“There is a reason why I like Baekhyun so much! At SM, there are a lot of pretty juniors… but Baekhyun never fails to contact me. He will always ask “Hyung, where are you? What are you doing?”. In our company there isn’t anybody like him! We became closer when I came back from the army, and felt like I was new to the company again, I felt different when meeting and greating people, but Baekhyun did the first move to talk to me about games, he said “Hyung, I play LOL too”. I remember till today. This is how we became closer and I hope our relationship will last long!“ // 161223 SM Super Celeb League

Natsu’s Heart Theory


Let’s talk about Natsu’s illusions of his fellow dragon slayers in his heart. They look pretty ordinary, right? WRONG.

Natsu has seen all of his fellow dragon slayers during this war and is well aware of what they look like, and more specifically, what they are wearing.

Let’s start with Sting and Rogue. This is what they look like during the war:

Now that you’ve finished marveling at how hot they are, let’s continue. Here is how Natsu sees them in his heart.


Now Gajeel and Wendy. Wendy is coincidentally in the same outfit she was in when Natsu met her, but Gajeel isn’t. 

Here is Gajeel at that start of the war.

And here is Gajeel in his heart.

You know where I am going with this. 

Gajeel’s first outfit. 

To be honest, this theory is only half-finished. I have the clues, but I cannot solve the riddle, if there is one, which I believe there is. Mashima doesn’t do things arbitrarily. 

What I can guess at this point though, is that anyone else who shows up in Natsu heart will also be donned in whatever he remembers first seeing them in. So, if for example he sees Lucy, she will be in her first outfit as well.

Maybe Natsu’s heart is nostalgic and wants to remember the way things used to be. I don’t know. If anyone wants to reblog with an add-on, feel free~

Okay but do you ever think about Bill and Fleur? Because I do.

  • When they meet, Fleur is already quite used to the staring and the comments and the flimsy attempts at conversation and to be quite honest she’s come to expect it, to resign herself to it - her curse
  • But then Bill Weasley appears at the Tri-Wizard Tournament with a crooked smile quirking his lips and all he says is “Hullo” but he’s saying it to her
  • (Not to her face, not to her body, not to her hair and eyes, but to Fleur)
  • And that first meeting at the Tournament is brief and he probably doesn’t even remember her after, but it still lights something inside her because here is someone who looks at her the same way that everyone else does but he sees her differently
  • And it gives her courage and maybe a little bit of hope
  • Just enough to decide that she’s going to make something of herself and she’s not going to let losing the tournament or much else get her down
  • And so she ends up at Gringott’s
  • She says hello to him this time, and the nervous quivering in her stomach is new but she’s rewarded with the same crooked smile she remembers and she kind of forgets that quivering after a while
  • Because he just has a way about him that makes her feel so at ease and comfortable in her own skin and he’s always so respectful and so careful that it’s she who takes his hand on a whim one day and gives his toughened fingers a squeeze
  • And a surprised look crosses his face but it quickly melts into yet another smile as he picks up their conversation right where it had left off
  • Before she really thinks about what it means they’re spending time together at his flat, or at hers, and they make meals together and laugh together and sometimes they don’t realize how long they’ve sat up talking until “Is that the sun coming up already?”
  • The first time Bill kisses her (or maybe she kisses him) he pulls back immediately as though he’s done something wrong and she can see the apology forming on his lips but he doesn’t have time to put it into words because she’s pulling him down and kissing him again
  • She very nearly cries when he asks her to marry him but it’s the easiest yes she’s ever given
  • She doesn’t think he believes her when she says the way his mother and sister treat her doesn’t bother her, but she’s had years of teaching herself to be numb and so it really isn’t that hard to hold her head a little higher and clasp her hands in her lap
  • It makes it easier, she supposes, when he looks so pale and helpless lying there in the Hogwarts infirmary after Fenrir’s attack and she holds his hand tighter than she’s ever held onto anything and loving him is still so easy
  • So it makes sense that they have the wedding as soon as possible
  • Because why wait?
  • Bill isn’t the one who makes her strong or brave or smart but he is the one who sees it, and she couldn’t ask for more
some reincarnation AUs
  • I fell in love with you three lifetimes ago and I’ve been looking for you ever since but I’ve been starting to give up and my friend’s new crush has your eyes and oh god I’m not going to steal someone’s date just because I’m hoping you’re the person I met in a past life (jk yes I am)
  • I’ve met you in every single lifetime and I always hope it will work out but it doesn’t but I’ll still keep finding you again because those few days/months/years together with you are always so worth it 
  •  I meet and fall in love with you in every lifetime at the same age but your age is always different so it never works out and for the first time I’m meeting you when we’re the same age and I’m horrified that I might fuck this up 
  •  I skipped like four cycles of reincarnation and I know you’re pissed at me for leaving you all those lifetimes but it wasn’t my fault please please will you take me back 
  •  We only remember each other in alternating lifetimes so every lifetime we have to find one another and convince each other that we’re soul mates but half the time I won’t believe you and half the time you’re already dating someone else 
  •  I don’t know how to tell you this but the reason you didn’t see me in our last reincarnation cycle is because for some fucked up reason I was reincarnated as your dog 
  •  We keep reincarnating as people who speak different languages and it’s kind of pissing me off because I can never initially confirm if it’s you but at least I keep learning a bunch of cool new languages each lifetime

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was reading this fic and my computer restarted. So basically, Dan could see ghosts and he's like REALLY anti-social and he hates everyone, and somewhere in the story he meets Cat (who is a ghost), and Phil (who is NOT a ghost and I think runs an antique store with Ian and Anthony?) saw his ad or something and becomes his flat mate, and Dan really hates him at first but then warms up to him or something, and then somewhere in there he meets Chris who can also see ghosts, etc. Thanks!

Misfit - (wattpad) Dan is different. He’s learned to accept that. I mean, what choice did he have? He’s been this way since he was a baby. People might not have questioned him about talking to things that weren’t really there at that age, but he can’t remember a time he didn’t have people that ‘weren’t really there’ dancing around him.

- Rachel

I honestly just love how this fandom put aside their differences for one goal: to make the show come back again. This fandom is so powerful and I love each and everyone of you no matter what you ship.
REMEMBER: At first, all hope was lost for the TV show Young Justice, but they are now getting a season 3. Keep fighting. Hope is NOT for suckers.


WARNINGS:It’s 3 am and I’m sad
It’s in first person
if I have any mistakes please do message me.

I remember the day we meet, it was a new high school for me, a different vibe, different ways and the most terrifying thing was having to make myself fit in to their groups or I would be alone and I knew that they would never accept me as their friend, ha who would want to be friends with the quiet and sad looking girl? Nobody that’s for sure but, then you appeared, with this big rectangular smile, as if you had just won the lottery, a smile that showed nothing more than happiness. That day you were the only one that had talked to me all day, you kept me company during lunch when nobody would sit with me, you introduced me to some of your friends, they were all so nice and welcoming but you were the one who stood out to me and that day we became friends. I remember when we would hang out and study, if we can even call it studying. We were always together, whenever we would go out you would always stick beside me because you knew that I would feel unsafe without you, sometimes I felt like I was dragging you down, keeping you here to myself and you would always deny it saying “I don’t feel it like that so you shouldn’t feel it like that” and I believed you… I remember the day we had our first fight. You told me that I was too quiet, too serious, that I shouldn’t be afraid to making new friends, that I was depending on you too much… But how couldn’t I, you were the first and only person who made me feel like I belonged and as selfish as it sounds I wasn’t about to let that feeling go, no matter what, I would change for him, I would give you what you wanted even if it meant living as something that I wasn’t nor was what I wanted. I would do anything for you. I remember day you introduced me to your girlfriend, Yoongi was there too, we had been hanging out by your request, you said we were both had very similar personalities so we should get along fine and we did but Yoongi didn’t feel the same, there were no midnight talks about spaceships and aliens, there were no random trips to the zoo, he just wasn’t Taehyung period. Yoongi had his own vibe, he would, take me to the music store, he would follow me to the stores Tae would never go in, he would take me get coffee, something Tae and I would never do because we both hated coffee but I went along with it for the sake of keeping him happy, but he saw right through me. “If you don’t like coffee, you should have just said so, you don’t have to pretend” he huffed. I was shocked to say the least, how in the world could he see past my facade? The same one I had been using for years, the one that Tae had never been able to figure out. Was I just easy to read? Had Yoongi been observing me? Was I that obvious?  “You’re a tough one to read but, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible“he said.  Yoongi was a very smart and fast person, he noticed things about me that not even I had noticed, he was also the person that made me understand my feeling towards Tae and he also made me want to confront those feelings and tell Tae how I felt but, that same day you introduced me to your girlfriend, to the love of your life as you had put it. I was glad I didn’t take Yoongi’s advice or else it would had been a mess and I wouldn’t have you near me anymore, now all I had to do was to keep it all in and smile. Yoongi respected my decision but, he wondered how long it was going to be before my mask falls apart, how much could I take before breaking down, he hoped I wouldn’t last long but he also didn’t want to see me hurt. I remember when I started to feel left behind. Yoongi was my rock for the majority of the time that Tae couldn’t be there because he was busy or he would be with his girlfriend but Yoongi had things to do so he couldn’t be with me 24/7 and I understood that and I was okay for the first part but, it became more hard to handle, insecurities rose up, doubts planted themselves in my mind and my loneliness had started to settle in.  I had been trying to reach Tae for the longest time but he always seemed busy with other things, but he would never say what those things were it almost seemed as if he was avoiding me or he just really didn’t want to meet with me. Finally after weeks of trying to get our schedules to match so we could both spend some time together like we used too. You wouldn’t get off of your phone the whole time you had been sitting here with me, you hadn’t even paid attention to what I had been saying, you changed and for the first time in my life I felt like I didn’t belong with you, it felt like high school all over again, maybe I had known it this whole time but I decided to stay ignorant and enjoy your company, but this was enough, I was not here to be ignored so I left, I left you there calling after me confused as to why I was leaving as I used to do to you and it felt like I had been set free, there was no longer anything that held me to you, nothing, absolutely nothing. I remember the day I left you behind so I could move forward
Meetings (M)

Originally posted by yugyeomism

REQUESTED: Not sure how to request on the phone but can I request jaebum x you x mark my two biases in one story what a dream come true. I’ll let you decide on the plot! Im open to any genres esp smut c-;

Reader (you) x Mark Tuan x Im Jaebum

Genre: Smutty, smut, smuutt

Warning: please read at your own risk

Word count: 1095

Note: This is my first smut ever rip. It’s shit but I hope you like it, anon. Please remember requests are open anytime. Also, frat boy Mark Tuan will be updated tomorrow. Happy reading!

“What do you want, baby girl? Tell me and I’ll give it to you.” Mark whispered in your ears and Jaebum from behind trailed his fingers down your waist. Your breath hitched as Jaebum lifted your black skirt slightly.

You didn’t know how you ended up like this. Your boss, Jaebum, asked you to bring a file to him during his meeting with a CEO of a different company. As you walked into the room, both men trailed your figure as you handed Jaebum his file. Before you could escape, Jaebum asked you to stay. Sooner or later, the two men pinned you against the desk and started to whisper sweet things in your ear.

“Let me show you how a real boss take cares of their employees.” Mark cooed, as he leaned in and gave you a soft kiss which turned into hunger after a few seconds. As that was happening, Jaebum unzipped your skirt and threw it on the ground, his fingers slightly brushing your inner thighs.  

You moaned against Mark’s mouth as Jaebum teasingly rubbed your panties, moving up and down as you craved for his touch. Mark pushed you against the table giving Jaebum more access to your wet core. As Mark unbuttoned your shirt, Jaebum kneeled in front of your soaked panties and pressed his mouth on your panties, feeling the wetness through the thin piece of cloth.

“Relax, babe.” You heard Jaebum say, as he quickly undid his tie and unbutton his dress shirt. “Think of this as a thank you, for your hard work.”

And with that, Jaebum tore of your panties and sucked hard on your clit making you mewl of the sudden pace. Mark stripped you down as he planted a small kiss on your lips and started to massage your breasts. You let out a soft moan which was enough to turn the two men on.

Soon, Jaebum moved his tongue languidly through your folds before diving into it, causing you to let out another long moan in Mark’s mouth. As Jaebum viciously attacked your sopping sex, Mark’s fingers made their way down towards your clit, rubbing it gently. You arched your back a bit, enjoying the pleasure both men gave to you

“That’s it, baby girl. You’re doing so well.” Mark’s deep voice whispered in your ear, as he increased his pace on your clit. You squirmed under his touch, as you started to crave for more. Mark grabbed your face with his other hand and started to hungry kiss you.

Your legs started to shake as both Jaebum and Mark pushed you to the edge. Mark’s fingers moving at an incredibly fast pace as Jaebum’s tongue skillfully moved, fucking you into oblivion. Your stomach started to curl and your breath hitched. You moaned, breaking the kiss you and Mark shared and the two men fucked your most sensitive nerve. As you reached the highest peak, letting out another loud moan as your orgasm moved throughout your body.

But both men didn’t stop. Mark increased the pace of his fingers and Jaebum kept lapping all of your juices. When your body couldn’t handle it anymore, Jaebum moved away from your sensitive core and started to undress himself. Mark did the same. You closed your eyes you tried to catch your breath from the intense pleasure the men gave you.

“I could do this all day.” You heard Jaebum chuckled.

“Well we don’t have all day.” Mark stated. “Let’s get this done quickly.”

“Bend over the table, babe.” Jaebum instructed. Listening to his orders, you place your front body against the desk, you face turned to the side. Unexpectedly, you felt an erected cock plunge into you as you moaned out of pleasure.

“You’re so fucking tight baby girl.” You heard Mark say, as he plunged into you with a steady pace. His length swallowed by your tight walls, earning a grunt. His hand buried on your waist as he started to quicken his pace.

“Fuck.” You moaned as Mark rammed into you. Mark shifted his angle so his length went deeper within you. Satisfied with your reactions, Mark buries his face against your clavicle, nipping and sucking on your skin while he continues to fuck you with his huge member. But after awhile, Mark began to slow down his pace.

“Shit, I’m close.” Mark groaned, as he slowed down his pace, showing a bit of exhaustion.

“Move over.” You heard a deep voice say. Totally forgetting Jaebum was there, Mark took his length out and moved away as Jaebum took the place of Mark.

“Let me show you how a real man does it.” He said.

Without any warning, Jaebum slammed into you as he adjusted his angle to hit your g-spot. Jaebum destroyed you in the best way possible, earning a loud and long moan from you. Mark stepped into you vision as he watched your contorted face being pleasure. And him, on the side, watched you as he pumped his length.

Soon enough, your warmth started clench around Jaebum’s throbbing cock pulsing into you. A familiar pit feel in your stomach and the room filled up with moans. And with that, your second orgasm hit you like a wave in every nerve of your body. Jaebum continued to thrust into you harder, and then pulled out and come on your back. Shortly after, you heard Mark groan in pleasure as he too, came, as he watched you orgasm.

Your front laid on the table, as you felt completely weak but satisfied as well. You had no idea a simple meeting could lead to a sinful doing. But on top of that, you were fucked by two overly handsome bosses of two big companies. It was like a dream.

“Maybe, I’ll stop by more often to talk about the stock markets.” Mark chuckled, as he quickly got dressed into his suit again.

“Or you could just agree to my terms and never show up at my company again.” Jaebum said teasingly, as he too put on his suit.

“Nope. I think I’d like to discuss things first, especially with your secretary.” Mark fired back, as he picked up my clothing and handed to me.

“She’s mine.” Jaebum smirked, as he looked at you and winked. You felt your cheeks rise in color as you couldn’t help but giggle a little. The two men made sure you were cleaned up before making sure everything still looked professional. The three of you let out a breathy laugh and left the meeting room like nothing happened.

prcivalgraves  asked:

I need a fic where Percival groans when he meets Newt because Theseus told him all about his lil bro and what Percy remembered is TROUBLE AHEAD.

Okay I’ve let this sit in my aksbox WAY too long but I had like two different ideas about how this adorable thing could go and so here we go:

This is from Newt’s point of view. Newt, the little brother, who took his last train from Hogwarts way too early and in the shameful silence of early morning and was thrown in the war - who has known what he was born to be since he was eight and sitting in the marsh in his Sunday trousers to observe toads, and yet is treated by everyone like he’s an awkwardly overgrown toddler. Well, not everyone. His Niffler, whom he has saved a couple of months ago from a band of ruthless thieves -the second-degree burns he got in the following duel are almost gone now- happens to like him quite a deal. And he’s fairly sure to have the respect of the park pigeons too, if he’s interpreting correcly their flying patterns. And oh, of course, of course there’s Theseus. The world would be a positively gloomier place without Theseus. The world would be an even more unfriendly habitat for the Newt-like creature like him, without Theseus. 

So when Newt - huddled on the crumbling, lizards-ridden patio on the back of the Manor with his notebooks - hears his big brother’s unmistakable laugh, he shoots on his feet, lets out a good rendition of a hippogriff victory cry, and runs all the way to the front driveway to greet him.

He doesn’t realize Theseus is not alone until he nearly run the guest over. Eliciting a fit of roaring laughter from his brother and a mournful cry from his mother.

And this, Percy, is my little brother - the wild, untamed, barely-seen-by-mortal-eye Newtsaurus.

I see.


Theseus’ friend is a lean, dark-haired gentleman, with piercing brown eyes and a pair of scorpion-shaped pins on his collar. And from the look of it, he’s about one step from making his parents adopt him as their heir.

Newt is not overly embarassed after his exploit. In his twenty-five years of life he’s actually introduced himself in way more disastrous ways, believe it or not. Moreover, Newton is not one to get so easily flustered - it’s usually the others getting flustered on his behalf.

So he feels more or less at ease staring at the stranger for the whole time of the dinner, leaving to Thes and his friend the pleasure to charm and woo their parents.

Theseus’ friend - Percival Graves, a name Newt has read in his brother’s letters through the whole war, scribbled along with half-descriptions and doodles of a thin-faced smiling man - looks interesting. He moves smoothly, all fluid lines and effortless grace, but with a sort of tightly-coiled energy underneath. Even as he sits on his stuffed chair, litting his cigarette up in one easy motion of the white-gloved hand, to Newt he looks ready to jump to fight. To chase. To smell a prey and hunt and hunt, hunt it through the moonlit woods around the Manor and all the way across the Ocean, those piercing eyes searching restlessly in the dark. He’s a cat, then, Newt considers wisely, a big wild cat. But which one? Lion, leopard, puma? He takes a sip of his mead, thinking hard. As every decently reasonable person knows, Newt is sure there’s a perfect animal equivalent to everyone. Mum and Father are a couple of owls, in love, proud and not very easy to touch. He himself has always feel close to bowtruckles, all pointy angles and easily forgotten in favor of more exciting things. Theseus a griffin, of course - auburn fur and fiery strenght and a penchant for dramatics. But Graves, Graves requires further studies. Predator, Newt lists in his mind, loner but able to collaborate. Intelligent. Elegantly-patterned fur but not easily concealed

He watches Theseus whisper some joke in his friend’s ear, squeezing his free wrist for the briefest moment, and watches Percival flash Thes a fond smile. Loyal, Newt adds to the list.

“i thought you were exaggerating Scamander, as always,” Percival is meanwhile hissing through teeth, “but it seems your brother is indeed a tight ball of trouble.”
“Ball of troub- my brother is not a ball of trouble, you twat! You’re a ball of trouble! And you’re shorter than him too!” Theseus replies, knowing where to hit and hitting with all his might. He gets the hoped sharp intake of breath.

Height is not power, jerk - and since we sat down I’ve felt at least three different sets of paws scramble over my shoes.”

“What then, he likes animals - and is horrendously good at it, I told you. Now stop frowning like that, you’ll like him. You have to like each other, I wouldn’t accept any other outcome.”

Percival sighs. “I never said I don’t like him. You’re always so overdramatic.”

“Said the man with the scorpion-shaped pins-”

A Kilkenny Cat!” Newt suddenly smacks his hand against the tablecloth, hard. His index finger slashes through the air, pointing at Percival’s nose. “Of course - you, you’re a Kilkenny Cat!”

The declaration - or accusation, given the tone - catches the Auror off guard. In his years in the force he’s been called many ways, many names, but this is disturbingly original. A new mournful sound comes from Mrs. Scamander. Percival blinks.

“And what, by grace, is a Kilkenny Cat?” he asks, because if he is indeed such a thing he should at least know what it is.

“Oh, sorry - I meant a Banghaisgidheach,” the Young Scamander says, as if that alone should explain everything, “it’s a magical Irish cat - dwelling mostly in mountains and abandoned castles, dangerous, reclusive but able to lead packs in time of need. Extremely loyal to his kin.” Finally catching on the pregant silence fallen on the room, the boy’s voice gets slowe and slower. “Great fur,” he finishes in a whisper.

Theseus manages to hold in his laughter for approximately zero point five seconds. Then is a thunderstorm of chocking sounds and fists slammed on the table and goofy giggles. Newt is awkwardly scratching his head. mr and Mrs Scamander are frozen in their seats. Percival’s lips curl in a smile.

“Dangerous, and with great fur,” he grins at the Young Scamander, “damn right.”

Preference #11 Height Difference

John Murphy:

You and Murphy honestly had no idea how much taller he is than you until he, playfully, walked up to you and sized you up and you looked up to meet his eyes and you were practically straining your neck.

Cisco Ramon:

Neither of you even thought to check the height factor, although, the rest of the team does. Considering you two are always standing next to each other it is quite obvious that the top of your head only reaches his eyes. 

Carl Grimes:

You both remember a while ago when you first met, it was after the incident with his mother at the prison. At this time, you were slightly, by an inch, taller than him. This became something you teased him about on a regular basis even after he grew to your height. This continued until you met again after you were separated when the prison fell when you both realized that he was indeed quite taller than you. This became something he teases you about on a regular basis.


Okay so this six foot giant is way taller than you, he knows it and he uses it. On occasion he’ll grab something you own and insists on holding it above his head whilst you, in his words ‘adorably’, jump for it. He does anytime you need cheering up.

Peter Parker:

Peter is only a couple centimeters taller than you but he doesn’t forget it, he’s constantly calling you ‘shorty’ and ‘short stuff’ and even ‘fun sized’. He loves being able to easily place his head on your shoulder when he hugs you from behind.

Okay, remember Race to the Edge season 3 episode 4 with the Singetail? There is this moment when Hiccup said about seeing the Singetail before but is unable to remember from where.  

The moment he said that a certain dragon from How To Train Your Dragon 2 came popping in my mind. I mean take a closer look at the Singetail.

Four wings.

Not exactly the same but those four wings look very familiar for someone who meet a different species who nearly looks the same as this singetail.

Remember this:

The first time Hiccup met Cloudjumper was when he was a baby and yes they’re different dragon species but it’s the four wings that give it away.

Especially when both baby Hiccup and Stoick witnessed Valka getting taken away from them.

So this is only an assumption but perhaps the dragon Hiccup was referring to was Cloudjumper but since it was eighteen years ago he couldn’t really remember all the details. With this in mind, Hiccup might have mistaken that small memory of Cloudjumper for meeting the singetail.

Like I said earlier, those two nearly look the same by the comparison of their wings.

So I can only assume that Hiccup was having that moment of remembering the night his mother was taken but only recalling the dragon who he thought was the singetail from that night dispute the dragon actually being Cloudjumper.

So what do you guys think?

Could Hiccup have been talking about Cloudjumper and mistook the singetail’s wing form to be that dragon he saw the night Cloudjumper took Valka?

You Could Be My Woman

Request: Can you do an imagine with bjorn lothbrok when he is protective with her when someone flirt with the reader and finally admit that he love her please

Word count: 626

You and Bjorn used to be good friends before he left Kattegat with his mother. When he finally came back, after years, he was no more than a stranger. Secretly you always loved him, and he never abandoned your thoughts, but now you’re angry. The reason for this fury you couldn’t tell.

Unfortunately for you, Bjorn is more handsome than ever, completely different from the little boy you remember. He’s trying everything to get closer to you, but you rather keep your distance. He’s the first son of the great Ragnar Lothbrok, you don’t want to fall too hard for him just to suffer a heartbreak.

Today, like usual, you walk fast past him, not even bothering to look his way. You’re out to meet a friend, who you’re helping with training.

“(Y/N)!” Bjorn calls you, but you pretend you can’t hear him.

Then you find Asmund, who stands on your way to the beach. He loves to annoy you, with that stupid smile on his face. Asmund is very strong and you know many women would die for a night with him. But you’re different, you can’t stand the man.

“Hello. Where are you going? ”

“It’s not your business, Asmund.” You answer and keep walking, rolling your eyes.

“Is that Ragnar’s son who’s coming this way?”

“Ignore him, ignore me. Just fuck off.” You would cut off his arm, but you don’t want any problems. You can see your friend from a distance, sitting on the sand.

“Why don’t you stay away from her?” Bjorn’s voice makes you stop and turn around. He’s holding Asmund by the collar of his clothes, as the man tries to avoid being choked.

“I just want to make her a proposal. I don’t think she’ll refuse me.”

You were just about to curse Asmund when Bjorn punches his face, making him fall heavily on the wet ground.

“If you think I’ll let you touch her then you’re even more idiot than I thought.”

“Bjorn! What the hell is this? I can say no for myself. ” You throw your sword and shield on the ground, walking to Bjorn, angry as hell.

“What? You want me to watch from a distance? ” He comes even closer to you, and you can feel his breath on your face.

You can see in his eyes that he’s the same boy who left Kattegat years ago. And that childhood love is now completely different. Is stronger, filled with desire. But of course, you won’t tell him that.

“Sweet Bjorn won’t let anyone flirt with his woman.” Asmund manages to get up, but gives up the argument and walks away, slowly.

“I’m not his woman.”

“But you could be.”

“Excuse me?”

“You could be my woman and I could be your man.” Bjorn stares at you with kind eyes. Is he for real? You try your best not to show that your hopes are getting higher.

“You’re insane.” You turn around, ready to leave this nonsense and head to your training. But Bjorn pulls your arm, making you turn back to face him.

“No, I’m not letting you go like that. I fucking love you, and it’s time for you to know. ”

“It’s not fair! You can’t say these things when you don’t mean that. ” You whisper, not wanting anyone to hear you.

“I mean it. I want you. And I know you love me otherwise you wouldn’t avoid me. ”

“Fine, fine.” You surrender. His words making your heartbeat run faster. ”We’ll talk about this later.”

”Where?” Bjorn’s smile is the most beautiful thing in this world and you struggle to stop looking at him.

“Right here, when I’m done training with my friend.”

“I shall watch you train then.”

Alex Gaskarth Masterlist

  1. Give him silent treatment
  2. Beach day sexy time
  3. Convinces you to go out with him
  4. Gets upset at you singing Remembering Sunday
  5. You think it’s a joke when he asks you out
  6. Confesses his love for you
  7. Lose virginity to him
  8. Storm knocks out power
  9. He meets your daughter for the first time
  10. He plays Warped Tour for the first time
  11. Jalex - Harry Potter themed Part 1 Part 2(coming soon)
  12. He cheats on you
  13. Age difference in your relationship
  14. Makes you have allergic reaction on first date
  15. Overhears you giving advice to your daughter about having sex
  16. Alex and Jack see your self harm cuts
  17. Cute and fluffy sexy time
  18. Sees your scars for the first time
  19. Finds out you are abused at home Part 1 Part 2
  20. Everyone complains about how cute you two are
  21. Sex in his bunk
  22. Bad breakup, meet again years later
  23. Threesome with Jack and Alex
  24. You’re afraid of thunderstorms
  25. You and him are sneaking around on tour, Matt catches you
  26. He hears fans hating on you
  27. Your parents don’t like the guys
  28. His girlfriend has autism
  29. On Warped Tour together
  30. Have a sing-off together
  31. Alex passes away
  32. Rent a house in the woods to get away
  33. Alex is your New Years kiss
  34. Band gets superpowers
  35. Lisa tries to make you think Alex cheated on you
  36. Alex spanks you
  37. You’re his little sister, he comforts you when you’re upset
  38. Jack’s sister, secretly dating Alex
  39. You walk out during argument and get in car accident
  40. Convinces you to have sex
  41. Major smut
  42. Clara Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  43. Takes care of you when you’re sick
  44. Movie night with the guys
  45. Alex’s little sister secretly dating Matt
  46. You move from Jersey to Baltimore
  47. Dating Alex, make him jealous with Jack at a party
  48. Comfort you through a break up Part 2
  49. You get hurt while ice skating
  50. Big brother, helps you out of your abusive relationship
  51. bdsm
  52. Pulls you onstage to tell everyone you’re dating
  53. Steampunk - Part 1
  54. Steampunk - Part 2
  55. Steampunk - Part 3
  56. Breaks up with you and regrets it
  57. Kiss in the rain
  58. Jack and Alex come to watch your softball game
  59. Walks in on his girlfriend cutting
  60. You tease him during dinner, he takes his revenge in the car
  61. Alex and Jack both like the same girl but she commits suicide
  62. Guys come watch your first Broadway show
  63. You don’t believe in love
  64. Saves you from wanting to kill yourself
  65. Teases you while watching Disney movies
  66. Guys hear you having sex
  67. Sexy time on date
  68. His little sister dating Jack, Jack hits you
  69. He is asked about you during an interview
  70. He brings up the age difference between you in argument
  71. He cheats on you and stops you from killing yourself
  72. Play video games together leads to sexy time
  73. Alex and Jack fight over you
  74. Get a letter to Alex and he comes to find you at a show 
  75. Jalex. Alex sprouts wings.
  76. Alex asks you out but Jack is protective of you
  77. Based off of Bad Enough For You
  78. He wants to hear you sing
  79. Alex is a girl - Zack and Jack like ‘her’
  80. Guys think you’re abused at home
  81. Cute arcade date
  82. Trying for a baby
  83. Someone breaks into your house
  84. Jack introduces you
  85. Jack’s little sister, sneaks around with Alex on tour
  86. Takes care of you when you’re drunk
  87. You’re a Youtuber
  88. Jalex telepathic connection Part One - Part Two
  89. Alex’s little sister, joins them on tour, Jack kisses her
  90. You come home from the military
  91. Alex gets hate on Twitter - Jalex
  92. Based off of A Daydream Away
  93. Flyzik/Alex 
  94. Help Alex through panic attack 
  95. Move to the states and run into Alex after bad breakup years before
  96. Moving from England in with Alex, decide to start a family
  97. Hook up with Alex after lying about your age
  98. Alex is able to turn into a girl Part One - Part Two
  99. He’s your music teacher, falls for you
  100. Your parents forbid you from dating him
  101. Find out you are pregnant
  102. Based off of Backseat Serenade 
  103. Alex’s teenage daughter gets sick at band practice
  104. Find out he dated you for a dare
  105. All Too Well Part One - Part Two - Part Three
  106. All 4 guys like you, dared to make out with Alex
  107. Get in fight, he makes you dinner to make up
  108. Alex’s little sister secretly dating Jack
  109. Getting your first tattoo
  110. Comforts you through panic attack
  111. Alex has the flu - Jalex
  112. You feel pushed out of Alex’s life and get in fight, he gets in car accident
  113. Based on scene from 500 Days of Summer
  114. Smut on the beach
  115. Finds out you have abusive parents
  116. He cheated on you in high school, see each other years later and make up
  117. Lisex engagement
  118. Dating Alex, cheat on him with Jack
  119. Have anxiety attack at a show
  120. Alex gets motion sick - Jalex
  121. Never got along with Alex but he comforts you through break up
  122. Find out he cheated on you, pour champagne on his head
  123. Alex gets laryngitis - Jalex
  124. Guys help you through becoming a zombie Part One - Part Two
  125. Very fluffy
  126. Helps you through your first period at school part One - Part Two
  127. Birthday imagine for Jazmien
  128. Work at animal shelter, Alex comes to visit often
  129. Fluffy fall cuddles with hot chocolate
  130. Haunted - Taylor Swift Part One - Part Two
  131. Band and crew surprise you on your birthday
  132. His daughter is being picked on at school
  133. Mary’s Song - Taylor Swift
  134. Missing You
  135. Alex has a nightmare
  136. Go with Jack to Alex and Lisa’s wedding
  137. Thought you couldn’t get pregnant but find out you are
  138. Supportive of girlfriend after accident
  139. Fluffy smut
  140. Jack’s sister goes to Alex about losing her virginity
  141. Gets his girlfriend color blind glasses
  142. Finds out your boyfriend is abusive
  143. Walks in on little sister losing virginity to Jack
  144. Wants sexy time but you’re on your period
  145. He was mean to you when you were the new girl
  146. Walks in on daughter kissing her boyfriend
  147. His girlfriend has magical powers during sex
  148. His little sister is depressed
  149. Guys help Zack’s sister through a break up
  150. Girlfriend surprises him on stage
  151. He is your doctor
  152. Get too nervous and have to stop during sex
  153. Friends with benefits, misses you when you’re gone

you probably remember this right?

Season 2 Episode 1

Hinata and Kageyama had raced each other and then got lost. 

That’s when we meet Ushijima Wakatoshi for the first time.

Ushijima was wearing this outfit 

There he is obviously still wearing it

The two little crows look around and get lost


The sun was setting when they arrived at the Academy and found the gym

Now Ushiwaka is wearing different shorts and jacket.


How fast is that guy? Or how slow?

I dunno but the colouring of the sky hasn’t changed.


stripycardigans  asked:

i saw your reblog where you mentioned Chris/Alex (oh gosh is she called Alex in the rewrite? i ant remember and my kindle is too far away) in TSIOP and i was wondering what changed in the Chris/Victoria meeting? will they still have met at the conclave and then had an arranged marriage? or will it be something totally different now?

hahahaha OKAY SO

Their first meeting is still actually very similar. They’re at the Conclave, they’re both in their early twenties. They fight in the tournament and Alex (formerly Chris) wins, and then they wind up making out in Eleanor (formerly Victoria)’s car. This is the first Conclave Alex goes to as an adult, as a woman. Hugo (formerly Gerard) is being a real dick and basically saying to everyone who will listen “pay no attention to my idiotic son running around in women’s clothing”, so Alex is feeling very self-conscious. She’s honestly very puzzled by the fact that Eleanor wants to have anything to do with her. Eleanor is like “I’m attracted to women, you’re a woman, there’s nothing complicated about this. Stop trying to make it complicated, get over here and kiss me.”

So whereas in the original TSOIP, Chris and Victoria fell out of touch and ended up in an arranged marriage later, Alex and Eleanor actually keep in touch. There’s this guy from another hunter family who keeps trying to get Eleanor to marry him, and being an enormous dick because whenever she reminds him that she’s a lesbian, he pulls the “but you had a thing with Alex and Alex is a dude”. Eleanor believes she deserves some sort of medal for not poisoning this guy, but that’s a different story.

Alex ended up in New York, working with this older hunter who gave zero fucks what anyone said about her. When she retired, she let Alex take over the territory, breaking a lot of traditions and raising a lot of eyebrows. Eleanor immediately dropped everything she was doing to move to New York and they got married a year later. Lots of people predicted doom, especially when Eleanor gave up active hunting to raise Sophie, but Eleanor has literally never given a fuck about what anyone else has said, ever, and finally managed to convince Alex not to give fucks either.

Oh, and the asshole? He ended up marrying Eleanor’s cousin, and he’s still pissed about it. You’ll get to meet him in the new version of Making Connections, presuming I ever finish the edits in TBIR. ^_^;;;;;;

keefie73  asked:

Hey! How do you see Victarion's story playing out in TWOW? Does he have a great victory like Moqorro predicts, in your opinion? Thanks

(TWOW spoilers)

Moqorro doesn’t have Victarion’s best interests in mind. The Iron Captain is GRRM’s definitive tool: just as Euron sent Vic to fetch Dany (manipulating him into taking along the dusky woman), Moqorro is using Vic to get to Dany. There’s a clash here of very different narratives regarding Dany–Euron wants her as his bride for the apocalypse, Moqorro wants to anoint her Azor Ahai–with Dragonbinder at the heart of it. Remember what Moqorro says to Victarion when they first meet:

“I have seen you in the nightfires, Victarion Greyjoy. You come striding through the flames stern and fierce, your great axe dripping blood, blind to the tentacles that grasp you at wrist and neck and ankle, the black strings that make you dance.”

The “tentacles” being Euron, of course. Moqorro also saw the Crow’s Eye in his fires back on the Selaesori Qhoran: 

“A tall and twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood.”

As such, what we’ve got on the Iron Victory is a wizards’ duel between Euron and Moqorro over control of Dragonbinder. If Moqorro wins, the horn probably does nothing (or he somehow makes off with it and helps Tyrion ride instead); if Euron wins, the dragon so ensnared is bound to him. The big question for me is whether Moqorro knows the dusky woman is Euron’s agent. That he hasn’t acted against her yet suggests to me he doesn’t; taken in combination with the visions in “The Forsaken,” that leaves me inclined toward Euron winning. But both are active possibilities. 

Victarion himself, though, is pure cannon fodder as far as both wizards are concerned. His released TWOW chapter shows him growing obsessed with Dragonbinder (an obsession Moqorro is doing everything he can to nurture) and resentful of those he’s entrusting with blowing it. As such, come his next chapter, I think he elbows them aside and blows the horn himself, driven by his need to personally show up Euron and prove himself Important and Awesome and Even Better Than Balon, and then burns from within. So when Moqorro says this…

“The Lord of Light has shown me your worth, Lord Captain. Every night in my fires I glimpse the glory that awaits you.”

…I think he’s doing a classic ironic spin on his vision, wherein Victarion’s “worth” and “glory” are found in serving Moqorro’s mission and thus the Lord’s chosen savior, specifically by dying in a fiery fashion. Victarion, of course, ever “blind to the tentacles,” is pleased by Moqorro’s vision…and runs and tells the dusky woman everything.

Request: ... :)

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In a hallway, the ghosts linger. Every turn you make no matter where you are, you’ve barley missed the ghosts swiping at you, reaching for life.

Originally posted by bloodtearsgore

They all want the same thing, good or bad.  Rarely will you find a spirit with good intention. They all want out of the never-ending loop and have different methods in doing it.

Originally posted by rageofhorror

When they reach you, you replicate their emotions, handing over your control to them, your body a shell for them.

Originally posted by horroroftruant

The question still remains…
When they take you …
                      Where do you go?

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It sickened them, remembering the bright soul you had. The smile you once wore would light up the room. You’re so young.

That very smile was now of malice.

“I want to thank you all for coming.” Carlisle welcomed.
“Before you meet (Y/N), I need to give you all the information we know. The first spirit is of a little girl, we have gathered her name is Annie. Annie is what we consider to be of a ghost. She is quite harmless in comparison to the other one. She died by the works of the other one. We believe her family was haunted and the other beings ensured Annie’s death in the early eighteen hundreds. We came across Annie…”

Esme shivered as she peered in the doorway, only the moonlight illuminating the room. Your silhouette was seen in the middle of the room but Esme heard a child laugh and begin to sing.
“Daisy…Daisy…give me your answer do,
I’m all crazy,
All for the love of you~
Daddy, that’s not the words!” There was a pause. “Oh…okay.” The child began again.
“Daisy…Daisy…give me your answer do,
I’m all crazy,
all for the love of you~”

“Annie does give (Y/N) back and as of yet, hasn’t harmed them but we aren’t willing to find out.” Carlisle finished before moving to his next explanation. “The next one, we don’t know it’s name. It is male and Annie refers to him as her father. He made Annie intend to kill her family but majority survived it. He then manipulated Annie’s death with the desire of Annie being his child. Annie’s family tied her up and drowned her. The family then died of unknown causes three weeks later. Annie’s body was discovered a few weeks afterwards. This being has full intention of raising hell and hurting everyone. It’s a monster in looks and actions. It doesn’t inhabit (Y/N)’s body like Annie can. It seems to be much bigger than them and so (Y/N) is not a suitable host for him.”
“So how do we live?” Tanya asked. “You’ve implied that we will be on constant eggshells.”
“With him, you are.” Carlisle said. “Don’t bother trying to please him. You won’t. With Annie, that’s a different story. Be good to Annie and she’ll be good to you. Be bad to her…” Carlisle shook his head. “Just please don’t.”

They heard a scuffling sound above them.
Jane, Tanya, Carlisle, Esme, Aro and Amun look up to the source of the noise.
“(Y/N)?” Tanya asked.
“Annie.” Carlisle retorted.

In that moment you came round the corner into the living room .
“(Y/N)? What are you-? How did you get out of your room?”
Carlisle had locked you in after you were being extremely violent.
This human didn’t look to have a violent bone in their body, in fact, they looked to be the one in danger.

You took off running with a yelp. Demetri caught you by the arm whilst Felix caught the other. “No! You don’t understand! I have to escape before they get me!” You began to move frantically in a sudden severe anxiety. You began to scream suddenly, you stopped.
You were totally relaxed and quickly brushed the two volturi guard off. “Doctor Carlisle, (Y/N) needs help.” You said calmly with a pleasant smile.
Carlisle stood with wide eyes. “I made them sleep.”
You just wore the same pleasant smile.
“…Come with me.” Carlisle said, taking hold of your hand which Annie accepted.
Carlisle sat you on the chair and kneeled in front of you. “Annie, I need you to give (Y/N) back. They need to come back now.”
Annie seemed disappointed, the happy look dropping from your face but in a matter of moments you were back breathless. “It is gone?”
You never clarified ‘who’ it was, you just repeated the question.

The Covens adapted to Annie quite well with few incidents. No one was prepared for the other one though. His shadow crept up the wall. His spidery limbs were terrifying as it crept closer.
I took a little human one day.
I made it run a mile.
I took a little human one day.
I gave it a wicked smile.

I took a little human one day.
I’ve been here from the start.
I took a little human one day.
I swear, I’ll rip it apart

Vampires around the room shuddered as it got closer. You walked into sight, the shadow suddenly behind you.
It won’t let me go!” You screeched in the same croaky, low voice he had.

It dragged you up the stairs, you screamed and kicked in the demonic voice, screaming he wouldn’t let you go.
“Annie!” The low voice yelled. “What are you doing!? DON’T-”
It was suddenly silent.

The Covens shook the shock from them and ran upstairs to your room. Your body was strewn across the floor.
Your arms sprawled out.
You were in a coma and badly bruised around your wrists from being dragged.
It took a while to figure it out. However they slowly pieced it together…

You kicked and screamed, your hip knocked your door frame, pain shooting up your side.
Annie watched in the corner, hiding by your wardrobe. She saw what he was doing to you and knew what came next.
She didn’t want to see what happened to her happen to you. She felt it was wrong. So she slowly moved forward, arms stretched out for you. “Annie!” Her ‘father’ yelled. “What are you doing!?” She lunged. “NO!” Annie saved you. She put you in a coma, keeping you out of his reach.
He couldn’t hurt you…Wherever you were.

Edward knew what was waiting for them when you woke up.
It wasn’t you he heard, he heard the monster. It was ready to set hell loose.
All the Covens were waiting for was when it’s beady eyes…Would snap…open. Like now.
They waited.
It’s what I want.
I took a little human one day.
I made it speak the truth.
I took a little human one day.
One day, it will be you.


I was just browsing around and I saw the druna ship (Draco X Luna) and I’d never really thought about it before, so first I was sorta like what and why, but then I gave it some thought because:

Luna meeting Draco for the first time around the sorting, before being put in their houses- “Hello. I’m Luna!” “I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” 

Originally posted by geminoweasley

Becoming friends even if they were in different houses, because they didn’t care.

Originally posted by britishasf

Luna giving Draco charms to keep away the nargles and Draco accepting them because this is his friend trying to keep him safe in things she believes in.

Originally posted by thenotionofanation

Draco threatening the people who took Lunas’ shoes after he found out who took them.

Originally posted by mishchief---managed

Luna remembering its’ Dracos’ birthday, and taking him out to a butterbeer every year, despite everything.

Originally posted by hopelessignite

Draco getting the dark mark, and in the war of hogwarts, keeping a close eye on Luna and hexing anyone who tries to kill her.

Originally posted by simplyfilmandtv

Luna still accepting Draco after the war, and visiting him once a month to make sure hes’ okay, after what he went through.

Originally posted by crestas

Draco taking Luna shopping where he lets her get anything she wants because Dracos’ rich and this is his best friend, someone who always stood by him.

Originally posted by thetimelordsofbaskerville

Luna becoming Scorpoius babysitter, and being known as Auntie Luna.

Originally posted by lunasloveisgood

Draco at Lunas’ wedding to Nevile, where he threatens Nevile that if he hurts Luna, he’ll have a whole Malfoy reign of Purebloods after him.

Originally posted by aphbroflovski

Luna attends the Malfoy wedding, and when it comes time to throw the bouqet, Draco enchants it to fall into Lunas’ hands.

Originally posted by secondhorcrux

Draco giving Luna a photo of the two a birthday present, but what makes it so special is that its a muggle photo, not a wizard one.

Luna giving Draco a handmade scarf, with one end Ravenclaw colours, the other Slytherin, and Draco wearing it every winter, because money can’t make something better than Lunas’ friendship to Draco.

Originally posted by foolforfelton

Basically Luna being Dracos’ person in need, and Draco listening earnestly to her creatures the nargles.

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Platonic Druna is my new favorite thing

But I seriously need Sora and Noctis to meet so badly. 

Ahh! It’s just that they’re so different, and yet- and yet they’re very much the same!

Like, you guys realize that their story arcs are identical, right?

A lot of people don’t seem to realize or remember this, but Sora was actually really selfish at first (and sheltered, close-minded and arrogant). He didn’t get along with Donald, and he wasn’t really interested in the “save the world” thing at all. He just wanted to find his friends. And at first, he even says no in the text bubble scene where Leon and Aerith ask him to seal the Keyholes.

It’s not until around Hollow Bastion that he’s finally ready to step into the role of hero, because he’s made friends with all the Disney characters and suddenly they’re also his responsibility. And so that means he needs to protect them and their worlds–and really, all worlds at that point–even if that means possibly fighting his best friend to the death, the person he’d originally set out to find, at the cost of his own happiness or life.

Noctis is very much the same. He’s a protected and spoiled prince, who has seen so little of his world. And he can come off as pretty awful at first (like with certain text options you can choose for him in the Prompto optional scene, for instance), but as he goes on he starts learning selflessness and humanity, too. Prompto - “You’re getting better at this, you know?” Noctis - “Getting better at what?” Prompto - “Taking care of yourself.” 

And there’s also this part, IIRC, where the chocobros are talking about how Wiz will sell the item they just gave him (and worked really hard to get) for way less than it’s worth, and Noctis is like, “Anything to make ends meet, I guess.” And Prompto (I believe) responds, “You’re really beginning to understand what it is to be a commoner.”

And THAT development is what pushes Noctis into the person he ends up becoming and into making the choices that he does.

And gah! I just need these two to meet so much!

I need it for my very soul.

Just make it happen, Nomura-san. I am begging you. 

(Though I sadly feel like you won’t, because you’re probably still salty about the XV stuff, and who could blame you for that? But I can still dream.)