Clarke and Bellamy: Blame, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love

I’ve had the fight in Hakeldama on my mind lately, and I want to talk about why it is fundamentally different from all other “people dump on Clarke” scenes, because while there’s a lot out there about Clarke having to apologize for doing her best, this one is categorically different.

First of all, if you look at Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship from 104 to 305, you notice something major– Bellamy does not blame her for things the way other characters do.  He challenges her decisions (I don’t take orders from you) and doesn’t always agree with her, but once something has been done, he supports her emotionally (and unconditionally).  First with Lincoln, then with the dropship door (it had to be done), and even when she wants to leave at the end of s2– Bellamy continually supports her emotionally, even at great personal cost.  Keep in mind that when Clarke decided to leave, she was asking Bellamy to sacrifice his own needs (and mental health) for her own.  He tried to talk her out of it, but when he understood it was what she truly needed, he hugged her goodbye and let her go.

I’ve written literally thousands of words about why that was the right decision for Clarke and the wrong decision for Bellamy and how that is unbelievably tragic, so we’ll set that aside for now and focus on the fight.  Bellamy is horribly unfair to her in 305, but Clarke was also (less deliberately) unfair to him in 216 by deciding to leave.  It’s a bruising, wounding scene, and it lands as such.  But what really separates 305 from the other scenes wherein people yell at Clarke for her choices (like Jasper in 311) is it’s not about Clarke’s choices, it’s about Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship.  And this is a marked departure from their previous established relationship.  The delinquents questioning Clarke’s decisions after the fact/telling her to suck it up/telling her she chose wrong is a pretty well established pattern within the narrative.  She bears far more of the public burden of their choices then Bellamy does, but from 104 to 305, Bellamy is behind her no matter what.

In fact, I want to take a minute to highlight the “it had to be done” conversation because in s2, you had Bellamy saying “the last time we saw each other, you chose to leave me to die and I want you to know I completely understand that.”  He even brings it up first, like, “Just in case you’re feeling guilty about choosing everyone else’s life over mine– and I know you, so you probably are– I want you to know that it’s fine and I don’t even need to forgive you for it, that’s how fine it is.”  The hallmark of their friendship is forgiveness, no matter what.  Clarke started it with 108 but Bellamy picks up the baton and spends the rest of the time up to Hakeldama carrying it with gusto.

What makes the fight in 305 so horrible is that it’s a deviation from the norm.  Bellamy has spent so long unquestioningly supporting her that his anger catches everyone, the audience included, off guard.  It’s an aberration in their friendship, but it’s also important that 305 is not the end of the conversation.  It finishes in 313, where Bellamy essentially says “I was hurt and I wanted to hurt you, but I’m sorry and I’m going to let it go.”  I’m pretty sure that the only other time we’ve had someone yell at Clarke about her choices and then apologize is Abby after TonDC and then after Mount Weather.  (I’m torn as to whether Jasper in 311 counts, but I don’t think he does because he’s still being kind of a dick about it).  And with Abby, Clarke’s choices are framed a similar way– she has no good options, so she goes with what she thinks is best.  Someone who is supposed to love Clarke unconditionally is angered by her actions, but then later admits they were wrong and equilibrium is restored.

Like Abby, Bellamy has made the same sorts of choices Clarke has had to make.  He knows how awful they are, and he knows the toll they take on your soul.  He’s not Octavia, yelling at Clarke despite not ever bearing the burden of leadership.  He’s someone who not only understands her choices but has made them himself, and that’s why the fight is like a slap in the face.  But it’s also why they can move past it, because beneath that friendship is a core of unconditional love.

PSA admins can do whatever the FUCK they want in their own rp! if they wanna kick someone out because they’re making them uncomfortable they CAN and they don’t owe an explanation to any damn one because it’s their rp!!!! they also reserve the right to decline applications, say no when people want them to change something about their rp, etc. admins can be both nice AND be in control of their rp (shocking, right?). ppl need to stop getting so butthurt when an admin actually sets boundaries and rules! like i know everyone has been so babied lately in the rp world and admins are always like “i don’t rly like that but… if you really want to i guess…” like FUCK no – there are rules and regulations and admins have things a certain way and if you don’t like it then just find another one! i hate how admins feel like they have to give in to each and every person just to have a “good reputation” fuckin stand ur ground you bad ass babes !!!! also i wanna start a petition to bring back app rps for fuckin good bc when people actually sat down and put thought & love into their application because they really wanted a role things were so much better. like appless is bomb ok i join em too but i promise people who actually spend hours on an app (i know for a FACT bc i have) will not give up that role very quickly and i promise they’ll be way more dedicated then someone who applied without even reading the plot or anything just bc the fc they wanted was open and they wanted to get it asap ok bye

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It's quite interesting that people complain about Taylor not speaking about feminism in a deeper way, but it's not like she has ever been non-supportive of those topics.. WTNY lyrics for gay rights, inviting Andreja Pejić a trans model on stage during 1989 tour, always being supportive of other women (both in her life & women she admires), writing messages to fans suffering from mental illness, never showing any sign of racism, etc.

i know lol like it’s fucking frustrating

for me the most telling moment in taylor’s social justice came when she called nicki minaj and sat on the phone with her for 2 hours listening and learning about the racism nicki had been talking about on twitter. then she privately AND PUBICLY apologized to nicki for not understanding that racism before. 

I don’t know how people can call her fake social justice after that. that’s a privileged person being told their wrong, listening and learning for TWO HOURS about their privilege and the marginalization of others, and apologizing. Nicki said she was impressed by Taylor’s willingness to learn and be and do better and so am i

It’s taken me a bit to realize that there is a difference between growing comfortable with how you are and growing happy with ones self. Although becoming comfortable with yourself is an important step to a happier life, we often become so for the wrong reasons. We think, “things have always been this way, so I’m no longer bothered by it” or “I’ll never be how I want, so this is good enough.” and we settle; but for everything you’re worth, all the capability within you, couldn’t you agree that you deserve better than just ‘good enough’? Just because it is or always has been, that does not mean it is right. We mustn’t stop growing and learning, striving to become not only who makes our lips smile, but our hearts smile, as well. ♡

Conor Maynard Imagine - You know it

“We are not just friends, and you fucking know it”

Everyone has that little thing that helps them feel better when they’re down, that makes them forget. Yours was alcohol. You had never been particularly good when it came to managing your feelings, which eventually always led you to a certain kind of beverage. But you were okay with it.

 As you and two of your friends stepped out of the Uber and made your way into the club, you got a funny feeling on your stomach. 

You had seen the pictures of Conor kissing a random girl on the cheek a few days before “You’re jealous” your friend had told you, as she smirked at the look on your face.

“No, I’m not” you thought you sounded convincing, but the look on your friend’s face told you otherwise.

Conor and you had been something along the lines of best friends for the past year. You had never had a male best friend before, and he had never had a female best friend before, so it was still to this day that it felt weird to be together, but not together.

He had appeared in a few of your YouTube videos, and your audience seemed to approve your friendship, although quite a lot of them wanted you to become more than that. Conor and you had never talked about it. Sure, he let a few jokes slip about  what it’d be like to date each other, but you had shrugged it off quickly.

But now, as you made your way to the end of the club to grab yourself a well-deserved drink, you started questioning your feelings once more. 

“Hey, Y/N?” Conor walked casually into your living room on his way out of the bathroom. It wasn’t strange that you took showers in each other’s apartments, or that you spent the night with one another.

You rose your head from your phone to look at him. His torso was uncovered, as his t-shirt was on his hands. His sweatpants were losely hanging from his hips, and his hair was still wet. You let out an unconscious sigh.

“As you know, I’m flying to Paris next month” he said, finally putting his t-shirt back on. You mentally cursed him for doing so.

“I do know” you smirked, not sure of where he was going with it, but you were definetly enjoying it. 

He looked at you, smirking back. There was just something so mysterious about him, that made your stomach tickle “What about it?” you asked “Change of plans? Have you realized already that you won’t be able to live without me for a week?” you joked, hoping he would say yes and stay in London.

Conor, being an international pop artist and all, travelled quite a lot. He had been in London for the past two months straight without going away a single day, and you already were in the habit of seeing him every day.

“Kind of” he said, smiling again “I was wondering if you would want to come with me?” as he dropped the question, your heart skipped a beat and then sank.

“Are you being serious right now?” you asked, and he laughed at the look on your face.

“Yeah” he assured you as you jumped into his arms. He laughed as he picked you up and planted a small kiss on the side of your head “They said I could bring someone with me, and I thought of Jack but you’re more fun to be around. Fuck him” he said, making you burst out laughing.

With your arms still wrapped around his neck, his hands on your back, you looked directly into his eyes “I would love to, Conor”.

So there you were, drinking your heart out while trying to figure out how the hell you were going to get into a plane with him in a week when you couldn’t even look at him without having your heart broken into a million pieces.

Your glass went to your lips again when you noticed that there was no liquid on it anymore “I’m gonna get me another drink” you told one of your friends, tapping her on the shoulder. She was chatting with some random guy “Do you want something?”

“Yeah” she said, getting closer to your ear “For you to stop trying to forget Conor by intoxicating yourself” 

You laughed. You weren’t even drunk and you had had three drinks already. As you walked away without saying a word, you thought it would take more than alcohol to forget him.

Once you got another drink, you were ready to go back to your friends when you saw that they were surrounded by a group of quite drunk and loud guys, and you were just not in the mood. So you stood by the counter instead, taking a sip of whatever thing they had mixed for you.

You felt someone tapping on your shoulder “Excuse me” a male voice said, and you turned around to see a tall blonde guy smiling excitely at you “Are you Y/N, from YouTube?” he asked.

Your heart melted “Yes!” you said, far too excitedly, the alcohol suddenly kicking in “I mean, yeah, that’s me” you repeated, trying to look cooler this time.

The man laughed “Cool, I’m Jared, big fan” he extended his hand for you to shake, and so you did. He had a firm grip.

“Thank you” you said “You really changed my mood. I was feeling so damn shitty, you have no idea” you vented out as you raised your glass and drank the rest of your drink.

“Damn, that’s too bad” he said, taking a sip from his own drink. He gave you a cheeky smile afterwards “You’re too pretty to be sad”

You swore you blushed “Nah” you simply said, not sure how to react. Was that total stranger not only a fan of you, but also flirting with you?

“Yah” he said, mocking your response. You smiled, now feeling better “May I buy you another drink?” he offered, and you simply nodded. 

Whatever he had ordered for both of you, it was strong. But you weren’t one for turning down a good old glass of alcohol. Jared and you made your way to the dancefloor, and danced together. After a small while, his hands left his drink and travelled their way to your waist, pulling you closer until your bodies were rubbing one another’s. The friction was uncomfortable.

Your eyes instinctively moved from Jared’s collar to just behind his neck, and you locked eyes with someone. 

“I need to go say hello to somebody” you shouted into Jared’s ear, so he could hear you through the loud music. He nodded and you released yourself from his grip.

“Jack” you simply said once you reached him “What are you doing here?”

He smiled “Are you the only one who’s allowed to drink to forget, or what?” he asked you, and winked at you before walking away.

Now you found yourself standing alone in the middle of one of the biggest and most crowded clubs in London. You were about to start walking away to try to find your friends when you felt someone grabbing you by the waist with one arm and pulling you closer to his body “Were you flirting with that guy?” a familiar voice asked in your ear, his other hand moving to your waist as well.

Conor’s cologne was unmistakeable “Yeah, what about it?” you said cooly, as your heart raced so quickly you thought it would come out of your chest.

You had been avoiding Conor for the past few days, and this was not how you imagined meeting him again “Do you not love me?” he asked you in your ear again, and you couldn’t really tell if he was drunk or not.

You turned around so you were now facing him “Are you drunk?” you straight up asked him. He shook his head “Just had two shots with Jack” you knew Conor could take much more alcohol than that without getting drunk, so you believed him.

He pressed your foreheads together, and you brought your hands to his chest, as if to stop him “Conor” you said “What on Earth are you doing right now?”

He shook his head, as he hid his face on the crook of your neck “I can’t wait for Paris” he said, and you shivered. 

“You still want to go with me?” you asked, a tint of unintended jealously on your voice “What about that girl you were kissing the other day?”

He chuckled, and you wanted to punch him “I was not kissing her” he said, and laughed afterwards. You normally loved Conor’s laugh after his own comments, but now he was just pissing you off.

“Yeah, I bet she was just your friend, right?” You pushed him away, not sure what you were doing or why you were behaving like that. But you felt in charge. It took him off-guard, as his smile immediately left his lips and he frowned.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Y/N?”

“Forget it, Conor” you shook your head “I’ve got someone waiting for me” you said as you prepared yourself to turn around and leave, feeling even worse than before. But a pair of firm arms around your torso stopped you.

“Stay with me”


“Don’t go back to him” he almost pleaded.

“What is your fucking problem?” you turned around, almost shouting at his face “We are just friends and that’s it, although you probably are aware of that, so just let me go on with my fucking life” you yelled, holding back tears.


“Conor Paul Maynard!”

“Shit, Y/N” he screamed, catching you off-guard. You had never seen Conor angry, let alone rise his voice “We are not just friends, and you fucking know it”

Your heart stopped as words left his mouth. Your body relaxed in his arms, as he released a hand from your waist to rub his eyes “Are we not?” you asked, more calmly this time.

He looked right into your eyes just like he had many times before, and you finally understood what he was hiding behind them. Because you were hiding the same thing “At least not for me” he mid-whispered. You found yourself lifting your hand so it was now resting on his cheek. He was looking down, licking his lips casually. 

You chuckled “You know, you would’ve made things a lot easier if you had told me this before” you told him softly.

His eyes moved slowly from the ground until they were locked with your own. His hand travelled to your neck, grabbing it carefully as if it were to break into a million pieces. He leaned in until your lips were lost in each other’s. Your stomach did that thing again, only this time, it was far more intense. Your lips moved in perfect sync, and you suddenly realized you were kissing your best friend. But his lips felt so soft against your mouth, and his touch on your skin was so delicate it sent chills down your spine.

You pulled away a few seconds to breathe out before pressing your lips together again, more passionately this time. His hand on your waist brought you closer to his body, so close you felt the smell of his cologne filling your lungs.

He pulled apart, and looked directly into your eyes before pecking your lips shortly but sweetly. You laughed out of nervousness, hugging him so you could hide your face on his chest. He kissed the top of your head, smiling as his brother gave him a thumbs up from not so far away.

Oh, what a week in Paris was waiting for you.

Are the hellers for real? Jensen said Destiew doesn’t exist on the SHOW. That doesn’t stop any of you from reading or writing fan fiction about it.

I mean, come on, this has been the issue from day one. The insistence of hellers in demanding their made up fan fiction couple become canon on the actual show is just ridiculous and psycho.This has always been downright creepy and clearly steps way over the line.

Well guess what? Jensen has every right to push your delusions back where they belong (which is not on the show).

The refusal to accept the truth from Jensen or the show makes hellers appear like obsessed fans who should be kept away from Jensen. These people are clearly nuts.

yesterday i remembered again how lucky i am to have supportive parents: i’ve been making stories even before i was able to write. at the time my mum wrote them down for me. my sister has been drawing since she was able to hold a pen and is now a graphic designer with a blooming business. not once have either of our parents gone “you’ll never amount to anything just by scribbling/doodling”. it has always been self evident that i will be a writer and my sister an artist and mum and dad have supported us in every way. they let my sister go to high school 600km away when she was 16!

for me, writing is a dream but I also studied to do something else to keep myself in bread and butter. i’ve been unemployed for a while now and yesterday mum asked me “darling, do you still write at all?” my mum considers my writing to be something i could actually try and get a living from. i know that not everyone has parents who think arts are a waste of time and never encourage their children in their chosen professions, but i know i am still incredibly lucky to have parents who have never even considered the option that i wouldn’t be a writer or my sister an artist. they know that’s what we have wanted to be since we were little and that’s enough reason for them to believe in us and support us.

I want everyone who identifies as “Republican”, “conservative”, or “alt-right” and is under the age of 40 to see Hidden Figures.

I want them to understand that without black women, we would not have made it to the moon.

I want them to know that they owe their IT jobs to people who were considered subhuman, and were treated as if everything they touched, they sullied.

That without black women, our political landscape for the last FIFTY YEARS would have been altered - and not for the better.

They think Russia is so awesome? There were very few who did *not* suffer under the communist regime - and without our success in the space race, the USSR would likely still be in existence.

Langley integrated because segregation got in the way of getting the job done. It always has, *and it still does*.

Everyone is worth educating.
Everyone is worth feeding.
Everyone is worth housing.
Everyone is worth medical care.

Because the child we teach, we feed, we shelter, we care for - that child will lead us forward. That child will discover cures for diseases, a new plastic that doesn’t kill fish, or a way to rid our atmosphere of the carbon dioxide that is dooming our planet.

But if we only lift up those we think deserve it, based on skin color/religious faith/immigration status, then we limit the potential not just for them but for ALL OF US.

A rising tide lifts all ships - and one of them may be the one that saves you.

I Know

A/N: If this gets enough feedback I might write a second part. I am aware that this has a bit of a cliff hanger. <3

Request: Hey there I have a request! Can you do an established cas x reader fic where the reader is part of TFW and the 4 of them are out hunting one day when they find trouble, cas gets banished with a sigil then when he comes back dean and sam tell him the reader has been possessed by a demon and they have to save her?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 910

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You had been nervous the entire ride there, you had some awful gut feeling that something was wrong, but you shoved it aside. Castiel sat by your side in the back of the impala, holding your hand. You, Sam, Dean, and Cas were on your way to an abandoned warehouse, somehow you always ended up at one of those.

Castiel could feel your tension as he held your hand. He knew you didn’t normally get like this on hunts; but he chalked it up to the fact that none of you knew what you were hunting. There were several unexplained deaths in the town you were in, all of you questioning if it was really something Supernatural or not.

“Y/N, are you alright?” Cas asked, squeezing your hand to get your attention. You jumped a little bit, you were completely lost in thought.

“Wha-oh, I’m fine Cas.” You forced a smile, you didn’t need Castiel worried about you.

“I won’t let anything happen to you, Y/N”

“I know, Castiel.” You leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. You loved him so much, more than anything else in this monster-ridden world.

You turned back to look out of the window, your hand still intertwined with Castiel’s.

Dean parked the impala close to the woods about a mile away from the warehouse, hopefully far enough away that whatever was in there couldn’t see you coming. Your stomach was churning as you got out of the car and took a few different weapons out of the trunk. The walk was silent, tense. The moon lit up the sky just enough for you all to be able to see.

There was only one way to enter the warehouse, one big door in front, no side doors or windows. Two of you were on each side of the door. You and Sam on one side, Cas and Dean on the other. You all exchanged nods, weapons ready. Cas kicked in the door easily with the help of his grace, you all rushed inside, where Castiel was instantly blasted away, you tried to run to him but you tripped, a trap wrapping around your ankle and pulling you up to hang from the ceiling.

When Sam and Dean rushed over to cut you down something threw them against the wall. This was either the work of either angels or demons, but judging by the way you were tied up and the fact that you were in a warehouse in the first place, it was definitely demons.

“Looks like I finally caught myself the angel’s little brat.” A voice said, You couldn’t turn yourself to see where the voice was coming from, you were only able to focus on the pain in your leg from being tied up.

“He won’t be gone for long you know.” You spat out.

“It doesn’t matter how long he’s gone for sweetie,” she laughed, “because your protection just fell out of your pocket. You looked on the ground below you. She was talking about your anti-possession charm. You tried swinging your self and reaching for it as best as you could but it was too late. You screamed as a rush of black smoke forced its way down your throat; everything going black as you lost consciousness.

“Get out of her you bitch!” Dean yelled.

“Dean Winchester, feisty one aren’t you?” The demon inside of you said, snickering as another demon came to cut your body down.

“You boys really think that I’m here for you?” The demon said again, standing up, “See, if we have your precious little Y/N, both you and the angel will do what we want.”

“Which is what?” Sam spat out, the hold of the demon’s power making it hard for him to speak.

This was no ordinary demon, she was somehow smart enough to not stay behind and have a snarky conversation with the Winchesters, and not to mention how she was able to pin them against the wall like that. She smirked as her and the other demon vanished.

“Damnit!” Dean yelled as he and his brother fell to the ground, the demon’s hold on them gone.

“What do we do?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know,” Dean replied, “Cas is gonna freak”

Sam knelt down to pick up your charm off of the ground. “I thought she would have had this tattooed by now”

“Well that doesn’t help us right now does it Sammy?” Dean was panicked. The demon that had you was right, having you was insurance; and Sam and Dean knew it.

“Sam, Dean.” Cas appeared. He turned to look at you, but you were nowhere to be seen. “Where’s Y/N?”

“Cas-” Dean started, Cas quickly interrupted him.

“Where is she.” He demanded.

“Her charm fell out of her pocket. A demon got her.” Sam spoke up.

Cas could feel his heart drop. This couldn’t be happening, not to you. You were the love of his life. He promised to never let anything happen to you. He swore to protect you; and he had just let you get taken. He turned to walk out of the barn.

“Cas wait, we’ll find her.” Dean was trying his hardest not to say too much. The amount of rage Cas felt right now was dangerous for all of them. He stopped and turned to Dean, his fists clenched.

“I know.” And without another word he was gone. This wasn’t good.

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Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 5) SIRIUS’ POV

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Mentions of sex, fluff, mild language

Words: 1,947

A/N: I feel like at this point this is really becoming a series because if you haven’t read any of the other parts you won’t understand this one at all.


[Italics indicate dreaming]

“Sirius!” She moaned as I relentlessly pounded into her.

Her head, face first into the sheets, I was hitting it from behind. In the room all I heard were her moans and the intense sound of skin slapping. She began to tremble from under me, her legs shaking, the sound of my heart racing swelled in my ears. And suddenly I felt it, the burning sensation in my stomach, the tingle of my nose, I was about to… I reached my hand infront of her, beginning to rub  so she could get on sooner.

“Sirius!” She yelled, her voice deepening, sounding a little different.

I began to shake.

“Sirius, wake up!” She moaned again, catching me off guard, her voice sounding completely diff-

“Sirius, bloody hell, wake up already!” James yelled, shaking me vigorously.  

“What time is it?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“Half past seven.”

“Shit.” I said, “Why didn’t you bloody wake me up!”

James rolled his eyes, walking away from me and grabbing his tie off my bedside table.

“I’ve been trying to,” He smirked. “But you wouldn’t stop moaning Y/N’s name.”

“Oi!” I yelled back at him, a smile plastered on my face now.

James pointed down to my now noticeable erection, “Better take care of that,” he said, and walked out of the room.

I sit in my bed staring at the ceiling for a second, trying to figure out how i’m going to take care of the growing problem in my pants.

“Fuck it.” I say, running off into the bathroom, headed for the shower.

The great hall was loud, so loud, much too loud for someone who had just woken up. I walked down the long aisleways toward my Gryffindor table, spotting Remus, Peter, and James.

“Morning,” I said, brushing my hair back. “Do I look okay?”

“Morning,” Remus said, “When do you not look okay?”

“He’s right mate, you could be beaten to a pulp and still look good.” He said, patting me on my shoulder, sitting down on the bench.

I looked around for her, she wasn’t in her usual place in front of, or next to me. My eyes wandered, until I spotted her clearly, she was sporting her red uniform which seemed oddly obscure next to the green one. The green one. He was tall and blonde, hovered over her tremendously. She had her hair wrapped around her finger, and him as well, twirling the long strand. She looked up at him intensely, and he stared right back, a slight flush coated his cheeks. A girl of that caliber is not meant to flirt with someone like him.

[This is what I picture young Lucius to look like]

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My heart sank deeply, it yearned for her. It was practically trying to break out of my chest and wrap itself around her. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight, her giggling at his jokes that probably weren’t funny, him leaning closer and closer to her as people busily walked around them. She always got along well with slytherins because her father was one and she grew up with them her whole life. I’m not surprised they aren’t prejudiced towards her because she wasn’t sorted along with them.

“You can tell just how much of a slytherin she is when she’s around them, can’t you?” Remus asked.

“True, she basically is one, just in a red uniform.” Added James.

“Who is that?” I asked, looking at the tall blonde boy.

“Who?” James replied.

“The one she’s talking to.” I said.

“Oh, that’s Lucius, Lucius Malfoy.”

I stared him down, the bloke wasn’t any better then me. Maybe she didn’t like him, maybe he liked her and she was just being nice. Then again, she wouldn’t waste her time with someone she didn’t like. She smiled goodbye, then went on her way, swaying her hips on the way back, making sure he saw. He sure did, his mouth practically watering, it made my blood boil.

“Morning!” She said cheerily, sitting down across from me and grabbing an apple from the center of the table, taking a big bite out of it.

“Morning.” We all said in unisense, me a little more monotone then the others.

“Thanks for the warm welcome.” She said jokingly, rolling her eyes, watching me with intent.

“How’d you sleep last night, Y/N/N?” Remus asked, looking up from his newspaper.

“Peachy,” She replied, taking another big bite. “What about you Sirius, how’d you sleep.”

James laughed loudly along with Remus and I stomped on their feet wildly, she stared at me with wide eyes.

“Swell.” I said, grabbing the apple from her hands, and biting into it.

“Hey, give me my apple!” She yelled, trying to rip it from my hands.

“What were you talking to Lucius about?” I asked, holding the apple behind my head.

“Bloody hell Sirius, give me my damn apple!” She yelled at me, her tiny fists grabbing at my forearms.

“Not until you tell me what you were talking about!” I retaliated.

“Jealous?” She asked smiling, cocking an eyebrow at me.

“Me jealous? No way…” I said, handing the apple back to her. “Just curious.”

She winked at me, then took another bite out of her apple.

She looked ethereal sitting there. Her skin was glistening, her cheeks had a hint of flush, her hair hung loosely in a ponytail, the ends upturned reflecting the sun off them, she always had a gleam in her eye, even if there wasn’t anything gleaming in the first place. She could be sitting in a pitch black room in the dead of night and still through all the darkness I could see the little gleam of light in her eyes.

“Sirius?” She said to me.

“Hm?” I asked, still entranced.

“This staring problem of yours has really gotten out of hand.”

It was halfway through the day and I still kept catching Y/N and Malfoy talking to each other during class and in between them. It was half past noon, just after lunch, and everyone loaded into our defense of the dark arts class. Luckily, it was all of us together, Me, Y/N, Remus, James, Peter and Lily, so we all had a relatively good time.

This year’s teacher was different than the last, and the last different from the one prior. Seemed each year someone new had to fill the position of the old, I assume teaching the class was much too tiring.

Y/N stood next to me, her arm brushing mine gently.

“Here,” She said. “You have something on your lip.” And wiped it off with her thumb, smiling.

I uncontrollably smiled back and blushed, then got angry at myself because I was supposed to be mad at her.

“The Boggart,” The teacher said suddenly, interrupting everyone’s conversations. “Is a truly, wondrous creature. Can anyone explain to me exactly what it does?”

Remus clears his throat.

“Shocker.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“A Boggart is a shapeshifter, and it shifts into a thing the witch or wizard threatening it is most afraid of.”

“Good, Remus.” The teacher says.

“The way you defeat it is by casting a spell upon it, which ultimately changes it into something humorous, taking the fear out of it completely.” Remus adds.

“Does anyone know what the spell is in which you use against it?”

Remus began to open his mouth.

“Other than Mr. Lupin.” The teacher said, casting him a glare.

Y/N suddenly speaks out from next to me.

“Riddikulus.” She croaks.

“Yes, Miss Y/N. Riddikulus.”

And one by one each person went up to cast the spell on the boggart which was hiding restlessly inside an old cupboard in the back of the classroom. Interestingly enough, our teacher made us all go up in groups depending on our houses, trying to see the distinct difference between everyone’s fears.

The slytherins were up first. Severus’ boggart shifted into james, and Malfoy’s shifted into himself, but lifeless, he pictured himself dead. After all the slytherins went it was our turn.

“Potter,” The teacher said. “You’re up.”

And from there James’ had shifted into a winning quidditch cup but for another house, Remus’ has shifted into a moon and clouds, Lily’s shifted into a spider, and then it was my turn.

I stepped up slowly. My wand shook in my hands because I already knew what mine was going to be, and how weak it would make me look.

“Maybe I should do this some other time.” I said to the teacher. They in return, just shooting me back a glare.

And suddenly it shifted, dust flying up around it, contorting into its desired shape.

Suddenly, there it was, my mother, looking at me with disgust. I rolled my eyes at the snickers I heard around me and held my wand up in front of her face.

“Riddikulus.” I muttered, yet she still stepped closer, unphased.

“Louder.” The teacher called.

“Riddikulus!” I shouted, and suddenly she stood before me with rat ears and a tail.

It was her turn, Y/N’s. I was actually quite anxious to see what hers was going to be, even though I’m almost certain it’s going to be her father.

She stepped up slowly, looking at the Boggart with fear in her eyes. Once again, it contorted, and flipped, and dust flew out from all sides, but suddenly there was… nothing. Where once my mother stood now was nothing, the boggart had disappeared. The whole room went silent. She looked at the emptiness, shocked.

“She broke it.” Someone muttered.

Yet she still stood staring at it. Suddenly, she began to walk backwards, slow at first, then ran out of the classroom in a flash.

I looked to Remus and he looked at me and suddenly I was right behind her, on her way down the hallway.

“Y/N!” I called, yelling to her as she walked into a supply closet.

“Y/N.” I said sadly, leaning in on the door, resting my ear on it.

“Go away, Sirius.” She sniffled.

“I’m not leaving until you open the door.”

And with that I heard a small popping noise, and I quickly pushed open the knob. She was sitting on the floor her knees to her chest.

“I don’t get it,” I said, crouching down in front of her.

She sat there quietly and stiff, I rested my hand on her head to comfort her. She relaxed into my touch.

“I’m fine.” She said.

I tilted my head and looked at her longingly, she definitely wasn’t fine.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I have known you long enough to know when you’re fine and when you’re definitely not.”

She giggled a little and look up at me, her face slightly coated with tears.

“Don’t look at me,” she said. “I’m hideous!”

I laughed slightly and sat down right beside her, taking her head into my hands, wiping away the wetness with my thumbs.

“You’re much too pretty to cry.” I say.

She looks at me with big eyes, they swelled with tears. She leant up slowly and pressed her lips on mine, they were soft and swollen against my rough ones. I leant in a little, swiping my tongue against her bottom lip and she quickly welcomed me in. We pulled apart after a few seconds and she laid into me.

“This,” She said. “This is the exact opposite of what I was afraid of.”

She stayed quiet for a minute afterwards and rested her head into my chest, I drew circles slowly into her lower back, her legs draped over my lap.

I thought of it suddenly, and tightened my grip around her with my arms.

Her biggest fear is simply no one being there for her.

(this fic was inspired by @lenomurasan and their rain artwork so definitely check it out!!)

summary:  It’s been years since Shiro has felt the rain. Keith fixes that for him.


There were small moments that Shiro couldn’t remember anymore: how the wind tugged at his hair, how the rain soaked through his clothes, how the grass tickled his heels. Each memory was fuzzy, marred by purple scars that dug deeper than he cared to admit. The first brush of light against his face back on Earth had been a miracle.

Space was cold in its own way, unforgiving in others. Whenever they went planetside, Shiro always breathed a little easier, a little lighter.

read the rest here

@nata110 needs way more love! They don’t post art as often as some other artists on here, but the art they do post always has their distinct style and personality that I love to see. They also reblog other people’s art all the time, and finds time to add some encouraging words give the artist. They’ve been spreading love for a while now, so it’s time to give them some love back.



  1. Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.“they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people”

To live peacefully in a country home to dozens of different races, hundreds of different cultures, and thousands of different opinions, we absolutely MUST abandon the attack on liberal ideals, because this is the only way forward to a future of global cooperation and peace. This country has always been changing culturally and always will be. We must all make peace with this fact, but at the same time, we must also battle to protect people’s ability to practice conservatism and isolationism in their own personal lives.

I’m honestly pretty conservative in many aspects of my personal life and enjoy an isolated lifestyle, but I would never force those ideals on others. Everyone should be free to live the ways they want to live so long as they have minimal physical impact on others. This is what freedom is all about and here are some pictures of what seems to happen when these freedoms are threatened:




New York



Washington DC


I’m posting this here because these photos give me a lot of hope for our future. No matter how evil the people in power get, I know from these pictures that the good far outweigh’s the bad. Now let us all channel this energy into creating a decentralized future where official governments are not needed. Want to know more? Google Decentralization or Blockchain.

Posted 1/22/2017

Believe Again (A Saeran x Reader fic) Chapter 2: First Words

Chapter summary: The first words you shared were few, but infinitely precious.

A/N: I made a couple of changes from chapter 1. For those who read it before I updated it, basically Saeran’s eyes are mint green, not yellow, and he has bandages covering his tattoos (which I did not mention when the reader saw him without his sweater).

 You had always thought a baby’s first words to be the most special, in a way that few people could understand. The privilege of being addressed by them as they took their first steps out of intelligible blubbering to crawl closer to you, bit by bit, could make anyone’s head giddy with rapture.

He was most definitely not a baby, but his first word to you had a greater impact on you that you could have anticipated.

It had just been another Friday, and you were heading back as usual. Friday evenings had become special to you, since it marked the weekly ice cream date the both of you would have together. Up till now you had never exchanged words with each other, not even a simple greeting. It was just the way things were, and you were both fine with that. It was perfectly pleasant, just being able to enjoy each other’s company as you savored your ice cream in silence. The occasional crunch of the wafer of the cone was the only sound that either of you permitted yourselves to make when you were seated together.

It was a strange relationship you two shared. You didn’t even know if there was a relationship at all, considering you didn’t even know his name. Then again, even though you didn’t know his name, you felt a unique, pronounced connection to him, one that may have to do with the peculiar feelings in your chest that sprouted whenever he crossed your mind.

It wasn’t exactly a romantic attraction, nor was it mere curiosity. You had spent hours pondering over this question while laying awake in your bed in the deep hours of night, and in middle of day when you could spare some time to space out a for a little while.

All you could conclude was that he was an enigma and that your relationship with him was of an alien nature, one that, perhaps, had been birthed only between the both of you.

The sun was already setting as you neared the park. A swirl of pink and marigold colors dusted the cloudless sky. It was exceptionally beautiful today, and you couldn’t help but wonder what he thought of the scenery today, being the avid sky-watcher he was.

Your feet found the clean brick path that you took each evening, and you kept your eyes peeled for a mop of messy red hair being tousled by the wind. Confusion struck you, however, when you found no sign of him, even though you were certain that you were looking at the right bench.

You quickened your pace towards the bench, and stopped in front of it. He wasn’t there. You scanned the vicinity, and spotted the usual children and elderly folk around, greeted with the same scenery as always, except for him.

Was he gone?

The thought unsettled you. It unnerved you to the core.

It dawned on you then that you had become more attached to him than you thought you had been and would be, evident in the invisible weight on your shoulders dragging your spirits to rock bottom, and the gaping hole in your tightened chest.

It wasn’t as if this was an arrangement that the both of you had agreed on. It probably wasn’t even meant to last, or at least, not as long as you would have liked it to be. You knew, but despite that you were disappointed, more than you should have been.

Perhaps the best thing to do was to not over-think things. There was no point to it. Maybe he was just busy today, or for some reason couldn’t come. It wouldn’t be right to jump to conclusions just because he wasn’t here all of a sudden. Besides, surely he had better things to do than sit here in the evenings to watch the still sky. You resolved to continue on your way back home, brushing thoughts of him aside.

That is, until you heard footsteps approaching you from behind. You sensed a familiar presence behind you, and without a moment’s hesitation you were spinning around to find out who it was.

Relief flooded you, and you couldn’t help the smile that your lips pulled into, when you found yourself standing face to face with that man. It was your first time standing this close to him, and you weren’t expecting him to be this tall. He was almost half a head taller than you. You had to tilt your chin up slightly so you could meet his soft mint eyes.

From here, even though you were standing just a little further than an arm’s length away from him, you could catch the faint scent of his shampoo, the one he used every day.

He had two ice cream cones in his hands, and now he was holding one out towards you.

“Here,” he spoke, in a quiet but deep, strong voice that took your breath away. You needed a couple moments to register that he had just spoken to you, and that he was offering you a chocolate ice cream cone. You blinked a few times at it, as if it was an illusion that would vanish in the blink of an eye.

It didn’t.

You looked up again. Your gazes met, but only for two seconds, because then he lowered his eyes, appearing slightly embarrassed. You noticed the light pink creeping up at the corners of his ears that were partially hidden by his messy red locks.

This was the first time he had lost a staring match against you.

Dumbly, you looked at the ice cream cone again, and then you slowly raised your hand to accept it from him. As he handed it to you, your fingers brushed against each other. The light, feathery contact made your heart skip a beat and your face flush. It seemed to have an effect on the man too, for he let go a little too quickly, nearly causing the cone to drop entirely if it weren’t for your fast reflexes.

He mumbled something that sounded like an apology under his breath before he sat down again on the bench, licking his ice cream. You were still admittedly puzzled by the change of events, and so you continued to focus your attention on him, waiting for him to explain himself. He didn’t say anything, however, having apparently returned to his silent self.

Well, you supposed his intentions weren’t that hard to figure out, from the way he had approached you earlier. He probably just wanted to make it up to you, for having treated him to ice cream for the past two Fridays. A smile played on your lips as you sat down, having a taste of the ice cream. Maybe it was just you, but it tasted sweeter than it normally did.

“Thanks,” you said aloud. Your voice caught his attention, and he looked over at you, with his eyes widened ever so slightly. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, and you wondered what on earth was so strange about you thanking him for his kindness. He looked rather cute as he visibly attempted to formulate some sort of response. The sound of your chuckling seemed to put him at a greater loss for words, and you watched in amusement as his ears began turning red.

At times like these, with his guard down, he was like an open book, his thoughts showing quite plainly for you to see.

At last, he managed to restore the perfect poker face he always had on, and settled for a dismissive “Mm,” before returning his gaze to the open sky.

With some interest, you noted that his ears remained red for the rest of that evening.

A/N: I promise the next chapter will be longer and fluffier. ;) Thanks for reading!

Btw, I have this fic published on AO3 (link) and (link). 

seaturtlesareawesome replied to your post “All you younger people thinking George W Bush is a sweet, bumbling…”

? I’m old enough to remember BOTH Bush presidencies and Dubya always had the reputation of being a friendly, personable guy one-on-one. I remember even Molly Ivins, who thought he was a doofus in over his head, didn’t have much, if anything, bad to say about him as an individual. So…Dubya has always been perceived as friendly. The Grandpa thing may have come with his increasing age.

People thought he was a ‘good ole boy’, for sure. But like GWB is the reason I’m into politics. I hated his policies, I hated his administration. I think he, and the majority of people involved in his cabinet, are war criminals. 

It’s like people acting like Reagan was nothing more than a bumbling sweet old man. No, he fucked over our country in ways that are still lasting today

So excuse me if I’m not having any bit of anyone saying shit about GWB like “he’s so cute” while fighting the plastic parka the other day. 

Or commenting what a good artist he is and how it’s a prime example of “why you shouldn’t pressure your kids into careers they don’t want.” NO, he is a grown fucking man who made those decisions while he was in office, do not act like he was a victim of circumstance and we should like him or pity him now.

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Do you think that Kurt would like the Kardashians/Jenners? I know Courtney is kinda sorta friends with them but what do you think he would think? Especially about Kylie lol

I doubt he would be impressed. just guessing.   fashion has always been important to Courtney..  in his own way, Kurt made his OWN fashion.

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What are your religious beliefs?

i grew up a christian. i still believe in god but i don’t feel comfortable using that label anymore. it’s become something i don’t recognize (or maybe it’s always been this way and i’m just now seeing it for what it is)

my issue isn’t with god. it never has been. it’s with christians. this election season was particularly detrimental to my already wavering faith. i saw people i love, people i respect, people who call themselves followers of jesus, get behind and support and make countless excuses for a man who is the absolute antithesis of who i know god to be. 

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honestly, after all this build up, i think i'm gonna cry if even is not s4 main and vilde turns out not to be queer. i do agree w/ the girls and sex anon. skam has done a great job dragging stereotypes about gay people and boys and if feel like it has not been the same for girls and normalization of gender roles and rules in a lot of ways. i've always felt alienated from the way women are represented in books and films, and i really like watching the way skam treats its characters - i hope they

continue doing the same in the nexts seasons. i also hope that by building up the boys as a group of friends the intention is to mix up both groups and focus on the friendships between all of them. i hope it’s like a way of addressing all those issues of normalisation of gender rules and roles. i don’t know, just incoherent ramblings. what are you hopes for the next 3 seasons, apart from the mains? what would you like to see portraied?

hello my wonderful anon! this is such a great ask, thank you so much for sending it! i don’t know your personal experience, but i think (?) i can understand feeling alienated from the way women are represented in media because i’ve had similar feelings in the past (and still do from time to time, but for different reasons now). i love all the skam girls and i relate to them all in different ways, but the weird thing is that i can probably relate to them more now as a 29-year-old than i would’ve in high school because my high school experience was very, very different.

i agree with you, i’d also like to see the two groups of friends mixed up a bit to show that guys and girls can be just friends without there being any sexual undertones. and i want noora to get back to school asap!! leaving everything behind for william was such a shit move, and it would’ve been a shit move even if william had been the most non problematic cinnamon roll in the universe. because many girls actually do that, they miss opportunities to be with their boyfriends and then regret it later. dear young girls i love you, please go to the university you wanna go and not the one that happens to be the closest to your boyfriend, do a year abroad if you wanna do, don’t stay home just because you don’t want to leave your boyfriend behind.

anyway, back to your ask. i would like to see a season where romance is not the main focus. maybe sana’s season? i love romance and i’m always in love, but i never had a relationship in high school, it wasn’t my priority (also bc i was a hot mess but that’s another story). s3 is one of my favourite love stories ever, and i really appreciate how they did eva and jonas’s break up in s1 because it was such an important learning experience for both of them, but now that we’ve seen characters grow by falling in and out of love, maybe we could also have a main who does neither. i think there exists a lot of pressure to have a relationship when you’re young? there are literally 16-year-olds in this world thinking they’ll be forever alone because they haven’t found love yet (if you’re one of these teenagers let me assure you you won’t be forever alone, please trust me on this one, you are amazing and complete and there is a lot of exciting love in store for you, maybe also some heartbreak i won’t lie but that’s part of the deal), so it’d be refreshing to see a main character who doesn’t have a love interest and who’s fine with it. i know noora wasn’t really into hookups or relationships in s1, but william was a big part of her story in s2 so she doesn’t count.

i’m kind of rambling here, but continuing with the mental health theme, i think it’d be cool if they had a character go see a therapist? isak had such a strong gut reaction when the school nurse suggested he talk to a mental health professional, and i think many people share that reaction, so it’d be nice if they could show that therapy is good for you, seeing a therapist doesn’t make you crazy, and even just one session alone can be a liberating experience. let’s normalise therapy and mental health care!

aaaaand, i’m getting my hopes up for lesbian vilde so i hope it’ll actually be a thing.

other than that, i don’t really have any specific hopes, or at least i can’t think of any at the moment. i hope to see the characters continue to make mistakes and learn from them! it’s such a competitive world out there and there’s a lot of pressure to succeed, so i think it’s important to show people, especially teenagers, that sometimes you fail and that’s okay too.

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Y-yeah. That's why I as surprised until you mentioned which episodes were on the list. Did not forget about this episode just thought it was a bit further down the line. This one has always been a bit of an oddly placed episode. Nice choice in Berserk by the way.

Well, I’m going by the “intended order” list my SU-loving friend gave me, so either he knows something I don’t or he just wanted to troll the hell out of me.

“Hahahaha, ah Stricklander, you are always hilarious!”

“I…wasn’t joking,  Ásketill…”


(I’ve been messing around trying to learn how to draw his troll-form all weekend, and I lost patience on his knife collar…also picture isn’t done which is why Stricklander has no torso details whatsoever and Asketill is missing horns. I do want to color it properly too.)