Reasons why I want to be BFFs with Harry Styles: he is witty. 

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As a Gryffindor, I love my red and gold but if you could pick your house colors what would they be?


If you mean like making up my own house with its own colors, then purple and silver or teal and copper for sure. It would depend on which direction I wanted to go with different aspects of it (mascot, traits, etc)

If you mean other colors for Gryffindor, I really don’t know. I honestly hate both red and gold. They both look terrible on me, but when I think about it, there isn’t much else that fits conceptually. No other color represent the courage and victory minded-ness of Gryffindor. WHile I can think of things for the other houses, there just aren’t color correspondences that apply as well for Gryffindor.

(but maybe that’s because I know too much about color theory to just pick colors I like. Color meanings matter too much to me *shrug* )


I mean, going with the whole “colors that would suit Hufflepuff” thing, I could totally see like green and bronze for some reason, I guess going along with the whole “earthy” thing. I don’t particularly like either of those colors, but I think it works for Hufflepuff.

For my own choices, if I was making my own house, I’d probably do like Blue and honestly silver, which are totally Ravenclaw movie colors, because I just love them a lot, okay?


I mean for Ravenclaw, I really do love blue and bronze. It’s a lovely relaxing color combination and it’s just always felt right to me, which is why I am INCREDIBLY UPSET THAT THE FILMS FELT THE NEED TO CHANGE THE COLORS. LIKE????????????? WHY????????????? WHAT DID IT DO???????????? NOTHING??????????????

But if I had to choose a different color combination, maybe like a warm yellow and cool blue? Like the scheme in Van Gogh’s “Cafe Terrace at Night”. That’s always been really relaxing as well, but I don’t know if they’d be the right house colors. I’m kind of just talking about my favorite colors now. In all honesty, I really like the current house colors. 


I don’t know about for Slytherin, but if I were to create my own house, I really like the colors purple and black/grey. No real reason than purple being one of my favorite colors and probably an under-valued color in general. 

How to get yourself knocked up by an angel.

I don´t know why I wrote this and I totally wanted this to go in a different direction but I like it and I might even write a sequel, so yeah, go ahead and read my newest work. :D

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Length: 1519 Words

Warnings: Pregnancy, human!cas

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Castiel looked after you while you left for the Impala, fists clenched and cursing under your breath.
When you were out of his sight he looked back at the Werewolf that was lying dead on the ground, killed by Dean´s silver bullet after yours had missed it by a few inches.
The angel tried to understand why you were so angry and raised his eyebrows at the Winchesters:
“Why is (Y/N) so upset?”
Sam sighed: “Because she missed. Again.”
Dean nodded: “Yeah, it´s the third hunt we went on that she missed the target and one of us had to finish the job.”
Their answers made him frown: “But everyone misses once in a while.”
Dean shook his head: “Not (Y/N), at least not usually. Ever since we knew her she was the best hunter slash shooter you would find.
You know what people at the road house used to say about her? She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you´re alive, it´s because she wants you alive.
I mean they were just joking, but somehow it was true. (Y/N) killed everything she wanted to kill. Always.
And now somethings off with her and we have no Idea what it is.”
Sam nodded in agreement: “I tried talking to her at least three times, but she would just send me away.”
Cas looked at the path were you had vanished only a few minutes ago and somehow he knew what was bothering you.

You said nothing the whole ride back to the bunker and when you were finally there, you made your way straight to your room.
Things were getting pretty out of control lately and you were totally freaking out.
After entering your room you closed the door and sat down against it, burrowing your face in your arms, you´re dirty-blonde hair falling loosely around you.
It had all started six weeks ago when Dean and Sam had been out in a bar and you had been home alone with Cas.
You and the angel had always gotten along well and so you hadn´t minded at all when he told you that he was going to stay the night, something that happened a lot since he turned human.
You had convinced him to drink with him and sooner or later you were both deep into a silly round of I never where you always had to drink because obviously you had done a lot of stuff that Cas hadn´t.
It had been all very funny then. It had still been funny when you two had started making out and it had been even more fun when you had slept together, your first time with an almost-angel, and for god´s sake, he had been good at what he had been doing.
It hadn´t been that much fun anymore when you had woken up the next morning, totally hungover and with the realization that you had slept with Cas without any protection.
And it had been even less fun when you period didn´t come.
By now you were almost a hundredth percent sure that you were pregnant with Cas´s baby.
You had bought a test too, but you were too scared to take it because you knew that the result would make every tiny bit of denial left in you worthless.
You were so shaken up by the whole issue that you had started missing. And you never missed, you just didn´t.
Now familiar tears were running down your face, black with your eyeliner and heavy with your confusion and desparation.
What were you supposed to do?
Not only were you most likely becoming a mother, but also the father was a freaking Angel, human for now, but still.
Leave it to you to get yourself knocked up by an angel.
You figured that you could almost be glad that Cas didn´t have his grace while you did it or you would have created a friggin Nephilim.
Breaking heaven´s law would have been the last thing you wanted to deal with right now.
You got up from the ground, deciding that you needed a shower to wash everything off you. It had worked before, so why not now?
Just when you were about to shrug out of your clothes, it knocked on your door.

It was probably Sam, trying to talk to you again, but you couldn´t tell him. You couldn´t tell anyone.
Yet you called: “Come in”, because you were behaving too weirdly lately anyways.
The door opened and Cas walked in, looking rather worried and sad.
Shock spread through your blood: “Cas, what are you doing here?”
The morning after, you had informed him that you only had done it because of the alcohol and that he was not supposed to tell anyone.
And then you had successfully avoided to be alone with him. Until now.

He closed the door: “I… I just wanted to talk to you.”
Nervously you tried to keep yourself busy by arranging the sheets on your bed: “What about?”
“About the fact that you seem to be troubled.”
So he had noticed too. You knew you had been obvious, but when even he noticed it must have been pretty bad.
You turned around, hands on your hips, trying to look tough again: “Well, I´m fine.”
The angel shook his head: “No, you´re not. And I think I know why.”
Your heart started racing: “Cas it´s…”
But he held up one hand to interrupt you and said: “Is this because of what happened five weeks ago? I read a lot of internet articles about what happened.
I assure you that I won´t tell Sam and Dean and that I understand that this was just a one-night-stand. At least I read that that is what you call one time intercourse.”
He was being kinda awkward, which made him kinda cute and made you feel even worse:
“Well, too bad not everything about it was just for one night.”
Cas made a step towards you: “What do you mean? I´m pretty certain I didn´t give you any kind of illnesses.”
Now you almost laughed: “I´m not worried about you giving me STDs Cas.”
And then, there was the chance, your chance to tell him, maybe the only one you ever got to tell him.
“Actually I think you gave me something else”, you murmured and watched his reaction with fear.

At first he seemed a little confused but then realization dawned on his face and his eyes grew big:
“You… I… You´re pregnant?”
Tears started to form in your eyes again and you bit your lower lip before nodding: “I think so. I mean I haven´t taken a test, but I´m pretty sure.”
The next thing he did surprised you: he came over and hugged you, hugged you tight and whispered in your ear: “It´s gonna be okay.”
That´s when you totally lost it. You sobbed and sobbed into his arms, until there were no tears left and then you looked up:
“Would you wait while I take the test?”
I hadn´t been a decision you had made on purpose. You just knew it was the right time.
He nodded: “Of course.”

When you came back from the bathroom, he was sitting on your bed and you waved the stick in attempt to lighten the mood.
“We have to wait five minutes now”, you informed him and he nodded.
It must have been the five longest minutes in your entire life.
Cas was holding you and somehow you knew that whatever was going to happen next, he wouldn´t leave you.

When the time was up you looked at him: “Two stripes means pregnant, one means not-pregnant”, you explained, not wanting there to be any misunderstandings.
He nodded and then you flipped the test, staring at the two stripes you knew would be there.

Still it was the biggest shock you ever got in your life and you pressed a hand over your mouth when Cas took the test and placed it on the side of the bed before turning you by your shoulders to face him:
“I know this isn´t ideal. I know it´s probably the last thing you want. But I also know that you´ll be an amazing mum and that I´ll be there for you. Always.”
He didn´t have to say these things. He could have just left you alone, dealing with your problems on your own, but he didn´t.
And that´s what made you realize: “And you´re going to be a great dad.”
He smiled and then he hugged you again and you thought about the fact that there really was a human growing inside of you.
“This is scary”, you whispered and you could feel him nod in agreement: “Yes, it is. But the good kind of scary.”
You pulled away and smiled at him under your dried tears: “Yeah, I´m not so sure about that, I´m going to look like an elephant.”
He smiled back: “A beautiful elephant.”
And right then, the moment before he kissed you, you knew that he was right. It was going to be okay.

Hey lovelies!

I have been so silent the past few weeks, I know. Honestly, I was a bit in a personal turmoil with everything. Let’s just say 2016 has started out confusing but strong and (hopefully) going to throw everything into a different direction for me. The direction that I want!

Anyways, enough of that.
I want to get more out there, as I’ve already stated before. I’ve decided that I am going to work on my shop too and open it up soon, because I am starting to come together in what paths I want to walk for myself. I need a change in my life and I feel that this just may be it. No longer on the side. Just this!

and now you ask what my plan is?
I’ve just (like ten minutes ago) created a facebook page. There I will also start posting all things Tarot. The big and the small! Fresh winds everywhere, people haha! So, if you also are on facebook. Definately don’t hesitate to follow me there too. Plus, it would just be a super sweet thing to do!

I’m starting to feel excited about this all. (and a bit nervous. But that’s natural.)
Hope you all have been doing wonderfully yourselfs! ♥

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rip like i know its bs but it makes me so anxious aksjdksj i really dont want them to split and everytime i see the worda one direction and split in the same sentence i get period cramps

yeah i know it lowkey stresses me out too :/ i really really really don’t think they’re breaking up but sometimes there are like split seconds of doubt

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I'm in my senior year in High School. And I'm not sure what I want to do for a living. I want to draw or direct movies. Is it to late to start drawing for me? My art is god awful. And what is the best are art schools to go to? And how do I start drawing?

Not knowing you I can’t tell you if it’s to late but I personally feel it’s never too late as long as you have the desire to learn your craft and some ability. I was by far NOT the best draftsmen in my art college but I never saw that as an issue because I wanted to be in the arts so much, I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

But, if you’re a senior and haven’t even started drawing, why do you want to go to art school? How do you even know that’s where you want to spend time and tuition money? I’d recommend taking a single are class to and see if you like it.

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Hi Emma, i saw your tags in the lyrics post. Do you think Harry could have "directed" this one line about people wanting to be near him to be famous to the past/OT? Cause otherwise, the new ppl would be Azoff and I always thought that is a good thing, or did something with Kendall happen today? (I had to work all day and wasn't much online)

If it’s meant to have some deeper meaning, honestly, I think it’s about the Jungwirths. The Azoffs aren’t new for Harry - he’s been hanging out with them since late 2013 at least. And nothing happened with Kendall today. :)

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I had a teacher in the business and she said that being gay is basically a death wish in Hollywood. That they won't hire you for the lead because guys want to be like you and women want to be with you. Hopefully it does change I know Jared wants to "retire" but I know Jensen either wants to act more or direct more. I just hope they can be happy at the end of the day no matter what they decide to do. Love your blog XoXo

Hi Anon.

You’re teacher is kind of right. Back then, (when the J’s first started acting) coming out as gay was really taboo. These days though, celebrities are coming out of the closet left and right.

But back then, it wasn’t a good thing for your image. Which is most likely the reason why the J’s decided to beard. The sad part is that they keep this charade going.


- K

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I've never been in the same situation as you with being an academic high achiever but my best friends in sixth form went through things like that and it was horrible seeing them stressed & being pushed into directions I knew they didn't want to go in

yeah it happens to so many people. schools brainwash you and feed you such strong lies that sometimes you don’t even realise that it isn’t what you want.