MCM Comic Con London + FitzSimmons mentions!

I voice recorded both panels from the Saturday and Sunday on my phone, so the below transcripts are from directly from those. Some of the recording is hard to hear, so I’ve had to guess what was said in some parts. Questions are bolded, with the answer directly underneath. I think I managed to capture all the FitzSimmons mentions - feel free to add to the post if I’ve missed something. Enjoy!

How do you feel your characters have changed from first appearance to last?

Elizabeth: Well, I think for Simmons at the start of season one we were just so tight with FitzSimmons and, you know, they were really just one person, whereas now they’ve gone through the ups and downs of friendship and now relationship - [audience laughs]

Nick: Isn’t it weird you were one person and now you’re in a relationship you’re basically going out with yourself? [audience laughs]

Elizabeth: Uhm, so now they’ve grown as individuals, I think. And she’s gotten stronger, a little bit better at fighting - not a lot - but just a little bit better, which is good for me ‘cause I can’t do any of that stuff. 

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