the way plague’s being right now is just kinda like

i remember when i was 11 and was playing in a field hockey tournament with my team and we were in the finale and the team we were playing against purposefully targeted certain members of our team, using their sticks to trip them

then halfway through the game the referee found out the keeper of the other team moved the goal poles (which were just those orange cones you see on the road) a little bit towards each other every few minutes. at some point, their goal was half the size of ours.

their excuse was “ANYTHING’S fair in this game!!”

first of all no, in hockey there’s rules. second of all, even if anything’s fair in dominance on FR, doesn’t mean that certain moves don’t make you a grade A dick and a prime example of bad sportsmanship.


…they were CONES.


For my girl T.


One of the funniest parts in The Wedding Singer


The Wedding Singer

Recycled Thread Rack Tutorial

The other day I found that my serger thread cones were attempting to mount a revolution on their storage shelf. After tearing down their cobblestone barricades and subduing the revolt, I decided I should put them on a rack to keep them from falling over and tangling everywhere.

I’m too cheap to pay $30 for a commercial thread rack, and I didn’t want to take up a couple of dozen pegs on my equipment pegboard with thread spools, so I decided to make my own thread containment unit.

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1. First Successful IVA orbit of Earth.

2. Shot of first scene with more of the external cam shot in view.

2.Shot of the Earth’s North Pole during orbit. Seen through window in door hatch on command pod. (the tiny cone were the astronaut sits)

4. Re-entry path for earth. Note how the green circle(me) that is completely around the yellow circle (earth) in the first picture. However, in our last picture you see that the green circle with collide with the yellow causing re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

these are screenshots from a space simulator i play called Kerbal Space Program

Miranda makes fun of me for this all the time but getting physically sick always makes my brain say bizarre shit to me. Last night I was so sick that I walked out into our backyard in my boxers and just sat in the middle of the wet grass waiting to throw up.

It was so cold my nipples were like traffic cones.

Here is my current work station.  Two of the main ideas/techniques I pulled out of my initial projects were the cone and separating the paper.   I thoroughly enjoy the look and feel of the sculpture using this texture.  I think it also allows me to add sort of an aged or relaxed look to whatever I am making.  I’m curious to see what turns out… because I am definitely not done making adjustments and changes. 

Sherpa Wash Cloths 100% Organic Cotton – Under the Nile

Sherpa Wash Cloths 100% Organic Cotton – Under the Nile

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Under The Nile Green gifts for a new baby and parents Scrappy Dribble Bib Under the Nile Lap Shoulder Gown
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Wig from one of Tuthmoses minor wifes grave. Upper class people shaved their heads because of the heat. In public, they wore wigs. Under the wigs were cones of scent, which melted and made the wearer smell good instead…

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day 106

dec 13.

i woke up early today hoping to do something as i had borrowed the textbooks from deedee in order to study for the upcoming finals. but it didn’t end up going well as i had started to play on my phone. lunch was going to happen with the mizuno running crew at 12. so i went to shower and got ready to head out.

we were going to eat some 찜닭(chicken) but that didn’t happen as the place was full so we went to the 칼국수 and got food there. you first start off by eating it like  샤부 샤부 and then after you eat all the meat, you add in the noodles and when you are done that they make fried rice for you. after eating that i was still hungry so we headed towards mcdonald’s and i got some medium fries and a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. we were talking for a long time. it’s a little bit sad to think that i might not be able to see them once i leave.

after that i headed back to the dorms so that i was able to submit my dorm extension application and finally headed out to myeongdong in order to buy the person a gift for secret santa. it’s practically impossible to find something that is just suzy. i ended up on settling on a miss a album and a mini sally keychain. but instead of just buying them a gift, i ended up also buying myself a bap santa doll and their official whistle. woe is me. i wasn’t planning to spend money. not only that, since yesterday i bought some hand cream at nature republic, i happened to be in myeongdong of all places and they had some new hand cream which were exo related. i couldn’t pass that up they were pretty cute although i ain’t even a fan of exo though. so i ended up buying that too.

as there was still some time left until 7 (the time we were suppose to meet), i headed to j holic cafe again and got my gift ready. i ended up being a little late when we met back at up in the school area.

we met up at ediya coffee to do our gift exchange and the gift i received was literally next level. it was put into bags and more bags on top of bags. there were a total of 10 bags all of them from a different brand to. i ended up getting a silk hair treatment and a bottle of folded origami of crane eggs. and a handwritten letter too hehe.

after the gift exchange, we all headed towards the all you can eat samgyupsal place but were told that they had no space. we tried to ask for the room inside, and they told us that we had to wait half an hour and we didn’t mind. turns out we only needed to wait 10 minutes. after eating all that meat, my stomach was full. we slowly made our way to karaoke. as i had some alcohol, i was still feeling the buzz so i got some water from the convenience store.

the night was a fun night. by the time we made it back to the dorms it was 12. i tried to study for korean a bit but as i was still a bit intoxicated, i fell asleep unwillingly and dozed off.

www.babyboyeaster... Organic Newborn Skull Hat

www.babyboyeaster… Organic Newborn Skull Hat

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Wig from one of Tuthmoses minor wifes grave. Upper class people shaved their heads because of the heat. In public, they wore wigs. Under the wigs were cones of scent, which melted and made the wearer smell good instead of sweaty.:

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Listening to 그대 내게 다시 by 변진섭

we can’t go back to the way we were, but like spring cones after winter melts away you just have come to me~ – Preview it on Path.