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Enjolras is a Trekkie and Grantaire thinks this is the most endearing thing

Trekkie Enjolras and Tolkien nerd Grantaire arguing about who has the best universe 76% of the time

Half of those end up with Enjolras giving Grantaire the vulcan middle finger and Grantaire speaking rapidly in Elvish stuff like “I love you” “You’re so cute” “Ding dong you’re wong” “Get tREKT”


so i was trying to make a repeated pattern base so i could switch around the colors. when i do this i usually use bright, obnoxious colors in order to differentiate them from each other while pixelling.
and then magic happened.

dude, this pattern looks so damn cool, especially over curved things. it moves and fluctuates as you walk and change the camera. it was so cool that i gave up on the project i initially created it for. the screenshots do not do it justice.

there’s three variations. a plain block pattern(featured above), a regular tee shirt, and the shirt with stud bracelets and netting. 
comes in all skintones, tones go from 1-5, dark to light.

SHIRT: 1 2 3 4 5
SHIRT W/ NETTING: 1 2 3 4 5

and yes, i know prisim is spelled wrong. it was intentional because i refuse to believe it’s “prism”.

Underrated Topp Dogg Things
  • Hansol and P-Goon doing the gwiyomi song
  • A-Tom’s speaking voice
  • Jenissi spelling Topp Dogg wrong
  • Hojoon Potter
  • Xero’s ponytail
  • Wizard line’s dance skills + P-Goon covering “Talk Dirty to Me” in the US
  • Topp Dogg speaking English
  • Nakta in general
  • Hansol’s abs

    *gif not mine

I just found out I’ve been spelling the word confetti wrong for… God idk about 2 years somehow.

There is a song I discovered 2 yrs ago in German called “Konfetti und Yeah” and for some reason my brain decided that konfetti was the same as the English spelling.

I genuinely only realised my mistake 5 minutes ago after google pointed it out :[

well, you know what? i wanna make a toast: physics is the study of the movement of bodies and space and it can unlock the mysteries of the universe but it cannot answer the essential question of what is our purpose here and to me the purpose of life is to love, and to love is what you have shown me, i didn’t think that i would ever really have a friend until i met Abby and i feel like i have a family of my own and i love you thank you
—  Jillian Holtzman (Ghostbusters 2016)

Fandom: Okay, I mean I get that Rose wasn’t great at empathy, but the tension between Pearl and Greg was so strong, there’s no way she wouldn’t have been able to tell something was wrong without having it spelled out for her. The fact that she never tried to address that is clearly proof that at best she handled her relationships badly and at worst she actively neglected her partners in pursuit of her own selfish desires.

Rose: You would not believe how long it took me to figure out that you were the same species! :o

Rose: What do you mean babies shouldn’t be allowed to climb Ferris wheels?? B-but… he wanted to?? D:

Rose: The controls aren’t cooperating, maybe punching them will help????

At this point, I’m less surprised that Rose didn’t notice the tension and more that this is the same person who led a planet-wide rebellion. (God, she gives me life, though.)

Give 16-year old Sirius Black working at Hot Topic in the mall and meeting 16-year old Remus Lupin working at the Starbucks he goes to everyday in the food court during his break. Give me Remus purposely spelling Sirius’ name wrong or putting things like “Drama Queen” or “Emo From Hot Topic” on the cup. Give me Sirius asking Remus out and Remus spilling hot coffee all over himself.