ok but what if kenma grew his hair out?  like can we make kenma with ridiculously long hair a thing please

i cant express how much im so fond of how laurent is the type to love adventure. to love the thrill of it, to love the journey not the destination. we dont see this at all in the first book and the answer to why is clear. hes stuck in this castle basically just a chess piece in his uncles game but then damen comes and then hes won his first battle against his uncle. then we get the second book, oh boy the second book, where we see his knack for disguises and how well he plays them. we see him laugh, (’but i told u its the game i like’) we see him as he is. and then the third book. charls!!! ‘nikandros is completely useless as the kyros’ this boy is having so much fun and!! im laughing with him!!!! and then he was under the stars with damen and the other people he could trust his life with and he told them about how he got that ridiculous dress. stories about adventures of his own and i feel so blessed to witness all of it

I don’t remember if I told you guys, but a couple of weeks ago someone contacted me from abortion rides to bring them on over to PP just for birth control since they were having a tough time obtaining it. While I was there, there was a church protesting outside of the PP and a woman pleaded with me not to kill my baby. I told her I wasn’t having an abortion and she told me she knew I was because she could see it in my “slutty” eyes.

Like, they truly say some wild shit to you. What are slutty eyes? Half the time I think they’re just fucking with me because the shit they say is so out there.