Gleeks!!! Our Reign is over...

After years of being the #1 TV Show on, it happened. We are no longer #1.

People talked and talked about how the SuperWhoLock fandom was the one who ruled but it wasn’t. Glee with much less seasons than 2 of those shows managed to surpass them in fics and keep their position in #1 for at least 4 years.

Let’s have in mind that Glee had 6 seasons 3 of which were the worst thing on TV and somehow we still managed to be #1 in fics (or maybe that’s the reason why we had so  many fics xp)

Our fandom rules and we should be proud of that!!!

So it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to our #1 spot but its okay because we had a good run.

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There is only one thing that I won’t accept about Glee and that is Dalton Academy being burned down. What the hell?! Kurt and Blaine were supposed to show the staircase to their children and grandchildren.  And I imagined them going there for their 50th wedding anniversary and reenacting their first meeting and maybe Blaine’s proposal too. Why would you destroy the most iconic thing you created RIB? Sigh. I’ve learnt to live with Blainofsky midgame but with touching Dalton you went too far…

Shining Through

Fandom: Arrow/The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen/Oliver Queen

Rating: General

Word Count: 2,966

Summary: Oliver Queen has a bit of a reputation. It’s not quite as colourful as that of Sebastian’s, but it still doesn’t help the uncertainty that Barry feels about finally giving into his feelings.

Note: Written for Olivarry Week Day 7: Warbler!Barry, and also for @eddiethallen, who prompted ace!Barry

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If someone were to ask Barry what the worst thing about being a twin is, it wouldn’t be a common answer. It wouldn’t be that he’s mistaken for Sebastian on a regular basis, despite the vastly different ways in which they carry themselves.

It isn’t that they have to share a birthday – they’re used to it. They know nothing else.

It’s not even the stupid questions they get asked from people who seem to have forgotten what common sense is, such as ‘does it hurt when you’re apart for a long time?’ or 'can you tell what each other is thinking?’

No. The worst thing, above all else, is that despite the fact that they have the same face, Sebastian still somehow manages to get all the attention. Manages to get all the guys that are even remotely bi-curious fawning after him with heart eyes. Just Barry’s luck, really.

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But that’s the thing. Glee wasn’t and shouldn’t revolve around Rachel Berry. Quick. Go read the synopsis and watch promos for the show in the earlier seasons. It is quite literally said to be a show about a Spanish teacher trying to rise Glee club’s fame. Yes, I get it. Shows grow. It shouldn’t have grown around one character though. And that’s not due to popularity, it’s due to said character(s) being shoved down our throats until we were forced to digest them.

Initial episode reaction: "Old Dog, New Tricks"

I loved that episode a lot. I didn’t like everything about it, but I never like everything about a Glee episode (or anything actually). And the “yes like”-to-“eh”/“no” ratio was higher for me than it’s been in a while.

Because it wasn’t just moments or scenes or one or two storylines that worked for me. THE WHOLE THING DID.

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“Carmilla” is the only piece of media I can think of that is unabashedly queer. It doesn’t talk about it. No one acknowledges it–it’s not a big deal. This is what I want the new age of queer stories to look like. Not that the ‘coming out/acceptance’ story doesn’t have a place in the queer narrative, as it were, but as a terrified little girl, watching people on my television screen make a big deal out of being gay (from Glee to the L Word) did not help me accept my sexuality at all. The characters in “Carmilla” aren’t worried about being queer–they’re worried about being in love, and passing their classes and fighting ancient evil vampires. To put it frankly, they’re doing all the awesome, cool, (almost)human things that straight people get to do in straight people stories. Being queer is so normalized that it is never questioned or talked about, even a little bit, even for a second, but the story doesn’t shy away from the queerness of its characters either; it happily throws them headfirst into queer crushes and queer love triangles and queer friendships (and how many times did Hollstein kiss on screen again? Four?) without ever making the queerness of them this unconventional issue that the characters have to confront. And that’s why “Carmilla” is so important (see: groundbreaking). I think I can safely make the generalization that most queer people (in whatever ways they differ from heteronormativity, and with whatever terms they use to define or not define themselves) just want their identities to be normalized–in movies and shows and books and songs. “Carmilla” paves the way for that; it’s on the fucking front lines, and that’s amazing and thrilling and makes me and a lot of other people so, so happy. And that’s why I want “Carmilla” to get a second season (and a third and fourth and fifth and sixth….hey, as long as the useless gay vampire is breathing). It’s got everything going for it: a unique spin on a vampire classic, quirky characters, important female role models, a devoted fanbase growing by the hour…but more than that, it’s telling a story that flies in the face of tired gay tropes and breaks open the boundaries of what queer narratives can be.

wow this got long. sorry not sorry. i just have a lot of feels ok?

tl:dr second season of carmilla because gay and girls and gender positivity yes? good? ok.

Fic: The New Berlin Wall

CrissColfer // PG-13 // » Just a silly little ficlet about Darren breaking in Hedwig’s heels and the boys being idiots. I’m rusty but somehow this wanted out today. :)

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Chris had always liked planning ahead. He was all about making lists and plans and making sure things were working out because after all some organization was required when you were working as much as he was and god, was he a busy one these days. With Glee ending, Chris felt like he had at least a little bit of time to spare for planning trips and getting to spend quality time with his boyfriend who frankly wasn’t too big on planning after all.

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School Scare || Kurt & Will

After the New Year started things had been pretty hectic and busy in Kurt’s life. Being a straight-A student, a promising rising star at the Glee Club and having the most loving boyfriend in the world, although he couldn’t tell anyone, occupied his life almost entirely, and he couldn’t be happier about it. Added to all that, there was the fact that his father announced his upcming marriage to Carol Hudson, ironically enough, the mother of his first crush. But things were good between the boys now, and they couldn’t be happier for their parents.

Of course, Kurt took upon himself to be the self-proclaimed wedding planner to that event, and to such an end, he pulled out the wedding scrapbook that he had been keeping and updating ever since he turned 10 years old, knowing for sure he would find some good ideas there. For days he mulled over it, dedicating almost his entire time to come up with the perfect ideas, and so that day in the lockers, just right after Cheerio practice and when he was done showering and changing, he was so distracted thinking about things that he didn’t notice Dave Karofsky stepping up from behind him and shoving him against the locker.

“I told you, the girls’ locker is across the hall.”

What happened next was a big blur, a mist mixed with hot headed words and insults, and then it happened. The way in which the bigger boy clashed his lips against Kurt’s knocked the air out of his lungs, and although he was able to shove him off, it was already done. Tears ran down his cheek as the other boy came up to him with his closed fist hovering over his face. “If you tell someone about this… I’ll kill you, you hear me?” He was gone as soon as he had came, and Kurt stood there shaking and sobbing quietly, his lips hurting from how hard the kiss had been, and feeling despair.

He grabbed his bag and almost tripped over the bench as he ran out of the lockers, trying his best to make it out of the hallways without being seeing, and wanting to make it to the parking lot at least so he could bolt away. But as he turned the corner, he bumped into a solid body that almost made him to fall back. “Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going, sorry…” He looked downm trying to hide his no doubt puffy eyes and face, but when he realized who that was his whole body deflated. “Wi- … Mr. Schue…”