I marvel at what our species has accomplished. At about 3 o’clock this morning, that thought was on repeat when I was out lone-galavanting the streets of Sydney with my skateboard and camera again. Observing the fine detail of city architecture and corporate infrastructure, I really am blown away at our capabilities. How do people make…..anything? The origin of all tangible items we know of stem from Earth itself. The screen you are reading this on is made up of different ‘Earth parts’ that were pulled out of the ground by humans, changed by other humans, and then combined in a very advanced way by more humans. Seriously, what the hell is a computer and how did people just think it up then pull it out of our planet? How is there artificial light coming from within this screen? What even is a keyboard? 

In western society, we physically have more than we want and need thanks to the amazing accomplishments of other humans. 

It’s amazing what people can do when they unite in a cause. Isn’t it a shame, however, that as a species we can’t keep everyone clean, fed and hydrated because Capitalism is the ruling ideology of western existence? 

Here’s some of the photos I took in the middle of the night that ignited these current thoughts.