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Learn How to Dance Disco With Åke Blomqvist

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Can you talk about the 3 of their different dance styles or interpretations of the same moves in the 3J dance? I'm also curious if you think that they each shone the brightest in own solos or do you think another choreo would've suited one of them more. Also versatility of the members? The 3 dances were similar enough in style (I think at least) but had different feels to them and who do you think was the most consistent throughout and could channel the moves and feelings of all the dances?

❗️❗️⚠️⚠️ i know that most will be going off of the home party 3J URBAN DANCE video instead of the bts+/channel+ fancam video(s) in my post !!!!! it’s a shame that non-subscribers can’t see the solo ver because there is always SO MUCH that the camera misses when zooming around❗️❗️⚠️⚠️

“Can you talk about the 3 of their different dance styles or interpretations of the same moves in the 3J dance?”

in the performance, each member stuck to their usual style in all three combos. you can watch other fancams (JH/JM/JK) of the same piece to see how they differ (note: i just linked the ones for “fire” since things are easier to pick apart there, but lmk if you want me to explain more)

1. hoseok

was definitely strongest with the upper body out of all the members. i know that it’s a stylistic choice to have very controlled arms (looking @ you PJM), but i prefer when they’re looser for combos like their first one. the only thing i didn’t like about him was sometimes the hands were too splayed and his snapback prevented me from seeing his eyes, which is an important part of a dancer’s stage presence. it also covered half his face when the stage lights were on him :/

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source: thecameronboyce instagram

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Hi!! I'm going to Mexico for the summer and am thinking of taking a ballet class there, but I have only started my Spanish study and probably wouldn't understand a lot of the corrections or cues the teacher gives. Do you have any advice, & do you know if anyone has made a vocab list for the ballet class? Thanks!


I haven’t found any vocabulary list for ballet classes, but I can give you some vocabulary here.


  • postura: posture, pose
  • postura correcta: correct posture
  • posición: position
  • primera posición: first position
  • segunda posición: second position
  • tercera posición: third position
  • cuarta posición: forth position
  • quinta posición: fifth position
  • paso: move, step
  • adelante / en frente: forward, in front
  • detrás / atrás: back, behind
  • derecho/a: straight
  • (a la) izquierda: (to the) left
  • (a la) derecha: (to the) right
  • (al) otro lado: (to the) other side
    *derecho can mean both straight and right, it depends on the context.
    If the teacher looks at you and tells you something like “derecha” that means “straight
    If the teacher says “a la derecha” that means “right”.
  • brazo(s): arm(s)
  • pierna(s): leg(s)
  • mano(s): hand(s)
  • pie(s): foot / feet
  • talones: heels
  • cabeza: head
  • torso: torso
  • caderas: hips
  • hombro(s): shoulder(s)
  • pies juntos: feet together
  • torso recto: straight torso
  • espalda recta: straight back

  • salto: jump
  • brinco: jump (same)
  • giro: spin, turn
  • barra: bar
  • calentamiento: warm up
  • vestuario: clothing
  • leotardo: leotard
  • falda: skirt
  • tutú: tutu
  • medias / mallas: stockings
  • calcetines: socks
  • zapatillas de media punta: split-sole ballet shoes
  • chongo: bun 
  • algodón: cotton
  • nailon: nylon
  • tela: fabric
  • piel: leather


  • pararse derecha / ponerse derecha: to stand up straight 
  • extender: to extend
  • flexionar / doblar: to bend, to flex
  • saltar / brincar: to jump
  • girar: to spin, to turn
  • estirar: to stretch
  • sentarse: to sit down
  • pararse / levantarse: to stand up
  • subir / levantar: to raise, to go up
  • bajar: to lower, to go down
  • volver: to return, to go back
  • avanzar: to move forward
  • ir (hacia) adelante: to move forward 
  • ir (hacia) atrás: to go back
  • meter el abdómen: to suck in the belly
  • apuntar: to point

You can watch some videos to see how teachers give instructions and talk about all the positions and moves.

Aprende Ballet (She has many videos about ballet)
Barbie: Clase de baile zapatillas mágicas (The original version is in English and you can hear it in the background, but I hope it helps)