Love is someone you don’t just have butterflies for.

It’s the flu, it’s sickness, it’s pain, it’s medicine.

It’s not the shy hand holding or cuddling at the movies,
it’s the heart fulfilling gazes and kisses with meaning.

You never get bored of him.

He drives you to be yourself each day.

He accepts you for you and he loves you for that reason.

You get through the day making the other person happy.

It’s not to gain attention at school as a cute couple,
it’s to gain connection between you two,
no matter what other people think or say.

So think hard and wisely when you’re questioning love,

because it either kills you
or changes everything.

—  fabuliz

For you, dearest R -  I hope you like it (❛ั◡˜๑) ♡

Yes, it’s only two seasons too late but cherry blossoms are pretty and you can never have enough pretty! 

To be honest, I actually prefer tsundere/kuudere Levi and quite frankly this pose is anything but! As with most group/couple poses Levi assumes the female sim (due to his height) in order for the poses to snap together, which can be annoying when I want Levi to be more masculine. But I can’t really complain because I can’t make poses for shit. No really, I’m just grateful I can make my sims pose at all.

Anyway, this session turned out to be quite fun, and they do look rather cute here so all’s well that ends well. 

amazingaida  asked:

Okay, so, LevHina. Like, Lev is a tol and Hinata is a smol and they'd make such a cute couple. I can imagine Lev and Hinata spooning when they're asleep, and Lev completely surrounding Hinata and making him feel warm and safe :) Also HINATA CLIMBING ONTO LEV'S SHOULDERS ALL THE TIME??? Like, them going sightseeing in Tokyo and Hinata insisting he rides Lev's shoulders bc he can't see the monuments and all and just - ahhh this rarepair will be the death of me :'))))

Japril Scene #68

Jackson Tells April that Her Mother Has Arrived

This scene was from a simpler time. A time when April’s mom was actually cute. A time when Jackson got along with his mother-in-law. Those days are long gone, but I still appreciate this scene. It’s so domestic. Jackson and April seem like an old married couple in this scene instead of newlyweds. She’s all frazzled by her mom and he’s all calm and accepting of the situation. And can I tell you how much I adore his “Love you!” at the end? Literally makes me squeal.

anonymous asked:

How long before they Netflix and Chill?


Movie nights are just, you know, a part of their lives and always have been. It’s a tradition, it’s normal. They’re used to that.

But, yeah, it’s weird when you’re openly attracted to someone, in love with them, and cuddling up. It takes on a whole new meaning, then.

Barry would initiate it because I’ve always been in love with the idea of Barry making more of the moves once they start dating. He’s known he’s been in love with her for way longer, he’s been ready for this, he’s comfortable with the change. Iris would take some getting used to it, she’d let him lead AT FIRST. Later on is another story.

They’d takr their time to be cute and sweet – yeah, they’ve been a couple forever, they din’t realize it, but they’d want to do all of those couple-y things and actually do it RIGHT.

SO it wold probably take a few weeks and then Barry slyly leaning over to nuzzle and kiss at her neck and she’d let him. He’d go slow, way slower than he wanted and IT WOULD DRIVE HIM CRAZY but he’d see how far she let him push it~ until they did the do.

Oh poop! Forgot that the ball was today? But at least you found a date at the last minute, right? Well if you did, you still have a chance at a cute portrait of you and your date!


Liking and Reblogging will only spread awareness

To enter, just have both parties send in their last minute announcement to either @panickypeachboy​ or @theboatball​! Make sure both parties agree!

Phrase it as “I’m late! But I have _____ as my date!” so we can distinguish from the original couples raffle!

Lastly, you gotta have an invite to the boat ball! So sorry to my normal followers.

Entries are welcome until 6:00 PM (pacific) of tonight!


The prize will include a simple outline drawing of the couple together! Just nothing too sexual alright? Winners can specify for chibi or that not really chibi style! (but it still looks squishy)

Samples of this artist’s work are found here or the tag “making memories” of this blog!

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It's a bit pathetic how much the Grant/Candice pics made me smile. The fandom shenanigans and other stuff that happened in the last couple weeks put me in a bad mood. Seeing them be so cute and adorable makes me happy. What is he doing in the pic where she's laughing? Lol.

I have no idea. I’m going to guess telling a story?