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im actually questioning whether chyler is in love with melissa.. like in EVERY SINGLE interview she just looks like she's in love with her?? either way i ship it


It’s a lovefest everytime those two are together, right? Since the very beginning..and i love this so much, because i think this is the special ingredient that made me so in love with them (and of course, Kara and Alex).

I have to say, i have a soft spot for Co-Stars that really love each other in real life. It’s always those relationships that keeps my attention. And they are so’s wonderful to see.

And yes..i think they are a bit in love with each the most awesome and cute way.

And well..Chyler indeed had a good couple of crushes on girls before [x]

Let’s make a recap on all Chyler heart eyes for Melissa and quotes, because this is just TOO GOOD:

Memorable quotes:

Meeting Melissa was the most powerful relationship I’ve ever felt”…

“Meeting Meliss was..i think short of meeting my husband” 

“i believe that a very big reason i’m on that show is that i was meant to be there for [melissa]. i also believe that’s why it carries over so well on the screen. i care about that girl. i would slash somebody’s tires for her. i’m not gonna lie”.

“she is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. She is such an incredible gift and I love her to pieces.”


Chylissa forever!

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I love how people are literally so deep up a FICTIONAL SHIPS ass that they will defend pedophilia and get angry at you for calling out their bullshit like I don't care if you think they make a cute couple their relationship and the power imbalance involved is EXTREMELY HARMFUL

ALL OF THIS GOD BLESS MAN GOD BLESS I don’t think I’ll ever stop going through pro Ezria posts and calling them out.

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Oh my god! I didn't realize Chanbaek are really like a yaoi couple. This makes them so fucking cute (≖‿≖) Also you like sekai ichi hatsukoi? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Meet Cute Chapter 14

Television stars Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons’ new project requires them to fall in love on screen each and every week. But their chemistry is just for the cameras. Really.

Written as part of @teamengineering’s group fic project. Graphic credit to @mrsdecaestecker. Stay tuned for updates once every couple of days!

I’d like to thank @doteleven , @lettertoelise , @amanda-rex , and @unbreakablejemmasimmons for being wonderful betas who also contributed some awesome ideas and writing for this chapter :)

“Anyway,” Coulson drew the word out before continuing. “As you know, this week will be a job interview episode, and if you’ve been paying attention to the tabloids, you’ll know that Meet Cute is developing a reputation for making bold choices. Over the past few days I’ve made some changes, so, if everyone will flip to Act One of their new scripts…” Jemma could almost feel a breeze from the collective fanning of pages, and she opened hers as well, trying to understand what Coulson was leading up to.

After thumbing through her own script, she rested her gaze on four words: Jemma’s Boyfriend (Will Daniels).She blinked a few times. That can’t possibly be right. It must be because I’m tired; I can’t possibly have read… Her hand automatically moved to her temple, her head throbbing before her brain could even process the words. In the middle of her attempts to convince herself she must be hallucinating, or in some strangely realistic dream, she heard what could easily be considered a growl. The words were hardly discernible through what sounded to be gritted teeth, but she could make out: “What… the… hell.”

Read Chapter 14 or start from the beginning.

so for today in pokemon go stories that sound fake but aren’t, I was battling a blue gym by my house today and there’s a couple of kids nearby and I’m mostly ignoring them, just trying to take over the gym for valor and one of the kids comes up to me and goes

“aren’t you our library teacher?” and I was like “yes. yes I am.” and yeah when I looked at the kids closely I recognized three of the four and the first kid points to me and asks if I”m playing pokemon go and what team I’m on and so I tell him

and apparently two of the kids were blue and he and the other boy were valor and had been trying to take over the gym and failing for the past twenty minutes but my pokemon were a lot stronger so I immediately take over the gym and they load their pokemon into it but then the blue kids take it over again and I spend like a legit amount of time battling two of my students for a gym at a catholic church and it was actually really fun and cute but also weird as heck
London with Lee | Meet My Datemate
So I've been dating this smol for nine months...and only just made a video with them. Oops. Lee and I spent a week in London, here is a little bit of film, h...

I make the video thing this is my datemate @livsws we do the vlog together in London ayyy watch pls

i was tagged by @sinnamon-byun​ sfjv0hvhf thank you 💕💕



01. ship the person who tagged you

02. answer questions

03. write down the groups you would like to get shipped with

04. tag as many blogs as you want

people i ship you with ;

EXO: I ship you with Baek!! not simply because he is your bias but because we really just started talking yesterday and you are so funny and nice I already feel like were friends and i think that is how bbh is. He would also love your style in clothing he would think your adorable and he would feel so tall next to you also i can see him chilling with you and watching Disney movies and trying to get you to sing with him just to hear your voice vonafvnsvn. 

BTS: I ship you with J-hope he seems the nicest and i bet you two would make a really cute and funny couple together and be funny together and you would also look cute together also he seems innocent tbh. He also seems super caring about the people around him. 

what is your chinese zodiac/animal ;

The Dog

what is your sun sign ;


what is your height ;

5′8″ Im kinda tall right! 

what kind of body shape do you have

I’m thicc, im curvy and i have a shorter torso and longer legs tbh my legs are bangin 

describe your fashion type ;

I wear dresses all the time I cant stand pants, i don’t like shorts either but ill wear them over pants but if i have the choice ill wear a dress or a skirt but that’s mostly in summer, spring. 

durring fall winter i wear jeans, skinny jeans i don’t like my ankles being exposed tbh (but i also hate anything but ballerina socks?) i wear a lot of darker colors at that time and vans like 25/8

what are your hobbies ;

Video making/editing, singing, writing and i love to play with music editing stuff but im sooo bad 

describe your personality ;

I am a pretty outgoing person I get nervous around new people but i make friends relatively easy because i love to talk I’m very extroverted i get so much energy from being around people. I love to chat about everything but if im close with you i LOVE deep talks. I don’t sleep well so I think a lot at night and it gets too deep so i write. I have an attitude and i quip back fast i love when people react to what i say and i can keep up with me!! 

what do you like and dislike ;

likes ; MUSIC, people who are funny and don’r have to be sexist racist or homophobic to be funny, Dancing around badly but its fun, being with friends, swimming, singing, writing, eating, cuddles, rain, thunder, lighting, the ocean, cooking/baking, people quick on there toes 

dislikes ;  racist sexist homophobic people, unnecessarily mean people, people who waste my time on purpose, heat, no being able to hear anything

what kind of height do you prefer ;

my own hight or Taller please!!

do you prefer innocent or sexy ;

Sexy TBH

what are some turn ons ;

Funny people, soft touches, considerate people, pretty smiles, genuine laughs, soft kisses on the neck, and playing with my hair

what are some turn offs ;

bad hygiene, no sense of humor, fuck boys, being rude to people who are at work (like being rude to waiters or employees who cant fix the situation) being sexist, racist and homophobic, 

what fear would it be okay for them to have ;

Any and all tbh i mean we might have to get  friend to kill bugs for us if that is there fear too 

what would be an ideal date for you ;

Honestly going to an aquarium and looking at all the marine life or a museum and just looking at the art and talking about it and making fun of it and laughing. Or them just picking me up and we drive around blasting good music and singing it at the top of our lungs 

i would like to be shipped with exo please!!

if you don’t want to do this feel free not to!! 

im gonna tag: @c92 @fake-pcy @thirsty4thehun @fakedeepchanyeol @305heaux @asshun @trashyforsehun @p1nksoo & @oohsenun

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All these cute ass tumblr couples are posting videos of themselves making out and I'm just over here frustrated af because the girl I want to be making out with is 8 hours away for another month. This isn't a question but I needed to vent about my frustrations 😂

Ugh I feel that in my soul

Popcorn Kisses (Captain America x Reader one shot)

Requested by: No one this is just something that I wanted to get out of the mess that I call my imagination.

Prompt: The reader and Steve are alone in Avengers mansion and watch movies in the home theater where they make out and fall asleep on the couch.

Word count: 625

A/N: So, this was not requested but I just had this cute fluffy piece nagging at me. So, I hope you lovelies enjoy. 

You sighed as you put the bag of gummies back into the pantry, Steve has not allowed you to go on another mission in at least a couple weeks due to an injury that has long healed due to your ability to heal at an amazing rate. We had just recently come out as a couple – after nearly a year of flirting and over a four-year long friendship. The media was rampant in finding out all the details and you think that is one of the reasons he is keeping you locked up in your own fairytale princess-esque tower.

You looked down at the scar that ran down from your knee to your ankle and noticed that it was already starting to pale. You went to the refrigerator and grabbed a can of juice before walking towards the home theater. Thankfully, Tony had all the works to make sure no one was bored in this fortress of a house. Steve had just sat down after doing some work in his office and you heard a loud sigh come from his lips. You smiled and walked over to him and sat in his lap.

“Well hello, my captain.” You giggle and lean against Steve, grabbing the remote from him and turning on the television, flipping through the movie selection. “It must have taken you hours to fix the mess Tony had made in Belarus.”

“It did but it is all finished and like I promised, here I am, yours for the entire night. What are we going to do?” He smirked and pressed his lips to your neck, causing you to gasp. You bite your lip and look back at him, choosing a random movie to play and you turned a bit to comfortably capture his lips in yours.

His hands wound around you and held you close, deepening the kiss. Even if you were locked up, you had not seen Steve in almost a week due to a mission he had been on and then the thing with Tony in Belarus. You had missed him, his voice, his touch, his kisses. He always kissed you softly at first, like you were kissing for the first time. But as the kiss deepened, his lips started to get hungrier and his hands start to wander.

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“Y/n, I’ve missed you.” Steve’s voice trailed off and was drowned out as music played in the background. It startled you both and you both laughed. You got up to get some popcorn and sat back down, curling into his side. You watched the movie, eating popcorn and enjoying his fingers lazily and mindlessly running up and down your arms.

“Would you like some?” You lifted the bag of popcorn and Steve shook his head. He took a drink of your juice and leaned against you.

After an hour in, you grew bored of the movie and began to drift to sleep. Steve looked down at you and once the movie was over, he turned on some music instead and grabbed the throw blanket that was next to you on the couch and threw it over both of you, arranging yourselves so that you were in front of him on the couch You barely awoke during this and Steve loved seeing you like this. Asleep enough to be off guard but awake enough to be able to remember his words and touches. His fingers caressed your cheeks and you smiled, a soft breathy giggle coming from you. He smiled and pressed his lips to yours, murmuring sweet words against your lips.

“How are you so perfect?” He whispered and you smiled lazily.

“Mmm, and why do your lips taste like popcorn?” You asked sleepily.

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That post is driving everyone crazy rn even me cuz I'm all for Camden but now if they don't want it. They are a cute couple

i was literally freakin out when i saw this vid on twitter then this post by Clara. IF the account was not hacked which is the only reason that makes sense for me atm, MAYBE they’ve decided to let the world know about 🌗 but then change their minds right away and deleted it. coz it just don’t fucking make sense man. like wtf

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funny story: 3 years ago I started hanging out with a guy (I'm gonna call him x). It was because his and my best friends had crushes on each other. But they were both kinda shy and he was unintentionally cockblocking them. all. the. time. (It kinda failed because everyone else started assuming that me and x were together and I had to always explain that "well, thank you for saying we make a cute couple, but in fact we aren't together; we're just trying to give our friends some time alone.")

anyway the first time we met and talked to each was when x’ best friend brought up asoiaf and I wasn’t really listening so I was like „yeah I ’ve read that“ even though I hadn’t and X was like „yeah I’ve read that too“. and i hadn’t read it but I heard some things about it so I just continued pretending and started talking bs about it with X so that my bff could make a move. Later I decided to actually read the book so that I would be able to say something in case I had to talk with him again. Anyway I started talking with X and it turned out he had lied about having read it too. We also discovered that we both actually liked asoiaf. Additionally we agreed that our friends should finally get together. I also told him that he was cockblocking them. He was like am I?? I hadn’t realized?? I was just like „Leave it to me. I am not as socially inept as you lol“. So we arranged a lot of „coincidentally“ meeting each other while out with our bffs. We would get talking and that I would suddenly decided that I needed a sandwich right now: „Oh you two keep talking I just gonna get something from the supermarket real quick, X come on, join me“. Or I needed to show X that funny asoiaf thing on my phone. Everything worked out, our best friends got together. X and I had turned into big fans of asoiaf but stopped spending time with each other as our friends had started dating. Half a year later they broke up because Xs bff moved away. Soon after I ran into X again. We got talking about twow (thinking it was gonna get released soon lol). I wondered about Jaime. He was like:“ are you trying to tell me he isn’t shacking up with Brienne in a cottage in the woods? They’re soo canon.“ And all I thought was: tumblr would be telling me to date him now. Then I realized: why the hell not?? He looked really fit (kinda like Robb Madden lol) and was nice to talk to and a good person, I just never thought of him as someone to date. So I asked him out right then and there and he said yes. Later he would admit that when he saw me the first time he had pretended having read asoiaf bc he wanted to talk to me thinking I was cute but later thought he had no chance with me because i just wanted to get our friends together so he stopped pursuing me. Anyway this was the story. (It sounds like a really bad ff lol but it’s true.) I thought you might appreciate it bc everyone I know in real life don’t care about asoiaf and jxb. 

OH MY GOD THIS IS THE CUTEST ANON I HAD SUCH A :DDDDDDDDDD FACE WHEN I WAS READING IT OMG. ALSO YES YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DATE A GUY WHO SHIPS JAIME AND BRIENNE SOUNDS LIKE TOTAL BOYFRIEND MATERIAL and no it sounds like a great fanfic actually :’D awwww it’s totally absolutely adorable I’m totally making heart eyes. the power of jaime/brienne, lol. congratulations on how it turned out ;) but really awwwww. I’m stuck on AWWWWWWWWWW. AWWW. AND AWWWW.  Like I’m pretty much like the following gif right now xDDD <33 

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Puzzle Piece Wedding Bands

Couple turned business partners  Eliad (goldsmith) + Maya (Product and Architectural lighting designer) first met in India. From their unexpected love affair, they traveled through Africa and the Far East, where they immersed themselves in local traditions. Abroad, the couple explored color and age-old jewelry-making techniques passed down through the generations of tribal cultures.

After being exposed to modern,cutting edge technology of jewelry marking, such as 3D printing CAD, they’ve developed a set of unique and contemporary rings on their shop Cadi Jewellery.

Their collection of promise rings, engagement rings and anniversary rings are made of gold, sterling silver and lots of love. The “Wedding Engagement Ring” collection is designed as a puzzle, which implies the feelings of finding you other half and soul mate. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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