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You know what would be cool, naga Keith ;)

You guys are starting to figure out what makes my demented brain excited, and knowing me this will probably end up as an AU too.THREW IN LANCE TO BECAUSE I LIKE TO MAKE DAT BOY SUFFER.

Anyway Keith is modeled after a red cornsnake and Lance a centaur because reasons. 

Centaurs are usually depicted as archers which is essentially what Lance’s bayard is (long ranged gun=bow apparently) also it would have BEEN way too easy to just go with merman Lance, so yeah…centaur.

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nanalan with bayonetta's legs

Okay, so the hardest thing about this one would probably the the fact that I can’t tell where her upper torso ends and her pelvis begins, but I tried to make it look as good as possible. 

On a side note, as Front Split Mod, I’m probably gonna limit myself to no more than three requests a day (will go to one or two when things start back up in the fall) so that way we don’t run out of the ones we have. The list is (kinda?) long, but nothing that we can’t do if I set our minds to it. However, if we get more requests at a higher rate, then the amount will go up.

Anyway, here it is!

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Gendrya. Romeo and Juliet high school AU

you were probably going for an actual story here but my brain is tired so have a list of vaguely-narratively-cohesive headcanons

  • Arya usually does set design/props/lights for their high school theatre program, but she really enjoys acting as well
  • She’s not a huge Shakespeare fan and she complains loudly about how dumb Romeo and Juliet were, but she auditions anyway
  • (For the record, Arya would totally be an Ibsen fan)
  • She and Hot Pie get Gendry to audition on a dare, not knowing that he’s actually a massive frickin Shakespeare nerd
  • He’s never really done theatre before but he knows Romeo & Juliet inside and out and he’s actually a naturally talented actor
  • They read together during auditions and end up getting cast as the leads because stage chemistry, holy shit
  • They practice lines during lunch and make everyone super uncomfortable because they’re just reading but they’re playing up the romance so much and we’re trying to eat here, guys, come on
  • Lommy makes some snide comment about the balcony scene and they both shout “wherefore means WHY, not WHERE” so fast it’s ridiculous
  • S t a g e    c h e m i s t r y
  • They’re super nervous about kissing each other on stage because they’re just friends, really, we swear
  • The first time they’re supposed to kiss during rehearsal Gendry gets nervous and laughs and Arya pushes him and walks out because she thinks he’s making fun of her
  • Then they actually kiss and it’s super natural (and they both really like it)
  • The director is constantly complimenting them on how well they play the relationship and it makes them both blush really hard
  • (They both think the other is blushing because they got a compliment) (They’re both blushing because they’ve spent the last three months pretending to be in love with each other)
  • Gendry’s SO GOOD at angsty overdramatic Romeo
  • Arya is the one who teaches him about stage fighting because he’s too embarrassed to admit to the director that he has no idea what he’s doing
  • The boys practice the fight scenes shirtless a lot because there’s no AC in the theatre
  • Arya totally doesn’t mind
  • Guys please stop declaring your undying love over the lunch table
  • They’re both so incredibly nervous before the first show because it’s Arya’s first performance as lead and Gendry’s first performance ever
  • Gendry looks over at her during the final bow and she’s so happy and that’s definitely when he realizes he’s actually in love with her
  • (Arya realized it ages ago and did the one thing she told herself she would never do) (she goes to Sansa for boy advice and they have a sisterly bonding moment and every time Arya and Gendry kiss on stage, Sansa squeals a little)
  • After the last show they take a moment after the curtain call just to sit backstage and breathe
  • Arya’s Juliet hairstyle is coming loose and he pushes her hair behind her ear without thinking about it
  • And then he’s kissing her for real and it’s so much better than kissing on stage and they have a deep talk about ~~feelings~~ and then make out on the couch
  • Hot Pie absolutely claims all responsibility for their relationship by virtue of daring Gendry to audition in the first place
Richard Speight Jr imagines - Pros and Cons Part 3 (end)

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A/N: Final part to this extremely short series. It’s short and sweet but I hope you like it anyway. I’ll probably change it a little tomorrow but for now enjoy.

Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2

Summary: A fan asks about yours and Richard’s relationship at a convention.

Richard Speight Jr x Reader

Word count: 1,779

Warnings: Heated make out scene, some language 

A month had past since your last convention. Since you and Richard started to date. 

After Richard found out there was gambling going on behind his back, he decided to take all the money from everyone who bet and spent it on your first few official dates. 

It felt natural being with Richard, you feared that things would turn awkward or weird but he always had a way with making you feel at home. And the rest of the cast seemed pretty pleased that you two had finally gotten together. Everyone also respected that you wanted to keep it quiet for a while, that is until one evening a week or so ago.

You and Rich had just come out of a movie, you were happily holding his hand and chuckling at something he said when some fan had managed to take a picture of the moment. Twitter immediately blew up and the picture circled throughout the supernatural fandom over the next couple days. 

Richard being Richard tweeted some funny and not entirely serious responses but he knew this wasn’t the way you wanted to tell the fans that you two were together. 

“Hey, you okay?” Richard asks as he swaggers into your hotel room. You had another convention this weekend and to say you were dreading the questions was an understatement. 

“Fine.” You smile up at the man from where you were sat on your bed. You had the tv playing quietly as you scrolled through twitter and Instagram on your laptop. 

Richard closed the top of you laptop down to get your attention as he joined you on the bed, cocking his eyebrow at you as you sigh.  

“What is it?” He asks, 

“Nothing. Honestly, it’s just the convention. And Twitter and…” You let your words trail away as you saw a flicker of worry in Richard’s eyes. “Never mind. I’m sure everything will be fine.” You run your hand through your hair and smile softly at the man. 

“It will be, and I’ll be there if you need me, remember. I mean I kind of have to be.” The corner of Richard’s lips turn up a little. You bring your hand up to Richard’s face and stroke your thumb over his cheek. 

“I know.” You lean forward, pressing your lips against Rich’s. You feel Rich’s hand wrap around your back, bringing you closer to him. His tongue darting across your lips, to which you happily respond with your own. 

Richard pushes your laptop further down the bed as he crawls up onto the mattress so he can get closer to you as you lean back. His hands find their way under your shirt, sending goosebumps across your skin.

Your move your own hands up into Richard’s hair, tugging lightly when his start to rise further up your torso. Richard groans against your lips then moves to trail wet kisses across your jaw and down your neck. You tilt your head back against a pillow to allow Rich more area for his lips to explore.

Richard tugs away your t-shirt, quickly breaking contact to do so before his lips find their way across your chest and down your abdomen. 

You arch your back at his touch and when his lips reach your jean’s hem line, the feeling of pleasure becomes too much and you pull Richard back to your own lips for another hungry kiss. 

“Rich…” You wrap your legs around Richard, bringing his hips down against yours. His already hardened member could be felt against you, causing your hips to buck in excitement and want.

Richard groans, but then just as you start unbuttoning his shirt, a rather loud knock at the door interrupts you. 

“Rich, I know you’re in there, open up!” Rob’s voice could be heard through the door as he knocked again.

You let go of Rich and threw your head back in frustration and annoyance. Richard almost didn’t get up until Rob called through again, making it obvious he wouldn’t be leaving. 

“You know, Robby, you could’ve picked a better time to need me.” Richard called as he headed towards the door, throwing your t-shirt to you as he did.

As Richard open the door, Rob’s eyes widened a little at the sight of his messy haired, partially undressed friend.

“Did I interrupt something?” Rob asked, his cheek tinted a light shade of pink. 

“Kinda, Robby. What do you need?” Richard asked, leaning against the door frame. 

“We’re having a rehearsal remember?” Rob reminded Richard. Richard and you would be performing with Louden Swain just like you did every con but this weekend you had some new songs you had to practise. 

“Oh, shit. Yeah, um…Give me like five minutes.” Richard peered behind his shoulder, back at you who was still sitting on the bed. “Make that ten.” HE closed the door and went back over to you.

You decided you couldn’t let him go to band practise with a raging erection and Richard always said you had a powerful tongue.

The next day came all too quickly, you had had fun the night before with the band and even Jensen tagged along. Then at the end of everything you ended up sleeping in Richard’s arms. A place you found yourself undoubtedly needing if you wanted to sleep.

Everyone knew as you sat in the green room that you were nervous about your panel, there was definitely going to be questions about you and Rich, not that you didn’t want to tell people - you do but you knew you’d be undeniably awkward about it. Especially if you were by yourself. Where was Sebastian when you need him?

Your Q&A Panel wasn’t first fortunately and throughout the morning no questions on your love life had surfaced in other’s panels which you were grateful for.

“Please welcome the most amazing woman in our lives to the stage. (Y/F/N)!” Rob was the one to introduce you this weekend, the band played your characters theme and you waved as you ran through the curtains. 

You embrace Rob and sing a little with him before skipping over to Richard. He holds his hand out and you take it, laughing at him, he spins you and then pulls you to his chest which only made you laugh harder. 

The crowd screaming at you both. 

“Why, hello, (Y/N).” Richard greeted you as you pulled away, the audience screamed again. 

“Mornin’ Rich. Hey Robby!” You waved vigorously at Rob, to which he waved back, shaking his head.

“You know, (Y/N), Rob’s married.” Richard reminds you playfully, you frown and face Richard. 

“I know. But do you know that?” You tease which sends the audience into screams again. 

“Touché.” Richard winks at you, his presence making you feel suddenly much more at ease. 

You greeted the audience quickly and then turned straight to questions which was usual for you. 

“Hey (Y/N), first of all I love you!” The fan beamed up at you, 

“I love you too.” You replied, then the fan asked her question. 

“And secondly, as you probably know, a picture of you surfaced about a week ago and I’m going to ask the question the whole fandom is dying to know. Were you and Richard Speight Jr on a date?” The fan cut straight to it. You expected at least one or two questions before the personal questions took over.  

“Um…Well, Yes. Yeah, we went to go see a movie since it’d been a month since we started dating.” You broke the news cooly, and the audience erupted with chatter and screams. You chuckled and out came Rich from behind the curtain. 

He wiggled his eyebrows much like Gabriel would and planted a wet one on your cheek from behind. You squealed in response and tried to push Richard away. 

“It’s been a month?!” The fan asked, you nod your head, finally managing to peel yourself away from Richard as he laughs along with the audience. 

“And counting. I’m lucky she’s dealt with me, this long.” Richard added. You placed your hands on your hips and stared across at the man. 

“Whose panel is this?” You ask him, Richard holds up his hands and backs away. Back through the curtain.

The rest of your Q&A went by petty smoothly after you finally confessed, and your phone exploded once again with the news of you two officially telling the fandom that you’re dating. 

You wanted to read through them but Jared and Jensen had their panel after you, and you always enjoyed watching them on stage. 

You watched hidden in the sidelines as J2 came out on stage. Greeting Rich and Rob. 

“So Rich, heard you and (Y/N) told everyone you’re dating.” Jared confronted Rich, 

“Finally.” Jensen adds. The audience agreeing with him. You rolled your eyes but smiled at them.

“Not only did they tell everyone during (Y/N)’s panel, Rich kissed her.” Jared tells Jensen as if the men didn’t already know. Faking a gasp as if he were three.

“C’mon on, it was barely even a kiss!” Richard tried to defend himself, a half playful tone could be heard. 

“You’re saying this isn’t a kiss?!” Jared neared Rich and demonstrated the sloppy kiss Richard gave you but without wrapping his arms around the other man. 

Jensen chuckled as Jared pulled away. The men laughed and the audience wooed. “You do know we will hurt you if you hurt her, right?” Jensen asks, semi-serious. 

“Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki, ladies and gentlemen, secretly the Winchesters in real life.” Richard said flatly, making the boys laugh once again. 

At the end of the day, videos of you confessing had made their way onto every social media and people were tweeting you congrats and ‘I knew it!’’s.

Richard had managed to talk Rob in going for a drink and naturally you went along. 

You leaned against Richard’s chest, his arm around you comfortably as you sat in the booth and sipped on your drinks. You still yet had a panel to do with Sebastian this weekend, which was going to be interesting however in that moment you didn’t care. 

You were more than happy. 

You look up at Richard and smile to yourself, silently thanking the fandom for shipping you with the man in front of you which lead to your on-screen and now off-screen relationship. 

Richard smiles back at you, brushing his lips against your head sweetly before going back to his conversation with Rob. 

You admitted, you were thankful for conventions, without supernatural conventions, would you really be sitting there?

Strifehart Week: Day 4 - Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII

Another quickie because I’m not feeling too great about my art lately.

Anyway, I’m only about a two thirds of the way through 8 and as much as I am enjoying it, I definitely prefer 7. So here’s a quick scribble of Squall being in 7, he’s probably sharing a dorm with Cloud, looks out for him a lot on patrol because Cloud is certainly not used to the city yet(that and he is smol and cute).

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Can we have an hc about Andrew.... And tattoos.... thank u

……Excuse me while I die just imagining that. (this isn’t long at all oops)

  • umm tbh who knows why andrew would want to get a tattoo
  • its probably because of renee
  • or possibly neil, if he decided to get a tattoo before andrew
    • the tattoo was probably a key
    • there might be another one thats a fox paw
    • who knows with neil
    • (hint: he totally has a key and a fox paw)
  • andrew probably only tells renee and neil
  • maybe just renee
  • (revenge for neil not telling him about his tattoos)
  • (jk)
  • anyway
  • andrew gets a knife on his arm first
  • it symbolizes the knives in his armbands and it also covers his scars but keeps a reminder
  • when neil finds out, he probably makes andrew get a key on his wrist too to match
  • well, he asks him to do it and andrew does but “this means nothing junkie”
  • the knife and key are really the only things that stay for a few years
  • but then he thinks “huh. there are some things i might want to remember”
  • when he and neil make the same pro team, he gets a small tattoo of the mascot
  • nowhere noticeable, but noticeable enough for neil to see
  • (neil smiles and doesnt tell andrew that thats kind of cute)
  • he has tattoos of King and Sir Fat Cat on his biceps
  • (if anyone remembers my photographer!neil post, andrew gets a tattoo of a camera somewhere. maybe over his heart idk)
  • (said camera totally does not symbolize neil capturing his heart)
  • (imeanwhat)
  • andrew isnt really a big tattoo person so he only gets tattoos of things that he figures are pretty memorable
  • he probably gets like a rainbow somewhere to symbolize renee and his pride
  • but its a badass rainbow
  • or smth yknow idek dont ask me
  • maybe a flower is what he uses to symbolize renee
  • something cute yet deadly
  • like a black rose
  • or a daphne (which is apparently a pretty pink flower that is entirely poisonous)
  • uhh
  • moving on
  • then one day andrew and neil are doing an interview or something
  • and someone notices something
  • “hey” says this person “whats that on your guys’ hands”
  • “what” andrew says, looking down but not seeing anything
  • “your ring fingers” the person gestures
  • “oh this” neil smiles “its nothing”
  • on their left ring fingers are simple x’s

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but I mean if they had seen real movies, what they’d like


Andrei’s really easy again.  It’s canon that his taste in movies and TV is extremely base ridiculousness.  If it doesn’t have at least one explosion or dismemberment he’d probably walk out.

Artyom is way more cerebral.  xD  What I’d say he’d end up liking is, if Law and Order: SVU was a movie.  … was it a movie?  Am I hallucinating? … I don’t watch movies very often. Whatever.  Before Stabler left though.  FUCK AFTER STABLER LEFT.  My husband recently got a bug up his ass to get all the SVUs and I said stop after Stabler left because the series turned into trash, and he went and got them all anyway.  :|

I digress.  I really meant that sort of thing.  Something that would make him think.  I imagine he likes to feel a resolution afterwards, PREFERABLY a good resolution.  I don’t quite mean a Thriller, I mean more of a Drama.

However comedies are just… no.

He might like Dark Comedy, tbf.  xD

if ominics take over any and all robotics/ electronics, doesn’t that mean any character with a robotic prosthesis is at risk of their limbs coming alive and beating the shit out of them, or at least becoming an incredible inconvenience

like junkrats arm just starts punching him one day or his springy peg leg ends up pogoing him into the ceiling 

k i read something online about that fake brokeback mountain lesbian remake that said something like “oh well it probably wouldn’t have the same effect anyway, guys already like watching girls making out lol”. like no. fuck that. end that narrative right fucking there. it absolutely would be just as powerful to see a mainstream movie about two queer women in love. just because straight guys have some kind of twisted, perverse appreciation for lesbians does not mean that female-directed homophobia is over. quite the fuckin opposite. in the media, in harmful stereotypes, in casual every day conversation it is very clear that that is not the fucking case. f/f relationships need to be normalized in the same way that het relationships have always been and that m/m relationships are becoming. as it stands, they are constantly sexualized and/or played for laughs in pop culture, and for the most part the general public seems to be pretty fuckin unaware that when it comes down to it, just like any other relationship in the goddamn world, they’re just about two people falling in love. cuz somehow they never seem to be portrayed that way. so yeah, to have a movie that focuses on the emotional aspects of an f/f relationship, and that can bring it to life in such a way as to make the straights understand that queer girls are just normal fucking people experiencing normal fucking human emotions, i think that would be pretty fucking important. not to mention how empowering it would be for queer girls to see themselves represented in a positive, non fetishizing way, seeing as that is such a rare fucking occurrence in hollywood. but whatever. we don’t desperately need a movie like this. straight guys like watching lesbians make out so homophobia is over.

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I just read part 4 of sun flower girl and im crying ( not kidding) I know that the whole concept was for her to follow her dream Just as a sunflower follows the sun but i still wanted her to end up with tae and even if this is just a fan fiction it was better than any book I read thanks for writing this i loved it ❤️

Awwh bby, don’t cry! You’ll make me cry! Oh god, the tears are coming out… 
Anyway, I wrote an epilogue before part 4 that I’m gonna release tomorrow morning, so who knows <3 Thank-you for being such a lovely follower, you were a large contributing factor to the finishing story tbh, without you I probably would’ve deleted it <3 So again, thank-you <3 

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Wait, if Ultron was connected to the internet (thus learning everything about mankind blahblahblahb), why couldn't the Avengers just send him a virus? It would systematically take out all the other Ultron-bots since they are all connected. Or he could have gotten it by visiting a porn site. Robot porn.

hello, nonny! that’s a valid and interesting question, and while I’m not an expert on viruses, I know that ultron actually works similarly to one, and he is an expert. 

I imagine he would have taken all kinds of precautions, just like humans do in terms of real life viruses and illnesses. we don’t go around sticking our hands in dog shit and then eat immediately after, so I don’t think ultron would go around sticking his hands in… whatever’s the digital equivalent of dog shit.

I think that in theory, he could have been taken down by a virus if it did something similar to what vision does by the end of the movie, but getting ultron infected is the hard part.  

( @forestromero )

walking home from school was a very odd experience for blaine. he had waved off jett and rai’s invitation to hang around, because quite frankly, he’s busy freaking out over the situation he landed himself into. what kind of dumbass invites a near-stranger to their house for some bonding time? god, he’s half-tempted to just jump in front of a speeding car to free him from his misery. he’s currently pacing back and forth on his living room, teeth nervously chewing his lower lip, as he convinces himself not to back out on this stupid thing. blaine’s already got the show loaded, and he’s just waiting for his guest to show up. 

at this point, having forest cancel on him would probably make blaine weep in joy. no way would this encounter end up fun. he’s expecting awkward silences– lots of them. maybe he could work on something? he’s already seen the show anyway. he’s considering the thought of running to him bedroom to get tools out when the doorbell rings, and blaine visibly jumps at the sudden noise. he pads down the hallway, and opens the door, pasting on what he hopes is a welcoming smile on his face. “uh, hi, come in,” he says, stepping aside and opening the door wider, gesturing forest to come in. “my mom’s not here, so we got the house to ourselves,” as if that was something new. “uhm, does your mom and dad know you’re here?”

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friendly reminder for junko or mondo........

Alternatively, put a “Friendly reminder” in my inbox, and my muse will make a call out post about your muse


Apparently people care about dumb things like ASPECT RATIO and BEING ABLE TO READ TEXT so I made both awful because I thought it’d be pretty despair inducing for the people who care! Aren’t I just the worst? Anyway.

This is a callout post for Enoshima ‘Perfect’ Junko! You might be asking yourself, she’s perfect what would there be to call out? Well… You’d be absolutely right! But wouldn’t it cause me a whole lot of despair if I had to anyway? That’s right!

Keep reading