they. danced

I noticed that this was kind of a thing, and since @xxtc-96xx made the gif available for people to use and I did this before with the gif of Joyce that Roman (of @undertsums) made for me, I wanted to offer my take on the Kiwi-Frisk dancing meme. XD  Look at their floppy little arms. They’re too cute!

(I wouldn’t put this on my regular channel. This was just something I wanted to do for fun specifically for Tumblr.)

Originally posted by zaldok

It was a quiet evening. The only sounds that were filling the loft were the patter of rain against the window and the soft notes floating from the radio. Alec and Magnus were both sat on the sofa, curled around each other, and enjoying the calmness of the night.

When the song changed and a soft piano track filled the room, Magnus stood up, holding out his hand in front of Alec.

“Dance with me.” It wasn’t a question, and even if it was, Alec wasn’t going to deny Magnus or himself of this. He took his boyfriend’s hand and let himself be pulled up and towards the centre of the room.

Magnus reached forward, gripping onto Alec’s waist to pull him in closer so that there was no space left between them. Alec let his hand rest against Magnus’ chest, watching as he brought up their other hands, their fingers slowly curling over each others.

Soon they let the softness of the music take them away, swaying gently, never really going anywhere. Their foreheads were touching, lazy kisses being exchanged and whispers of I love you being breathed into the air.

It was a quiet evening, as they both fell further in love.