((the concert was fucking awesome and a million times better than I thought it would be, usually the intonation is awful cause most of us are mediocre musici–anyway

Even though I’m not completely ready (I’m gonna make an icon tomorrow??) you can send space au shit my way; I don’t know if you’ll be able to get an interaction though cause Nine…rarely goes outside………..(anons are free to ask stuff about him but he will refuse to say anything about his past)….

Other than getting orders from the leader, I’ll probably compile info from other people’s interactions into “reports”. Those will probably take up a majority of my contribution to the event. If you want to set up an interaction with a specific end goal in mind, message me so I can figure out a reason why Nine would leave his room and other details.

oh and for the last three fusion asks that I have, I’ll probably just send them privately when I get to them cause I don’t want to interrupt the event-))

(under the cut are the flowers I got after the concert, they’re uh…..well, in short I laughed at them.)

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Life Goes On || Massie (AU)

It was probably a cliche to say that by her late twenties, Cassie’s life wasn’t what she thought it would be. After having dropped out of college when she fell pregnant, she took up a job as a waitress to make ends meet. When her boyfriend found out about the baby, she bailed. And that stung. But when she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, she knew they would be alright without him. Her life was now an endless cycle of childcare and work but as long as her daughter was happy, that was it. She didn’t need men, they only let you down anyway.

Haikyuu!! Week Day 4 - Position

Sugasuga’s Daycare For Young Setters (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

If I were to play volleyball I would probably end up as a setter. Or as a middle blocker (because I’m tall).

I wanted to draw Suga with little Kenma and then this happened. But I hope you like it anyway?

Imagine Tony starting to think he might have a chance with Steve because whenever Tony makes an invitation or puts out some feelers, Steve is always blushing or smiling or saying nice things about him. But every time Steve does, Bucky rolls his eyes or makes gagging sounds or pretend to be hanging himself just out of Steve’s field of vision.

And, well, Tony knows how close they are, he knows how much Bucky’s opinion matters, so he backs off a little because if Bucky doesn’t like him, then there’s no way Steve would ever actually agree to a relationship. And even if he did, eventually he’d realize that his best friend hated Tony and would drop him like a rock. Or worse: they’d fight and Tony would have to be responsible for that and would still get dumped when Steve ended up hating him. 

So he just backs off, stops putting out the tentative invitations, stops responding to Steve’s - well, is it even really flirting? He was probably reading Steve wrong anyway.

But Steve doesn’t stop, he just seems to get more forward about the whole thing which… isn’t what Tony thought would happen? And Bucky isn’t making gagging sounds anymore, he’s frowning at Tony over Steve’s shoulder and eventually even that changes to… wincing? Is he wincing? And Tony doesn’t know what else to do so he just starts avoiding Steve entirely.

And eventually he’d talk to Rhodey who might be like “I don’t think that means he hates you, Tones…” or maybe Rhodey arranges for Bucky to corner him or something. But he’s like “Look, I know you didn’t want me and him getting close and I thought I should back off.”

And Bucky is like “We’ve been friends since we were six, look, sometimes we act like we’re still six around each other. I’m picking on Steve, not you. I barely know you, that would be rude.”

And Tony just sits down because he has no idea what the hell has been going on then. He and Rhodey met in college when sex and dating was normal and before that he was constantly surrounded by older kids who were into sex and dating. The whole “girls/boys have cooties” stage is something he skipped entirely, he has no frame of reference for that sort of teasing.

(Bucky’s like, god you poor bastard and Rhodey’s like I KNOW, I think it’s why he has such shitty interpersonal skills)

Anyway, I didn’t think this through except that Tony eventually asks Steve out and Steve is really pleased and Bucky and Rhodey both make gagging noises in the background while Natasha beats them with a couch cushion.


Teen Wolf AU - Scott isn’t bitten by Peter on the night he and Stiles go into the woods.

Stiles, of course, sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong and ends up seeing something he probably shouldn’t have. Derek just wants to make sure that Stiles isn’t going to tell anyone about werewolves (and possibly lead the Argents right to Derek’s door step) and will stay of it, but Stiles just can’t leave it alone and gets caught up in all the supernatural drama anyways.

Cuffed Glove Tutorial

I’m working on a costume for Katsucon, Elf from Dragon’s Crown, which required gloves with cuffs.

Now, despite being a newbie, I’ve made gloves before. That part of the project didn’t scare me. But the cuffs did. The pleather I’m using for the gloves is fabric-backed, but the cuffs in the reference are also supposed to look like leather. Not only that, but just folding up the ends to make a cuff would show the side seams and generally look nasty. So what to do? I messed around with my pattern and figured out something that worked.

This is probably a common method, but I figured I’d share anyway. I didn’t take many pictures when I was making my actual pair, so to demonstrate the cuff method I’m just using a failed glove where I messed up the seam allowance. That’s also why I’m not wearing the glove I demonstrate this method on: my fingers literally do not fit.

So I started with the method depicted here in crashcult’s glove tutorial. Bear in mind that I used stretchy material for this method (and that is what the tutorial talks about), but as long as you have a glove pattern that fits you the method should still work with a non-stretch material. So after some tweaking I ended up with this pattern:

My pleather is only two-way stretch, so the stretch goes sideways across the hand. I cut out two pieces per hand and then sewed the gloves right sides together. When I put them on, I did a quick test and folded the cuff up.

This step lets you check that you’re happy with the overall size and shape of the cuff, since it’ll retain this shape once you’re done. It also shows you why just flipping up the cuff wouldn’t have worked for this costume piece, since you can see the fabric backing doesn’t match the pleather front, and the stitching is visible.

If you’re drafting your own pattern, remember that using a rectangle for your wrist pattern will get you a much tighter and fitted cuff, while more of a trapezoid will get you a slight flare around your hand. I opted for the trapezoid, though it’s not a super intense one.

Once you’re happy with your cuff when you’re just folding the fabric up, take JUST THE WRIST piece of your glove pattern and cut out two pieces again, with the stretch going sideways same as before. This is the piece that will actually be visible as your cuff. Sew with the same seam allowance you used for your actual glove, right sides together. Since I wanted the pleather, not the fabric, visible on my cuff, I sewed with the pleather together.

Take your sewn cuff piece and match its opening to the opening of your actual glove, right sides together. Sew around that opening.

Then flip the cuff back so it’s inside the glove.

So this is the current state of the opening. In order to prevent it from looking all bubbly like it does, you want to topstitch around the opening.

Before topstitching:

And after:

NOW fold the cuff up. You want to make sure that you’re folding the cuff and the actual glove pieces up in relative synchrony, otherwise the glove won’t get caught in the topstitching you’re about to do and it might still shift about.

Get the cuff so you’re happy with the length and shape, and then topstitch around the new wrist opening.

There will probably still be some excess fabric inside the glove past the topstitching around the wrist, like this:

Just cut that excess off, and voila! You’re all done!

Obviously you would normally do your topstitching in matching thread, but I was trying to help with visibility. Elf’s gloves specifically also have silver trim, so I just filled in the topstitching on the top and bottom of my cuffs with silver acrylic paint mixed with textile medium.

And these are my actual, wearable Elf gloves that can fit on my fingers and everything!

I hope this helped!

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Sorry if this seems silly, but your style is a big inspiration to me, and i've started first year in animation. I was wondering would you have any tips for it? :) we're being taught a good bit, but it's a bit overwhelming trying to figure out a way to make anatomy and perspective work. If you don't have tips thanks anyway, and again, love your work!

Ahhh thank you so much your words mean a ton seriously thank you.


First of all. Welcome to animation. You’re gonna lose your mind. Because animation tends to do that. You’ve probably already figured that out. Most people dont end up level headed after working 40+ hours on something that stays on screen for 1-5 seconds. It’s alright. No biggie. OKAY SO

I’m not the best at teaching things. But I know resources that are.

The pdf’s are actually pretty widely available. do a little gaggling you’ll find em trust me. AND READ THEM. i personally enjoyed all of em.


  • 11 Second club: list of animation exercises <—- YOU SEE THIS?
    YOU SEE THAT LIST OF THINGS TO ANIMATE? DO ALL OF THOSE THINGS. ALL OF THEM. dont just read it and scroll thru it and go “kay”, bookmark it, and move on. NO. Every week. Animate one of those things. Get feedback on each of those things. Feedback from your teachers, from your friends, from your peers, from your dog, from a rubber duck. Then make changes. THEN CONTINUE TO ANIMATE ALL THOSE THINGS.

  • PINTEREST BOARD STRAIGHT FROM THE ART GODS THEMSELVES: Character Design Reference <—-goodness where do i start with this. Everything is here. Character sheets. Color keys, Stylization, illustration, reference for animation, anatomy, the kitchen sink, VIS DEV OF THE KITCHEN SINK. This is how I check to see how far I am from being industry ready. This is how I keep myself motivated. This is how I surround my self with art that is much better than what I produce so that I keep improving. Do studies of the things here. Pick a character sheet, do a study of it, and throw that study away and burn it. Then do another. No drawing is precious. Frames, drawings, sketches, all temporary. With good reason.
  • AUTODESK MAYA, 3DS MAX AND MORE: free for students.
    You see that? Free. Like. FREE FREE. As in, this is how you get maya as a student. This is how you have access to a two thousand dollar program and learn how to use it. If you havent yet, get it. Maya animates cg stuff. Get to it kiddo.


  • General tips:
  • Arcs. Many times the reason your animation isnt working is because your arcs are broken. Find them. Fix them. ARC THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR ANIMATION.
  • Nothing is precious. Animation is essentially a slaughter fest of drawings/frames that dont work. Kill all of them. Distance yourself from your drawings like a warlord hellbent on taking over the goddamn universe and embrace it. If you like a frame that much you can turn it into an illustration later. You’ll be better off for it.
  • Learn 2 storyboard. You’d be surprised how well learning how to frame a shot helps with your animation. Heck, sometimes when I storyboard I animate out my key drawings on accident but IT WORKS AND ITS GREAT. Good framing can help a shot loadsss.
  • Dont be afraid of 3D tools to help. Maya, google sketchup, heck even blender, if you cant figure out how to move something thru space chuck a sizable equivalent model into 3d and move it in space and use it to help. It’s not cheating it’s being practical.
  • DO GESTURE AND FIGURE DRAWING EARLY, OFTEN, AND WILLINGLY. Build up a library of poses and work out all the kinks of anatomy while sketching so when it comes to actually animating youve already worked out all the details. And kick fore-shortening’s butt into the next dimension.
  • Finally, for goodness sake enjoy yourself. Not many people can create life and summon a living, breathing character without giving birth first so freaking enjoy it and GET STUFF MOVING YA CHUMP I BELIEVE IN YA
into the edges around you

(this ended up being a little longer than i thought it would but anyway i hope you like it!!! title taken from fineshrine by purity ring)

“are you sure?” luke asked for the umpteenth time from his position on top of you, arms bracketing your head, one leg situation between your knees. he frowned and kissed the corner of your mouth while running his fingers through your hair, combing it back softly the way he often did when he was being thoughtful with you.

a tiny groan escaped your lips as you pinched his side. “yes, i’m sure. i would have said something if i wasn’t.”

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Regarding the gay rumor (‘-’ )

Okay,  I’ve been talking to a friend and like me, she’s also, you know… delulu.  

The saying about ‘birds of a feather flock together’ is true. 

We talked about things and in the end we decided to post her analysis. Tbh I was actually quite reluctant about posting some parts of this bc I feel this thing is gonna make us sound even… crazier, but she said “so what? people already think we are crazy anyway”.

I warn you guys this girl is highly unfiltered so some of her words probably offending and rude, they are actually (and hella funny imo but that’s just personal taste of humour), therefore I want to apologize first on the behalf of this post (nah not really). 

Again I remind you this is just a BULLSHIT DELULU THEORY, in a politer word, an opinion, so ofc it would sound very biased, please don’t take it to the heart. Believe what you want to believe.

Let’s begin.

“I said Kaistal is rushed is because of the timing [a Pann post did say that this pairing was supposed to be outed during June – July]. So by now you already know how SM has all these dating stun bullshit, right? And how they control every fucking thing. 

Okay, so kai is actually paired with two ppl originally, krystal and yoona (back in 2012), but when RV debuted, they decided to add seulgi to the list too. Kai’s pairing is actually decided to be much much much later, who the fuck knows when, all I know is it’s not supposed to be now.

Back to the plot. So if you observe every fucking thing like I am, you would notice that SM was still experimenting with Kai’s pairing, in short they didn’t fucking know who the fuck was his final pairing yet so they were still baiting the public with each to see which get more response.

If you remember that chinese translation post, it says that kai is the kind that don’t like doing all this pairing bullshit, right? 

So that’s why even though kaistal is planned since forever [in 2012 – like that insider 2012 post has stated], their moment back in 2012-2014 are all brief and it’s not even actually a moment, just a moment of delulu ahaks.. ha.

Anyway, SM has told Kai that he will be paired with yoona or krystal since 2012, but since kai is such a freaking rebel, he don’t obey it, or at least not 100%, that’s why all those kaistal or seulkai moment are all half assed and not even deserving to call a moment lol, but whatever, i’m not here to bullshit on ppl’s ship (i am). SO to rank the kai’s ship that SM plan, 1- kaistal 2- yoonaxkai 3- seulkai (priorities here).

Let’s start with Yoonaxkai pairing shall we? 

So they start from that W live magazine photoshoot with seohyun back in 2012, where kai brought his puppy, i’m sure you guys know what i’m talking about. and you guys know how he was like, “ohh noona so pretty my dog is shy”. BUT it stopped there, why?

Because yoona dated seunggi that’s why. so the ship was discontinued

but oh?

Suddenly in Jan 2015 they decided that hey, maybe we can bring back the yoona x kai pairing, because why? Cause we’re SM and we don’t know his fucking final pairing, so there came the random ass Elle photoshoot where he was asked about the bulshit Q like what do you think of yoona and we saw you greet her and all that shit. 

Obviously if you little cute mind ppl don’t catch on, SM did this Elle photoshoot because they wanted to test the public reaction to the ship, like I said, they were still EXPERIMENTING. But oh no, the public only considered the pairing as brother sister, so the ship sink like Titanic *sobs*

Moving on to seulkai pairing, if you guys are curious little shit like me, you would be aware of this ship going around for a while now. 

WHY? because they happen to be friend when they are trainee, and yes there is actually a pic that they took together back then (with a group of ppl), unlike kaistal that is said to be friends since trainee days by DP but even sasaengs never heard of it (oh the horror) and also because bored ppl like shipping ppl with exo or more specifically kai.

So basically this seulkai ship is based on them being friends since trainee days, which tbh, how the fuck do you guys knows they are that close of a friend? huh? okay, whatever.

Back to the point. This pairing started when ppl saw Kai whisper to seulgi cute little ear at Gayo Daejun back in 2014, and that apparently blares the fucking fire in hormonal teenagers’ heart, so the boat sail. 

And then the press conference shit happens where seulgi, wendy and kai is the representative and some ppl were like, “Aww look at kai being shy with seulgi and him looking down” and also the one from SBS GAYO DAEJUN 2015 where he allegedly acted shy because seulgi was 5 m away from him even though if ppl weren’t so delulu they would know that kai was entertained by his fellow sunbae Shinee.

Anyway, this ship sail, still sailing eldorado. Ugh I like this song too much. So basically all these moments are planned by SM even though kaistal is still the main ship, they are still experimenting to see which got more response, which the ship does get a lot of response too, but not as much as kaistal unfortunately for those hormonal teenagers and some ahjummas. Please don’t be so naive to believe it’s not SM doing or I’m going to deck ur face.

And finally to the glorious ship of our focus, kaistal. 

so this ship started when ppl see kai rubbing his water bottle down krystal fragile arm because he was too busy staring at smth else that I don’t care about, so ppl was like, “look as how horny kai is that he even approach girls with a water fucking bottle”, so the ship started and it has been sailing steadily for 3 years, but then suddenly on July 2015 came the long awaited photoshoot of kaistal+taemin the so called ‘third wheeler’ [W magazine].

So if you guys are still turtles, this photoshoot came cause SM want to test the response, and they decided to add taemin because they think it’s subtle which is bullshit for a veteran company, but in the end taemin as the buffer works and ppl believes it (people *sigh*).

When this photoshoot came out ppl went wild and even burn a fucking car, because it was riot and all that shit. So it’s safe to say the response was flaming hot and SM was happy with the result, and they decided to go with kaistal as the final ship (with seulkai as the side dish and maybe a sprinkle of yoonaxkai). p/s: no one burn a fucking car… it was millions of it (i know my joke aren’t funny, stop wincing at it).

So now you get the histories of all these ships right? So move on to the theory or maybe it’s the truth and i’m just a very good watson or sherlock, whatever.

If you guys are a very practical observer like me, you would notice that kai airport fashion style has changed to fancy when Sep hit the 2015 calendar (Just 2 months after that W photoshoot).

And by then I already find that it’s suspicious cause we all know that the guy can’t even wear socks to save his own fucking life and suddenly he be wearing all these fancy ass shits? Nu-uh, something is going on here.

So you know the stages to know if idol is dating (if they have vehicles, change of styles, specific ideal type etc.. all that crap). Kai obviously tick most of the requirement of this list, so around that time people would be suspecting him being dating which he is indeed 'dating’ and then bam! DP said it’s kaistal.

At this time period (Sept 2015) SM already started what I call “Kaistal project”, it’s a lame ass name, i know. Need to remind you guys, SM was STILL EXPERIMENTING at this time, meaning they are still lax about releasing that they are 'dating’.

So when MAMA 2015 came is when shit got real, i’m too lazy to explain but there’s this gif of all of the member looking at kai when krystal is giving her speech and him singin krystal part in 4 walls and you know how that went and the response, like I said, SM was still half experimenting half confirming their final ship, that’s why you guys see side dishes of seulkai sometimes.

 And then GDA happened and people saw that kai pushed sehun aside to stand besides his beloved pseudo gf. Y’all know how it all went.

I’m just going to jump into random topic cause my thoughts is a mess.

Dispatch already made an agreement with SM that SM will give them some spicy couple every few years, or i think it’s just some spicy burritos. 

Anyways, they had this agreement, so that DP pictures you see of kaistal restaurant, with them not wearing any disguise or mask even though it’s a public restaurant and there’s many cars so many people, that shit is fake af, im sure you know it.

Those pics, they are shoot around Feb-March, meaning that dispatch and SM already shot that picts when the the two group ain’t busy, it’s just a theory, who told you to read this, feed your own curiosity.

[This is gonna sound very delulu – tbh even for me lol]

The imagination story goes that SM was relaxing in their office drinking Starbucks coffee in the middle of March (or perhaps around September bc that’s when the gay rumour started in Korean sites) when someone barged in while holding kaisoo kissin pics and the horror ensued

OMG why the fuck is there suddenly kaisoo picts? 

remember that rumour around the end of 2014 that some Chinese fans claimed that they have pictures of kaisoo kissing at backstage after Japan concert? And they said they were reluctant to release it, asking ppl ‘should we post it?’ and some ppl were like ‘NO YOU’LL RUIN THEIR LIFE’ and some were like ‘these two bitches are lying’

So the thing is that Dispatch (or probably other media outlets – DP isn’t the only one who loves juicy gossips) already collecting proves of kaisoo being real and undeniable proof at that, since forever, since kaisoo is speculate to be real af, please go read that article about a news outlet wanting to release a gay idol couple and they are preparing for the oncoming lawsuit from the respective company (means the company is BIG) and blah blah blah.

If it was DP who barged in, the scenario would prob be like “muahaha i have a new thing to come up with that can give me serious cash flow” and SM panicking and be like, “how could u do this, we had an agreement, we agreed on me giving kaistal or whoever kai pairing i will give since i’m so fucking indecisive after giving y’all baekyeon”, DP : “well i have better things to come out with and this is what i will come up with *kaisoo pics make its appearance*” and they be spitting shit to each other and then they made an agreement that DP will release kaistal pic in April as April Fools (its a joke) to cover that kaisoo [or perhaps to make public believe ‘bish they aint gay’ so the gay rumour that is being alleged on him would be nullified]. 

That’s why I said that kaistal dating news are rushed, they were supposed to be much much later, but because DP got their hand on kaisoo pic FINALLY after years of collecting JUSTIFYING proofs, they had to release it in April.

So the summary of this theory is that;

kaistal plan already started in september 2015, airport fashion changed, kaistal rumor circulate on Pann, MAMA shit happens, GDA shits happens, and then SM got a ‘surprise motherfucker’ visit from kaisoo proof, then SM rearranged the agreement making kaistal to be released in April (Fool) instead of June – July (like that Pann post has said)”

This is just a made up story/theory, mkay? We don’t know for sure if SM does this to cover the gay – although it’s obvious (at least for me) that they do this to boost their newest group and covering krishan issue. And it’s obvious (again, at least for me) that the scandal has been arranged before by SM and DP.  

Tbh I think I’m gonna get hates or mocks on bc of this… but oh well, it’s not my first time anyway. Go make fun of my delulunessss lol

I tried to scan this using my dead scanner and this ended up the result. :/ I gotta get a new one soon. Anyway, a sketch I did to try and figure out how anthro!Discord would look like. I’m liking this so far, but I’ll probably edit the design and make his body just a tad bit longer and shrink his head a bit. o:

As for what he’s wearing, this is probably gonna be his costume for the Goddess!AU. I all I need are the colors. o:

Character Reactions- You Fall

Ask-  Can I ask for reactions from characters? Like how would Kylo, Rey, Hux react to reader tripping and falling flat on their face or something?

A/N- I really hope this is what you expected… anyways the Gifs used are not mine so credit to the owners for those!


you’d probably fall in the dumbest way, like slipping in the shower or tripping on one of the various pieces of clothing in your room. Kylo would hear you fall and come running to the rescue to make sure you’re okay.


you end up falling while you’re out with Rey exploring some of the old ship wrecks on Jakku. Rey would be immediately concerned and she’d closely examine you to be sure you hadn’t broken anything. Afterwards, every so often, Rey would ask again to make sure you were still alright and not in any pain.

Hux & Phasma-

After you fall flat on your face during a small meeting on Starkiller, Hux and Phasma’s  initial reaction would be to laugh for a moment before confirming that you’re not actually hurt. Although once they see you’re fine they would continue laughing and even give you an overly dramatic reenactment of the fall.

Gravity Falls characters you should fight


Who would win: No one
Dipper’s got noodle arms. No muscle. You could totally beat him up. The only problem is that he’ll get scared and summon some sort of entity to scare you off. 9 times out of 10 that entity will not only scare you, but probably kill you if Dipper doesn’t try to stop it. In the end, both of you will get the tar beaten out of you and is that really worth it? Do you really want to get the tar beaten out of you just to fight some kid who we all know would lose anyways? You’re not proving anything by picking a fight with him.


Who would win: Mabel
First of all why would you even want to fight Mabel? All she wants to do is have a successful summer romance, and you’re gonna pick a fight with her? Shame on you. Even if you do, she’ll beat the crap out of you. She’s got braces man. BRACES. That makes her bites like 10 times more painful. And she has a grappling hook. And she has a pig she’ll sic on you. And she also has an overprotective brother who will not hesitate to fight you. Seriously, do not invoke the wrath of the twins.


Who would win: You
Soos is not a fighter. Like, at all. He’s a pushover. Sure, he could probably find ways to defend himself, but we all know he won’t do that unless you try to hurt any of the Pines family. If you fight him, all you’ll get is everyone’s contempt. What did Soos ever do to you? Why would you beat up this poor man? Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

Grunkle Stan

Who would win: Stan
At first glance, he doesn’t seem like much. But this guy took boxing as a kid. He’ll give you a left hook or something. Also he has brass (gold?) knuckles. And a cane. Also you’ll invoke the wrath of Soos. Remember how I said Soos was a pushover? That’s only if you fight him. Fight Stan, and you probably won’t live to see the light of day.


Who would win: Wendy
She’s the daughter of a lumberjack. She has an axe. A freaking axe. She’ll cut you. And Dipper’s gonna come after you too. That’s not so much a problem since he’s a weakling, but he’s distracting, leaving you open for Wendy.

Bill Cipher

Who would win: Bill
Don’t fight Bill. He’s a demon. He’ll make you go insane or something. Just. Don’t. It’s not worth it.


Who would win: Pacifica’s bodyguard
She probably has a bodyguard on hand. And he’s probably a super professional bodyguard. Pacifica may have it coming, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to fight her.


Who would win: You
Gideon’s a nine year old kid. And he’s tiny. You can just swat him with a broom or something. Unfortunately he’s also a very unstable kid. He’ll hold a grudge forever and won’t stop until he brings you down. You can always just beat him up again, but he’s very persistent, and it’ll get annoying very fast. Also he might sic Bill on you. And you don’t want that.


Who would win: You
Alright, it would be very satisfying to beat this guy up. He probably wouldn’t expect you to actually fight him, giving you the advantage. But in exchange you’ll hurt his pride and give him more issues. I think the poor guy’s suffered enough. You can fight him if you want, but you might feel guilty afterwards when you realize just how insecure and troubled he is. Or you might not. In that case, fight him to your heart’s content. You monster.

anonymous asked:

how would Kuroo, Kageyama, Oikawa, Ushijima, Akaashi and Bokuto react when they are watching their crushs game and she injures herself from working too hard but she keeps playing anyway and they win and she ends up fainting? sorry if u cant do this

Kuroo couldn’t exactly blame his partner, because he would do the exact same thing. Even though he doesn’t approve and is worried sick, he patiently waits for the game to end. When the faint, Kuroo probably blacks out himself.

All Kageyama wanted to do was run out on to the court and pull them out of the game. They knew they shouldn’t have been playing in such a condition, and he was sure they knew it. When the game ends, he immediately picks them up and makes sure to tend to their injuries.

Oikawa would talk to the umpire with disbelief laced in his voice, he knew they were smart enough to know when to stop. When they pass out, he blames himself for not taking action sooner than he did.

Ushijima stays calm throughout the ordeal, already preparing the speech he was going to bombard his partner with when they woke up. The boy takes them to a doctor, or whatever he could find at the time, to get them some sort of treatment.

Akaashi almost faints when he sees his partner knock out completely. He knew they were injured and in pain, but he never thought about something like that happening. He takes them to get treated, and beats himself up over it for weeks.

Bokuto probably screams when he sees his lover pass out. He weaves through the crowd of people as fast as he can, yelling for the people around him to do something. Bokuto has to be taken out of the room because he couldn’t calm down.

nyancat20-deactivated20160310  asked:

I was wondering (if hasn't been done) how well each house does in a scavenger hunt?


We’d be super enthusiastic about it and have tons of fun. We’d probably take lots of pictures of the process. We’d have a pretty good chance of winning, due to being competitive and fast paced, but if someone where to outwit us somehow we might find ourselves on the losing end.


No, I will not make that joke.  Anyway, we would work together as a team , listening to people from all sides try to figure out where the items are located.  We would care less about winning and care more about being thorough and having fun, as well as completing it 100%.


We would get really passionate about finding the items, running around and dodging people and jumping over things and just going for it. Instead of teaming up to find the items, we’d go it alone, trying to outwit everyone else while taking a completely different path. After all the headstrong determination, we’d be incredibly disappointed if we were to lose, but would eventually congratulate the winner. Hey, props, man. 


I think we’d start off really competitive but eventually would devolve into playful sabotage. We’d try to move the items around so people couldnt find them, change the clues, stall the other teams, etc. That would probably be our strategy honestly. Half the team for sabotage, half for searching.

Rey’s new hair in Episode VIII

Just a silly theory of mine that probably won’t pan out. 

So, Rey (at some point) will be changing her hair style during Episode VIII. That isn’t a huge shock or big deal to me. A young woman should be able to change her hair. Why not, right? She’s kept it that way for years. 

Oh the dedication and split ends. 

And being a guy, I’d probably notice her changing it up. I’m not sure Kylo would…

However, its how the studio is making Daisy cover and hide her hair, that makes me read more into it. 

At some point toward the end of the movie, I think that Rey will join Kylo Ren and his Knights. And this could be why her hair changes. Everyone might expect the padawan braid, but I’m thinking its much more significant of a change. 

The padawan hair style doesn’t suit Rey’s character anyway. 

What do you think?


Hey, cuties! Here is the first follow forever I’ve made on this blog. ; dies I would like to apologize for my editing incompetence but this is the best I can do right now. Soo yeah, I decided to make a valentine’s day edition because you all deserve my love. I would totally shower all of you in roses and chocolates if I could, but I’ll stick with the whole appreciation thing for now! I love you all so much and thank you for being so fabu. ♥

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ari0aki  asked:

Hmm curious... given the sleepover theme and all the interesting questions you're being asked. What would a sleepover with the haikyuu 3rd gymnasium group look like? What do they do/talk about?

OMG THIS IS SUCH A CUTE ASK!!! By 3rd gym you mean Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo, and Tsukki right? Hope I’m not missing anyone I haven’t read that arc in soooo long since like spring semester 2014 >o<


  • instead of all neat and stuff, the futons are arranged like a camp fire circle with Tsukki off to the side a little more until Bokuto and Kuroo actually drag him into the circle
  • Tsukki can’t be bothered to move back out it’d probably just cause more trouble for him anyway so he just makes like he’s gonna sleep while the others settle in for some ~JUICY GOSSIP~
  • Bokuto is heat-seeker so he ends up moving around and ending up in other people’s futons. Lev and Hinata would end up cuddling against him as big spoon and little spoon, respectively. Kuroo and Akaashi just let it happen - Kuroo cuddles back and Akaashi just turns onto his side and away. Tsukki wakes up angry and disoriented and shoves Bokuto off but his blanket goes with him!! and the commotion wakes everyone up
  • sleepwear headcanon! Kuroo is in muscle shirt and his boxers. Bokuto is also in muscle and wearing a faded pair of gym shorts. eventually tho he and Kuroo end up both taking off their shirts to compare muscles and never put them back on because too hot
  • Akaashi is wearing a t-shirt that’s had it’s sleeves cut off (so make-shift muscle shirt LMAO) and his old P.E. shorts idk what’s up w Fukurodani boys and reusing workout clothes but it’s cute. Tsukki is in a cheesy t-shirt (something like Yamaguchi’s “TACOS” shirt but more Tsukki-like lmao) and he’s in his boxer shorts that are mid-thigh ONLY after incessant/annoying coaxing from the others like “it’s so hot I get sweaty just looking at you pls I feel like I’m gonna die from your discomfort”
  • Lev is wearing something similar to Tsukki but it looks kind of obscene just because he’s so tall and has sO MUCH LEG
  • Hinata is in his middle school gym shorts and a t-shirt that looks like he bought it from a kids’ store like that his sister would shop at (she picked it out tbh) if not for the fact that it fits him a little loosely
  • they’d start off talking about “typical het boy stuff” like “r u boobs or butts kind of guy?” Kuroo, Bokuto, and Lev are more open and detailed. Akaashi is quiet but still goes along with conversation. Hinata wants to join but he’s been so one track-minded about volleyball for so long he doesn’t really know the answers himself!
  • Tsukki really doesn’t wanna join lmao but when a question is left hanging in the air for a while and it seems like everyone’s settled down, Tsukki offers up an answer in the dark of the room and that would kickstart the conversation all over again bECAUSE FINALLY!!!!!! THIS DISTANT BOY IS ACTING LIKE ONE OF US!!!!!
  • then the conversations would shift to more emotional and private stuff they really develop some strong bonds and Tsukki realizes that this is what makes these teams so strong??? because they’re so trusting and open and unafraid of becoming vulnerable with their teammates. and although he isn’t about to have emotional sleepover with Karasuno just yet, he catalogues it in his mind for future reference 
Caught: Josh Washington x Reader

@sherrybirkin99 submitted: “A request if possible to make… I was thinking about this while playing the game. Maybe after josh Ash and Chris were messing around with the spirit board when Josh goes downstairs to change the reader catches him in the act and he has to confess the prank up and she eventually talks him out of it so no one is hurt or anything and everyone gets a happy ending please and thanks ^-^” 

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“That’s it.”

No spoilers but okay, did you all see “The End of the Galaxy?”


So I wanna say that, given that they had to shelve a lot of the developments and future plotlines they wanted to explore because Disney pulled the plug on this show, the writers really did an amazing job at doing what they could to make sure WOY had a satisfying ending.

There was a lot of things I really liked about the final episode, none I was more curious about than Lord Dominator’s fate. I like what they did with her though, it seems fitting, believable and satisfying, at least to me, and they do manage to leave her as a complex character. Maybe they had more in store for her overall arc in the future, though we may never find out.

I would love to find out, though, How is the #Savewoy movement going, anyway?(I have been so dead from work that I probably miss any and all updates)

So yeah, Lord Dominator Feels. LORD HATER was also really really amazing!

That’s all I can really say on WOY without getting into spoiler territory. ;)

Go watch Wander Over Yonder, maybe support the #SaveWOY movement if that’s still going! <3