Random team voltron language headcanons
  • Hunk doesn’t speak Hawaiian bc he’s like 10th gen but he doES speak hawaii pidgin sometimes.
  • But not too often because he picked up a “proper” dialect after joining at the garrison. But talking to himself or calling home, it just comes out
  • Lance picks up on Hawaiian pidgin right away bc roommates, except the hawaiian/japanese words
  • Hunk taught Pidge some phrases in hawaiian pidgin ((Because they’re called piDGE it was only sensible)) and it’s so fucking hilarious seeing this tiny haole kid speak like they grew up in Hawaii.
  • Besides Lance, everyone else eventually can understand 90% of Hunk’s dialect, except Keith. For some reason this boy never gets it. He’s just. Baffled. 
  • Lance is 2nd gen but he speaks baRELY any Spanish and he’s sO SHAME. EVERY One of his cousins and siblings are fluent buT NOT HIM!! 
  • He can understand it fairly well and was fluent until he was like 10. But once he started studying English, he worked on getting into the garrison and losing his accent so nobody could tease him about it.
  • Lance remembers randoms shit in Spanish, though, and uses it to hit. On. Everyone. Sometimes it’s song lines?? Usually it’s food names.
  • Shiro knows some textbook Spanish, not enough for it to be useful really but enough to catch Lance attempting to seduce Keith with a grocery list. It’s working and Shiro doesn’t have the heart to call him on it.
  • Pidge however, also knows some textbook spanish, and it takes them a while to figure it out but they call Lance on it imMEDIATELY. ALSO TELLS THEM TO GET A ROOM.
  • Keith picked up some Korean from his mother but his Japanese/Mixed father was like 5th gen and had no language to pass on. He’s not exactly fluent but CAN speak to Korean children up to about 7-10 years old.
  • Keith just can’t grasp other languages besides Korean, though. Shiro tries to teach him the kanji for “Kogane” and he just can’t remember it. Shiro makes him a stamp.
  • Shiro is first generation, but immigrated so young he barely remembers Japan. His fluent parents insisted he learn Japanese, though, so he continued to study it alongside English. It’s been a completely useless skill, but he’s happy he kept it regardless.
  • Pidge’s family is all english speaking, but they made an effort to learn how to swear in like 10 languages.
  • They ask Shiro for a grammar lesson in Japanese, which Shiro is excited to share until he realizes Pidge just wants context for their swears. 

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Oh yay! I love when you do Scripted or Duchovny! Can I ask you to do it for these scenes (1) "I don't wanna wrestle" in detour (2) "inheriting your father's sea legs" in Dod Kalm (3) the whole wine emptying scene in Small Potatoes (4) the lean down during the "we'll talk later" in Soft Light when Sully's classmate says she's heard so much about him (5) "Funky Poaching". Thank you!!!

1. I don’t wanna wrestle: I SWEAR I read once that someone from the show said that this in fact WAS scripted, in response to someone’s query as to whether it was an ad-lib. But, it seems so Duchovny that I have a hard time believing that, especially as I can’t remember where I read it anymore. It CERTAINLY looks to me like she was just kind of trying to awkwardly move him as the scene required and wasn’t doing very well and he blurts that out and she laughs. How can that not be Duchovny? Verdict: Duchovny

2. Sea legs: She does make kind of a Gillian face when he says that. OK, I just watched it and I feel like it’s just too long of a thing – with the whole setup and punchline, and then she looks away smiling for kind of a long while so it’s not like she broke and they quickly cut but then left it in – to have just been a spontaneous ad-lib/reaction. So even though it does seem rather Duchovny, I’m going with scripted

3. The wine thing like where he like burps the bottom of it to get the drops out and she interrupts herself to be like “thank you very much”? Hmm. I never thought about that before, really – I love Gillian’s little touches as Tipsy!Scully and that is one of them – but…hm. With the qualification that I think it could have been something that was worked out over a couple of takes, not just done spontaneously at that moment by David, I’m going with Duchovny. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was wrong though. 

4. We’ll talk later from Soft Light: That reads as a classic XF scripted line to me (and it’s Vince Gilligan so having a bit more than average snap in the dialogue is not too surprising). I’m sure the lean-down was a little Duchovny, but no more than like, I mean, they are in their bodies and walking and moving and whatnot. So I’m going to award this one to the scripted side. 

5. Funky poaching: That feels VERY written to me. Scripted

THIS IS FUN. Thanks, anon! Agree/disagree?

Haunted Matchmaking

You can all blame @mahstatins for this one (and if you haven’t read Ready to Believe You, you should).

Also, I recently completed an important follower milestone, so please accept this terrible fic as a token of my appreciation to all of you!

Rated T for unbeated, ooc, silly, crack and other shenanigans, set up at some point in S3 after they are back from Neverland.

“I never thought I’d be capable of letting go of my first love… of my Milah… to believe that I could find someone else.  That is, until I met you.”

Finally! Bloody finally is the first thought that comes into her mind as she watches Killian – she’s never going to call him Hook, she refuses to do it so – admitting to everyone –but mostly to himself – that he’s very much in his way to fall in love with one Emma Swan.

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He doesn’t write cheap stories, he writes ‘I like all of you and I respect you all, Let’s work together’ and 'I will improve my rap’. See how much his rap has improved. Now his rap has reached the top grade. That’s why I did shout out to him, the person like you should become famous, the person like you should make money, but strangely to say, we still use honorifics with each other. It’s very funny. Our relationship is like 'Come to the party’ 'OK! I will!’ and never show up, but we respect each other from a distance. Mr. Jay is a great person himself.
—  Swings about Jay Park

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Would by any chance you be willing to try the 'evolution' transition of a normal pokemon becoming an alola pokemon. (I'm referring to evolution in the real world sense here, not pokemon evolution haha)

Hey! So you mean, the transition of a regular Vulpix becoming an Alolan Vulpix, for example? That would be cool. It’s a different idea since, as you mentioned, that process would be more akin to actual evolution, and would have taken place over a very long period of time. But that’d still be interesting to try, so yeah, I’d maybe do it as a bonus sometime, or as a commission.

I was as pure as a river
but now I think I’m possessed

Y’all ask for forgiveness for your Arasinning

…And then you sin again. And again. And again

Just be like me and accept that you’re going to hell - I mean, it’s worth it when you get to look at this picture, right? ;D