Shining Through

Fandom: Arrow/The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen/Oliver Queen

Rating: General

Word Count: 2,966

Summary: Oliver Queen has a bit of a reputation. It’s not quite as colourful as that of Sebastian’s, but it still doesn’t help the uncertainty that Barry feels about finally giving into his feelings.

Note: Written for Olivarry Week Day 7: Warbler!Barry, and also for @eddiethallen, who prompted ace!Barry

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If someone were to ask Barry what the worst thing about being a twin is, it wouldn’t be a common answer. It wouldn’t be that he’s mistaken for Sebastian on a regular basis, despite the vastly different ways in which they carry themselves.

It isn’t that they have to share a birthday – they’re used to it. They know nothing else.

It’s not even the stupid questions they get asked from people who seem to have forgotten what common sense is, such as ‘does it hurt when you’re apart for a long time?’ or 'can you tell what each other is thinking?’

No. The worst thing, above all else, is that despite the fact that they have the same face, Sebastian still somehow manages to get all the attention. Manages to get all the guys that are even remotely bi-curious fawning after him with heart eyes. Just Barry’s luck, really.

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It was a conversation about actually being a gay kid in this world. Many times there were things that would come up that I was ecstatic about or unhappy with because I didn’t think it really fit today’s young mindset. I was very protective of that stuff. Those were conversations I had whether they wanted to hear it or not

Chris Colfer’s reply to “Did you ever find yourself on Glee really protective of your character with the writers?” - AOL Build

July 12, 2016