R76 Valentines Day 4: Proposal

I rarely ever do a 5+1 but really how the fuck could I pass up Gabe failing to propose to Jack 5 times because he’s a fucking perfectionist? Also Anahardt cause they’re really cute too.

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It seemed sort of old fashioned to be out doing this but Gabriel sometimes felt a little old fashioned. Especially with Jack. Everyone said they were like an old married couple. But not in that they bickered (they did that sometimes) but that they just seemed to have been together for so long it was impossible to not just make everyone aware of it. Even the brass, notorious for being completely oblivious, had figured out that their Strike Commander and Blackwatch Commander were dating. Ana always complained that they made her feel like a real third wheel even when they weren’t acting like a couple because they didn’t even have to talk about anything. Just a look would do most of the time. Still, buying a ring for your boyfriend was pretty old fashioned.

Gabriel had left the watchpoint and headed into the city a bit aways. He hadn’t told anyone what he was doing and only Athena knew where he was really going because Athena just knew everything. He’d found a jewelry, not a chain place, one run by some locals who made high-quality jewelry. Athena had actually suggested it after snooping around his Google searches as she did. He’d been annoyed when she’d suggested it but now he was grateful because he would never have found this place otherwise. It was more of a gallery than a jewelry store honestly and along with the jewelry was paintings and some real weird looking sculptures.

“Hello! Let me know if I can help you with anything,” the artist behind the counter said when he entered.

Gabriel didn’t know anything so he just went up and way more awkward and shy than he’d ever been in his life- even more so than the first time he’d ever asked a guy out- he said, “I’m looking to buy a ring.”

“A ring? For yourself?”

“No. For my boyfriend,” Gabriel and their entire face shifted, lifting up just a little.

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BTS Reaction To Their Younger Sister Dating Another Member

Namjoon: “You and my little sister? You like him? You’re together?”he asked with wide eyes as he stared at his younger sister and Jin. “For 4 months now,”she said looking away. “I know that you won’t hurt my sister but if you do I swear I will make you pay,”Namjoon whispered in Jin’s ears as he smiled kindly at his younger sister.

Taehyung: “I knew you liked him but I didn’t expect him to like you back,”Taehyung said laughing. “Oppa!”she whined blushing. Tae laughed as he stared at an uncomfortable looking Jimin,”Just make her happy that’s all I ask of you.” “I promise I will,”Jimin said as he stared lovingly at her.

Hoseok: “Aww how cute my little sister and Kookie are dating,”Hoseok cooed as he smiled at the both blushing couple. “Hobi-hyung I promise to make your sister happy,”Jungkook said firmly. “You better because even though I care about you I will hurt you if you make anything but happy to my sister,”Hoseok said staring at Jungkook with a serious expression.

Jin: “Namjoon? Ah but I thought you found him annoying,”Jin said smiling as he saw Namjoon’s surprised look. “Oppa! That was before I got to know him. Ugh see this is why I didn’t want to tell you anything you don’t know how to keep quiet,”his younger sister said blushing from embarrassment. “Ya! Don’t talk to me like that young lady,”Jin said in a fake angry voice. Jin turned to Namjoon,”I trust that you’ll take care of her even if she is a brat sometimes.”

Jungkook: “Well I can’t interfere between you two. You are my older sister after all,”Jungkook said shrugging his shoulder. “I thought it would’ve been more awkward than this,”she whispered to Yoongi. “I sorta had a feeling you and hyung were together since he was in a better mood every time he came back home,”Jungkook said smiling,”Noona make hyung happy he’s less of a grandpa when he’s with you.” “You’re supposed to tell Yoongi that not me!”she said laughing.

Yoongi: “You two make an odd couple. Just make each other happy and handle everything maturely,”Yoongi said. “I promise I’ll be a good boyfriend to your sister,”Taehyung said standing firmly as he held her hand. “Also another thing she sometimes snores loudly at night so if she ever spend a night at your apartment I’ll know,”he said raising his eyebrow. “Yoongi!”she said with wide eyes blushing. Yoongi laughed at his embarrassed sister,”I’m just telling him so he can get himself some ear plugs.”

Jimin: “Really my little sister? You’re going out with my little sister?”Jimin asked in shock. “Yes. For about 8 months now,”Hoseok said quietly. “How can she keep this from me. 8 months! She always used to tell me everything,”Jimin frowned and then looked at Hoseok angrily,”You didn’t tell me either!” “She said she was going to do it. Just two days ago she told me that she hasn’t said anything to you yet but that you might already know about the relationship already. I’m sorry Jiminnie,”he said biting his lower lip. Jimin brushed it away sighing,”Just keep on making her happy. I’m sure she very in love with you and I hope you love her as much as she loves you.”

Jungkook’s reaction is different (the sister being his noona) for obvious reasons

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Kara and reader make cupcakes together. Instructing the other by hugging them from behind and guiding there hands, smearing cream in each other's face, kisses, "fighting". A very cheesy couples, cupcake making session in other words.

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You’ve recently noticed that you could never say no to Kara. She gets that adorable crinkle on her lower forehead and gives you those super cute puppy eyes when she wants something, and you honestly could not find the power within yourself to resist. So when she asks you if you could spend the day baking, you groan extra loudly, because you know there’s was no way you were getting out of this one.

“I don’t even know how to bake!” you complain as Kara drags you to the kitchen.

“Oh, come on! It’s super easy, you just follow the recipe! Besides, I already bought all the ingredients, so we can’t just not bake anything.” You roll your eyes over dramatically and accept your defeat. You even let Kara put a tacky chef hat and apron on you.

“You look really cute.” Kara smiles widely at you, grabbing your apron and pulling you closer. “You’re amazing.”

She kisses you gently, and suddenly you don’t mind baking, in fact, you’d bake a million cakes if it meant making Kara happy.

Kara pulls away as soon as the kiss starts getting interesting. “These cupcakes aren’t going to bake themselves.”

“Such a tease.” you mutter. Not quite sure where to start, you grab the thing nearest to you, which happens to be a giant wooden spoon. “What do I do?”

You turn around, spoon in hand, and stare at your girlfriend, who already has flour on her nose.

“Loser,” you grin at her, indicating with your finger that she should check her nose.

She heads over to you and wipes her nose all over your shoulder.

“Gross, you probably wiped more than just the flour on my shirt.”

“At least I’m not the clueless idiot who doesn’t even know how to use a spoon.”

You smile suggestively at Kara, and lean back against the counter.

“Maybe you can show me.”

Kara’s eyes slowly begin to move down your body, checking you out. There’s a mischievous twinkle in them now, and you know that whatever happens next is going to be worth wearing this stupid hat.

“Turn around.” You do as your told, the spoon still in hand. You feel Kara’s arms snake around yours as she rests her head on your right shoulder.

She whispers in your ear the entire time she guides you, and not about baking. You were mixing cookie dough with a spoon, there was no actual guidance necessary, but you two were always looking for excuses to touch each other.

There’s a particular remark she makes that makes you spin around to face her and start kissing her. You push her back into the table behind her, knocking over the carton of eggs.

“Dammit Y/N!” She sounds angry, but one look at you and she smiles. “No, stop being all cute…I’m mad.” She fakes pouts and crosses her arms.

“No you aren’t.” You whisper as you lean in for another kiss. Kara blocks you with a face full of flour.

“Oh my god, you are so dead.” Kara runs off, taking the sack of flour with her. She doesn’t get too far though, because you grab her from behind, wrapping your arms around her and lifting her up. She easily slips out of your grasp, throwing more flour at you. You grab some cookie dough from the bowl on the counter and chuck it at her. It hits her right in the face, with a satisfying splat. You go at each other back and forth, until the food battle ends with your girlfriend slipping and taking you down with her.

Kara is literally on top of you, not that you’re complaining, and your faces are covered in flour. The blonde looks at you and laughs, and you join her.

“How did this happen?” You ask, moving your hands up to her waist.

“I don’t know, but you look really sexy all covered in flour.” Kara starts kissing down your neck, her hands doing some exploring as they make their way under your shirt, and all you can think about is how much you love baking.

I went thrift shopping today for some cotton pants (since I only own jeans and dress-khakis) for the dig I’m going on this summer with the classics department and my trowel came in the mail yesterday and now all I need is a wide brim hat and I can look like a Real Archaeologist

I also found a couple cute (and floral!!!) shirts for really cheap so I can look cute when I’m not on the dig site and some tacky patterned pants/leggings sort of things that are 100% my Aesthetic

good things about my two days trip to London:

  • London. just, London. I’d missed it!
  • street singers/musicians
  • met two nice people who were there for Emma Wxtson
  • proved to myself I can be strong and determined when I want to (it makes the disappointment even worse though)
  • seeing Luke Evxns (and everyone else)… but from afar… :/
  • happy, cute gay couples holding hands
  • a woman asked me to take a picture of her in the DisneyStore with the batb rose and her soon-to-be-bought Belle and Gaston dolls
  • buying batb merchandising including batb mystery mini funkos, the dolls, and my very first special mug!! it’s huge I’m gonna make the best teas and hot cocoas in it
  • somehow not getting sick (yet??)

sad/bad things about my two days trip to London:

  • waiting, freezing and shaking a total of 14 hours in the icy cold
  • f*cking storm doris making it even harder to deal with
  • feeling like dying once in bed. I’m sorry, body, I didn’t mean all the pain
  • health related anxiety
  • my irregular period decided it was a great time to show up
  • my lips are currently dead, so are my shoulders
  • not getting one of the many invitations randomly given away to see the screening
  • people… getting invitations… even though they didn’t know about the event until they stumbled across it 45 minutes earlier… (yes I’m very bitter about that)
  • seeing Luke Evxns only from afar (like really afar, not 2 meters afar :/)
  • so, no chance to get a picture like I’d hoped so hard
  • feeling like I went for nothing
  • (but hey at least I bought cool stuff I’d planned to buy! the LeFou mini funko is ADORABLE I think it’s my favourite out of the five different characters I got (got the Prince twice, ball dress Belle, Lumière, kneeling Beast, and LeFou). I’m sad I didn’t get Gaston tho. LeFou feels lonely without his buddy. but gosh the Gaston doll is stunning!)
  • couldn’t find the batb novelization
  • misgendering once people hear my voice but oh well
  • “wow I had never met someone so quiet before… like shy people yes, but never someone who doesn’t talk at all” thanks what do you want me to say about it? stop acting like you’ve made a new species discovery

Have you ever met someone at the wrong time in your life but then the right time came around and somehow now you’ve been given the chance to finally make each other happy?

Thank you for loving me @ktorr19 ❤️