“I’m scared,” I say.

“I know you are,” he says gently, “but you can’t let that stop you forever.”

“You know what people call those who trust people who have hurt them one more time?” I ask. “Who give second chances?”

“Strong,” he says resolutely.

—  second chances - oakflower

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Aw write something like that. Y/n has a big love in make up products and asks Harry to do her make up while he keep saying tho that she doesnt really need make up 🙈❤

This has been sitting in my box forever, but I’m just now getting around to it. My apologies.

Harry has always had a fascination with the sheer amount of makeup you own. You only have one face; why do you need 10 different products of each type at once?

He’s watched you put makeup on many times; he’ll stand in the doorway and observe with an amused smile on his face until you finally stop what you’re doing and glare at him.


“Nothin’. Just fun watchin’ yeh, s’all.”

“You enjoy watching me put on mascara?”

“S’just funny that you think you need all of that gunk. Can’t see your pretty face when it’s all covered in colors and creams.”

“Harry,” you sigh, “the point of makeup is to make my face prettier. You’re still seeing my face; you’re just seeing it enhanced.”

“Don’t need it enhanced,” he insists, “Seen you without makeup a hundred times and you’re just as beautiful then as y’are now, love. Probably even more. Y’don’t need any of this nonsense.”

He steps forward and takes one of the brushes from your holder.

“Like this one? What’s this for?”

“It’s for bronzer.”

“What’s that?”

“It goes on the hollows of my cheeks. You want to try?”

He frowns as you bring the bronzer tray closer to him and instruct him on how to dip the brush and get rid of the fallout, before showing him where it’s supposed to be applied. He swipes the brush over your cheeks, rather awkwardly, before doing his best to blend it out the way he’s seen you do it.

“Not bad,” you comment, when he finishes, “You see how that helps shape my face?”

Harry examines you for a moment and then leans in, not caring about smearing your lipstick, and gives you a kiss.

“Got the prettiest face I’ve ever seen love. Still don’t need any help from a brush.”

I hit 2000 followers which is insane so I wanted to say thanks by officially shouting out my friends and favorite blogs!!!

Firstly I’m gonna say my favorite people who are mostly my close friends irl and people I’ve been talking to for a long time so you should definitely be following all of these really wonderful people:

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  • Cassian: attention, everyone! Say goodbye to the cassian you know and love, for today is the day I change forever!
  • Rhys: ooh, are you finally growing a mustache?
  • Cassian: no, you know I can't do that, and it's cruel of you to keep bringing it up.

(Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown/Corbis Outline)

Happy Birthday, George…

Infinite gratitude for so much more than can be expressed in words. Today, as it does each day, his music and legacy will be brightening - and enlightening - the world in a way only he could… inspiring love, compassion, an open mind, and the quest for a more spiritual path. How lucky this world was to have had George in it.

Loved and missed immensely, always. ♥

“Betty and Veronica, now B and V, and maybe forever, had been forged.”


i don’t want to let you go: Weezer //  distance: Christina Perri ft. Jason Mraz // technicolour beat: Oh Wonder // wild: Troye Sivan // love they say: Tegan & Sara // hold my hand: Jess Glynne // outlaws: Alessia Cara // hey girl: Lady Gaga ft. Florence Welch // by your side (cover): beachood sparks // stone: Alessia Cara // chasing cars: Snow Patrol 


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Do you believe Stefan will always be in love with Elena? Can you explain :)

And in light of past episodes … in Buffy when Angel loses his soul he’s intent on making her world a living hell and when Buffy laments about how different he is, Willow says “Except … You’re still all he thinks about.” And I just got that vibe when he had no humanity like his obsession with the necklace and talking about how reminders cause problems, his agitation interested me and his need to bring it up all the time because if it was really such a problem why didn’t Stefan just destroy it in the hospital without telling Damon about it? His response to Cade’s offer was to kill Elena so Damon can ignore him and leave him alone? Stefan works for the devil if he wants to be untraceable then I’m sure he can make that happen and I found it interesting that him setting out to harm Elena was what showed how far gone he was, why not just kill Damon if he’s such a nuisance? Plus he tells Sybil Elena never really goes away, it just seems like she’s in him no matter the state or psychology he’s in and when he wants to lash out at humanity, at the concept of love or devotion or loyalty, he lashes out at her.

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Oh my god, what ever you do, dont think about sleepy courferre cuddles. The cutest thing ever, you won't recover

I actually think about this a lot. You’re right, I never recover.

I like to think about it being platonic, and one if them being so tired they pretty much have no filter at all and just absent-mindedly saying “I love you” and not thinking anything of it until the other says “I love you too” and then the cuddling includes kissing and it’s not so platonic anymore and they’re happy forever after that.

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can i ask u where u get ur clothes from? i LOVE ur looks

i get stuff from all over the place……i got some stuff from the american apparel FACTORY STORE bc its nice and inexpensive! at least compared to normal AA……and i got some stuff from forever 21 and i got two pairs of jeans right off of amazon…i also have ONE dress from lazy oaf that i love very much and ONE shirt from unif and i like both of them very much and i want more things from both of those places but its very expensive……my cool windbreaker is from and thats a good website….
i have platforms from yru that i love very much and my moon boots are from amazon. amazon is a good place. THANKS for saying that to me. i also have bought stuff from a store that spams messages on tumblr so much that you cant publish the name in asks i guess? gives me an ERROR. its BEAUTIFUL and then the thing angels have over their head. BeautifulThat. its sketchy. but i got my good bunny shirt there so i CANT COMPLAIN! thanks for saying this to me you are very kind

Mami & Toby!!

Hello!! I drew this to say, thanks a million! I haven’t used this main blog in forever, and I finally got inspired to reboot it to be an ACNL blog, thanks to you. You just gave me the little push I needed to finally stop being totally lazy. Hope you enjoy!!

I’M SCREAMING! (〃ノ◇ノ)・゚。 ooooh this is super amazing, you’re such a sweet person! aaah I’m really at a loss of words! I’m so honored to have influenced you in any way to blog acnl! aaah I’m tearing up~ you are really lovely~~ I’m so glad and I hope you have a lot of fun blogging! aahhh thank you so much! ☆

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I headcanon that Anti looks slightly different in each glitch because he's made by the fans, but every fan has a different interpretation of him, so he's constantly changing between everyone's own ideas of who/what Anti IS. Your thoughts?

Well! My own take on Anti consists that he is made out of the negative aura the JSE fandom has every once in a while. So in a way he is made by millions of people that have their ‘douche-y’ moments every once in a while.
He is not stable cause no one is evil forever so that aura really goes up and down in amount yanno. 

So in a way i really love your headcanon! It would make sense! And i recall Seán saying that he put so many different visuals in the “Say Goodbye” video for that same reason! 
I totally go with you when you say that the fandom made him. 

Like Anti said, it’s all our fault after all. 

I am still soft, but I am learning to be less forgiving. It is not always beneficial to have a heart that is open to anyone. Not everyone deserves my kindness, not everyone deserves an endless supply of my support and care. It’s okay to say goodbye to people I once promised I would love forever. It’s okay to let some things flicker and fade. It’s okay to stop loving people who no longer add to my life or the improve the well-being of my heart and soul. I am allowed as many goodbyes as I want. I do not owe anyone any part of my love that they no longer deserve. I can take that love and give it to those who give it back to me. I can take that love and give it to myself. Because it is my love, I created it, cultivated it, watered it, and watched it grow. It is mine, and I will only share it with those who appreciate it the way it should be appreciated.

Saturday’s update

How can I go to bed in the most depressive state and a few hours later, wake up in the most delicious mood ?

My life hasn’t changed in a night. But words from good friends put things in perspective and did bright up my mood. Thank you for that, you know who you are.

Also, big announcement : that last La La Land gifset was my 200 000th post !

I’m trapped here forever, aren’t I ?

But I feel like, the quote the person chose for that gifset and the fact that it was posted on my queue… that coincidence is a very lovely way to describe myself.

Why do you say romantic like it’s a dirty word ?

That’s me.

And behind the sarcasm and the occasional despair, I’m still hopeful I’ll get my very own happy ending. Someday.

I love you all, very much. And I’m ready to bug you with 200 000 more posts. So be ready for that.


anonymous asked:

while i'm sad that cf is almost ending (can u hear, my heart breaking...) i feel so relieved to know that you're working on more multi-chaps!! i may *have* a sort of addiction to your writing, and tbh i'd sell my soul to see you write forever. (i'd most likely follow you to any fandom you dedicate yourself into in the future lmao) that's how brilliant you are! be proud of yourself and your works because i am so amazed and shook, ok. :'D lots of love! 😘

AWWWW THANK YOU!!!! adlfasdf omg?? Idek what to say?? Just thank you so much!! ^.^ More love to you anon <33333 I’m so glad that you like my writing, that means the world to me!

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Let’s get real

We ALL have that cursed song that keeps getting stuck in our heads !!

One moment you’re eating lunch and then suddently your brain goes 

“do you 



And then you’re screwed for the rest of the day cause this song takes forever to leave.

anonymous asked:

Request if you still take one. Reader and Jughead have been friends forever and they said stuff to each other about being together but Jughead been avoiding it. Reader wants something more, and in a football game Reggie asks them out and they say yes b/c they feel they need to love since Jughead is avoiding them about their feelings and Jughead gets jealous...

cool, on my list!

Look up your name on Urban Dictionary and paste the definition

For me “A Chloe is a girl who is amazing and talented but sometimes has a low self-esteem. She may not feel beautiful or hot, but she is the most beautiful and adorable girl you can ever meet. She is sweet and when she has to say something people will listen. If she ever spills out her heart to you then you know she really trusts you and you better not mess that up! She is just extraordinary and people who are lucky enough to meet Chloe will never forget her outer and inner beauty. You would want to keep her safe and always make her smile just to see that smile that will make your whole day. You would love her more than anything in the universe and you would want to spend forever with her.”