A lover is a blessing. But remember my dear, a lover can never complete you. They are not the missing piece of your soul. They are also not the measure of your worth. So if you ever find yourself alone; remember that you were always whole to begin with.

Live a Little (Taehyung/Reader)

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Prompt: If You’re still taking Taehyungie requests could I get a smut for trying new things and Tae sweet talking her into anal and taking it super slow and gentle and she ends up having the best orgasm of her life?? More love makey anal. Rather than aggressive.

Genre: Fluff Smut

Words: 4.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Tags: Clothed grinding, body worship, oral sex, teasing, fingering, anal sex, vaginal sex, etc.

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The kea can sometimes be a bit too smart for its own good, in fact, particularly when it comes to finding (or stealing) food.  The video below shows some kea breaking into sealed garbage bins.

Even more remarkable was a case last fall in New Zealand’s Milford Sound, specifically a particular one-way tunnel.  Workers were puzzled when traffic cones in the tunnel kept moving around, apparently one their own.  A CCTV camera solved the problem; the local kea were waiting for the sound of approaching cars, and then dragging the cones into the middle of the road.  Some researchers speculate that the intelligent birds figured out that cars would slow down or stop for these cones, and were trying to stop traffic so that they could beg for food!

Where Are You Now? (Saeran x MC) [Part 1]

Hey!! IT’S BEEN A MONTH SINCE I JOINED @mysme-fics​!! Thank you all so, so much for your support and feedback throughout this time~! 

So here’s the first part to a fic that I’d like to share with you all, specially written for my 1 month anniversary here ^o^


Where Are You Now?

Pairing: Saeran x MC

Fanfic By: R.I.

Word Count: 1358

Click Here for: [Part 2]

Midnight, a time of sleep and silence.

Also a time for the night owls to be released into the wild, also known as one’s own thoughts.

A dimly lit cigarette was tossed onto grass, left to burn to ashes. Its owner stepped out from the shadows, walking under the moonlight atop the hill.

The moon was full and clear tonight, illuminating the dark city before him. Occasionally, the faint red and yellow lights of cars whizzed about, but it was rare at this time of night.

It was almost 3AM, god forbid. Saeran Choi could not sleep.

Even smoking appeared to have no effects on him. Perhaps he’d become immune to it after so long. Aah, he really was a mess, wasn’t he? He chuckled humourlessly, staring up at the bright moon above.

How had he ever survived through his childhood like this?

He closed his eyes, embracing the darkness. The image of a little girl flashed through his mind, and a nostalgic pain tugged at his heart. Ah, that’s right. That person had been there for him as a child.

Two boys. A playground. A setting sun.

“Saeran, wait for me here, okay? I have a surprise for you!” Saeyoung grinned impishly, patting his little brother’s head. Saeran nodded, hands clenched at the front of shirt as he shyly looked up at his twin.

He watched Saeyoung sprint around the corner, running towards a musical tune. Saeran sat quietly on a bench, swinging his legs anxiously. Saeyoung would be back soon… right?

He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to pretend like he wasn’t scared. He was a big boy now. He couldn’t be scared every time his brother left him alone.

Although, this was different. This was the first time he’d been left alone outside. Saeran was usually locked up at home by their mother, unless it was absolutely necessary to leave the house. From the barred windows at home, he would always watch little kids playing together, walking home from school, happily living out their life. But today was special.

It was his birthday, and Saeyoung had decided to help him sneak out of the house. Today, they’d be staying out until the stars were twinkling above their heads. It would be worth their mother’s slaps, kicks and screams later.

Light footsteps echoed in the park, and Saeran gladly opened his eyes, relieved that his brother had returned. But when he looked up from the ground, he found himself staring at a young brunette child, a curious expression on her face.

“Why are you alone?” she asked, “Are you lost?”

Saeran quickly shook his head. “U-uhm! No, I-I’m waiting for my brother,” he hurriedly responded, his voice quieting down with every word. His cheeks were flushed red, and he tried really hard not to look away from the little girl.

It was the first time he’d spoken with anyone other than his brother, and he couldn’t help but feel nervous. Was he talking like a normal kid? Did she think he was weird?

“Oh!! I think I saw your brother! He looks just like you,” she exclaimed, eyes lighting up.

The little girl hopped next to him on the bench. “What’s your name?” she questioned, tilting her head cutely as she smiled encouragingly.

“S-Sae-“ he paused, then spoke louder. “Saeran. My name is Saeran.”

“Sae…ran,” she tested his name, then grinned. “I’m MC! Yay, now we’re friends~”

Saeran nodded, blushing and repeating the name in his head. His first friend. “Uhm, t-today’s my birthday,” he mumbled, not wanting the conversation to die down.

“Really?” MC said excitedly. “I just had my birthday yesterday! Ooh I’m older than you by one day!!”

Wow. She was so… bright, and cheerful. Saeran felt somewhat relieved that it wasn’t awkward to talk to her.

A lady in the distance called for MC, making her frown.

“Awwh… Mommy says I have to go,” she looked down sadly. “Even though we just became friends…”


“Let’s meet again tomorrow, Saeran!”

Saeran felt his heart drop, disappointment welling in his chest. “I can’t,” he mumbled, trying to hold back tears as he thought of his cage-like home.

“Then… let’s exchange emails?” she suggested.

His eyes lit up. That, he could definitely do. He nodded quickly, a small smile on his face.

MC beamed, and proceeded to write her email address in a small notebook, ripping out the sheet of paper to hand it to him. “Talk to you later! Let’s meet again one day when you’re free, okay?”

‘When you’re free,’ she had said.

To Saeran, that held a double meaning. Being ‘free’ would mean that he’d have to be free from his mother’s clutches first.

“Saeraaan~!” his brother’s familiar voice echoed through the park, his steps making a quick pitter-patter on the ground. In his hands were two ice cream cones. When he reached Saeran, he thrusted the mint-chocolate ice cream cone at him. “Happy birthday, Saeran.”

A girl. Ice cream. Stars.

End of Flashback.

It had only been one day in his life, but to Saeran, that day had changed many things in his life. Ice cream was a symbol his first taste of the outside world. Not to mention, he’d made his first friend that day, with whom he continued to communicate through email. In fact, it was indirectly due to MC that he started hacking. In his free time when he waited for her replies, he’d study coding, and observe the various patterns and codings of websites.

And it was thanks to his hacking skills (which eventually developed over the years) that he was accepted into Mint Eye. Now, he was free.

His eyes opened to the vast, dark sky. The stars were now covered by dark, stormy clouds. Looks like it would rain soon.

“Where are you now?” he wondered aloud as he sat up, a content look in his eyes. MC would always remain a precious person to him. Although they’d lost contact after his mother found out about his connection to the outside world, Saeran vowed to never forget her. She had been the first light in his life, cheerily brightening up his day.

And now, over 10 years later, his vow still held true.

Droplets of rain started to fall from the sky. Dammit.

He walked downhill, irritation bubbling in his chest. He still needed to run to the convenience store to restock on cigarettes. Considering the sudden rain, he would have to take the bus there.

Because there was no fucking way he’d carry around an umbrella—it would completely ruin his image. (He takes pride in looking badass.)

With quick, long strides, Saeran easily made it to the rooved bus stop. Let’s hope the bus comes soon…

Fortunately for him, his wish came true, as a bus pulled up to the stop in the next minute. It was 3AM in the morning after all. There was no traffic, and city buses were a 24/7 service.

As he expected, the bus was empty. The driver cast him an irritated glance, “Hey. You gonna pay or what?”

Right. The joys of public transportation. Saeran grunted, tapping his card against the payment screen.

The bus almost started again, but it screeched to a stop as a voice shouted, “WAAAIT!”

Saeran’s ears perked up, although he kept his gaze out the window. He didn’t really care, though he was slightly surprised that someone else was still up at this time.

A young woman made her way onto the bus, panting as she tapped her card to pay. “Th-thanks,” she said, taking a seat next to Saeran.

What the- there was literally EVERY other seat on the bus and she had to sit next to him? He turned in her direction to glare at her, but faltered as his eyes met hers. Shock spread across his features, silencing him.

She was the first to break the silence. “Could you be… Saeran?” Her eyebrows were furrowed as she analyzed his features.

The both of them had grown up a lot over the years, although there were still a few distinct features that were recognizable.

“MC,” he choked out.

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One Day // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: can you do a chittaphon scenario where him and the reader are baby sitting the reader’s little sister or nephew n then start talking about the future n like having children bc children r cute, to sum it up fluff fluff fluff!!

words: 1647

category:fluff fluff fluff

author note: i love kids. like it took awhile, but the little buggers grew on me tbh. here’s ten being adorable :’) note: i will just be using Y/n/n for your nephews name. also ten’s new selfies why must he do this to me

- destinee

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There was a new Pokémon GO update where all the Pokémon looked vaguely like ice cream, and the pokeballs were just ice cream cones. I had to capture a horde of Pokémon who were walking toward me menacingly. I caught a few.!

What We Might Be, What We Are | X. J. Kennedy

“What We Might Be, What We Are”
X. J. Kennedy

If you were a scoop of vanilla
And I were the cone where you sat,
If you were a slowly pitched baseball
And I were the swing of a bat,

If you were a shiny new fishhook
And I were a bucket of worms,
If we were a pin and a pincushion,
We might be on intimate terms.

If you were a plate of spaghetti
And I were your piping-hot sauce,
We’d not even need to write letters
To put our affection across,

But you’re just a piece of red ribbon
In the beard of a Balinese goat
And I’m a New Jersey mosquito.
I guess we’ll stay slightly remote.

Today at work we had an offer for father’s day that ice cream cones were 50 cents. And this one woman and her husband in their 50s walked up to me and the woman said “We’d like an ice cream cone please. We have no kids. But he’s my daddy.”
I don’t know if I want to go back to work.

malec oneshot 1

Hmm, Alec in Magnus’s clothes because I really want this.

Inspired by a damn sentence in a oneshot I saw on ao3 (No I don’t remember the name of said oneshot.). Screw you ao3. xoxo

Alec hated being flashy. He hated the attention it brought and he hated the way people would approach him, like he was actually approachable.

The thought of actually attempting to socialize with another person was downright disturbing to him.

Okay, so maybe he’s being a bit dramatic. He obviously was social enough to get his incredibly adorable boyfriend, Magnus Bane, to approach him. But in all honestly, being flashy just wasn’t Alec’s thing.

And today of course seemed to hate Alec. Of course it did, the universe was quite a bitch to Alec as of lately.

Yesterday when he was out with Magnus, he had accidentally fallen into a puddle on the sidewalk. Magnus had hid behind his hand to stifle a laugh but nonetheless helped his clumsy boyfriend clean up. It was simple water (okay maybe it was a bit muddy) and dried fairly quick.

That wasn’t the worst. No, of course it wasn’t.

He then continued his terrible luck streak at the restaurant they were at. He spilled his soda everywhere. He remembers embarrassingly mumbling sorry over and over again to not only the waitress, but also to his giggling boyfriend. He sat through lunch with sopping sticky pants.

After the terrible lunch accident, they stopped to buy Alec a new pair of pants. He had been fine with it and thought the bad luck was over.

Too much to hope for.

They had decided to go for some ice cream. Just as they got their cones and were walking away, Alec’s ice cream tipped and plopped right on his shirt. He was embarrassed for the third time that day and his mean boyfriend was laughing at his misery in the background.

Alec walked back to Magnus’s place with a permanent pout.

He thought he had some clothes he had left over from random visits but he was wrong. He had shrugged it off and just went around shirtless the rest of the night. (Magnus had no complaints obviously.)

And thats how he got into the predicament he was in now.

He had woken up, showered, and dressed again only to remember his ice cream destroyed shirt.

Magnus thought it was a blessing and instantly went searching his flashy wardrobe. He yanked plenty of shirts out, observing them all with a thoughtful face. Alec sat on the bed with another permanent pout across his face.

He loved his boyfriend, he really really love his boyfriend. He loved him so much that he came out to his parents by kissing him in front of them at his wedding. But no matter how much he adored his boyfriend, he couldn’t see himself wearing his sparkely and flashy shirts.

“You can’t just portal me back to my room in the institute?” Alec gave his boy the best puppy eyes he could.

Magnus titled his head back and gave the pouty Shadowhunter a small smile and gave him a simple no. “Where’s the fun in that, Alexander?”

Alec grumbled and flopped back on the bed with a groan.

Magnus made a sound of pure happiness and success as he pulled out a dark blue tank-top with sparkly letters written across the top. He skipped to the bed and laid the shirt on Alec’s stomach.

Alec held the shirt up and slowly read the words. “‘I love my BF’? Was this worn for someone else?” He questioned in a teasing tone but gave Magnus a serious face.

His boyfriend’s eyes widened and he shook his head with a nervous look on his face.

Alec laughed and lifted the shirt, shaking his head fondly, before tugging it on. “I’m kidding. Calm down.”

Magnus pouted but bounced onto Alec and leaned down, kissing him deeply. “You look really good in my clothes. Well, my shirt at least,” he mumbled.

Alec shook his head and leaned back up to kiss Magnus again. “Izzy is never gonna let me live this down.”

And Magnus laughed again.

- - -

Alec walked into the institute slowly. People were rushing around and looking up things on the screens. He glanced around quickly and made a dash for the hallways to get to his room when he saw neither Izzy nor Jace.

“By the angel, is that Alec Lightwood in a navy blue shirt with sparkles?”

He froze, closed his eyes, and clenched his fist, muttering curse words under his breath before spinning around. Clary was standing behind him with a smirk on her face and arms crossed.

“Who managed to convnice you to wear this?” She questioned.

“I had a lot of…misfortunes last night. My shirt was ruined and I didn’t have any spares. I borrowed one of Magnus’s.”

“He couldn’t just use his,” she waved her hands around dramatically, “to get you one of your own?”

Alec grumbled again. “He refused too.”

She laughed and moved around him, heading for the hallways. “Oh, and by the way, Izzy and Jace both already took pictures of you to harass you with.” She sprinted off.

“Thanks a lot, Clary! Really!” He screamed before rubbing his head and mumbling angrily.

He took off towards the hallways and finally made it to his room. He fingered the shirt and couldn’t help but smile at the writing across it. He may hate flashy but he definitely loved his boyfriend like the shirt insisted.

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How (whatever characher you feel inspired to do) react to: they are eating icecream with their s/o and then mc drops the ball of ice cream.So now mc is left with just the cone. Thank you in advance!

hey there, and you’re welcome! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m just gonna make this for everyone lol ^^; side note this almost happened to me once but i managed to catch the thing b les s

thank you for requesting!♥


  • they went to get ice cream bc it was hot af outside 
  • and they’re sharing with each other every once in awhile because they’re disgusting adorable
  • mc is about to give zen another bite before it just kinda…falls to the floor
  • they both look down for a second
  • zen starts laughing a little and tbh so does mc 
  • but they’re disappointed and zen can tell
  • so he gives them his ice cream cone yall best believe one of them still eats the other cone
  • “we can eat it together, babe. or i can get another one if you really want one”
  • they eat it together, which zen actually enjoys more?? 
  • he kinda stops and stares at them every so often that his side of the cone keeps dripping
  • “zen, it’s dripping down your fingers” *fake gasp* “mc, kids are here” gfdi zen
  • he gets slapped on the shoulder, but it was totally worth it 


  • they got some to end a date 
  • and the two of them got so caught up in talking to each other, mc didn’t notice they were tilting their cone until it fell
  • this boy gets sad for them because it’s happened to him before
  • though mc isn’t too disappointed, but they were looking forward to it
  • “i’ll get you another one, mc!” and they let him their superman
  • he gets it in a cup this time 
  • but since mc still has the cone…
  • they put it on top of the ice cream in the cup
  • yoosung literally becomes his star-eyed emoji 
  • “that’s actually..a really good idea”
  • and so he does the same 
  • it’s their new way to eat ice cream now 


  • a new ice cream shop opened nearby
  • and jaehee thought it would be nice to take her (new!) date mate there for a first date
  • mc was ecstatic same, mc, same
  • but like when they got there, mc started getting nervous
  • jaehee was just…so pretty 
  • and she was laughing to something they said, looking per fect 
  • mc could barely contain themselves 
  • when they dropped the ice cream, they lost their nerves and started stuttering
  • jaehee came in like the superwoman she is and helps them clean the ice cream before just offering to share
  • and to calm them down, she kisses their nose are you sure that’s calming them, jaehee?
  • asks for two spoons and holds the cone while they share jaehee’s ice cream 
  • turns out, jaehee was nervous too but that actually helped her 
  • they’re so cute


  • these two were out on the town and mc decided they should have ice cream
  • jumin agreed and found them a nice seat outside
  • they sat next to each other, hands holding and just talking about everything
  • a breeze blew by, though and mc couldn’t save their ice cream 
  • he already finished his, it was a small cup
  • jumin immediately tells them he’d get them a new one 
  • which he does, you know 
  • and right before he gives it to them, he leans down and pecks their lips
  • “the wind blew away your sweet treat, but it didn’t blow away mine”
  • yeah, jumin, because you finished yours
  • “oh really?” mc says, thinking he’s teasing her 
  • “yes. because my sweet treat is you”
  • wow how g ross 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • they got an ice cream maker oh b oy 
  • and it actually managed to work out!
  • they were eating ice cream in the kitchen, marvelling at their work
  • and then mc’s ice cream dropped
  • seven busted out laughing. mc glared at him
  • had the robot cat clean it up while he went to get a bowl and some spoons
  • put his ice cream into the bowl 
  • “give me your cone” he said while giving them a spoon
  • and they did so, but they had no idea why…
  • until he put the cones on his head
  • “look, mc! I’m an alien!” 
  • now mc started laughing 
  • he kept the cones on while sharing the ice cream

v / jihyun

  • ice cream! v’s treat!
  • mc got mint chocolate chip half because they loved it, half because it reminded them of him
  • and then it fell to the floor as soon as she sat down 
  • literally nothing went wrong, it just fell
  • they got all pouty for a minute
  • “mc? are you okay?” 
  • “oh, yes! thank you for asking!” *smile for v* bc its what he deserves
  • “mc…what happened?” he can’t see;;; “nothing.”
  • eventually gets mc to tell him
  • “aw, you should’ve just told me. here, have mine.” 
  • this is why they didn’t tell you, jihyun
  • now they get even more pouty
  • “can’t we share, v?” they ask, in a bit of a mumble
  • *blushy v noises* “o-oh, of course!”
  • mc grins and scoots over, sharing his ice cream cone 
  • he never stops blushing 


  • i have a feeling saeran’s not sharing 
  • but! he doesn’t laugh when it falls
  • he actually gets so upset
  • “no, your ice cream!” 
  • this bean gets mc another one, no hesitation 
  • smiles when he gets back, “here you go!”
  • he’s like a little kid with ice cream, mc is living
  • he even gets a spoon and puts some of his in the extra cone
  • mc does the same
  • now it’s a swirl! which they share!!
  • said swirl is now lowkey saeran’s favorite because it reminds him of that day
  • so now he always asks for a double scoop
Divine Conspiracy, a Lightning/Sally Oneshot.

“Ding ding” The service bell on Wheel Well’s front desk chimed mid-afternoon on a summer day. The motel was not yet running and won’t be able to service customers anytime soon, but the construction workers and road-tripping tourists often disturbed Sally while she worked there. 

“I"ll be right with you!” The Porsche called from a separate office. After a moment and the sound of a file drawer slamming shut, she appeared behind the desk to greet her guest. Probably another ditzy construction worker asking where to put what for the hundredth time, she thought. To her surprise, when she rounded the corner to the lobby, the ringer was none other than the very person she’d been thinking of. She gasped in excitement. 

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Darling, What Did You Expect? (Zach Mitchell X Reader)

Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: Zach Mitchell X Reader
Word Count: 4,311
Prompt(s): Zach is 18 and the reader is 2 years older and he has a giant crush on her, but she has the kind of mindset that anyone younger than her is still a kid. He tries to prove her wrong. I was thinking there could be awkward parts for laughs and fluff + Maybe a love/hate relationship kind of thing with Zach from Jurassic World? Cause I feel like he’d be really good at antagonizing people haha.
Sorry I didn’t follow them exactly, but I hope you like this, nonnies!!  <333
Author’s Note: I like to imagine that in the film, Gray is like eleven and Zach is like sixteen, and in this, Gray is thirteen and Zach is eighteen!!  (:  Also I have this headcanon that Zach listens to Fall Out Boy??? And also that Gray is 100% a band kid.  ((:

“Your name is Gray, right?” You asked, walking up to the boy and raising an eyebrow.

He nodded as he put away his trombone.

“I just wanted to say that you did a really good job today.” You leaned slightly closer and lowered your voice conspiratorially. “Don’t tell anyone, but you’re a lot better than most of the eighth graders I’ve taught.”

Gray chuckled, and you smiled.

“Do you take lessons, or are you just naturally gifted?” You didn’t want to hold the kid back, but band was sixth period and you didn’t think his parent was here to pick him up yet.

“Naturally gifted.” He said sheepishly. You grinned.

“Naturally gifted people are often the best musicians.” You frowned at him after a moment. “Lucky duck. I play violin, and it took me three years to get even kind of good at it. Anyways,” You started, swiping your purse off your desk and slinging it over your shoulder. “I should let you go.” You looked out the window of the band room. “Your parent is probably here.”

Gray shook his head immediately. “My parents are divorced, so I’m staying with my mom right now, but she’s at work and needed my brother to pick me up. I’m pretty sure he’s going to forget.”

You rolled your eyes. “Brothers are the worst. I’ll wait outside with you, if you want?” Gray nodded enthusiastically, and you followed him out of the room, locking the door on your way out.

You sat on the steps leading up to the school, and you chatted more about Gray’s taste in music and what instruments he’d like to play in the future while you waited for his brother to show up.


An hour later, and Gray’s brother still hadn’t shown up. You glanced at your watch and huffed at the time, climbing to your feet.

“Okay, your brother officially sucks.” You said and offered Gray a hand to help him up. “Can I drive you home? I don’t think your brother’s gonna show up anytime soon.”

He seemed to contemplate it for a moment before nodding. “Sure.”

You grinned. “Awesome! I can show you this great band in the car. You ever heard of Fall Out Boy?”

“I think my brother listens to them, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard one of their songs.”

“Your brother has good taste in music, I’ll give him that. No, but seriously, they’re amazing.” You said enthusiastically as you unlocked the doors to a __f/c__, vintage Volkswagen Beetle. You slid into the front seat while Gray climbed into the passenger seat, and before you even buckled up, you fiddled with the CD player that you had gotten installed in your car and pressed play.

Instantly, the sound of Fall Out Boy’s Young Volcanoes filled the air, and you couldn’t help but sing along as you started to drive. Gray wrinkled his eyebrows together in confusion as you drove, and it wasn’t until you pulled up at the grocery store that you realized you hadn’t told him where you were going.

“Oh, god, I’m sorry! I figured you’d be hungry and since your brother is kind of a jerk I wanted to treat you to some ice cream or something. We don’t have to though, I just thought it’d be fun.”

Gray was already getting out of the car, beaming at you excitedly. “That sounds awesome! You are the best substitute teacher ever.”

You grinned back as you pulled the keys out of the ignition and stuffed them in your purse, following Gray into the store.

“Pick out whatever you want, kiddo.”


Thirty minutes and almost fifty dollars later (believe it or not, only fifteen of those were spent on things purposely chosen by Gray, the other thirty five was spent on stuff that you wanted Gray to try and a Fall Out Boy CD so he didn’t need to borrow his brother’s), you were back in your car, both licking ice cream cones that were quickly melting.

“Okay, so, how do I get to your house?” You asked as you started your car while simultaneously trying not to drop your ice cream.

Gray gave you directions, and in no time, you were pulling into the driveway of a cute, suburban house. You parked your car and hopped out, carrying the bag of stuff for Gray and walking up to the front door.

You pounded on it with more force than necessary (but seriously, who leaves their thirteen year old brother alone at school for an hour and a half?), and you blinked in surprise several times when a shirtless guy opened the door. He had a towel haphazardly tied around his waist, water dripping from his hair, and a confused tilt to his lips that was kind of adorable.

Basically, he looked like a model for Abercrombie and Fitch and god damn it assholes were not allowed to be hot!

“Do I know you?” Gray’s brother asked, and made no move to adjust the towel that was hanging ridiculously low on his hips.

You shook your head. “You don’t know me, but you do know Gray. You know, your brother? Who you were supposed to pick up? School ended an hour and a half ago.” You gestured at the sandy-blonde haired boy to your left.

He waved, and Gray’s hot brother smacked a hand to his forehead. “Oh my god, Gray, I’m so sorry. I completely forgot.”

Gray shrugged. “It’s fine.” He turned to look at you and grinned before throwing his arms around you, surprising both you and his brother. “Ms. __l/n__ gave me a ride home.”

You smiled at him as he pulled away. “It’s __y/n__, Gray. Ms. __l/n__ makes me feel old.”

“How old are you, exactly?” Gray’s brother chimed in, and you turned to look at him.

“Too old for you.” You answered and ruffled Gray’s hair before walking back to your car. Zach’s mouth had fallen open at your response, and Gray carefully leaned up and shut it.

“Don’t wanna catch flies, do you?” He said, and chuckled to himself at the affronted look on Zach’s face.

“Whose side are you on?”

“The side of the person who gave me a ride home.” Gray said simply, looking down at his bag of new stuff excitedly. You were the coolest teacher ever.

“See you around, Gray.” You called out to the younger Mitchell brother, waving at him as you drove away.

“…Was she listening to Fall Out Boy?” Zach asked, looking at his little brother in surprise.


“Woah.” Zach said.

You were kind of ridiculously awesome (and hot), and Zach found himself hoping that he could see you again.


“You want me to stay?” Your week of being a substitute teacher for Gray’s band class was almost over, but the principal had called you to her office and offered you a full time position. They had been trying, and failing, to locate a full-time band teacher, and all the kids loved you, so they thought they’d at least see if you were interested in the position.

You thought about it for a moment.

You had never really liked being a substitute, most kids were brats, and music was the one thing you were actually trained in. Maybe being a real teacher would be fun.

“Okay.” You said, and the principal grinned.

“Great! We’ll see you on Monday, then.”


“How would you guys feel about doing a play?” You asked, three weeks later. You had decorated your classroom now, and it was filled with posters for bands and musicals and in your opinion, it looked awesome.

“Depends on the type of play, I guess.” A girl with a pixie cut piped up from behind her flute.

“A musical, of course.”

You heard murmurs from your class, and most of them seemed to like the idea.

“I was thinking we could do The Little Mermaid. There’s plenty of roles for everyone, and you guys can totally show off your talents by playing the music. I’d need to teach you a couple of dances, but I think it could be fun.” You said, shrugging.

“I’m in.” Gray, who had become your star pupil, added, and you grinned.

“Awesome! I kind of already approved it with the school, so,” You grabbed a giant notepad from behind your desk and propped it up on a music stand. “I took the liberty of drafting up a list of characters, we can add more, of course, but these are just the main ones, so, yeah. Who wants to be Ariel?”

You were expecting people to be fighting over the role, so you were surprised when no one raised their hand.

“No one, really? She’s so fun to play!” Still, no one volunteered, so you went onto the next role. “The Prince?” A couple people whispered to each other, but no one volunteered for that either.

You went through the rest of the cast list easily, and when everyone that wanted a role got one, you looked back at the notepad and sighed. You still needed an Ariel and a prince. It appeared that none of your students wanted to play the leads (you couldn’t blame them; you had played Sandy in a play in high school and you were shaking pretty much the whole time), so you were going to have to find someone else to do it.


When school got out, you kept Gray behind. “Hey, Gray, are you sure you don’t want to be the prince? I think you could do a really good job with it.”

He shook his head. “I’m really happy with Flounder, actually, sorry.” Gray looked you up and down. “Why don’t you play Ariel?”

“What? No. I can’t! I need to direct the play and conduct you guys during the really intense musical parts.”

“I’m pretty sure you can do that and still play Ariel.” Gray pointed out. “Why not? Your voice is awesome, and you’d probably do the part better than any of us could.”

“I mean, I guess I could. I already know all of the songs but I still need someone to play the prince.”

“Leave that to me.” Gray said, and you did not trust the mischievous smile that stretched across his lips.

“Gray,” You started, but Gray didn’t let you finish.

“I’ve got this! Trust me!” He called out over his shoulder as he bounded out of the room.


“Do you remember my teacher that you’re madly in love with?” Gray asked, stepping into Zach’s room without knocking.

Zach rolled his eyes as he took off his headphones. “I was not madly in love with her.” Zach objected, and Gray shrugged.

“Sure you weren’t. Anyways, we’re doing a concert/play thing for The Little Mermaid in band and she’s going to play Ariel, but she needs a prince.”

“Okay.” Zach said, waiting for Gray to continue.

When Gray said nothing but continued to stare at him, Zach blinked in surprise.

“Me? You think I should be the prince?”

“Yeah! You obviously like her, and you’d get to kiss her for the play.”

Zach narrowed his eyes at Gray. “First off, why are you helping me?”

Gray shrugged. “I think she liked you too. And she’s super awesome, and you’re kind of a jerk sometimes, but you’re pretty awesome too, and you both deserve to date somebody awesome.”

Zach smiled and ruffled Gray’s hair affectionately. “Secondly, I can’t act.”

“It’s a play for a middle school class, none of us are professional actors. Actually,” Gray said, furrowing his eyebrows. “I think __y/n__ might be.”


Gray didn’t respond, but he did climb over Zach, go to YouTube on Zach’s computer, and hastily type in “__y/n__ __l/n__ The Little Mermaid”. It brought up at least a dozen videos, and Gray clicked on one that showed a picture of a slightly younger you on a stage.

You were dressed in a __f/c__ clamshell bra, a __f/c__, sparkly, mermaid tail, and a deep red wig that actually looked pretty amazing on you. You were sitting on a rock, and as soon as Gray clicked play and Zach unhooked his headphones, your voice filled the air.

You were singing Part of Your World, and while Gray was impressed, Zach was mesmerized. If Zach thought he had a crush on you before, it was nothing compared to seeing you looking so at home.

Even though you weren’t smiling, there was a small twinkle in your eyes that let Zach know that you were happy. You were meant to be on stage.

Zach wondered vaguely why you had given up acting, but he didn’t get to voice his thoughts because Gray beat him to it.

“I wonder why she started teaching. She looks so much happier on stage.”

Zach nodded in agreement, and after watching the video for a moment longer, he spoke. “I’m in, by the way. Tell __y/n__ that I’d love to do the play if she lets me.”

Gray grinned. “I’ll tell her tomorrow.”


“What?” You asked in disbelief. “You want your brother to play the prince?”

Gray nodded. “Zach’s only a little younger than you, so it’d wouldn’t be illegal or anything for you to kiss him during the kissing scene.” Gray assured you, and you fought the urge to ruffle his hair. Gray was too adorable for words sometimes.

“How old is your brother?”


You gnawed on your lip thoughtfully. You were twenty, almost twenty one, actually, and the idea of kissing a teenager, even one as attractive as Gray’s brother, just felt wrong. You knew it was only two years, but he was still a teenager and you were an adult. It would just be weird.

Your mind flashed back to Gray’s brother’s stupid little smirk when he caught you looking at his abs, and then to his abs. Damn. The sight had practically ingrained itself into your mind.

“Okay.” You said after a moment of silence. “He can play the prince. We’re going to meet after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays for practice, let him know?”

Gray’s grin was infectious. “I will.”


“You’re late, Mr. Mitchell.” You chastised, tapping your watch as he walked onto the stage and took a seat next to Gray.

“Sorry, __y/n__, it won’t happen again.”

“It had better not. And it’s Ms. __l/n__ to you.” You responded, and you could hear a light “Ooooh” spread throughout your students. You always encouraged everyone to call you __y/n__, so it was odd to hear you asking someone to call you by your last name.

“Yes, ma'am.” Zach said easily, leaning back on his hands and looking up at you as you ran through your notes for the practice. He didn’t think he was imagining the slight blush that dusted your cheeks for the first five minutes of the meeting.


A month later, and Zach was just as unbearably attractive as before.

You, Gray, and Zach were the only ones who had showed up for practice on this particular Wednesday (you thought Gray might’ve had something to do with it as he had mysteriously disappeared to the bathroom twenty minutes ago), and Zach was becoming way too good of an actor. You were in the middle of practicing the Kiss the Girl scene (you had to play the song off your phone since no one had showed up, traitors), and it was awful.

It involved a lot of Zach looking at you longingly and you pretending not to notice, and you knew he was too young for you but you were finding it seriously hard not to kiss him.

The music swelled in the air, and you fiddled with your hair and looked over at Zach, and you had to pretend to be surprised to find him staring at you. You straightened up and smiled at him, and you both leaned in, before Zach leaned back away and pretended to focus on his rowing. You forced a pout onto your face, and after a moment of just letting the music play, Zach as Prince Eric spoke.

“I feel really bad not knowing your name,” He said and smiled at you, and god why did your heart feel like it was going to pound right out of your chest??? “Maybe I can guess.”

You nodded at him hopefully.

“Is it, ah, Mildred?” You made a face and shook your head. Zach chuckled, and fucking hell why did he have such a cute laugh? “Okay, no. How about Dianna?” You shook your head again. “Rachel?”

“Ariel, her name is Ariel.” Sebastian’s voice came floating out of your phone, and Zach pretended to contemplate that for a moment.

“Ariel?” He tried again, and you nodded, grabbing his hand excitedly. “That’s kinda pretty. Okay. Ariel.” Zach said and smiled at you.

Your hands were locked together now (you couldn’t help but notice just how nice it felt to hold his hands), and the music increased in volume as you and Zach pretended to float on a boat.

You and Zach both leaned towards each other, slowly letting your faces get closer. You both puckered your lips, and you watched Zach’s eyes slip closed. You knew you were supposed to do the same thing, but as you leaned forward and the music continued to play, you just couldn’t do it. There was nothing to stop you from kissing; at this part in the play, someone was supposed to be rocking your boat but A) you hadn’t finished making the boat yet and B) there was no one there to rock the boat. You could kiss Zach, no one would know, but instead, when Zach’s face was only centimeters from yours, you turned your head to the side.

Zach’s lips brushed your cheek, and his eyes flicked open, revealing the hurt in them. You looked away immediately, grabbed your phone, and climbed to your feet. You paused the music and stuffed it in the pocket of your sweater, frowning at the confused expression on Zach’s face.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said, waving at him and dashing from the room.

The moment you were gone, Zach groaned and pressed his face into his hands. He should’ve known that Gray’s plan wouldn’t work. You were mature and beautiful and you had a job, and Zach was just an unemployed kid who still lived with his parents.

Zach’s crush on you had only grown in the month that he had really gotten to know you, and he wanted to kiss you more than he had wanted anything in his life.  

“How’d it go?” Gray asked, stepping into the room and frowning when he saw the melancholy expression on his older brother’s face. “Dang. I really thought that would work.”

“Thanks for trying, little bro, but I don’t think she likes me.” Zach sighed. “I’ll just…” Zach groaned again, burying his face into his knees. How could he show his face around you now? If you hadn’t known before that he liked you, you did now. And you would almost certainly start treating him like the child you thought he was and fuck just thinking about it made his heart ache.

“She does.” Gray insisted, rubbing his brother’s shoulder comfortingly. “I just need to get her to admit it.”


The next month of practices were brutal. An awkward sort of tension had blossomed between you and Zach, and, of course, your students noticed. They didn’t comment on it, but you knew that they felt it.

Hell, you were pretty sure that the janitor who had wandered into the band room to clean one Thursday had felt it.

And it was killing you. You and Zach had developed a sort of love/hate relationship. He’d tease you, and you’d sass him right back, but now, Zach rarely spoke during practice unless he had a line. Even then, he could rarely look you in the eye.

You held him back one day after practice to try and figure out what had happened. You knew it had something to do with the Kiss the Girl incident, but you thought that he had understood why you couldn’t kiss him.

“What’s wrong, Zach?” You asked, genuine concern bleeding through your tone. You were worried. Zach had lost all of the passion he had developed for acting.

He shook his head, ducking his face away from your gaze. “Nothing.”

“Bullshit.” You rarely swore, so the sudden curse made him tilt his head up to look at you in surprise. “You hate me for not kissing you, don’t you? I’m sorry. I can’t kiss you. If I kiss you, I’m not going to be able to stop and you’re still just a teenager and you’re just too young for me and-”

Zach interrupted your rambling by pressing a finger to your lips. “Go back for a minute, please?” There was a ghost of the smile that you had loved and missed so much resting on his face, and it made your heart somersault.

 "I can’t kiss you before the play starts or I’ll never want to stop. I like you, okay? But I’m almost three years older than you and normally that wouldn’t bother me but you’re still a teenager, damn it, and I teach teenagers, Zach! What do you want me to do?“

Zach’s face was suddenly right near yours, and his brown eyes were staring into your __e/c__ ones with an intensity that surprised you. "I want you to kiss me.”

You gaped at him for a moment. “Zach, I literally just told you why I can’t do that.”

Please.” The way he said please made you feel like someone had just ripped your heart in two, so without thinking about the consequences, you surged forwards and crashed your lips onto his. He responded immediately, his hands flying up to cup your cheeks as he kissed you back eagerly.

He backed you up into a wall, taking control of the kiss, and you gave it to him willingly. Zach nibbled gently on your lower lip, and you opened your mouth obediently, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. You moaned into the kiss when you felt his tongue fight with yours and fisted your hands in his hair, tugging him closer to you. You needed to feel his body against yours.

He came willingly, his body molding and bending against yours as he kissed you deeply. He pulled away after a moment, and you could hear his labored breathing, so similar to your own. You opened your mouth to speak, you didn’t know what you were going to say yet but you were going to come up with something, when his lips attached themselves to your neck. You let out a squeak in surprise before relaxing into the sensation of him licking and nipping and sucking on your throat.

“Zach,” You groaned, reluctantly pulling him away from your skin. “The show is in two days, I can’t have marks.”

Zach smiled at you sheepishly. “Too late.”

“You asshole,” You whined, turning your head to the side and poking lightly at the pale purple flesh. That was going to darken ridiculously, you could tell.

“Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.” He said and pressed another quick kiss to your lips in apology.


The final two rehearsals for the show went swimmingly (pun completely intended) now that the tension between you and Zach had dissipated. Everyone had cheered when you and Zach showed up to rehearsal together, your hands linked and your smiles soft and shy (no one had cheered louder than Gray, though).

Finally, it was opening night for the show, and you were way more nervous than you expected.

“I’m nervous. Why am I nervous?” You asked, obsessively smoothing out your tail. Zach caught your hands in his and brought you into a soothing kiss.

“I don’t know. Why are you nervous? You’ve done this play like a dozen times.”

“I know, but-wait, how’d you know that?” You looked at your boyfriend in confusion. “I didn’t tell you about that yet.”

“Gray figured it out and he showed me one of the videos. You were amazing, by the way. But I bet you’re gonna do even better tonight.”

You arched an eyebrow. “Oh? And why’s that?”

“Because I’m your prince and sparks fly whenever we’re around each other.”

You snorted. “That was cheesy as hell.”

Zach grinned. “I know. But you’re not freaking out anymore, so I must’ve done something right.”

You seemed to contemplate it for a moment before leaning up and kissing him sweetly. “You’ve done everything right.” You looked at your neck to make sure that the mark Zach had left on you was completely covered up with makeup. You didn’t need the parents of your students to see your hickey.

“It’s covered, don’t worry.” Zach said, and you knew he was bummed out about it. He liked seeing the mark on you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, catching him in a quick embrace that surprised him until you spoke, your voice a low whisper in his ear. “I’ll let you leave as many marks as you want once the show’s over, okay?”

Zach smiled. “Can’t wait.”


The show went amazingly, all your band kids nailed their musical numbers and all your actors were incredible. Ticket sales were so high that the principal requested you do one more week of performances, which all your students happily agreed to (Zach was not so enthusiastic about that).

When the final performance ended, Zach dragged you into your makeshift dressing room and pinned you to the wall before everyone had even vacated the auditorium.

Needless to say, by the time you drove to your apartment, there were half a dozen fresh love bites littering your neck.

End.  <3

5ftgarden  asked:

A young Solas peeing magic.

Sera: You can make magic anywhere, Solas? You ever piss it by accident?

Solas: No….wait. No.

Sera: What? How would you not remember something like that?

Solas: We were all young once.

Welp, here it is. Solas, age nineteen, pissing magic. From the POV of Ghilan’nain. This is a Teen Wolf story. <3 Thanks, @5ftgarden, for making this possible.


Winter was a colorful chill that year, mild. The sky was red. Ghil had been hanging out in one of the alleys near Winter Street in Arlathan with a couple of girlfriends. They were snotty bitches who wore too much make-up and drank prissy booze, and she knew they only kept her around like a pet because of Solas. He could get the good drugs. He knew all the good parties, and he had a leg-up in every casino in town. Free drinks. Ghil put up with these girls because otherwise, she had nobody but him, and that seemed a stupid way to be.

She wondered where all the regular girls were. The ones who just smoked and liked to lie down on rooftops and look at the shapes in the stars. She had begun to wonder whether this was a kind of girl that actually existed, or if they were all exactly like her, and this is the thing that kept them separate from one another: they were each taken up by some tender, cute boy who felt everything but didn’t know how to show it. Ghil loved Solas so much those days, it made her teeth hurt.

These mean girls with the make-up, they all lived in dreamy castles in Arlathan, but they were small potatoes. They were anything but nobility. Their families were stupid foot soldiers to the actual queens and kings. It was like a joke. Even still, they thought Ghil’s country life a trashy novelty. They looked at Solas and they saw an unattainable treat from the wrong side of the tracks, and he sort of let them bat their eyelashes at him for a while, because he liked the attention, but that was it. He always went home with Ghil. Or, she went home with him, rather, as she had not actually spent the night in her own house for near on a month.

Ghil hated it there. She wanted to be free. She wanted to spend her nights at Solas’s house where his mother was the kindest witch in all the Weathers, and even after all these years, she still showed Ghil how to do special kinds of magic with the roots in the earth, and she would braid Ghil’s hair for her in the mornings and make ice water. Ghil showed her once how she could grow baby animals from the knots of trees—like baby chipmunks, baby eagles. Solas’s mother found this very impressive, which was high praise. Solas, meanwhile, just liked to build shit. He restored an old train car at the back of their property to working order. He put it on a track and everything. Ghil still wasn’t sure how he’d gotten it back there, but he did, somehow, and the magic he’d used was so confusing, he’d had to write it down. Just a bunch of math, she thought.

Ghil could wither birds and flower them back up into the shapes of hats, but Solas once cut a hole in space and took her through it, and together they walked in a tunnel made of stars and that somehow dropped them into one of the floating castles over Arlathan. How the fuck? said Ghil. He tried to explain. She could make animals, but he could fold the physics of the world in on itself and somehow write it all down, and this, to her, was the height of genius. But he didn’t seem to care. He had very little ambition. He just wanted to restore old train cars and experiment with worm holes in the sky. When she asked him what he planned to do with such superior magic, he merely shrugged his shoulders. “What do you mean?” he said. That was it.

So tonight, she was hanging out with the snotty bitches of the upper-middle-class of Arlathan, waiting for Solas. He was supposed to be in the Ring, but Ghil thought maybe he wasn’t there that night. He had gotten sort of sick of the knuckle fights and probably he was actually in one of the casinos instead. He played a lot of cards in those days. She thought maybe this meant he was calming down, but there was no way to be sure. Solas was just…Solas. He did what he was gonna do, and she couldn’t stop him. Nobody could.

“This root sucks,” said Hallavune. She flicked the joint to the sidewalk. She had very pretty black hair. It was so shiny, it could have been a creature slicked in oil.

Ghil sighed. “I’m going to the bathroom,” she said.

“Where?” said Areina. She was blond like Ghil, but her eyes were like ice cream cones, kind of droopy and wet all the time. Hallavune and Areina didn’t really want Ghil to leave. Ghil knew this. Because if Ghil left, that meant no Solas.

Ghil looked around. “One of the casinos,” she said. “I’ll be back.”


She went down the block a little bit, took a right into the casino called Pale Dreaming. It was the one with the tree-shaped candles, and she liked it here. It was the softest of them all, and the bartenders were nice, and they mostly knew her, because of Solas.

“Hey, kitty cat,” one of them said. He was an older man, like forty-two, sleeves rolled up, polishing a rocks glass behind the counter. “What can I get for you?”

“Gin,” she said. “Just a little. On the rocks.”

He poured her the drink, put a little sprig of rosemary. “On the house,” he said.

She smiled, sipped her drink. She did not like to drink very often, but when she did, she liked gin. She liked juniper berries. Gin tasted like the woods. “Has Solas been by?” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. “He’s here now.”

Ghil looked up. “He is?”

“Just stumbled out back for a piss, I think.” The bartender winked. He was a married man and very sturdy and somewhat handsome, but he had a deep scar going from the root of his left eyebrow all the way down to his earlobe. She wondered what could have given a man like this a scar like that.

“Thanks,” said Ghil, reaching for her purse. “Can I tip you?”

He clicked his tongue. “No, ma’am.”

She went out the backdoor. One of the bouncers showed her out. Usually, only employees got to go back there, but she was different. She was special. She was Ghil.

She found Solas not far, his head pressed hard to the wall, pissing in the alley. He had his eyes closed. She leaned right beside him, plucked a joint from her pocket. The moment she lit the end, he smiled.

“Are you a literal wolf now?” she said, smoking, debonair. “Marking your territory?”

He zipped up, gave her a look, smiled. “What are you doing back here?”

“I needed to get away from Hallavune and the other one,” she said. “They hate my elfroot.”

“Not good enough for them?” said Solas. She passed him the joint. He took a drag, passed it back.

“Certainly not,” said Ghil. She sighed. “Did you even make it to the fights tonight?”

He shoved his hands in his pockets. It was chilly out there. “No,” he said. “I think I’m done. For real this time.”


“No promises, but yes.”

She got on her tip-toes, gave him a kiss. “I think I’m gonna just hang out at the bar,” she said. “If you’re going to be a while.”

“Not much longer,” he said.

“Can I bring the bitch brigade in here? Or will they get kicked out for being too pure.”

“You can bring them only if they promise to make a face when I tell them I have no elfroot. I’m completely dry.”

“I have tons,” she said.

“Yes, but apparently, it’s shit.”

She shoved him. He laughed into her ear, kissed the highest tip. “It’s cold,” he said.


She tossed the joint, stamped it out with her boot.

But as they turned around, she saw something weird,  on the wall. “Solas,” she said. “What the fuck is that?”

He raised his eyebrows, took a step around her so he could see. Where he’d taken a piss before, there was a little vortex. Like, cutting into the plains of existence and pulsing black and silver, like a little mouth. “Holy shit,” he said.

“Are you that drunk?” she said. “You’re pissing magic?”

“I am not drunk,” he said. He kicked the wall once, and the vortex disappeared. “I don’t think.”

She sort of laughed, let him win. He kissed her on the hair and they went back inside.

One day, they would really miss this place.

For @dadrunkwriting.

Relieving Stress with Mark

Stress. So much stress.

You thought to yourself as you huddled into a ball on the couch in the quietness of the house. You were so stressed lately, to the point where your heart felt like it was going to burst from the weight. You contemplate momentarily if crying and releasing some of this build up would help…

But the doorbell rang.

You contemplate ignoring that too, but on the third ring you finally got up from the couch and opened the door, surprised to be greeted by a handsome grin.

“What took you so long? Let’s go!” You were a little taken aback by Mark’s surprise appearance, but when he reached to take your hands into his and laughed that happy laugh of his, you were glad he came.

“Where are we going?”

“Let’s go to the convenience store down the street for some ice cream.” He cheerfully smiled at you – effectively making you smile as well and forgetting all the stress and pain that plagued you only moments before.

“Why didn’t you just get it on the way here?” You pouted at him. You were happy enough that he was here, but it didn’t mean that you necessarily felt like getting out of the comfort of the house – or to move at all.

“Because it’s no fun for me to get it by myself. So put on a jacket and let’s take a walk there. Hurry!!” He turned you around back towards the house and gave you a push.

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Care for the Company

Originally posted by thorinkingoferebor


Thorin Oakenshield x Healer!reader ft. The Company + Bilbo + Gandalf

Genre - Fluff, a bit of romance, battle scene

Sequel - Care for Him

A/N: There will probably be a part 2 to this story, I’m loving the middle earth series and am starting to get into the books and movies. A lot of people are criticising me for liking it so late but, to hell with it!

I let out a heart felt cry as I plunged the sword into the Orcs heart, the thick purple blood spurting and pouring over my very hands to my horror but I couldn’t cry about it now.

I pull out my weapon from the lifeless form, turning to face another woe when suddenly I heard Dwalin cry out to me, ‘Y/N! DON’T BE FOOLISH! COME ON!’

I turned to find him and the others climbing up the large trees towards the top, but I turned back at the sound of the mob of Pale Orcs, stalking closer towards me, smirking as their animals growled at me.

‘Y/N!’ I groaned in defeat at the sound of Thorin’s voice this time before sheathing my weapon and running towards the trees, climbing up as high as I could, now standing just next to Thorin who pushed me back with Balin.

I watch as the pac stalk closer, and I gasped as I finally recognise who the leader of the pack was. It was Azog the Defiler, the Orc that had beheaded Thror, Thorin’s Grandfather.

I watched as the realisation hit Thorin, his eyes widening in horror, ‘It cannot be.’ I watch with a heavy heart before I shriek as Gandalf threw down large pine cones which were set alight now.

I watched as the others threw them to build a wall of fire around us, following suit, only for the the tree to bend over the mountain side due to the weight of the company. I hear Balin scream as his grip breaks from the tree, sending him flying, only for me to grab his wrist in time, pulling him back up.

I look up in time to find Thorin on his feet now, his sword drawn and an oaken branch in his grasp. ‘No …’ I whisper as I watch him run and scream towards the monstrous creature, Bilbo screaming after him, ’THORIN NO!’

I watch as he is thrown to the floor before being bitten into by the wargs into the rocky walls of the hillside, almost lifeless.

I get a good grip on the trunk before standing to my feet, pulling out my weapon and running towards one of the Orcs who stood before our leader, screaming as I knocked him over and drove my sword right into his heart, standing to attention as I stood before Thorin’s now lifeless body.

‘Get back you filthy beasts!’ I scream as they begin to smirk and chuckle at the sight of me, but before I can even take a step forward towards any of them, the company charge in, all attacking the Orcs as one. I watch in shock before turning to the lifeless leader behind me, ‘Thorin?! Thorin?!’ 

I shake him slowly, tapping his cheek gently only to find him not moving a single inch at my actions. I look around only to scream at the sight of a large eagle swooping in and throwing an orc off of the face of the cliff.

‘Y/N, we must go,’ I hear as Bilbo comes to my side instantly, tugging at my hand but I retract it, ‘But what about-‘

I silence myself as I watch in awe as one of the large magnificent eagles carefully pick up Thorin as if his body were as fragile as a newborn before lifting in flight. Bilbo and I cling to each other, screaming as an eagle drops us onto another, making sure we are secure on its back.

I look towards Thorin, breathing heavily as he still remained unconscious. Hoping that he was okay.

I jump off of the back of the eagles back instantly before it even touches the ground, running over towards the wizard as he stood over Thorin’s body, muttering something under his breath, ‘Gandalf is he alright? Tell me he is he okay!’’

He turned to me with a nod of his head quickly and a smile that tugged at his lips. I sigh deeply at this in such relief like a great weight had been lifted from , Bilbo letting out a chuckle as he just ruffles my hair.

I smile at this, turning back to Thorin who is helped to his feet by Dwalin and Kili, suddenly throwing their arms of help off of him as he looked up in search of someone before falling upon me, ‘YOU!’

I froze instantly, Bilbo slowly sidling away towards Gandalf as Thorin bellowed, ‘What were you doing lass? You nearly got yourself killed!’

I looked towards Gandalf and the others for help but they all were frozen too, some giving their leader glares of annoyance and others turning away. I just saved his life for all godamn sakes, and not even that would suffice?

He muttered in a dark tone suddenly, causing me to freeze ‘Did I not say you would be a burden?’

I allowed the words to sink in, the tears suddenly springing at my eyes, ‘That you could not survive in the wild? That you had NO place amongst us at all for the likes of a woman.’

I bit my lip, trying to hold my tears in as he stared me dead on, looking just over his shoulder before he whispered, ‘I’ve never been so wrong in all my life.’ In a quick stride, before I could register what he had said, he embraced me warmly and tightly.

I heard the company cheer dimly, unable to comprehend what was going on. I smiled gently, my tears falling as I wrapped my own arms around his waist slowly.

Thorin pulled away slowly, rubbing his hands up and down my arms in a comforting manner, looking at my body as if for any injuries before he looked back to my eyes searchingly, ‘I am so sorry that I doubted you Y/N.’

‘No-No, I would’ve doubted myself too. I-I’m not like any of you, at all! I’m a healer. Not a fighter, nor am I a burglar …’ Gandalf chuckled at this knowing I had aimed that at him, Thorin smiling before he sighted the Lonely Mountain.

I turned and smiled at this instantly, knowing that the other dwarfs were finally a step closer to getting their home back. I froze as I found Thorin still holding onto my hand, squeezing it tightly at the sight of his home. I looked up at him at this but he only gave me a small smile before looking away.

We made our way down the rock face, hurrying down as the sun rose up, but we needed to set up camp and rest. The company were shaken and many were wounded badly, and soon enough already as if the day had fast forward, the sun was setting on another day.

As the dwarves set up, I pulled out my medicine satchel, pulling out all sorts of different medicines that I would need before calling out, ‘Okay dwarfs and wizards alike, listen up! I need to take a look at you one at a time to see your injuries and make sure their taken care of. Balin we can start with you.’

One by one, I took care of the wounds of each of the dwarfs and Gandalf, some hissing at the dabbing of ointments, some sighing in relief of the cooling creams or some cringing in disgust at the vials of medicine they had to chug down.

I flinched as Kili hissed and moved as I poured over his arm an ointment that would make the open wound heal faster, instantly beginning to wrap it with bandages. ‘He’s very fond you, you know?’

I faltered slightly in my movements but recovered, inquiring, ‘Who?’ Kili just smiled at me, shaking his head, ‘You know exactly who. He just can’t keep his eyes off of you.’

He nodded behind me and I turned to see that indeed, it was true, Thorin was watching me from afar as he stood on watch before turning away to look out into the forest. I turn back to Kili, ‘Your just being modest …’

‘I know my Uncle Y/N. The way he looks at you, I’ve never seen him look at anyone else like that. He really does care for you.’ I just shook my head, still denying the fact that he would accept me for who I was before Kili lifted my chin forcefully, ‘Give yourself some credit Y/N, and allow yourself to be loved. You and Thorin deserve it more than anyone of us.’

I look away from him as he just squeezed my hand gently before hobbling away to sit beside his older brother. I sighed softly to myself, running a hand through my tangled, now curly mane of hair before turning back to Thorin who was watching from the corner of his eye.

Oh, Y/N what are you getting yourself into.

As the night went on, I decided to let the others rest, taking up some of the duties for the night. I made a hot broth and brought out large loaves of bread, warming them over the fire before serving large portions for all the dwarves after such a long day.

I handed them out one by one, all of them gobbling it down as quickly as possible to fill their empty stomachs. ‘Thank you Lass, your an angel,’ Dwalin said as I took up the now empty bowls, giving me a smile as I gave him a curt nod in return.

All the dwarves got ready for bed as I stoked the fire, watching as it flickered and flared at the skies above before looking to Thorin who groaned aloud, moving his arm back and forth in what looked like pain.

I walked over to him slowly, standing behind him as I watched him. ‘Thorin, let me have a look at those wounds. I know-’ I said before he could open his mouth and protest, ‘You don’t want to hurt your stupid pride by getting checked out by a healer, but seriously, I would rather you hurt than die of an infection.’

He chuckles at this, shaking his head slowly before beginning to untie the top of his tunic, making me freeze, ‘Um what-’

‘Well you want to look at my wounds don’t you? Better to examine them properly right?’ He says with a smirk, as he finally unties the ties, going to lift his arms but I stop him, not wanting him to tear the wound anymore than it already had.

I remove it gently from his body, gulping when I sighted his sculpted body. His chiseled chest and broad shoulders making me gulp I shook my head slightly, wanting to remain in my quiet manner as I saw the two large bite marks, one on his chest and the other just above his pelvis.

I place my thumbs firmly around the puncture marks, pressing them as Thorin instantly flinched. I shook my head at this, ignoring his cries I inspected the wounds, ‘Thanks to your stubbornness, its become swollen, it looks like an infection is beginning to set in …’

‘Lucky me,’ I looked up at him as he stared down at me intently but I coughed lightly, hiding my blushing cheeks. ‘Come with me …’

I took his hand in mine, also grabbing my satchel and leading him into the forest, his grip tight on my hand as I helped him carefully over rocks and logs. Finally we reached the river, helping him lean against a large boulder.

I pulled out some different ointments and vials, I also brought out two different rolls of bandages and some cloth as he just chuckled, ‘Not trying to poison me now are you, lass?’

I gave him a pointed look as I dipped the cloth into the lake water before dabbing his wounds, allowing him to wince every once in a while and remain silent from then on. I poured some ointment and cleanser onto a separate piece of cloth, looking up at him, ‘This may hurt, Thorin.’

He nodded before I quickly placed the cloth to the wound, hearing him hiss and cry out, clasping my wrist tightly and firmly. He pulled through as I stitched him up, and after many grunts and cries, I sighed, wiping the sweat from my brow, ‘The worst is done now.’

He also sighed in relief, chuckling under his breath as I bandaged his chest and arm, making sure it was comfortable for him to move around. ‘Now you can’t be swinging your sword about all the time, you need to stretch it every once in a while, and remember, if it starts to burn or feel uncomfortable, come to me and I will tend to it. Don’t go going to any of the others for advice, except for Oin of course!’ 

I said all this with my back turned to him, washing out the blood stained and medicine smelling cloths in the lake waters, halting my movements when I felt his hand placed on my back, rubbing soothing circles. Even through the tunic and shawl, the heat of his roughened hand sent shivers down my spine, making me turn to find his face ever so close to mine, his forehead pressing against mine.  

I looked into his hooded eyes slowly, my hand dropping the cloth and reaching his jaw, my fingers threading through his beard gently. I felt my erratic heart beat boom through my ears, it was a surprise that Thorin couldn’t hear it. Just as his nose grazed my, sending chills down my spine, closing my eyes as he continued to come closer to me. 

Suddenly, there was a cry of my name that rang through the silence. I pulled away instantly, turning to see Ori holding out his arm which was now covered with fresh blood, shocking me,  ‘Could you please bandage my wound? Dori was trying to tighten it and it seems that the stitches have ripped!’ 

I turned back to Thorin who was still staring at me before I stood to my feet, ignoring the wanting feeling to want nothing more than to turn around and kiss him right in front of the innocent dwarf. But I didn’t. After cleaning him up, the three of us returned to the company in an awkward silence, Ori waddling off to his sleeping mat. 

I turn to Thorin who I find standing behind me, giving me a grim smile, ‘Thank you for what you did Y/N, it was very kind of you to do so.’ I return his smile instantly, nodding, ‘Of course, its no trouble at all.’ 

He looks like he wants to say more, and I allow him to run his fingertips over my jawline gently, sending shivers down my spine gently before he stops. Turning away he mutters softly, and coldly as he returns to his leader-like self again, ‘Goodnight.’

In defeat I sigh, turning away and whispering to the night almost, ‘Good night.’ 


This is prolly my last set of doodles for awhile. I got alot of work to be done. 

Its far from prefect but, this is based on a joke that AU Were- Gascoigne needs a cone when hes a beast. Djura is more then happy to apply his beast-taming skills here. 

I blame @veitstanz  @sticksandsharks  and @raven-blood-13  for encouraging me. 

( This had another ending but thats for another time. It was abit more feelsy. )