A quick doodle of were!Mccree finding a helpless & passed out young!Hanzo. (damsel in distress)

He likes the smell of this human and decides to take care of him like a good alpha that he is. Also, he rolled Hanzo into a burrito so that he doesn’t get cold.

lol fuc k

“My favorite parts of the show were my interactions with James Spader and William Shatner. I was always into James Spader like, eighties James Spader, "Less Than Zero”, and he was hot and weird. And then “Secretary” came out and it was so morbidly sexual. But, you know, he’s as cool as shit and incredible actor, an awesome comedic actor.“
~ Lake Bell (Sally Heep) about JS and "Boston Legal”

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Relationship Status: I’ve never been a romantic. Ten years ago I was set up on a blind date.  Five minutes in, I thought “this could be the love of my life.”  We now have two girls.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Both, preferable NARS for lipstick or EOS balls for chapstick. I only do the good stuff. 

Last Song I listened to(that meant anything): Sway, by Dean Martin.  My husband and I decided to use it as our first dance song at our wedding when it was sung live at a hotel bar in Cairo.  

Last movie I watched: While You Were Sleeping, with Sandra Bullock.  It is my favorite movie.  I’ve seen it dozens of times.  Last night it suddenly hit me that Peter (initial love interest) looked a lot like her deceased father and that was why she responded so strongly to him.  I’m not always very swift.  

Favorite Color: Green.

Top 3 shows: (at the moment) : The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, How to Train Your Dragon, Star Wars Rebels.  

Top 3 favorite characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kira Nerys (DS9), Sansa Stark.  

Top 3 Ships: Eowyn/Farmair, Sansa Stark/too many to list, Ridcully the Brown/Granny Weatherwax (Terry Pratchett).

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scrumptious, tenacity, excerpt, diabolical, catharsis, illuminate. this were some of my favorite words. anyways, this is in no way bad, i think it's actually kind of good because it motivates me, but you're writing intimidates me. i really hope you take this as a compliment, but it hits me and knocks the stars out of my skies so that i can inspect them up close, and it's just always stealing my oxygen and crushing my lungs and i don't have enough words to use for you

what? me? mine? dude this message is more put together and well put then anything i’ve ever done, i’m honored.

so im gonna buckle down and really do some stuff tomorrow so this is a PLOTTING CALL. i love plots. all my favorite verses were heavily plotted. if you have a plot you want, come talk to me ASAP and ill love you forever. like this and ill come message you with ideas after this movie and ill also love you forever. plot with me

If I were in a relationship with Inquisitor Ameridan
  • I would constantly get into petty non-fights with him about this pressing need he has to be the world’s hero, to fix the human-elf problem on his own, and this unnecessary obligation he has as Drakon’s overreaching weapon. But then he would assure me that the gods smile upon our strengths and potential for making a change - even if a little bit of it means saving the world, not without running his fingers through my hair and kissing me, saying that nothing is inevitable.
  • In bed, I would ask him to speak to me in that grave regal voice of his as foreplay.
  • I’d rage like a storm through the Frostback basin looking for my love and unleash powerful magic to find him
  • I’d be Telana. Let’s be real now.

Tonight was rough.

Abraham, R.I.P. You were one of my favorites since you showed up in the show. I loved your vocabulary, I loved your attitude, and I just plain loved you. Mike Cudlitz was a great addition to TWD and I will never ever forget the memories you have given both myself and the fans. Thank you.

Glenn, R.I.P. You were my top favorite since the very beginning. You have grown to become such a strong character. You brought us very fantastic memories and humour and emotion and everything in between. Even making us wait three weeks to see if you were still alive! You will most certainly never ever be forgotten, and Steven, I love you so much. I’m so sorry your character has gone through all of the shit that he has gone through. You certainly didn’t deserve it. Neither did Glenn. Thank you so so much for the great character and memories. We will never ever forget you. Thank you.

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it was definitely in my top 5 for which requests were my favorite. i think it has the ability to be very fluffy, smutty, comedic, and even angsty!

The Walking Dead

I have never cried so much over two tv characters before. Tonight’s episode was probably the most heartbreaking episode I have ever seen. I am really going to miss Glenn Ghee and Abraham Ford. They were/are two of my favorite characters. Every actor that was on this episode did an amazing job tonight. I’m ready to see what is to come of the group. Carl really really made me happy tonight (sorta) even though he just saw two members of the group get killed, he still held it together when everybody was breaking. Carl is a true badass. Maggie is about to become a real badass soon, I can feel it.

@psydragon replied to your post:okay I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one…

oh lord. yeah. this what was I was going to write about. in the simplest way I can describe, Jaune using Pyrrha’s armor to reinforce his own was a realistic response to losing a comrade. to preserve her memory, he now carries her into battle. that being said, I feel like everyone hates him because he’s Jaune. it’s not the character. it’s the writing.

exactly! everyone is throwing a fit because Jaune is the one who did this, but I swear to god if Ruby somehow incorporated Penny into her weapon/outfit people would go “awwww that’s so sweet” like ?????

it’s the same situation but because he’s Jaune suddenly it’s a bad thing

(And Ruby and Penny weren’t even partners!! Jaune and Pyrrha were!!)

seriously, Jaune isn’t one of my favorites, not even close. But I’m tired of people raggin on him all the time just because he’s the easy target. 

leave him alone