Infection AU -Bad ending-

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Soooo i decided to make an AU out of this -kinda- but i couldn’t decide in which way i wanted it to go so f**** it let’s just make two different ending for this AU

And of course i’m starting by the “bad” one

Basically after Ladybug was hit by Chat Noir’ cataclysm she didn’t feel anything at first, since she have the ladybug miraculous she is more resistant to it BUT instead of killing her instantly like it would happen with a normal citizen the cataclysm “infection” gros slowly on her body affecting both her physical and mental state. In my idea she become “corrupted” like an akuma can corrupt someone into turning evil but a bit more intense.

I’ll probably draw the corrupted version of Ladybug, but it will more likely look like the design i’ve made in the past for akumatized ladybug.

juno steel really seems like the type of person to claim that he hates pets and that they’re too much work he is a busy lady he doesn’t have time to care for a pet and they don’t like him anyway so why 

but also like if he somehow ended up caring for like, a cat or w/e, he would love it. like not outwardly. but boy would he ever care for that animal and make sure it was safe and fed and probably talk to it like a completely normal voice (cat meows from the other room, and juno yells “WHAT” and when theres no response from the cat he gets up and mutters under his breath about this gd cat all the way to the other room so he can investigate what it found).

anyway with this in mind please imagine a stray cat following him home one day and he doesn’t really mean to end up keeping her but first he puts out water and some food and she comes back again and again. (“im not naming it” he says to rita one day, which is a mistake because she gets to name it then. “thats not what i meant” he says, but its too late rita gets to name the cat) and then it’s cold outside so he has to let her in, he’s not heartless, and suddenly its his cat and she sleeps on the bed next to him. he didn’t mean for this to happen but its too late. the cat loves him. he begrudgingly loves the cat back

Springtrap's Struggle [LOUD]
My voice
Springtrap's Struggle [LOUD]

This is my personal interpretation of what I think ol’ Springy sounds like. I like to imagine he’s in constant pain because let’s face it, he probably deserves it. On a side note, I would not recommend choking yourself while voice acting. It’s rather unpleasant. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy it! Feel free to make a request if you wanna hear more VA stuff from me!

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Love Confession Headcanons

Originally a prompt from @thesherlokidwhovian, who was kind enough to help me out after I buggered up the reply. ;) All of the Cup Noodles for you, hun!

(。’▽’。)♡  Noct Reacting to Prompto  

Noctis would probably react with a little bit of shock and modicum of hesitation, at first anyway.

I mean, even if he’d thought about this exact moment a thousand times before, in a thousand different ways, he would still want to make sure it wasn’t just in his head- some throwaway comment that he’d heard the way he’d wanted to instead of what had been intended.

Love the lighting! Aw, man, I love these kebabs- love this song! Love you, man.

How many times had he caught himself just staring without realizing it at the back of Prompto’s head in class, just watching how his friend would absently chew the end of his pencil as their teacher droned on about the economic climate?

How many times had his heart done that weird flip-floppy thing in his chest when he’d see Prompto meander over to his locker after gym, still sort of insecure about getting changed in front of the other boys?

How about those times their hands accidentally brushed at the arcade, and Noctis could feel himself instinctively curl his fingers before they each pulled away? Or when the two of them were wedged in together, a sloppy, giggling mess in the back seat of the car after a night out partying… hell, even just walking side-by-side through a crowded Lestallum marketplace at twilight when the air was rich with spices and the kind of heat that felt made you wanna-

Yeah, he would have to be sure. Which meant a little bit of wide-eyed, mouth-hanging-open wonder, and a whole lot of breathless pause. Poor Prompto would have to, you know…“Uh…say that again?” before Noct would allow himself to hear it, really hear it. And damn, if he wouldn’t almost miss it for how his heart pounds in his ears.

And then, with it just hanging there between them, enticingly magnetic and terrifyingly unfamiliar by turns, Noct would find himself unable to contain his smile. It would just stretch across his face, taking fine features wholly hostage into the most embarrassing grin until Prompto would start to wonder if he’d really messed up.

Except the most shocking thing about it- the big, toothy grin and the way he’d then quickly cross that crackling- fucking electric- space between them to just grab Prompto, his Prompto, and pull him in close… would be the fact that it felt like some sort of homecoming. Like finding a favourite, forgotten sweater in the back of your closet and finding out it still feels really good on.  

Hell yeah, he loves him too. He could tell him at last, finally trying the actual words on for size. Turns out that too is a perfect fit.

(。’▽’。)♡  Prompto Reacting to Noctis 

Prompto would definitely have to struggle with his own daemons when it comes to this. He would be at once eager- desperate even- to hear this, feel this, for himself, and at the same time… there’s always this nagging feeling like he just doesn’t deserve it. Not him. Especially not from-

But with Noct just…coming right out and saying this, just looking into him with his stupid-pretty eyes and being all… there… with his gods-damned ‘touch me’ bone structure and perfect lips… Prompto would be at a loss to respond with anything more than an awkward giggling sound at first. He’d go against his very nature in avoiding the prince’s gaze save for a few quick peeks beneath sandy, downcast lashes.

He might even try to self-sabotage, achingly laughing as he offers back a “Yeah, me too, man!” and a casual slap to Noctis’ shoulder, because he’s Prompto, and how could he just accept that something he’s wanted so badly, in the depths of his darkest nights alone in his room, his life, is being offered up so easily in Noct’s captivating, velvety timbre?

He’d want to cry. He’d fight so fucking hard not to cry, but tears would be there, ready to roll in warm, fat droplets down his freckled cheeks.

He’d be 12 again, suddenly, working so hard every day just to make himself just a little bit better, at least on the outside, so that maybe- if he was really, really careful- he could be someone worth hanging around. A friend, to a prince who really needed one.

He’d be 15, sitting in Noct’s room on the last day of exams, cross-legged on the floor and strangely at home as Noct curses and sifts through the piles of empty water bottles and dirty socks. There’s this one hoodie he’d left there a couple months back, and they’re pretty sure it made its way into Noct’s closet.

He’d be 19, red-cheeked and sticky-hot as they spill out onto the street, a mess of limbs amidst too many stares, still somewhat bouncing around in their ridiculous lack of rhythm without a care in the world. Except for this one, not-so-little thing.

Just one more selfie together, c’moooon!

He’d be…fuck. We’re talking sappy song-lyrics and cheesy movie-monologues here- for his best friend. But I mean…it’s Noct. It’s them, right?

“No…Prom. I mean it.”

The truth of it hangs heavy in the air, heavy in his chest, and it’s achingly present in those oh-so-blue eyes of Noct’s.

And all of a sudden it’d be all Prompto can do not to send them both tumbling backward as he slings his arms around Noctis- arms that are still lacking in tone, but he can’t even care because they’re actually just right for locking around this one person’s neck. Pulling them both into this amazing closeness he never really allowed himself to crave. 

And his face is wet, and he’s laughing again, but the words are there, ready on the tip of his tongue, even as he’s seeking out Noct’s lips with his own.

Noct…I’ve always loved you. And he always had.

Shawn Jackson and Hasse Bernfield, better known as Whit and Slug.  These two are Nana’s adopted grandsons, and certified little shits– ESPECIALLY Whit.  Both of them have spent most of their lives on the planet too.

Whit came to the planet with their (rich) family to live in one of the colony.  They got their nickname because of the old Whitworth rifle they carried around: it’s a family heirloom and they would always brag that they would inherit it and use it one day.  They’re kind of annoying, 110% sass, and a joker.  It was them who told Nana all that dumb shit that she totally believes.

Slug’s parents died in a mining accident and he became a bit of an outcast in the community.  He wouldn’t let anyone near him and ended up bullying kids out of food and money.  When he tried to steal from Whit, an outcast in their own right, they became fast friends.  He got his name from his weapon of choice: the shotgun.

Also Whit is totally pining for Slug.

Why I believe it’s unlikely that Chuuya has been abused in the past

Now, this theory is from a psychological standpoint. I find it even more unlikely that Asagiri-sensei-or any author, really- would write a story with psychology in mind. However, I’m going to throw this out there anyways. Make of it what you will. Just please, please be respectful.

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Mister, my daddy really wants to have sex but I'm not ready(it would be my first). I'm afraid he'll leave if I don't do it.

If you’re so concerned that he would be such an ass and a selfish waste of space to do such a thing, then you need to drop him now before he loses his patience and just does it anyways. 

a lot of “daddies” like this who would ignore your limits and pressure you, are also going to ignore the word no, along with your safe word. Sex is about the least important aspect of a ddlg relationship… and if its all he cares about and hes hounding you about it, hes probably a fake anyways.

A real daddy is going to respect you, be patient, and not make it an issue. 

Do yourself a favor and get out before you end up broken. Being alone may be scary and it may suck… but its better than never being able to be touched in an affectionate way again without having a breakdown.

you are worth more than.

your submission is a gift… not his right or privilege. 

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out of curiosity, and in no way trying to come off as pushy!, but are there any plans to maybe do another trans!steve? :) I loved that one so much, it meant the world to me to see fanart of a transman being sexual that wasn't like... looking down on him? or trying to be like, "huehuehue so much sin~" kinda thing. like honestly, bucky making love to trans!steve would probably be the end of me, you'd have to burn me with that on my headstone. anyway... thank you so much, and have a good day <3

I would LOVE to do some more trans steve art! Right now funds are kinda tight so I’m trying to finish up some commissions and then a reeeeeally long over do Hanukkah gift (@buckmebxrnes no I haven’t forgotten about you!), but I’d really love to do bucky/trans!steve. 

Next time I’ve got some free time and I’m trying to figure out what to do I’ll def keep it in mind!!

I Would Never Leave You

My AO3 for more works: artobsessed_writes

Keith felt awful. He had woken up with a terrible headache and a sore throat. He probably was getting sick. Dammit. He hated being sick.

Getting out of bed, he felt sluggish as he made his way into the kitchen to make coffee. Turning on the coffee pot he yawned and stretched his arms over his head, hearing his joints pop. He looked at the clock on their oven and read the time. It was 6:30 on the dot. He normally woke up around 5 so the fact that he slept in only added to his conclusion of him being sick. He sighed and opened the cabinet that had all their mugs in it. He pulled his out which was red and had a picture of a grumpy looking cat on it. It was a joke gift from Lance a few months ago, but Keith used it anyway since it was the only one big enough to hold the amount of coffee he need in the morning to function right.

After he had poured himself coffee, he went to the living room and sat on the couch. He was too achy to train like he normally did so he grabbed a book of the coffee table instead and decided to read. The apartment was quiet with Lance still asleep. His weapon never got up before 7 and even then, it was a struggle to get him out of bed. Keith liked the quiet though. It reminded him of how it used to be when he was living on his own. He never minded the solitude and was perfectly content with remaining on his own for the rest of his life. That all changed when he met Lance however and ever since then living with the Cuban boy and being surrounded by constant noise had become the norm for him. It was all Shiro’s idea anyway, making him take on a partner even though he hated working with people.  Keith had to admit, though having someone you can rely on to watch you back was nice. Not that he would ever let Lance know that, of course. It would go straight to his head and inflate his already gigantic ego.

It was around 7:15 when his weapon decided to make his way into the kitchen. Keith looked up and watched as the brunette stumbled into the room and nearly ran into every wall he encountered. Keith liked watching him like this. When he was quiet and still half asleep. It made him kind of cute. He went back to reading his book as Lance came over to sit on the couch with his own cup of coffee. If Keith could even call it that. He was pretty sure Lance put more sugar in it than coffee and just the thought of it made him feel sick. That might have also been because he was definitely sick now.

Lance sat crossed legged on the couch and sipped his coffee while turning on the T.V. He still had his headphones around his neck so he couldn’t hear the T. V.  Keith assumed he just turned it on so he had something to look at rather than the wall.

Keith got up from the couch around 7:30 to get dressed and ready for class. He didn’t want to be late again. Last time he made it to class after the bell his teacher had used him as a model for the experiment they were doing that day. He still shivers at the look in his teacher’s eye when he told the class what they were doing. If it hadn’t been for Lance stepping in and telling the teacher off Keith was almost positive he would have been another corpse on an examination table in his teacher’s lab. That was a terrifying thought.
He went to his room and pulled off his shirt and pants and changed into an outfit that was more suitable for the day. He put on his red jacket, a dark t shirt and jeans. He pulled his gloves on too and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and fix his hair. Lance always made fun of him for wearing them but he liked them so he ignored his weapon like he does with most the stuff that comes out of his mouth. It didn’t take him long to get ready and he even took some cold medicine that was behind their bathroom mirror to help with his sickness. The last thing he needed was him being sick interfering with their work and getting one of them hurt.

Walking out of the bathroom he looked over to see that Lance was still on the couch watching T.V. Keith huffed and went over to him, flicking him on the head

“Ow!” Lance looked up with his clear blue eyes that made Keith’s heart melt. “What was that for?”

Keith didn’t answer him verbally and just signed to him in sign language that they needed to go now if they didn’t want to be late for class. Lance grumbled, but got off the couch anyway. He didn’t want to piss off his teacher’s any more than Keith did and it was another 15 minutes before they were both ready and leaving the apartment. Getting to school wasn’t hard. Keith’s motorcycle was fast and they only were delayed a small bit because Keith had zoned out at a red light and missed when it turned green so they had to wait for it to turned again. Lance had asked him if he was alright and Keith only grunted in response, telling him he was fine and that he didn’t need to worry.

They got to class a few seconds before the bell rang and went to their seats as quickly as they could. Pidge and Hunk were already there and looked at them with a knowing glance as they sat down. It wasn’t the first time they had cut it close with getting to school on time and Keith was no in the mood for lectures. As soon as he sat down, he leaned his seat back and kicked his legs up on the desk. He was tired, which was normal since it was early, but he felt like he had just run a marathon and then decided to swim ten laps. Their teacher walked into the class after the bell like he always does and started the lesson. Keith didn’t really pay attention though and before he knew it he had fallen asleep.

He awoke to shaking. He opened his eyes and was suddenly met with a bright smile and equally bright eyes.

“Dude, Keith. Class has been over for like the last ten minutes. You sure you’re doing alright?” His weapon asked as he went to feel his forehead, but Keith swatted his hand away. He didn’t like when people worried about him over something as stupid as a cold.

“I’m fine Lance. Just had a long night and needed to catch up on some much needed sleep.” It wasn’t a lie. He really had gone to bed late because of an assignment he had to finish before Wednesday. Lance didn’t seem convinced though and just frowned at him. It was unfair how good he looked even when he was frowning. Lance opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Pidge when she came back into the room.
“How long are you two gonna flirt in here? Shiro and I checked the board and we all have a mission today. Get your butts out here and let’s go. I’m sick of waiting.” She grumbled as she turned back around and left the room. Keith stood up before Lance could continue his earlier line of questioning and grabbed his weapon’s wrist, pulling him out of the room. Lance was quiet when they made it to Shiro and Pidge, who were waiting at the front of the school, which meant that he was thinking. Keith really hated it when he started to think because as much as he called the Cuban boy an idiot he was surprisingly intuitive and picked up on most things Keith tried to hide. It was probably because they were weapon and meister. They were more in tune with each other’s mental state that anyone else, but Keith still hated it all the same.

Shiro just looked at Keith as he and Lance got on his motorcycle. He was probably wondering why Lance of all people was silent. Keith just shot him a look that said it wasn’t his fault and Lance was just being weird again. Starting up his motorcycle and kicking the kickstand up he followed Pidge, who was on her hover board and Shiro, who had his own motorcycle.

“So, what is our mission anyway?” Keith asked a few minutes later over the sound of rushing wind in his ears.

“There is a village on the outskirts of town that has been terrorized by a non-human soul. They’ve been asking for help for a while, but I guess no one had time to go check it out. The board said the creature was close to becoming a kishin which is probably why they finally sent us out.” Pidge said as she came over to ride next to Keith so he could hear her.

Well while it didn’t surprise Keith that that was the only reason they were going to help, it didn’t exactly feel good knowing that. The whole reason he was an orphan to begin with was because the school did nothing to help his village when it was attacked by a non-human soul. He had hated the school for years because of that. He still doesn’t like it but he has managed to push most of his hate away since Shiro found him and took him in. The school may have not done anything to assist his village but it became his second home because of Shiro so he has a hard time hating it now.

Keith skid his motorcycle to a halt as they got the village. It was quiet and empty. He kicked the kickstand out and got off the bike. Lance was right at his side without a word. The place may have looked empty but they could feel the soul of a corrupt human lurking somewhere around. All four of them walked into the village. There was no one around, it looked like everyone had left in a hurry. They probably did.

Looking around, Keith tried to hone in on the aura of the non-human’s soul and locate it. A sound of a broken twig behind him made him whip around. Lance was already in weapon form and in his hand. There was nothing there but Keith knew they weren’t alone. He took slow, methodical steps toward the direction he heard the sound in. He could hear Pidge transforming behind him but he didn’t look back.
All of a sudden, he heard a crash and barely avoided the long hand that reached out for him from one of the house next to them. Jumping back, he watched the creature pull his hand back into the hole in made in the side of the building it was in. It then pulled its whole body out into the open. The thing was disgusting. It had four limbs but they were long and bent in awkward angles. Its neck was also long and its head was hanging upside down, swinging around wildly as the creature moved. Its abdomen was swollen and dripping some kind of liquid.

Not staring at it long in hopes it wouldn’t make him throw up, Keith aimed his gun at the creature’s head and fired rapidly. The creature raised its hand and the shots bounced off it. Damn, this is was going to be tough. He kept firing as he watched Shiro run at it with Pidge. Pidge’s weapon form was a small blade that came to a point in the middle and was attached to a hand hold so Shiro could use her like brass knuckles. She was small but she also emitted electricity when she struck. Her Resonance let her blade because huge which meant she could deal more damage. Her and Shiro made a good team since they were already in Resonance and Shiro slashed at the horrifying creature.

Unfortunately, the thing had thick skin. Even with Pidge in her full form she could barely made a scratch on it. The creature tossed Shiro back and he hit the ground hard but was up on his feet in seconds. Well this was going wonderfully, Keith thought as he backed up and jumped up onto a low roof of one of the houses. If he didn’t get a head shot, they would be fighting this thing for hours. Lining the scope on top of Lance up with his target, Keith pulled the trigger.

His shot was off though. Right before he could shoot he suddenly got super dizzy and had to brace himself with one hand on the roof so he didn’t completely fall off it.

“Keith! Hey! Are you alright?!” Lance yelled as Keith shook his head a bit to clear it. He could feel his weapon’s panic through their link.

“I’m fine Lance. Don’t worry about me, just worry about hitting that fucking thing in the head.” It probably wasn’t the best time to get mad, but Keith was irritated. Not at Lance but at himself for being so incompetent. Even if he was sick, he shouldn’t have missed a shot like that.

None of the panic that he felt from Lance went away but he ignored it and lined up his shot again. The damn thing was moving now as he looked through his scope. Shiro and Pidge were still fighting it and it was almost impossible to get a clean shot. Of course, he screws up the one time he gets a break and now he has to wait for an eternity for there to be an another opening.

Finally, after what feels like forever he gets a clean shot. Taking it as soon as he can he pulls the trigger and nails the creature right in the head. It falls on its back and fails for a minute before going completely still and limp. Thank god that was over, Keith didn’t know much longer he would have been able to hold out. As he watched the creature fall, his world began to tilt. Shit. Maybe he was sicker than he thought he was. He expected to hit the roof or worse the ground but instead he felt two arms wrap around him and pull him back before he went toppling over the edge.
“God dammit Keith. If you were sick why did you just tell me? You could have gotten yourself killed!” The sound of Lance’s voice was above him but it sounded like it was coming through water. His head was so fuzzy and it hurt, the headache that he has had all day seemed to be getting worse. He felt himself being lifted but he didn’t protest. He was too tired to fight Lance so he let him carry him back to Shiro and Pidge.

Vaguely Keith realized Lance doesn’t know how to ride his motorcycle which meant that they had to leave it there. Fuck. Pidge let Lance use her hoverboard since he knew how to ride that and she got on the back of Shiro’s motorcycle. Normally Keith hated Lance’s flying, it was so uncoordinated and he always took unnecessary risks, but the way he was flying was soothing. He was just riding the wind, making sure not to jostle Keith too much. Eventually Keith fell asleep.
When he woke up, he didn’t know where he was at first. They had just been fighting a non-human soul, why was he suddenly wrapped up in a thousand blankets in a bed. As he looked around the room he was in. he slowly began to remember what happened. That’s right. He passed out during a mission and Lance had to take him home. Speaking of Lance, his weapon was sitting at the foot of the bed leaning against the end post and was drawing in his sketchpad. Keith knew he worried Lance quite a bit then. The Cuban boy only drew when he was stressed about something or after one of their fights. Sitting up, he caught the brunette’s attention.

“Hey.” Keith’s voice sounded hoarse and his throat burned. He tried to smile but the look on Lance’s face made it falter slightly

“Don’t ‘Hey’ me. What the fuck were you thinking? Do you know how worried I was when I saw you fall? You can’t do that to me Keith, you just can’t!” Lance’s face was red with rage. He had put his sketchbook down and was now crawling toward Keith, jabbing him in the chest with a finger when he got closed to him. Keith didn’t say anything as Lance continued to yell, his voice was stuck in his throat.

“You could’ve died for all I know. Do you know what that means? I would have lot another meister. Another one!” Keith could see tears beginning to form in his weapons bright blue eyes.

“I wouldn’t have died. It’s just a cold.” Keith’s voice was small and quiet. He hated making his weapon worry and even worse he hated making him cry. The Cuban boy has been through enough and Keith didn’t want to add to it.

“Just a cold?! Keith, you nearly fell off a roof!” Lance’s tears were flowing down his cheeks freely now as he grabbed Keith’s shirt and pulled him forward. Keith clenched his eyes shut bracing himself for the hit Lance was sure to give him. That didn’t happen though, what happened was that he felt those same arms as before wrap around him and hold him as if he would disappear any second.

“Please, please, please. Don’t do that ever again, don’t scare me like that ever again. I couldn’t handle it if I lost you. Not just cause you’re my meister but also because you’re the most important person to me ever right now.” Lance’s voice was muffled since his face was smushed into Keith’s chest. Keith couldn’t help it, he smiled softly as he looked down at his weapon. He knew he had scared the brunette badly today but he also knew that Lance cared about him a lot. Sighing, he brought his hand up and ran it through his weapon’s hair, calming him down.

Next time he’ll make sure he takes better care of himself when he is sick. For Lance’s sake.

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Modern AU where Killua sneaks out at night to sleep next to Gon because he ends up sleeping better when he's near, and Illumi usually catches him in the act with dragging his pillow and blanket out the door

I just…….the headcanon of Gon and Killua sleeping next to each other gives me life, okay? I love it so so soooo much

So yes I can definitely see Killua sneaking out at night to sleep over Gon’s house instead his family’s horrible, icy cold mansion! I think I actually read a fic about that a long time ago? I can’t remember the title though unfortunately

I can’t see Killua sneaking out a lot though bc if Illumi caught him there would definitely be consequences, and not the good kind. Killua would probably get smarter over the years and end up leaving a blanket and pillow at Gon’s house so he doesn’t have to bring them with him every time ^^ it makes the sneaking out part easier 

Gon would probably want to share a blanket with Killua anyway haha. They’re best friends so why shouldn’t they share a blanket? XD

(ps I am so so so so so so so sorry for not responding to this until now ^^; I feel so bad ahhhhh)

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Hello I was wondering could you do a Guardienne X Nevra 7 minutes in heaven please? Thanks :)

You didn’t say whether you wanted a scenario or headcanons so I did headcanons because they’re faster. I hope that’s alright!

Also, warning: It’s kinda NSFWish near the end. Not very much, but I thought I ‘d warn you all the same.

Anyway, here’s the headcanons!


  • Nevra hadn’t wanted to go to Alajéa’s impromptu party, but knowing that Karenn would probably spike the punch he forced himself off his ass and went, dragging Ezarel and Valkyon with him.
  • It was half-way through the party when Karenn suggested they play Seven minutes in Heaven.
  • At first, he isn’t too interested then he sees you decided to play and is first in line to put an item in the hat.
  • Nevra is pretty pleased you picked his item out of the hat and makes no effort to hide it.
  • He’s quick to offer you his arm and walks you to the closet like a gentleman.
  • Unsurprisingly, he’s really looking forward to kissing you senseless and is already hitting on you.
  • If you don’t want to play with him, he’s a little disappointed but is willing to talk to you for the rest of the game instead.
  • If you do want to play though…
  • Hoo, boy.
  • He’s been waiting for a chance like this for a loong time, and now he’s got it he’s not gonna let it go.
  • And he makes full use of his seven minutes, leaving angry red marks across your skin, kissing you so hard your lips are swollen and bruised.
  • He enjoys himself a lot. but he never goes past, or suggests going past, 2nd base, leaving it up to you whether you want to continue this elsewhere.
  • When you both come out of the closet,  everyone, bar Ezarel(who’s gagging) and Leiftan(who’s seething), is red faced and embarrassed.
  • The game progresses after an awkward silence, and Nevra spends the rest of the party in a content daze.
Girl crushes

I have a lot of girl crushes.

Someone just posted something to the effect of a girl crush and it got me thinking. I don’t know that I could ever “date” a girl though. I think it would just be a weird friendship that involved sex or something. Oh well, it doesn’t matter much anyway since I’m not making any changes. My life is my life, my love is my love, my fucked up brain is my fucked up brain and I’ll just ride that shit out till the bitter end.

I can’t find my digital copy of my book so I think I am just going to retype it. It’s been a year or two since I’ve written a page and there are a shit ton of edits so it’s probably the best way. I need to finish. I need to restart.

Tim and Damian Dating Twins Headcanons

A/N: The boys are older in this, probably young adults. I’m assuming they’re identical twins so here goes.

Tim and Damian dating twins would include:

> They tried double dating this one time, both couples vowed never again. It was the twins idea and the batboys had reluctantly agreed to it. The twins ended up dragging their respective partner off in opposite directions with low-key insults being thrown whenever the boys were left unattended.
Never again.

> Damian knows the difference, Damian just knows. Even from a mile away he can tell which one is his s/o, it baffles everyone in the family. It’s been this way from the very beginning.

> Tim also knows to the extent of Damian now. It took him a while to figure it out and still when he’s sleep deprived he gets confused.

> At 3am, Tim lazily makes his way into the room, takes the first twin he sees into a hug leaving them confused but they comply anyway.
“Leave my beloved alone Drake.” Damian is clearly unimpressed whilst Tims s/o walks in quite bemused with the situation. Tim then realised his mistake and sheepishly lets go of the other twin to complain into his s/o’s shoulder.

> Dick try’s to tell the difference between them but still mixes up the names occasionally, Jason on the other hand has completely given up.

> Jason resorted to post it notes on each of them labelled ‘Twin 1’ and 'Twin 2’. Stephanie is silently thanking him in the background whilst Damian was less than pleased and almost killed his brother for it. Tim on the other hand grabbed the pen and wrote “the best twin” on his s/o.
Again, Damian = unimpressed and muttered a string of curse words under his breath.

> At the start of the blossoming friendship, the twins indirectly terrorised Batman. The first time they both came to the Manor, Bruce walked past the study where Damian and his s/o were only to bump into Damian’s s/o down the hallway??? He went back to the study, Damian’s s/o is still in there but also walking up the stairs. Alfred took note of Bruce’s confused expression.
“Clearly your nightly activities are interfering with your senses Master Bruce.”
“No, thats not it - you can see it right? Two of them…”
“Sir… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“What? But Alfred -”
“Ahem. They’re twins sir, it seems Masters Tim and Damian have taken a liking to them.”
“Right. That’s wonderful news.” Sarcasm.

> The twins probably attempted to switch places at least once and it had predictable outcomes.
“What are you doing here (twin 2 name)”
“Aw, Damian you’re no fun! You could’ve at least pretended for a bit.”
“What’d be the fun in that?”
Meanwhile with Tim, he’s going on about this random complicated theory and stops to hear his s/o’s point of view only to be met with severe confusion and no snarky remark.
“You’re not my twin are you?”
“I can happily say that I’m not.”
“This is why I like your twin better!”

> If either of the boys need to get something for their respective s/o then they ask their twin for advice since they know them best.

> The twins having secret competitions concerning their batboys, like who gets home from patrol first for example.
Text: Hah! I win, Damian just slipped through the window. ;)
Text: Yeah well… idek where Tim is tbh.
Text: Tim probably got more work done anyway.

> The boys get on with each twin but are liable to favouritism when it comes to their partner. As a result they take their side on most things which gets them all into trouble.

> Tim and Damian may not be so fond of each other on the outside, but they’d do anything to save their brother’s s/o because they know how much they mean to them.

Being in a relationship with Namjoon would include...

  • He’s only going to make your relationship official if you want him to.
  • Pillow talk almost every night, and it can be about literally anything.
  • if you’re someone who reads a lot, he’ll love to share book recommendations with you. If you’re not, he’ll try to make you read a few books he really loves anyways.
  • You’re gonna do the cooking, but he’d love to help out with whatever he can.
  • He’s going to spoil you so much.
  • Like, new clothes on the regular, quite expensive gifts for your birthday etc, and if you happen to tell him you want something, you’ll probably have it by the end of the week.
  • And he loves taking you out on fancy dates.
  • He’ll love when your outfits match. 
  • If your relationship is official, he will probably post KimDailys every now and then where he features you.
  • He’ll be quite big on nicknames tbh.
  • He won’t be as verbally affectionate as Hobi, but not as quiet about how much he loves you as Yoongi.
  • He’ll forget things quite a lot, but always manage to remember important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • If he wants to complain about the members or his schedule, you’re the first person he comes to.
  • Whenever you’re able to, he’ll want to bring you along on his schedules.
  • And you’ll be very close with the other members.
  • He doesn’t get jealous a lot, but he is protective.
  • Like, he doesn’t mind you talking to other men, as long as they keep a respectful distance. But if someone stares at you in the wrong way, he will put an arm around you or something.
  • He prefers calm discussion to solve problems rather than fighting.
  • If you do fight, he’ll be very calm and non-scary.
  • You’re always one of the first people to listen to his new music, because he’ll trust your judgement.

anonymous asked:

Okay xeno expert i gotta know. Is there anyway for Aizen to turn a visor into an arrancar? And is it possible to make an arrancar out of a single soul? 👻👻thanks in advance

(〃▽〃) “Xeno expert”

-Since the very definition of an Arrancar is a Hollow that’s been given Shinigami powers, a Visord is basically the exact opposite. They’re a different, yet similar creature to begin with, the parallel of an Arrancar, not something that could lead up to it. I’m sure Aizen could do something to them, but it wouldn’t end in an Arrancar, just something else altogether.

-I would assume it’s possible to make an Arrancar out of the weakest of Hollows, but if Gillians are too weak to come out looking entirely human, a single-soul Hollow would be an absolute disaster. A creature that weak isn’t meant to survive the transformation, and if one did manage to make it, it probably wouldn’t even be recognizable as an Arrancar. 

Morning Adventures (Rafe Adler)

This one was probably one of my personally favorites. It was a request and once I answered it, I got right to work on it. As I was nearing the end I was trying my best to keep it in a general audience range if you know what I mean… I can’t write smut to save my life and second, I get uncomfortable writing that because I would be considered too young for that stuff. Anyways I finished this request in one day, which I kind of regret, because I basically avoided my homework like it was the black plague from the 13th century… Sorry black plague is part of my AP World History work:) I hope you guys like this one, tell me what you think about it and feel free to read my other works and message me your ideas!:)

Request: Can you do a Rafexreader one? Where they like wake up in the morning and Rafe is all cuddly and stuff and they kiss and make out and then finally it leads to something else after all the teasing ;) thank you xx

Character: Rafe Adler

Word Count: 1442


The sun peaked through the beige curtains, trying to inform me that it was time to get up, but I just didn’t want to. I turned away from the window and pulled the covers over my head, trying to hide from the sun. I kept my eyes closed as I pulled the blanket tighter against my body, trying to trap in whatever heat was under the blanket. I was too tired to be getting up at all this morning; me and Rafe were out late last night, first going to a charity event and then to eat. We were really busy and by the time we got home, I was so tired I didn’t even finish making it up the stairs; I fell asleep on the eighteenth step in my even dress. Rafe had to carry me up the rest of the way and he basically had to undress me, because I couldn’t do it myself.

He was laying next to me, and when I thought he was sleeping soundly, he manages to prove me wrong. I felt his arms pull me close to him; my face was now buried in his chest as he rested his chin on the crown of my head. His right arm wrapped around my waist as I felt his body heat radiate off of him like a furnace. His heartbeat was comforting to hear; it was slowly lulling me back to sleep right when he spoke up.

“Good morning, my love.” His voice was groggy and rough, it sounded like heaven. He rubbed up and down my back through the covers as I just wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled myself closer towards him. I groaned in response, which made him lightly laugh. His laugh vibrated throughout his chest and I could feel it. “I guess you’re still tired?”

“Mmhmm.” I pulled the cover down from my face and still faintly smell the cologne he was wearing last night. I cracked open my eyes just a bit and pulled away to look at his face. His faded sea green eyes that had flecks of sienna were open and staring down at me while a small smile graced his lips. “What time is it?” I asked him as he turned arm to look at his alarm clock and then back at me.

“It’s only six forty-eight.” He said in a calm manner, “We have to get up soon, you know that? We have that other charity event we have to make an appearance at. You told my friend Emily we would be there and if we don’t show, we might piss off a couple of people.” He reminded me as groaned and rolled flat on my back staring up at the ceiling, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“It’s too early to get up, besides my feet hurt from those heels I wore yesterday.” I let out a yawn before continuing, “I know I told Emily we would be there, but my brain wasn’t thinking about how early it was.”


“Oh hush. Well, it starts at ten and I know we have to get ready and all that stuff beforehand, but I’m not getting up until eight forty-five, nine-ish. We told her we would be there, we didn’t did say we would be on time.” I turned to him and flashed him a small smile.

“You have a point, but wouldn’t you like to eat a nice breakfast before doing all that?” He said as he leaned his head on the palm of his hand while his elbow dug into the mattress.

“Yeah, but I’m too lazy to get up.” I pouted at him as he chuckled and leaned over to plant a gentle kiss on my lips. He pulled away and looked at me with mirth.

“I’m gonna get up, and so are you. I refuse to let you just lay in bed and waste away like a bed potato.” I laughed at the end of his sentence.

“A bed potato? What is that?”

“You know, similar to a couch potato, but instead of a couch, it’s a bed… I don’t know, I just made it up, now kiss me.” He said as I motioned him to lean over again. I cupped the side of his face as he kissed me; he took his free hand and did the same, pulling me closer to him to deepen the kiss. As things progressed, he climbed on top of me and straddled my hips and then it hit me to what he was trying to do.

“You think you’re clever, don’t you? I know what you’re exactly trying to do, and I’m gonna tell you that I’m not in the mood.” I couldn’t keep the smile on my face at bay as I stared up at Rafe, trying to look serious and intimidating.

“I’m not doing anything… I just want to get you out of bed.” He shrugged his shoulders as he leaned down kissed me once more. His kiss was sweet, but short. He made a trail of kisses down my jaw and down my neck and my breath hitched in my throat. I tilted my head away from his to give him better access, even though I wanted to stop him.

“Rafe..:” I said as my voiced shaked a bit as he sucked on my sweet spot. He smiled against my skin once he heard how my voice shook. He stopped for a bit and then continued his journey downward. He pulled back the covers to reveal my black undergarments that I wore last night. He looked up at me as he kissed down the center of my chest right between my breasts.

“Are you still gonna stay in bed?” He asked curiously as I tried to bring his lips up to mine, but he refused. “Alright, you asked for this.” He continued, but before he could get any farther, I had enough and quickly shoved him off of me and climbed on top him. I pressed my hands to his chest as he smirked up at me.

“Woah, I didn’t think you had that type of strength in you.” He smiled at me as I rolled my eyes. His hands rested on my behind as he squeezed it a bit. “Well, since you wanna stay in bed, I thought I would just give up. You win. I’ll stay in bed with you but I thought we could do some other things rather than sleep.” His voice was low, but his classic smile graced his lips.

“What did you have in mind?”

“It’s best if I just show you.” He trailed his hand up my spine to my neck and pulled me down to kiss him. In a matter of seconds we were making out and things were progressing fast. His hands were running up and down my back and gripping my butt every once in awhile while my hands tangled in his usually combed back hair. He brought one of his hands up to my bra and unclasped it. That’s when things really got out of hand. 

“Well, that was something…” I said as I held the bed sheet up to my chest the navy blue sheets covering the majority of my body except for my legs. Rafe laid next to me, his naked torso exposed to the cool air in the room. He was a bit out of breath, but the smile on his face told me that he enjoyed it.

“Yeah that was… that thing that you did with your legs…” He didn’t even finish his sentence as he turned to look at me. We made eye contact for a moment and we both started to laugh. “I mean, how come you never told me you were that flexible?”

“I guess you can thank the twelve years of gymnastics and ballet for that.” I rolled over on my stomach and looked at him before my eyes drifted to his clock.

“Oh shit. We completely forgot about the event. It’s almost over and there would be no point in going now.” I said as I rested my head in my hands.

“Don’t worry about it, they probably would’ve talked bad about even if we were there. Besides, it was definitely worth it.” He said in a satisfied tone as he pointed between us. I smiled at him and sat up. I still held the bedsheet to my chest but readjusted it when I climbed back on to of Rafe to straddle him. His hands automatically went to my hips as he smiled at me.

“What do you say? Round two?”

“You bet.”

I tried to scan this using my dead scanner and this ended up the result. :/ I gotta get a new one soon. Anyway, a sketch I did to try and figure out how anthro!Discord would look like. I’m liking this so far, but I’ll probably edit the design and make his body just a tad bit longer and shrink his head a bit. o:

As for what he’s wearing, this is probably gonna be his costume for the Goddess!AU. I all I need are the colors. o:

BTS REACTION: Their girlfriend is pregnant

REQUEST: BTS reacts to girlfriend being pregnant? Lol anyways, I love your blog, you always do people’s requests and I appreciate your dedication to your blog :)

- Admin Kay

He would be very happy. Eomma Jin would know how to handle his career and child and he has no doubt that the rest of the boys would help out as well. Jin would find it amazing that his girlfriend’s pregnant and would be very excited to tell everyone. She can count on him researching what’s good for the baby and he’ll make sure that she does exactly that.

Originally posted by jinful

He’s somebody who’s passionate about his career, and would always put it first, So if she got pregnant whilst he was still building on his career, he’d be slightly… put off? I guess. He’d be mad at himself that he didn’t use adequate protection and would most probably end up stressing himself out because he also seems like the only thing he’d put first over his career is his child. 

Originally posted by sugagifs

I think he’d be slightly sad because I feel like he’d want to be married to her before having a baby. However, he’d get over it quickly and would end up proposing to her. He’d probably also make her go on bed rest and would spoil her, no doubt.

Originally posted by jjks

Honestly, this guy would probably try to hear the baby or feel the baby kick as soon as she tells him, before he realises that can’t happen. I also think that he’d literally hug her very very tightly and for the first 3 months, he’d be very protective over and around her.

Originally posted by asdfghobi

He’d be very happy and would most definitely call up Tae to tell him the news, no lie. Since they’re so close he’d want him to know first. Also, he’d love to backhug his girlfriend and rest his hands on her stomach. Honestly he’d be such a lil’ cutie u don’t even know

Originally posted by minpuffs

Taetae would probably be the happiest out of all the boys. He’d practically put his girlfriend onto bed rest. He’d definitely take over chores and would even try to cook meals for her, but would end up asking Jin to help him cook healthy meals. Tae would also be super careful around her and would probably not even let the boys around her.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Since he’s the youngest, he’s most likely to be highly shocked. Honestly he could probably even faint that’s how shocked he’d be. He’d also tell the boys straight away and once he gets their support, he’d be completely fine and would probably end up being super protective of her.

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ari0aki  asked:

Hmm curious... given the sleepover theme and all the interesting questions you're being asked. What would a sleepover with the haikyuu 3rd gymnasium group look like? What do they do/talk about?

OMG THIS IS SUCH A CUTE ASK!!! By 3rd gym you mean Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo, and Tsukki right? Hope I’m not missing anyone I haven’t read that arc in soooo long since like spring semester 2014 >o<


  • instead of all neat and stuff, the futons are arranged like a camp fire circle with Tsukki off to the side a little more until Bokuto and Kuroo actually drag him into the circle
  • Tsukki can’t be bothered to move back out it’d probably just cause more trouble for him anyway so he just makes like he’s gonna sleep while the others settle in for some ~JUICY GOSSIP~
  • Bokuto is heat-seeker so he ends up moving around and ending up in other people’s futons. Lev and Hinata would end up cuddling against him as big spoon and little spoon, respectively. Kuroo and Akaashi just let it happen - Kuroo cuddles back and Akaashi just turns onto his side and away. Tsukki wakes up angry and disoriented and shoves Bokuto off but his blanket goes with him!! and the commotion wakes everyone up
  • sleepwear headcanon! Kuroo is in muscle shirt and his boxers. Bokuto is also in muscle and wearing a faded pair of gym shorts. eventually tho he and Kuroo end up both taking off their shirts to compare muscles and never put them back on because too hot
  • Akaashi is wearing a t-shirt that’s had it’s sleeves cut off (so make-shift muscle shirt LMAO) and his old P.E. shorts idk what’s up w Fukurodani boys and reusing workout clothes but it’s cute. Tsukki is in a cheesy t-shirt (something like Yamaguchi’s “TACOS” shirt but more Tsukki-like lmao) and he’s in his boxer shorts that are mid-thigh ONLY after incessant/annoying coaxing from the others like “it’s so hot I get sweaty just looking at you pls I feel like I’m gonna die from your discomfort”
  • Lev is wearing something similar to Tsukki but it looks kind of obscene just because he’s so tall and has sO MUCH LEG
  • Hinata is in his middle school gym shorts and a t-shirt that looks like he bought it from a kids’ store like that his sister would shop at (she picked it out tbh) if not for the fact that it fits him a little loosely
  • they’d start off talking about “typical het boy stuff” like “r u boobs or butts kind of guy?” Kuroo, Bokuto, and Lev are more open and detailed. Akaashi is quiet but still goes along with conversation. Hinata wants to join but he’s been so one track-minded about volleyball for so long he doesn’t really know the answers himself!
  • Tsukki really doesn’t wanna join lmao but when a question is left hanging in the air for a while and it seems like everyone’s settled down, Tsukki offers up an answer in the dark of the room and that would kickstart the conversation all over again bECAUSE FINALLY!!!!!! THIS DISTANT BOY IS ACTING LIKE ONE OF US!!!!!
  • then the conversations would shift to more emotional and private stuff they really develop some strong bonds and Tsukki realizes that this is what makes these teams so strong??? because they’re so trusting and open and unafraid of becoming vulnerable with their teammates. and although he isn’t about to have emotional sleepover with Karasuno just yet, he catalogues it in his mind for future reference