It’s so cute to see entitled fr users act like hard work doesn’t go into even the simplest new things added to the site. 

You people realize that Stained was user suggested right? You guys asked for it and they were kind enough to give it to you. They didn’t have to but they did because they want to make their users happy. Sure, not everyone likes the gene. So what? Personally I am not a huge fan of it but I am not going to pretend it’s lazy or didn’t involve any work. I mean you do realize they had to make this gene in every color for each breed, male and female, right? Even if it’s a simple gene I’m still sure it took a lot of time . It was tedious despite being simple. 

A pitiful cash grab? If you dislike this “instagram filter” so much then don’t buy it. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY IT BRO. So I don’t see how it is milking the users. I do agree that the simple gene should have been in the treasure market rather than the gem market but I’m not going to cry about it. If you really want the gene but don’t want to pay real money or use any gems you have collected then just be patient and wait for the gene to become more common in dragons and buy a dragon with the gene or save up treasure to buy the gene on it’s own later in auction.

I’m just sick of seeing so many fr users complain when they are given new genes. Okapi wasn’t good enough. Paint and Piebald wasn’t good enough (despite a poll happening for it) Thylacine was lazy. And now Stained is a pitiful cash grab? 

Get over yourself.

I would be hurt if I was on the fr team considering how much complaining I see come from you people. You’re the disappointment in my opinion. Being in the game industry as an artist I known for a fact we work our asses off and seeing how you people respond to the fr teams hard work makes be sad for them. I’m sure they feel really fucking appreciated. Just forget the fact they care constantly working on adding new items, genes, colors, all their big projects? Nope, will never be good enough for you guys.

Look, I know that honestly the people complaining are probably just a vocal minority but the fact that they are so vocal is the problem. I am not saying they shouldn’t have the right to voice their complaints but It would be great for to see the people who love what the fr staff are doing to be more vocal as well.

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Omg even the thought about bioware or bethesda making The 100 game is insane. Imagine playing as Lexa and see her grow up and become the commander, meeting Costia, Ania and Gustus again... That would be a dream come true.

you’d get to choose whether you wanted to be skaikru or trikru and you gradually rise up to become the leader of your people and you have to decide who to make alliances with and stuff. and you can romance lexa or clarke or raven or octavia. anya is that one companion who judges everything you do. i would die.

I’m practicing on spiral adopts! First five people to send a link to one of their spiral bebs will get one for free! I need a wide variety of genes so hit me with your best shot!

All righty! Got plenty to practice with! Thanks to all of you, and I should have these done within a few days as I play around with how to do the genes. (There are 6 of you which is totally cool bc the requests came so fast! I’ll do my best!)


Strong earthquake rocks Taiwan

Authorities in southern Taiwan say more than 100 people are still missing after a strong earthquake caused a high-rise residential building to collapse. Rescuers were racing to locate the missing after nightfall Saturday, hours after the quake struck before dawn. At least 13 people were killed. Authorities say 475 people were injured, but 368 of them were discharged from hospitals by late Saturday afternoon. (AP)

Photo credits: AP Photo/Wally Santana

See more photos from Taiwan and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

On the flip side of people complaining about being offered dragons on the “dragons wanted” forum that dont match any of the requirements listed…

it’s probably worse to offer a dragon that matches EVERY requirement but being rejected, but still seeing the OP buy dragons that don’t match ANY requirement you claimed to have on your original post 

are you all fucking drunk or something?

You know you've met a...... When....

Aries: There is a passion, a fire, in the darkest of rooms.

Taurus: The wind begins to blow and sooth your soul.

Gemini: Words seem to flow, like a curiosity towards the world.

Cancer: You learn to swim in the depths of the darkest oceans.

Leo: You embrace the sun of your own soul no matter the same old glow of the world around you.

Virgo: You learn that details in the smallest of things, like the colours in the sunset and the movement in grass, can paint the most beautiful picture.

Libra: You learn that hot and cold go hand in hand to create a picture more beautiful than the same old black and white sketch.

Scorpio: You see that the people who rise from the burning Ashes can shine brighter than the moon and starts in the blanket of night.

Sagittarius: You feel the silverlining in the darkest of clouds and feel the warmth of the coldest of nights

Capricorn: You feel the stability in even the strongest of storms

Aquarius: You learn the beauty of a single smile, the worth of a single word, with the impact it has on the world.

Pisces: You learn that instincts mean more than you thought, that your mind picks up on more than you know.

Season Premiere :: VICE S4E1 : Boko Haram & Unnatural Selection

SEE The Previous Season Also :

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VICE S3E5 : Synthetic Drug Revolution & Transsexuals of Iran

VICE S3E6 : The Post-Antibiotic World & Indonesia’s Palm Bomb

VICE S3E7 : Sweet Home Alabama & Haitian Money Pit

VICE S3E8 : Egyptian Tomb Raiders & Rent a White Guy

VICE S3E9 : Savior Seeds & India’s Water Crisis

VICE S3E10 : A Prayer for Uganda & Kidneyville

VICE S3E11 : Evolution of a Plague & Campus Coverup

VICE S3E12 : Enemies at the Gates & Global Jihad

VICE S3E13 : Afghanistan After Us & La Haine

VICE S3E14 :  Cold War 2.0

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In what is being heralded as the biggest, boldest move in the franchise’s 57+ year history, Mattel’s flagship and household fixture “Barbie” announced today (January 28, 2016) that they would be expanding their Fashionista line to introduce three new body types that will be sold alongside their svelte “Original”. They are “Tall”, “Curvy”, and “Petite”.

In recent years, with the rising popularity of doll lines highlighting and celebrating the unique differences among people in our world (like Mattel’s own Monster High), Barbie’s popularity (and sales) have seen significant declines… enough so that, behind the scenes within the company, an initiative to revamp the legendary doll; virtually, from the ground up. Within the company, this push to redefine and rediscover Barbie’s essence and her place in the modern world was code-named Project Dawn. What you see above is the culmination of that work; 4 body types, 7 different skin tones, 22 different eye colors, and 24 individual hairstyles (to say nothing of face sculpts).

Anyone who’s followed us for a significant amount of time know that I (Mod Ren) am a huge fan of fashion dolls… So, naturally, I have a lot to say about this development…

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I see people saying like “why are you all so mad abt stained don’t you realize you’re hurting someone’s feelings?” and like

It doesn’t take an artist to make a new layer, use the fucking paint bucket, and lower the opacity. I’m pretty sure you could train rhesus monkeys to do it for you. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m with the general consensus of DR on this one.

If this is the best an artist can pop out, their utmost quality work… like fuck man, why are some of you so dead-set on defending lazy work? I fully agree that people get vicious on other genes like Thyla and stuff, and fuck all those edgelords that call out people’s first adoptables as terrible (note: not the traced pixels,) but this? Pick your battles, fuck, this is indefensible on the grounds of “artists have feelings” because they probably could have hired a complete photoshop noob and still got the same result if they told them how to make a new layer.

This isn’t something someone labored over like a commissioned art piece or a skin or even another gene, because those usually require the ability and experience to draw with mouse or tablet, and they require thought and effort and time spent to create. Stained required effort and time, yeah, but no real thought or inventiveness was involved in making it. It required no skill, no technical ability whatsoever. I’d call it the saltine cracker of genes but at least those have some salt on them. This is just lazy.

Who is taking it personally that people don’t like their 25% opacity color layer? Who is crying in their sleep because their single layer filter effect isn’t hailed as the new Mona Lisa? This gene is just lazy and it’s sad and it’s a cop-out and quite frankly I don’t blame people for feeling miffed that it’s 12 dollars for the privilege of what anyone, and I mean ANYONE, could do for half the price as a skin.

And having said all that, I’m coming from a place where I honestly like the gene. I like what it does, I think it’s a good idea and it has some cool use and if I can get over my indignation at the pricetag I might even buy a few copies.  

But it’s not worth 1.2k gems, and that’s where a lot of this backlash is coming from. The Staff did next to nothing of note and expect to be massively rewarded for it, when they did nothing to deserve it. I feel like someone will jump in and say “THEY DID NOTHING eXCEPT BUILD THE SITE AND HOST IT AND blah blah blaH anger” but like, they already get rewarded for that. People buy things from them. People turn off their AdBlock for this place to show their thanks. They are being rewarded for the good things they’ve done already. They’re not the scum of the earth for hosting a petsite, they’ve just asked for too much for something every can clearly see is nothing more than a low-effort cash-grab.

It’s not really something that can be defended “because artist feelings” because t doesn’t take an artist to make this. It’s an alright gene, just too lazily-made to justify the pricetag.

If it was 500g pretty much no one would be complaining beyond the laziness, because at least it’s decently-valued for a gem gene then. But as it stands, what it is – it’s not worth the money.

Rey coming back from space with Luke after several months to find Finn ensconced in the Resistance–

And he truly is a big deal now: he’s respected, well-liked, and popular: not to mention a bit of a hero and a heartthrob.
His humble, friendly demeanor and fast friendship with Poe just cement things.

Finn, for the first time in his life, is popular.

Rey, loner that she is, on a lonely mission to retrieve a Jedi from self-imposed exile-
-somehow she hadn’t expected anything to change…
and she feels suddenly shy and timid about meeting Finn again, surrounded as he is by laughing friends and comrades.

When they’re finally hanging out alone (after seeing the admiring looks and batted lashes in Finn’s direction from people of all genders)
Rey clears her throat and tries lightly:

“so… You got a girlfriend?”

Finn’s eyebrows rise, “No–”

Rey allows herself a cheesy smile: “How bout a boyfriend? A cute boyfriend?”

Finn laughs and shakes his head, “That’s cold. No, I don’t have a Cute Boyfriend, but I get a feeling you’re not letting me live that line down.”

They both laugh, remembering their first meeting, not so long ago.

“I don’t either.” Rey says, “…have a cute boyfriend, that is.”

Finn raises his eyebrows again, a slow, tentative smile starting on his face, and Rey can feel her cheeks reddening.

“I’m glad.” Finn says simply, taking her hand.

“This okay?”

She nods.

Ruki: I’m in the middle of song recording right now, but I just heard the happy news that Yoyogi is sold out and my heart feels like this right now →٩( ‘ω’ )و
to all of you who came to the tour and also to those who will experience DOGMA live for the first time, we’re gonna go wild, rise up and turn this into a LIVE that’ll surprise and amaze you even more

please don’t worry. your necks are gonna be alright!

Aoi: I’m grateful that so many people are coming to see us! suddenly I’m getting all charged upー!

Reita: thank you. I wanna go wild with all of you soon!

You know what has always bothered me about Slytherin House? The fact that “ambition” has always been shorthand old money and privilege. Like the implication that the Sorting Hat put all the trust fund babies who will probably never have to hustle a day in their lives in the same house because reasons??? You think the Malfoys really need to be cunning or ambitious when they’ve got pretty much the wizarding world at their feet?

You know what I never see? The broke Slytherins. The kids who came from nothing and are willing to do whatever it takes to rise in life. Kids with no family and no money looking to do whatever it takes to thrive. Kids who are (to paraphrase Hamilton) ready to beg steal borrow or barter. I want to see Slytherins in secondhand robes bunching together for protection; little cliques of people in government and business building each other up until they have these webs of ex-poor kids who climbed out of obscurity using every weapon they had at their disposal until the smug pricks who sneered at them have to come grovelling to them for favors and support.

I want more self-made Slytherins please

Saul Leiter, courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

A Prolific New York Photographer Comes Back Into Focus

“I think his rise back to fame was because people just couldn’t help stumbling over and over him, and realizing that the world needed to know him,” New York gallerist Margit Erb.

See more here

aesthticphan asked:

why do people find you problematic??? Like I see posts about "drama with Dan and Phil" but who cares???? I don't think you're problematic.

Thanks, I appreciate that! I tweeted silly stuff 2-3 years ago and I never really shook that reputation of ‘starting drama’. I hope that one day people will see that I’ve changed a lot - even over the last few months! Until then, I’ll just keep rising above it :)

I get really cagey when I see people ragging on lairs that employ non-canon or unsavory subjects, particularly when they use the argument ‘I just don’t see how that fits into this universe’ or its ilk. Because here’s the thing: If it’s not your lair, who fucking cares? Why do you care so much about what other people write for themselves?

Someone has a lair of nice fluffy dragons who live nice happy lives and are kind to each other, and you find that boring? That’s awesome, great, but there’s no need to single out someone’s lair and complain about how nice kind dragons ‘don’t fit the lore!’ It’s not your fucking lore, let them be.

Someone has a lair of slavers and bastards who are cruel and demeaning and exist nowhere near the realm of nice, and you find that terrible? Again, awesome, great, but this is not your fucking clan, and you aren’t obligated to interact with them or include them in your personal lore, so let them be.

Someone has a clan of demigods with angsty wangsty backstories? Let them be! Someone has a clan of mentally ill LGBT+ dragons without a cishet in sight? Let them be! Someone has a Pearlcatcher who clouts people on the head with their pearl? A Ridgeback who loves swimming? A Shadow dragon with a light spell? A warm and friendly Ice dragon? A Plague doctor? A disloyal mate? A murderer? A manipulator? A god? Let them be! Let them fucking be!

I guess what gets me is all these people getting snitty and snotty about other clans who don’t play along with ~their~ headcanons and interpretations of the world. How self-centered is that? How elitist is that, to scorn and deride people for having their own ideas and desires and applying them to their own stories- how is this an affront to you? And I’ve seen this happen more often with less ‘skilled’ writers, people who are just getting into the game, smashing tropes they love together without the experience to pull it off effectively yet. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been there. Just because you aren’t there any more doesn’t mean you get to condemn others for it.

Don’t stomp on other people for wanting stories you don’t want, or writing stories you don’t care for, and don’t grind them into the dirt for not having the skills to pull it off yet.

a word on aura/metal bonded crystals

so, I’ve recently been seeing a huge rise in the popularity of various types of aura quartz, as well as people ?bonding? metals? to other? types of crystals? and I don’t know, but something about it just 

really. irks. me.

As witches/workers of magick, we are relying upon the natural energies and powers of the crystals we work with to aid us in our craft. These crystals take THOUSANDS of years to grow into the size/form they are in, and they are graciously lending us their healing and magickal powers to work with. Our relationship and work with them amounts to just a blip of time on their scale, and coating them in metals in order to make them more visually appealing just seems wrong, inappropriate, and downright disrespectful.

People say the metal bonding gives the crystals more power, but the inherent natural, ancient power of crystals is far greater than a coating of colour could give to them. This mass increase in popularity of aura crystals has skyrocketed their price, and takes away from the whole meaning of working with crystal/stone/earth/natural magick-

we are here to graciously borrow energy from what we have been given by nature, and to live in harmony with it. 

Does it not seem contrary to destroy one of Earth’s beautiful gifts that may have taken tens or hundreds of thousands of years simply for aesthetics? They can never go back to their natural state after we bond them with metal.

tl;dr: nature provided us with amazing crystals to work with during our time here, they are not ours to do whatever we want with that ruins them for future use

How do most people deal with users who are irresponsible? I bought a dragon off of the AH a while back for fodder prices, to save it from being exalted. I posted said dragon in a thread to see if anybody would buy it from me for a permanent home, for the same price I bought it. 

A user showed interest, but now this dragon has been sitting in crossroads for over a week, and the person never bothered to tell me that their lair filled up and are apparently waiting for more space to accept the crossroad offer…? You can’t just let me know?

I’ll admit I’m too nice of a person when it comes to these things, but would it be acceptable to just keep the dragon for myself? It is a pretty dragon, and if they don’t want to keep it, I will.