The 100-year-old skates are a rare example of Road Rollers, which were hugely popular with London businessmen in Victorian times. From British museum, 2010. 

My sims were having a huge party, and one of the household members was washing dishes for hours and hours and hours, causing a huge flood, because the sink was broken. I had to delete the sink, because he kept cleaning the same dishes for like 8 hours

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People are saying that bringing Larry signs to a concert is manipulating Liam, what do you think? Is it not cool to bring Larry signs or? I wouldn't but it isn't like we're forcing him to read the signs. Idk I just wanted to know what you thought

In the beginning, a lot of us larries were against it bc we didn’t want to remind the boys of how bad their closeting situation was and we just wanted them to have a good time.

But now, it’s a whole different thing. The acknowledgement for these signs is not only coming from liam but it’s also coming from the camera and director crew.

A few years ago, I went to a Jon Stewart and Colbert rally in Washington, D.C., I was standing in the second section, behind hundreds and hundreds of people. During jons welcome speech, the camera panned the crowds and people would get hype seeing themselves on screen, and much like 1d concerts these screens were huge and all over the place. As Jon transitioned into speaking about diversity, I saw a camera crew headed towards my section. This cameraman panned the whole row, but stopped right in front of me, and my hijabi Indian face was plastered over 10 screens spanning the entire field, for not only the thousands of attendees to see, but the millions watching from home.

Compare this to the time I went to an Americas Got Talent taping in Los Angeles and me and my hijabi friend were tucked away in the back (they choose your seats for you) where no cameraman or viewer at home would see us.

So yes, this is all very deliberate and calculated, and they are not only giving larry signs attention, they are straight up asking us to bring more. what the attendees see is very purposeful, nothing you see on that screen is put there by accident.

You see there are two very obvious reasons, the entire camera crew that is plastering up larry signs (light years different than wwa and tmh) BUT ALSO Liam intentionally reading the larry signs.

I’m telling you, this is all a part of the plan and it’s not a mistake much less manipulation.

So can we just think of bigger and better signs to take and just fucking enjoy this??

Today I looked through our pictures. I didn’t cry, I smiled. You were a huge part of my life and we had great memories together. I’m happy that we were together, I’m not happy that it ended or how it ended. But, you came into my life for a reason and you left for a reason. And now I’m going to find someone who will stay in my life so a reason.
—  July 27, 2015

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What was the 'Jumping the Shark' moment for OUAT? Has it happened already or heading there? I'm thinking it's everyone going to Neverland, IMHO. But would love to hear other opinions!

For me it was the Neverland arc as well. They could have done a lot of great things with it. Considering that, according to A&E they were ‘huge Peter Pan fans’…. They sure as hell shit over all my beloved NL characters. (Wendy Darling as a stunted child, when her younger brothers were older than her? WTF.) 

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KATYA!!!!! how was it??? did u have fun????

IM. guna like. talk about everything lmao i was too exhausted last night to?? i got there at 5:30 am to line up and there was a pretty and tall girl in my grade in front of me with her mom from northern cali and they were so so sweet cause i was by myself till my friend showed up so most of the day they kept me company and we went to eat when things opened and got really close the whole time. the mom let me sit in her chair and bought an umbrella for me to use like they made it so much easier and nicer. she loved taehyung with all her heart and it was so precious i was so happy watching her talk about him. there were all kind of fansites and nice ppl giving out banners and stickers and photocards and we got so many omg.

SO when they started letting us in there were huge groups of ppl cutting in line so me and amanda and val and rose literally held hands and ran to keep our place lmao. i forgot to leave my flat iron in my car so i thout they would make me trash it but no one said anything and we got in around 6 and stood for an hour till it started. we were right in front of the standing section behind the pit and could see perfectly.

when the lights went black and the vcr started playing i felt my heart hit the floor istg it just registered what was about to go down and they looked amazing on the big screen. but when they came out some girl came out of nowhere behind me and was pushing me forward sooo hard and scream mumbling every single word of the songs up until their introductions. and there was a shorter girl who i let in front of me so she could see better but she had her phone right at my eye level and her afro was bouncing on my face and neck i literally felt like i was suffocating for the first twenty minutes. i didnt see their intros cause the girl behind me had knocked my purse off and everything spilled and the ppl around me noticd and used their bombs to light up the floor and told her to give me a little space i was so so grateful and during the next song i was able to scoot away from both of them and have a perfect view and some space omg. 

after that everything was perfect. jungkook was on fire i swear he was doing the most interacting with the crowd he is so tall and hot and his brows looked so good lmao. suga was energetic and humble and during cypher pt 3 i was rebirfed he didnt miss a beat and had the entire place jumping i just  !!!! jin is so sos so handsome and danced and sung so well and he literally flung the globe off of an army bomb by accident during attack on bangtan and looked so surprised lmao. jimin is. so. pretty. his hair was styled the same as during dope promos and it looked so good and he put out the mike for us to sing along in his part during so many songs. taehyung’s voice especially in let me know and blanket kick and i like it was just the prettiest thing i had ever heard so smoove so controlled so deep and val and amanda both bias him so i just felt all kinds of floppiing around next to me during his parts lmao. rap mon!!! he was cute ive been really really iffy about him lately tbh but i can see how hard he works and he did really well and looked so so nice. everyone spoke so much english so well and i really wanna applaud them for that.

NOW. jhope. my hope. hobi hoseok the hope. everything else was in the background honestly i was watching him the entire time and can say for a fact that he is an angel. he was so bright and energetic and taaan and no matter where he was looking his jaw was sharper than anything id ever seen. his hair was bouncy. he smiled and smirked and jumped laughed and teased and sounded incredible. when rap mon was like “are you tireeed?” and ppl kinda just screamed jhope made the hottest pondering face and when rap mon asked it again and we yelled that we’re not jhope mouthed “no” with his eyes kind of glazed over and idfk but it was the hottest thing i had ever seen in my life. i got really hot toward the end and during the encore i was standing on my purse to get above everyone else. i was the ONLY one in my area even close to being on this level and during the “hustle life”/dramatic look forward jhope locked eyes with me and !! fucking !! smirked !!!! when i looked side to side really really quick and looked back he nodded his head and flicked his tongue istg my knees gave out and i kinda of slumped then he. laughed, he laughed at me and im so sos so in love. 

every song was amazing. they were amazing. it was the best night of my life. i love bts. jungkooksgf pink-iara exoshinetoki

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Hi cassy!, i already have the basic gameplay of my game all set up!, its name is going to be: False lullaby. I will post the character designs later, but i wanted to tell you that you and deo were a HUGE inspiration for me. so thank you so much!

Aw thank you, I’m glad that you find me as an inspiration qvq

Go check it out guys ^

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maybe you have been asked about this multiple times but did you take any photos or get video footage or anything when you went to see nirvana???

dear, this was the 90′s.   cell phones were huge.  they were looking for cameras, and taking them.

so no.  which bites.

sometimes i think about the ama’s and how niall said he dances to shake it off in his undies and how harry had playfully tapped his shoulder

and then how niall completely lost it and went on one of his laughing fits cause you know that’s what they do, harryandniall that is

after which harry was so endeared that he couldn’t help but swoop in, delicately placing a hand on niall’s shoulder and using the other to brush his cheeks and maybe, just maybe, lean in and steal a kiss


Ok but guys I just realized this and now I can’t stop laughing.

You know how Fiddle’s pupils were all huge when he came out of the portal and was talking in Cipher jumbo

And then Ford was checking Lee for possession by seeing if his eyes reacted to light, so I’m thinking that’s one of the signs of possession. So that means that Dipper did look somewhat normal to everyone in Sock Opera but now I’m laughing because



The Mycenaean tholos tomb (fancifully) named the ‘Treasury of Atreus’, located in Mycenae, Greece.

This tomb dates to ca. 1300-1250 BC. Elite Mycenaean families who lived around this era, perhaps not too long before the presumed date of the Trojan War, buried their dead in beehive-like tombs which were covered by huge earthen mounds. There are about 9 such known examples in Mycenae, but there are much more elsewhere. This example is the most famous and best preserved of these tombs, with a 43-foot high dome. It was unfortunately robbed -we have no information regarding its burials or accompanying grave goods. Except for the elite status of the Mycenaean, we are thus left essentially clueless as to whom this tomb was owned by. 

Photos taken by Klearchos KapoutsisMichael Clarke.