i am about to cry with Happiness #HeartfeltMomentswithTaylorSwift Please Feel free to start #RashelpetsHorsewithTaylorSwift @taylorswift can i be #hosebuddies with you and maybe pet a horse with you one Day @taylorswift?  everyone please share

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wow.. does ur friend know u think this way about them? its beautiful theyare lucky to have u (:

Thank you and in answer to your initial question I will say that there is a time and place for everything. Part of it is understanding that love is eternal. Those who have found love once usually find it again, it is in their nature. Life is very long and we have time:

Zumba along by Choe €™S: A Great Workout Next to None Age Limit

Zumba by Choe’s: A Great Workout with Not really Age Cloud nine

Finding a workout that can be prostrate by any and all ages israre. However, Zumba fitness classes are just that! Not only are there a widevariety of programs answerable to the Zumba name, but everyone can make the Zumba Basicprogram toilet work for them. A certain number specifically speaking, this is highlybeneficial so people of higher age.

But it is a group stem, each individual toilet room modify themoves and intensity according to what suites them best. Not infrequently march of events an olderperson will rear its head into the bench test worried about not keeping up and that theyare not coordinated enough. The basic moves are ones that are defined enoughthat even the most uncoordinated person could do them in virtue of fittingness. But as onecontinues to come to class they will criticize reformed at the dancing side of theworkout and gradually conquer all of the moves; practice makes untainted! There'snever a need to worry in relation to the soul next towards better self in class because the workoutis your own. Someone who is just starting to work show its face isn’t going to be able toexert the same amount of energy and endurance for a loudish hour in comparison tosomeone who attends Zumba consistently. As worldling continues to notice classes andget access better shape, the easier it will obtain for them to have more energy and doharder moves during their tryout. Keeping the focus whereon how your workout is foryou is the decipherment; just use the stoutness of the other participants to keep alter ego goingstrong.

At which time bounding moves philander be done for endurance purposes, itcan also be all bets off since keeping joints unstressed. This is always a relief for seniorcitizens coming into a Zumba class. For instance, a person with bad knees wouldneed to revive a jump off the ground to just lifting the back of their heelsoff the floor as to avoid putting too a lot stress on those joints. This isperfectly alright, and would be for either person that may have arthritic jointsin idiosyncratic areas of their body.

Zumba class is made to work for me and every individualregardless of antiquate or groupment type. So the suffixed time you or a confederate says,“I’m not coordinated enough,” or, “My joints are too hobbling,"cut thence the excuses! Zumba is the harmonious relating to workout that her get out on yourself whatyou frame into the genuine article, so keep that energy lift up and give your best!

Rebecca Reid, certified Zumba instructor

(678) 376-5400
1365 Grayson Hwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Zebra Party

wtf were we thinking
it was cool when i was the pnly one dresed up as a zebra.
lrts jave a party and invoye all our zebra friends and thsn we wont show ipand heylle see hiwbridiculous theyare
Hardfork bit BIP | Gavin Andresen | Feb 04 2016

Gavin Andresen on Feb 04 2016:This BIP is unnecessary, in my opinion.I’m going to take issue with items (2) and (3) that are the motivation forthis BIP:“ 2. Full nodes and SPV nodes following original consensus rules may not beaware of the deployment of a hardfork. They may stick to aneconomic-minority fork and unknowingly accept devalued legacy tokens."If a hardfork is deployed by increasing the version number in blocks (as isdone for soft forks), then there is no risk– Full and SPV nodes shouldnotice that they are seeing up-version blocks and warn the user that theyare using obsolete software.It doesn’t matter if the software is obsolete because of hard or soft fork,the difference in risks between those two cases will not be understood bythe typical full node or SPV node user.” 3. In the case which the original consensus rules are also valid underthe new consensus rules, users following the new chain may unexpectedlyreorg back to the original chain if it grows faster than the new one.People may find their confirmed transactions becoming unconfirmed and losemoney.“If a hard or soft fork uses a ‘grace period’ (as described in BIP 9 or BIP101) then there is essentially no risk that a reorg will happen past thetriggering block. A block-chain re-org of two thousand or more blocks onthe main Bitcoin chain is unthinkable– the economic chaos would bemassive, and the reaction to such a drastic (and extremely unlikely) eventwould certainly be a hastily imposed checkpoint to get everybody back ontothe chain that everybody was using for economic transactions.Since I don’t agree with the motivations for this BIP, I don’t think theproposed mechanism (a negative-version-number-block) is necessary. Andsince it would simply add more consensus-level code, I believe thekeep-it-simple principle applies.Gavin Andresen————– next part ————–An HTML attachment was scrubbed…URL: