Arranged {Part 7} [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1359
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Draco and Y/n aren’t on the greatest of terms, however when both receive news of an arranged marriage, they must learn to tolerate each other, and possibly fall in love…
Other Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it
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The last of the Winter chill was over, making way for the warmer, brighter start of Spring. The grass around Hogwarts was an emerald green, as were the leaves on the trees. The baby pink blossoms floated around in the soft breeze, scattered across the ground in a pretty haze.

The windows in the castle seemed to glitter in the sunlight, making Hogwarts appear even more beguiling than usual, and ice on the Black Lake had melted, allowing the water to gently ripple every now and again.

The new beauty of the seasons contrasted greatly against the storm of emotions Draco was fighting against.

He was angry, confused, upset and jealous all at the same time.

He didn’t know what to do. He had messed up one time too many, and had finally gone and lost you. The only thing that he had held onto before was that you were in an arranged marriage - it was his one last chance to make sure he ended up with you.

He held the ring you once wore between his thumb and index finger, desperately trying to think of ways he could convince you to take him (and the ring) back.

There were a few obstacles in the way: Theodore Nott, Pansy Parkinson… and the fact you apparently didn’t love him anymore.

He winced every time he thought of you yelling at him, and hated himself for what he had done to you. It physically hurt him to think of what he had done to you, but what hurt even more was seeing you with someone who wasn’t him.

He should be used to it - it was almost old news by now - but he just couldn’t. He couldn’t sit in the common room if he saw you and Nott in there together, and whenever he saw you and him in the hallways he’d turn in the opposite direction.

What he really wanted was to get you alone, and have a proper conversation. It was hard though, as when he was avoiding you and Nott, you were avoiding him.

It was a week later when Draco finally found you alone. He saw you walking down the hallway, and tried to pluck up the courage to call out your name. It took a few seconds of following after you, before he called out, “Y/n!”

You froze, your heartbeat beginning to race as you recognised the voice. Hands shaking, you willed yourself to continue walking.

“Y/n! I need to talk to you! Please!” Draco yelled, evidently following you. Your breathing quickened as you tried to escape him, however it was near impossible - the hallways were empty; there was nowhere to hide.

“Listen to me! Come back! Please!” Draco’s pace quickened as he chased after you. You could hear his footsteps getting louder, and you urged yourself to move faster when-

“Petrificus totalus!”

Your body froze. Unable to move your legs, you felt yourself beginning to tip over, and nearly hit the ground when two strong arms caught you, holding you to his chest.

“I’m sorry I had to do this, but I need you to listen to me.” Draco held your wrists together, and took the spell off of you, so you could reply. “Why should I?” You snarled, annoyed at him.

Draco sighed, “Look, I know I’ve treated you badly, I know, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry about everything, but I need to talk to you.”

You tried to escape from his grip, but he was considerably stronger than he looked, and you sighed under your breath.

“Then talk,” you whispered defeatedly. Draco looked surprised at your reaction, but quickly covered it up and started talking, “First of all, I need you to know that I’m sorry. For everything. I never meant to hurt you. Not even at the beginning, when we didn’t even really like each other.”

Draco’s grip on your wrists weakened, however you didn’t move, allowing yourself to stay in his arms for a while longer, though you knew you shouldn’t.

“When we first got engaged, I did it for my parents, but now… now it’s so much more. I… I love you. And I want to marry you. But I want you to want to marry me too. And I know you don’t. You’ve made that clear.” Disappointment was woven through his words, but you couldn’t bring yourself to disagree with him.

“So please, before I even try to fight for this, for us, anymore, I just need to know one thing. Do you love me? Even just a little bit.”

“No,” you answered, sounding confident, but feeling so conflicted. You were so sure of your answer.

So then why did it feel like you were lying?

Draco nodded sadly, looking crushed and disappointed. “Do you love Nott?” His voice was shaky and uneven as he anticipated your reply.


He nodded again, swallowing harshly as he tried to come to terms with what you said. He looked at you, taking in your appearance - the way your hair fell against your face, the way your eyes sparkled, the way your lips looked so kissable…

Draco’s hands suddenly moved to grab your hips and before you could do anything, he pushed his lips to yours roughly. Your arms found themselves around his neck, as you couldn’t help but kiss back.

His hands were everywhere - on your hips, waist, face. He kissed you like you were his air - like he needed you to exist, to carry on living.

He suddenly pulled away, speaking with an urgent tone in his voice, “Tell me! Tell me you didn’t feel anything and I’ll walk away right now! I’ll leave you alone, I’ll leave Nott alone. I’ll even tell my parents it was my fault we called off the engagement! If you’re so sure you don’t love me anymore, then just tell me you didn’t feel a thing.”

You gulped, your hands trembling as you fought an inner battle with yourself.

You felt the same sparks you always did with him, and never with anyone else. Nott, you knew, could never kiss you like this, make you feel like this.

But he could never hurt you like Draco had.

“I didn’t feel anything,” you said, your eyes locked on his. “You’re lying,” Draco whispered, “Tell me the truth.”

“I didn’t feel anything!” You insisted. Draco raised an eyebrow. You sighed, “Fine. Maybe I did feel something.” You looked away from his gaze, “I always do.”

“I knew it,” Draco whispered, “I knew it wasn’t just me. We both felt something in that kiss, Y/n. We’re supposed to be together. Deep down, you know that too.”

You paused, before replying in a confused whisper, “How can you do this? How can you hurt me so much, yet still make me fall for you? I promised myself I’d never come back to you, but here I am. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, Draco Malfoy, but I’m not happy about it.”

“It’s the same thing you do to me,” Draco replied, his breath feeling warm as it hit your face, “I used to despise you, and now look. I can’t leave you alone. I’m in love with you, Y/n. This is it now, I mean what I’m saying. I love you, and no one else.”

You shouldn’t be falling for his words, his touch, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move away.

“I love you too,” you whispered. Draco’s heart skipped a beat, and the happiness that took over him couldn’t compare to anything else. He slowly leant back down to kiss you again when you placed your finger over his lips, gently pushing him away, “But…” Draco frowns in confusion.

“I also love Nott, as I already told you,” you said, feeling guilty as your emotions battled each other.

“Who do you love more?” Draco asked, pain laced through his words. You looked at him, remembering the last time you had a conversation like this, how much it hurt you. You knew the answer to his question, but couldn’t help the reply that came out of your mouth,

“I don’t know.”

Color coding and highlighting is extremely useful.

That is, if you know how to do it in an efficient matter.

This guide will teach you what colors are good to use and when to highlight with them. Note that these are all recommendations from me, but are backed up with evidence I collected.

Click here if the “keep reading” doesn’t work – I’ve changed my url to studyvet

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Songs that remind me of Lauren in one playlist

( listen here )

1. Home, Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros 

2. Green Eyes, Coldplay

3. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd

4. She Is Love, Parachute

5. One And Only, Adele

6. National Anthem, Lana Del Rey

7. Can’t Help Falling In Love, Elvis Presley

8. Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop, Landon Pigg

9. ssweet-dispositionn, The Temper Trap

10. Baby, I Love Your Way, Big Mountain

11. Ain’t No Sunshine, (Lido Remix) Bill Withers

12. You’ve Got The Love, Florence + The Machine

13. Wake Me Up, Ed Sheeran

14. You Found Me, The Fray

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If you don't come up here and sing prompt for Aja and Aic

Inspired by @fer8girl and the song is “To Be Alone” by Hoizer, with some changes in the lines that Aja makes

Aric exited the ‘fresher and shut his eyes, wishing he could block the tone-deaf singing the same way he could block the sight of Orannus trying to dance on stage.

“’Cause I’m head ooooover booooots for you!”

If you’re singing that to someone in the crowd, Sir, they’re not leaving with you with the way you sing.

Aric weaved through the moderate crowd, seeing Havoc at their table. Elara’s cheeks were pink from whatever bright green thing she’d ordered. Vik had drank about three of the same thing and was sitting backwards in his chair, chatting up a pair of Twi’Lek twins. Aja was bobbing her head to Orannus’ off-tune singing.

Her face lit up when she caught sight of him.

He stomped down on the affection that flared in his chest.

Ignore the imprint, Jorgan.

“So what kind of song do you want to sing?” She bounced in her seat, watching him eagerly. “I was thinking something fun. Since you never seem to have any.” Aja elbowed him, smiling. 

“I don’t sing.”

“Oh, come on, you can’t be worse than Hallow.”

“No, Rookie.” Aric shook his head. “I’m not getting up there.”

“Please?” she wheedled. “I think we could sing something together.”

“No. End of story.”

Aja was quiet for a moment. “Last time we all did karaoke you said you’d go up with me next time. That’s this time.”

“Dammit, I’m not going up there.”

“Fine. We’ll drop it.”

Good. I’m not going up there.

Aric leaned back and clapped politely for Orannus. He knew she was disappointed, but she couldn’t make him get up there and embarrass himself.

Orannus headed over, leaving the stage empty.

And Aja got up. “I’ll sing alone, then.”

“Break a leg, Yetter.” Elara waved as Aja headed towards the DJ, passing Orannus.

He sat down next to Aric. “What’s got Yetter pissed?”

“She’s pissed?” Aric looked over sharply at Aja, who was conversing with the DJ. “What do you mean, pissed?” He had a bad feeling in his stomach.

Orannus shrugged. “She seemed pissed.” He paused, drink halfway to his mouth. “Why? Did you-”


Elara arched an eyebrow at Aric but remained silent.

He watched as Aja took the stage. She looked tiny up there. How had Orannus seemed to take up the whole stage while she looked like she was going to be swallowed by it? 

It’s not even that big a stage.

The lights dimmed.

“Ooooh, fancy.” Vik twisted to watch Havoc’s rookie. “What’s the kitto got for us?”

She fiddled with the mic stand to lower it to where she could reach it.

A sythharp started a slow melody, notes short and sweet.

She was standing in a spotlight as the club quieted.

The bad feeling in his stomach got worse, fueled by regret and his insistent imprint.

And then she sang. “Never feel too good in crowds.” Her voice rolled over the club, stirring up interest. 

Aric didn’t listen to the words, no, he was hypnotized by her voice; almost low enough to be a purr, as rich as the sky was with stars. His heart was beating with the drum, the tether keeping him from getting lost.

Orannus glanced at him, eyebrows raised in hesitance.

“What?” Aric growled.

“You listening to what she’s saying?”

He looked back at Aja and listened.

“But you don’t know what hell you put me through. To have someone question everything you do,” she crooned.

That wasn’t about me, was it?

She leaned into the mic. “To feel your doubt that I’ll ever be any use. It’s the reason I followed you.”

The whole club had gone silent with baited breath.

Aja pulled the mic out of the holder.

Someone whooped in the back.

“Feels good! Stars, it feels good!” She was bathed in blue as the lights flashed on, spinning around her as the music returned in tenfold. Aja belted out the lines, grinning and striding across the stage with her hips swinging. “Feels good! Stars, it feel good, oh to be alone up here.”

Oh no.

She was staring right at him, grinning maliciously.

Some of the other club-goers were looking at Aric, realizing she was singing about him.

“Shit,” he mumbled.

Orannus spoke out of the side of his mouth. “I think you pissed her off.”

“What gave it away, Sir? The words or her singing them right at me?” Aric tried to slink down in his seat, rubbing his forehead.

Elara looked like she was trying to not smile, and failing.

Vik was now completely ignoring the Twi’Lek twins and watching Aja with rapt attention, occasionally eyeing Jorgan with a smirk.

Orannus, at least, looked like he was making a decent effort to not enjoy Aric getting embarrassed. For about thirty seconds. Then his face cracked and he started snickering. “You do deserve it, Jorgan.”

“Shut up,” Aric spat as Orannus dissolved into giggles.

Aja slowly stopped strutting across the stage, singing one last syllable, voice hanging in the air. She finished and bowed.

The whole club applauded. Whistled. Cheered.

She ducked her head as she headed back towards Havoc. The look she gave Aric was daring him to say something about her performance.

He decided to not say anything.

“So.” She slid into the seat next to him, leaning close. “What’d you think of it?”

Aright, fine.

“I didn’t know you could sing.”

Aja smiled sweetly. “Anything else?”

“Latrine duty.”

“Oh, I think I know that one! Doesn’t it go ‘I’m Aric Jorgan and I’m a piece of shit. I’ll make a promise, and never stick to it?’”

Aric glared down at her. “Dammit Yetter, you made a scene.”

“Could’ve sang with me.”

She had him there. Aric drummed his fingers on his knee and watched a Nautolan start singing some song about a wheel in the sky. “Yeah, fine. I could’ve.”

Aja looked away, disappointment apparent in the slope of her shoulders. “Sorry for calling you out on it like that.”

The damn imprint was now making him feel bad for hurting her feelings. Aric sighed and cursed silently in his head before holding out his hand. “Aright, how about a dance?”

“Even better.” She took his hand and dragged him to the dance floor.

He frowned at her. “Step on my feet and that’s another latrine duty.”

“If you step on mine does that mean you get one?”

“Just dance, Rookie.”


Macarons Collection from Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles located in Epcot’s France Pavilion.

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Black had never been a happy colour on her. With her fair skin, it made her look half a corpse herself.

when u and the squad waits for the light to shine and it shines and u guys are like “yOOOOO…lets do it again”


This is a great and exicitng cake to make that is not to hard. It looks more complicated than what it actually is. The best way to make it is to get a classic, simple sponge recipe, maybe double the amount because a rainbow cake tends to be quite a big cake. Once the mixture it made it needs to be split into 5 or 6 depending on how many colours you have. I found that 6 was too many as it was then to tall for the kitkats. The colours i used were pink, blue, green yellow and orange. In each of the mixtures put the colours in and mix them until you are happy with the colours. Then all the cakes need to be cooked separately. To ice the cake you will need to make up some butter icing which will stick the kitkats to the cake. Place the kitkats around the edge and the place the smarties on top. Once this is done the cake is complete. 

Title: After Hours

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 1,618

Notes: AU, prompt for doctor kink, might have gotten a little carried away but it was a slow night at work


“And are you sexually active?”

The patient shifted on the exam table, thin white paper underneath him crinkling. “Uh, yeah.”

“Do you use protection?” Castiel jotted notes down on his paperwork.

“No. But we uh, we’re monogamous.”

“When was the last time you had an STD screening?”

The patient scratched the back of his neck, looking down in his lap where the white gown was stretched over bowed thighs. “Before we started going bare, we were both checked.”

“And you haven’t had any other sexual partners since?”


“It’s still a good idea to get checked regularly, in case your partner isn’t completely honest with you.”

Bright green eyes shot up and his pretty pink lips were parted in shock. Castiel tried not to snicker and continued, “How long have you been monogamous with this partner?”

Fumbling to get back into it, the patient rubbed his hands over his thighs, “Jeez, gotta be almost ten years now, about nine since we’ve been, you know, doing it.”

Humming, Castiel uncrossed his ankles and rolled his stool over to the sink cabinet in his generic doctor’s office. “And when did you start having erectile dysfunction?”

Mr. Winchester looked affronted, “Well I wouldn’t say it’s, uh, a dysfunction - I don’t know.”

“You wouldn’t have come to me if something wasn’t wrong.”

“It’s uh – well sometimes I have a hard time staying hard, it just uh, kind of goes down in the middle of sex. And sometimes, I can’t really get hard even if I’m turned on.”

He was back to staring at his lap.

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Color Me Blue

Summary: Everyone sees the world in shades of black and white until they touch their soulmate for the first time. A soulmate AU with 2009!Phan.

Notes: Basically, my favorite song on Troye’s new album is BLUE and this is what I think about every time I listen to it.


“I know you see in black and white
So I’ll paint you a clear blue sky
Without you I am colorblind
It’s raining every time I open my eyes”


Dan was five when he first learned about color.

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My Sims Biography

In my Sims, my main family is African-American. The daddy, Mika, is of Polish and Czech descent from his mother’s side. Her name is Rhonda. Mika’s father is unknown. Because of this, Mika’s now deceased grandfather, Oskar, helped raise him with his young daughter. The momma, Giada, is full African-American who is Creator of the Worlds in the writing profession. The oldest daughter, Algeria, is a painter and multi-instrumentalist who is level 9 in the musician career. She lives in the Arts District with her romantic partner, Eva. When she was a teenager, she looked up the fashion tastes of Taylor Momsen and Zoe Kravitz. She was considered the rebel of the family, but her parents were lenient on her clothing choices. She used to wear green, silver, and pink hairstyles, but as an adult, she wears her naturally curly hair (dyed brown with silver highlights) more often and her clothing choices are more casual and colorful.

  The middle child is Melanie who inherited her mother’s looks out of the three children. She is the darkest out of all of the members. She is extremely smart and a cheerleader along with her two best friends who are Jewish. She loves pulling pranks with her bestie, Geri, but they are good kids at heart. In spite of being part of the popular group at her school, she is the most quiet and reserved. It’s usually Geri who is the mastermind of the pranks and social outings. Melanie is considered the “sweetheart” of the family. She plans on becoming a scientist one day. 

 The youngest child is Cairo. He is a nerd and just became mentally gifted from his Whiz Kid aspiration. He doesn’t talk a lot in spite of his reaching level 10 in the social skill, but that’s only because he spends so much time interacting with his family. He enjoys spending the night at his grandma’s place in Windenburg and you mostly see him playing with his favorite toy, Mr. Snuffles the robot.

 All siblings have a high relationship, and Algeria and Melanie are best friends. Algeria’s parents, grandmother and sister also have keys to her apartment.

Vacation For Two

Warning: romance and smut shall follow…

“Beautiful..” Asami trailed off.

She was staring at the scene in front of her. One minute they had been surrounded by the ruins of republic city and in the next they were among the perfect haven of the spirit world. The portal had led them to a wide expanse with the softest grass she had ever felt. It was even a richer shade of green and all around her there were gorgeous shades of pink, peach and brilliant yellow flora. The trees looked like lily pads atop sharp elegant trunks swollen and rounded at the base connected by veins of wood.The sky was tranquil with it’s purple hue and even the air seemed to have a faint glowing aura. Asami never imagined this was were she would end up when her world dissolved in bright light around her just minutes ago.

“I know.” Said Korra staring straight at the non-bender. Her girlfriend; her one and only, especially now that they were alone. Together. It had been too long since she wished to take Asami away; to take her and have her to herself somewhere peaceful.

Asami blushed the softest shade of pink as she caught what the Avatar was focused on.

She turned to the face the younger girl.
“What do we do now?”

“Come on, I’ll show you.” Said the Avatar, her eyes lighting up like she suddenly had an idea. She laced their fingers together and began to lead the way.

“We can leave our bags here.” She said excitedly putting hers at the base of a tree.

As the sky darkened to a deep violet, Korra led Asami to the biggest tree in the area. It had a cavern-like opening and the entrance was so dark, the non-bender could barely see.

“Maybe you should bend a flame so we can see where we’re going?” Asami’s voice echoed.

Korra laughed lightly, her palms were sweaty in Asami’s. She remained steady but her heart was pounding in her chest.

“It’ll ruin the surprise,” she said pulling the older girl close. “Just be patient okay?” She said and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Asami smiled. Korra always knew how to make her feel safe in the dark but here in the spirit world with Korra and that lingering warmth on her lips.. she had never felt more safe in her life.

They walked (Asami stumbling here and there) further when Asami caught sight of small strands of light coming from what she thought might have been a curtain of leaves covering the exit.

As they neared the entrance Korra stopped short and turned to Asami.
“Okay we’re here. Come in front of me.” She smiled.

Korra covered the older girl’s eyes from behind.

“You’re so silly.” Asami teased even though she thought Korra was being incredibly romantic and adorable.

“Yes but silly makes you happy.” Korra said gently pushing her forward.

Asami could feel the leaves brush against her hands as they passed through the entrance.

“Okay… Here it is.” Korra said moving her hands away.

Asami was taken aback with the entire place. All the plants and trees looked like they were sprinkled with liquid spirit light. Flowers, plants and leaves all with a faint glow. Small spirit insects slowly gliding around their habitat in small synchronized swarms.

“I know it’s kinda weird but I thought it was cool the way everything lights up when you touch it.” Korra explained. She moved and the ground lit up where her feet stepped and faded when they left the surface. She smiled and continued.

“I mean it’s kinda the same effect you have on me.” She said blushing “I thought maybe you might like this,” she said scratching the back of her head.

She gently twirled a spirit flower in between two fingers with her back to Asami. The glow illuminating her olive toned face.

“I mean you said you wanted to se–” she was cut off abruptly by the older girl turning her around and crashing their lips together in one swift movement.

“This is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me.” She whispered.

Korra gave her signature goofy grin, the one Asami knew best and loved most. The Avatar blushed and looked down. When she looked up from under her lashes she met Asami’s soft gaze.

It turned serious and she kissed the Avatar again slowly. Making sure to massage more passion into the intimate exchange. Korra felt herself being pushed back against one of the spirit trees. She could feel heat in the pit of her stomach slowly rising and she knew Asami felt the same from the way her nose and cheeks were flushed a deep pink.

Ragged breaths whispered against the leaves as Asami pushed her hands up Korra’s shirt, grazing her nails down her back. The younger girl broke for air and Asami attacked her neck with small bites and kisses to sooth the tampered skin. Korra let out the slightest moan and Asami reveled in the sound.

“Again. Please.. Please make that sound again.” She thought.

She slowly pushed her knee up between Korra’s legs and pinned her waist against the tree. Korra gasped and laced her fingers in Asami’s hair pulling her in to deepen the kiss.

“Wait Sami– wait.” She gasped but the older girl was already lifting her shirt exposing her bindings to her along with the Avatar’s toned abdomen. She trailed warm wet kisses down her stomach making Korra bite her lip. The Heiress kissed her just below her navel and dragged her bottom lip up against Korra’s skin before looking up.

“Yes?” Asami said raising an eyebrow. Korra was left speechless by the sight of the older girl staring up at her from down there.

“Um– maybe we can– I mean we should– but – we can go do this.. Somewhere else?” Korra suggested.

Asami flashed a brilliant smile stood up and flipped her hair.

“Lead the way Avatar.”

Korra grabbed her arm and led her deeper through the small glowing enclosure. They snaked through, leaving a glowing trail that faded with them like a comet’s tail. When they rounded a curve Asami was stunned. Two trees on either end of a huge plush platform stood in the corner. Their trunks grew bent so that their branches intertwined at the top forming a hood of wood and leaves.

“It’s the softest thing you’ll ever lie on. Iroh showed me the worms that make the fibers that some of the spirit animals make into nests.” Korra said with a triumphant grin.

“And so you, my spirit animal, made your own nest for the two of us?” Asami said pulling her close.

“With a view!” She said. “The leaves sparkle and make it look like the night sky. Just like in republic city.” She said.

“I don’t want to think about anywhere else than here with you Korra.” Asami answered honestly, her eye contact steady.

Asami hitched Korra up. The younger girl wrapped her legs around Asami’s torso instinctively. She then went around the side and placed Korra down on the spirit bed. She peppered her face and neck with soft kisses. Slowly undoing her bindings.

She gently nipped under Korra’s breast.

“Mmmm.” the younger girl encouraged.

Asami continued to trail wet warm kisses down her girlfriend’s toned stomach, slightly curving the path to her hip bone. Opening her mouth and sucking it sloppily.

Korra, through half-lidded eyes, watched as she made her way down to the top of her womanhood. She switched to the inside of her girlfriend’s tan thighs. She licked the skin and let her breath cool the warm trails. Korra shuddered. Asami could see her getting wet with the teasing.

“Bend your legs.” She said in a low voice. Korra complied and her girlfriend positioned her shoulders between her calves and thighs with her head squarely in front of Korra’s sex. She blew against her glistening heat making Korra bite her lip.

Wasting no time she dove in licking her from bottom to top with a wide tongue. The Avatar gasped and exhaled a moan. She zig zagged her licks and soon Korra was squirming under her mouth. The heiress gripped the younger girl’s thighs to keep her locked in place. She licked up and sucked Korra’s clit making her scream but she wasn’t done. Asami began to push her tongue inside her curling it just right to tease her G-spot. The “sut sut” sound of her girlfriend’s tongue flicking inside was enough to drive Korra crazy but feeling her warm mouth ravish her clit was driving her insane. She began to pump her hips against Asami’s face. Asami welcomed her bucking and called for Korra’s climax.

“Cum baby. Cum for me.” She growled.

Korra threw her head back, slack-jawed with her eyes shut tight. Her hands gripped the wooden panel behind her as a flood of warmth poured out into Asami’s open mouth which she gladly swallowed.

Asami knelt up with her mouth still glistening with Korra’s wetness. She wiped her hand and licked the excess away. She gently kissed up Korra’s body till she reached the ear of the spent Avatar.

“You’re so cute when you cum, you get so flushed and noisy.” She teased.

“Oh don’t worry Korra breathed. I’ll get u back for it.”

the sun was suddenly green by
the sight of you
and clouds were pink,
they seem so sweet
but if this isn’t what hues
are for you
don’t you mind, i’d paint
them for you anyway
like how i can’t figure out
my feelings toward you anyway
don’t you mind, don’t you mind

i don’t even mind if you confuse me
of a toddler learning to identify colors

i didn’t mean to literally paint
what for are my words if they aren’t
made to splash your humanity some colors?

—  Keith Torres

it always starts out the same.

9:30pm driving with Pink Floyd blaring out the anthem of the months to come.
‘wish you were here’ a hum of emotion,
floating around each other like mirror images of the same ghost.
we  learned and grew through our mistakes knowing certain people,
we’ve felt the difference that changes bring to our lives.
and do you think you can tell that
as I swim carelessly through the humidity of Texas heat,
that I am completely in love with you.

12:21pm and Brandon Flowers is telling us that being still is okay.
we weave through traffic,
blazing sun and
blazing bruises planted on necks and shoulders and thighs and-
I hear him tell me about what makes up a person;
being born in the heat of destruction.
I’ve destroyed myself time and time again for partners who
wouldn’t knock over a sand castle.
I rewind my time,
try to be still in that moment while Dallas passes by me.

'Dani California’ is a steady thrum in my heart at 11:34 am,
I am alive and wild and free in this moment.
I am a shotgun shell blown fast and loose out of the barrel,
I am sweet kisses in bed when the rest of the world has gone to sleep
(or I think of it this way since I’ve never realized I could love the silence)
we bear our teeth at each other,
restless and hungry for love,
our sex is a religion I will carelessly throw myself into.

it always starts out the same.

our love is a perfume that hangs thick in the air;
so heavy that all those around us can smell it.
Coldplay nurses my aching wounds with 'green eyes’
reminding me that I shouldn’t be so easy in throwing away my own.
out of the corner of my eye,
I watch you fix your own gaze at me,
searing and impossible mournful.
I bear the sorrow of a thousand life times,
like when a red string tied between destined hearts,
is finally broken.
what I mean to say is that,
despite the weight,
I have never felt more able to fly.

it always starts the same.

songs heard on radios become your guide and savior,
your release and your binding.

we are broken records hung on walls and listened to by others,
we are flipping channels and changing stations,
we are lyrics and songs that were so beautiful,
the gods couldn’t bear to have them in proximity to
one another.

—  music. K. Kazik.