I wish people would talk about Minghao’s singing more

I wish people would talk about
Minghao’s amazing dancing skills more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s visuals more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s relationship with the other members more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s cute little elf ears more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s aegyo more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s cuddliness more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s martial arts skills more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s obvious loss in weight more

I wish people would appreciate Minghao for the true talent he possesses

I wish Minghao didn’t feel so under appreciated


When people talk about love, you really only think about the pretty parts, the romantic parts of love. People don’t think about things like loving themselves and what that takes. And that you have to know yourself to love yourself - and how difficult of a battle that may be.
—  Mick Jenkins

Me, having a real good time watching hamlet and rose have a good time, looking cute, acting cute, having a GOOD TIME

yeah i got tagged again by @ameehhhhh. this time with that first bias and which mv i saw them in(this will be fun). thanks honey <3

Rules : list five or ten of your favorite kpop boy / girl group. Put your very first bias of each group and the name of the MV you saw that member in

  • Monsta X

first bias: Shownu (yes Shownu was my very first bias in MX (until Wonho and Hyungwon bashed him away), so he has a special place in my heart <3)
first MV: Hero

  • Seventeen

first bias: Hoshi (and still loyal xDD)
first MV: Mansae

  • Sistar

first bias: Soyou (also still loyal :3)
first MV: Give It To Me

  • EXO

first bias: Luhan (now it’s Kai)
first MV: Wolf

  • GOT7

first bias: Jackson (i’m a loyal piece of shit xDD)
first MV: Girls Girls Girls

I’m tagging @kittyminhyuk and @monstebex

anonymous asked:

I think emer in terms of appearance and personality is just like bazett

heres a better idea: emer is an entirely separate character, cu can fall in love with different people for different reasons, and the concept of only having one “soulmate” or w/e and by extension the idea that you only fall in love with people who are all pretty much the same is lame.

yo listen this goes out to everyone including the Korean media.
looks aren’t everything.
yes of COURSE eunwoo is handsome tbh he’s so ethereal, but don’t just say he’s that and not look at his talent. like hello !!!!! have you noticed how much he has improved from trainee/predebut era all the way through now? he’s gotten so much better at singing and dancing. all the boys have. and eunwoo’s confidence can literally kill anyone in the room. his skills are amazing and it’s really worth looking at, so “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

In a world
full of nasty people,
I hold you
higher than the steeple.

Your love
is a temple,
high on a mountain,
you love all the people.

Your eyes are jewels
set deep in the clouds,
I’m on the rooftops
singing about your love so loud.

Your love is an endless sky.

Oh, how it delights my soul,
saved me from the muddy pit,
my love don’t ask
why I threw myself into it.

You wash
my dirty soul,
show me what I can be
if I just let go.

You know how
to comfort me,
hold me in your arms
and sing to me that

in a world
so full of people
I hold you
higher than the steeple.

This love
is a temple,
there is no higher law
only the love for your people.

Your eyes
are a pretty jewel,
more beautiful
than all the world so cruel.

Say I delight your soul,
don’t mention the muddy pit,
just keep singing
no mention of how I did it.

Hold me in your arms
and wash my soul
then showered me in kisses
and a love I know.

You’re more beautiful than every other soul.

—  Letter for my Queen CXXV. (You Pt III.)

The original Piggy Dolls were so talented, but you all ignored them. I love how everybody complains about how shallow the industry and kpop fandom is, but all of you ignored them. “I support heavier people!1!! but if you give me a group trying to support heavy people and give them a place in a country with very strict beauty standards, I’m going to ignore them because I only stan these typical pretty doll groups!!1! but hey I love heavy people just don’t make me actually support them!!1!”


Olicity Memethe moment you started shipping olicity
“It feels really good having you inside me.”

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Just dropping a note here for all who are confused–

Sorry for the current lack of activity on this blog! I’ve been having trouble getting answers done and further plotting for stories due to some events that came up recently. The blog isn’t on hiatus, but I’ll be taking frequent breaks from this blog to get myself together.

I hope no one minds this. I just need to build-up my motivation while I get things sorted out personally. I’m just strongly in need of some time away from this blog, but I also would like to keep it running as regularly as possible.

Your asks are here and will be replied to in time! The Home Arc is still a-go!


I’m rewatching Agent Carter (for science of course) and when Jack and Daniel go to look for Dottie, in the elevator Jack asks, “Do you believe Carter?”

And Daniel says, “I Do.”

I’m not saying foreshadowing, but I don’t know how he could not be her husband.

it’s the holidays and i haven’t made one in awhile so here’s another follow forever! i know it’s incredibly cliched to say but the people that i’ve met and the relationships i’ve formed on this disgusting site are incredible and i love all of my mutuals and friends so so much so this is a little bit of a thank you to everyone that makes my day better by being on my dash. love u all, every single one of you is amazing and deserves better

on my last follow forever, i added a ton of people and bolded my good friends/favorite blogs and it took, like, hours, so this time i’m going to try and keep it somewhat smaller and only add people i would have bolded. pretty much i love everyone on here dearly they are all close to my heart

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