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OMG! COULD I GET A MATCHUP PLS? :D :D :D *lol, i ask as I desperately try to figure out how to match up 58 other unique and wonderful personalities* You know what I look like- I'm 5ft 6in tall xD. I am dedicated, hard working, and love going for long walks with my music on. I enjoy creative endeavours but I'm a total nerd for any kind of knowledge tbh. I LOVE LEARNING :D Erm, what else? Virgo, INFJ- people say I'm very soft hearted; I have trouble saying no. I am also very passionate xD

(∩^o^)⊃━☆゜.* Oh Moosh I pair you with none other than PIZZA DADDY!


Cor really enjoys your hardworking attitude and your dedication to your job. Your overall sense of justice is what really got his attention though. He loves going out for walks with you, he’s okay with you listening to music he just wants to be in the same area as you. At first he might be a little be unsure of your bubbly personality, sure you were rather shy at first with him but as you two became more friendly with each other you became more open and excitable. It was a change for sure but he actually enjoyed it a lot. He found himself enjoying it and feeling relaxed and pleased by it all. Your passion to your writing and learning new things such as having two degrees already is amazing in his book, such determination! Makes him think of himself. Cor also thinks your very gorgeous such pretty skin and lovely hair. 

Little Drabble Piece: (Basically this is one really long anon thing…hahaha

Cor really had fallen for the assistant at the Citadel Offices, she was just amazing in all sorts of ways. Always such a hard worker when he ever showed up to the Main Offices of the Citadel he would make point to speak to her even if he didn’t need anything of her. Granted often he had to speak to her because she was the number one person to go to there. Then had become friends after all the years of dealing with each other, on occasion they would go out for coffee and pastries. 

Though he today planned on telling her he had feelings for her. A rather rough mission that put his name Immortal to the test, a crazed woman with long black and red hair had assaulted him and gave him a lot of issue. Cor came to realize he needed to make the leap and tell her, exactly how he felt. 

All the things he thought of last second and didn’t have much time to prepare it himself. With help of his assistant Cor put together a rather lovely picnic basket of good eats. He knew when you were going on lunch and he made sure to go arriving a few minutes early to find a good spot to seclude the food. 

“Moosh I was wondering if you would join me outside for lunch?” 

“Oh Cor, yes!” Moosh said happily, a shy blush on her cheeks.

He brought her to a nice tree away from people and giving a lot of shade to cover the both of them. The shocked look on your face when he shows all the food but giggle when he admits that he didn’t actually make it but bought it from the store. Teasing him that the thought is what counts you both enjoy the food. 

“Why did you go out of your way for this Cor? It’s sweet and all but we could have go to our normal spot at the diner.” 

“Well…” He said clearing his throat scooting closer to you, so he was only inches away. “I have something that I realized the other day and I vowed to take care of it.” 

“What is that?” Moosh asked genuinely confused. 

Words failed The Marshal, he leaned in and kissed you passionately and hungrily. Hands supporting your waist and the small of your back he broke the kiss to stare into your big brown eyes and smile a faint teasing smile. 

“I’m in love with you.” 

You know, this is why content creators end up abandoning their works, right?

80 likes compared to 10 reblogs means that only 12% of people decided that what you did is worth showing other people.

If you like the thing, reblog it. You don’t even have to add tags, just spread it so that a) other people can see it, and b) the creator gets recognition for what they did.

Obviously, those numbers are never going to match, but the divide should not be that huge.

It’s even more important right now, because tumblr is garbage and they’ve stopped allowing anything with an outside link from appearing in tags. Writers/artists cannot tag things to their twitter/store/writing website. That can cause a significant drop in views, especially for newer creators.

Like… we aren’t asking for much. A few reblogs. Reviews/comments. No creator should have to beg for that much.

I never make Keith hcs but like have you considered Keith being a boy.

Like a boyish boy.

Like ripped jeans and baseball caps and shirts covered in oil from his car and black belts from the sixth grade and getting into fist fights because someone said Babe Ruth wasn’t that great of a player and sitting on the hood of his dad’s first car and being infatuated with with learning how to turn a spoon into a weapon and never owning anything that matches but it’s somehow cute.

My Fire Emblem Heroes Team! ★★★★★
I put Roy as my leader because I’m an asshole to people in Arena

Initial Thoughts: Tiger Philanthropist

This episode marked a change in the way the story in SU would be progressing from now on. Many times it’s been pointed out how the Gems are ill-equipped to be Steven’s caretakers, and how usually, they themselves are the ones for whom Steven needs to put his own needs aside. 

The Gems have deep personal issues that they refused to acknowledge for a very long time, centuries in fact. Their suddenly being guardians of a teenage boy was not going to make those things go away. So early Steven spent a lot of time being ignored and left behind. It’s a fact he brings up in Rocknaldo. While we’ve been analysing it and pointing it out, it’s more than clear that Steven has been aware of it himself.

As the Gems engaged with him more, he found himself in the middle of meltdowns, arguments, and panic attacks. And we’ve seen how having to put aside how he feels has worn him down and given him issues of his own, about never being a good enough Crystal Gem, and never matching up to Rose.

These feelings culminated in the latest Steven Bomb (Bomb 5), when Steven decides to put his feelings first and refuse to listen to the Gems, instead seeking out Blue Diamond. What he realises is that doing to Greg and the Gems exactly what the Gems did to him was not going to make things better.

But I think it was a wake-up call for the senior Crystal Gems as well. Their becoming more accommodating of Steven has been a long, slow process. In this episode, Steven actually feels comfortable enough to tell Amethyst how he felt about wrestling, that he disagreed with her decision to quit, or at least the way she quit. 

And that’s something relatively new, because Steven doesn’t often talk about how he feels when he’s with the Gems. Instead of making light of it, Amethyst engages him on the same level. She tells him about wrestling’s personal relevance to her at a particular stage in her life. 

When Steven goes back to the ring, we expect he can take down human beings easily. When Amethyst appears, we know it’s not to save the day. That is how much our expectations of the characters changed. It’s a far cry from season one in which we believed Steven couldn’t defend himself.

Contrast to episodes like Joking Victim, Amethyst didn’t just stand by and let things happen. She washed her hands of wrestling but went back because part of her knew Steven had unfinished business. And she put aside her own desire to quit so that Steven could have closure.

I would say they end the match on their terms, together. Wrestling was never about feeling like he was good enough. His reason for doing it was to spend time with Amethyst. He was hurt because she decided on quitting without telling him, as if those memories didn’t matter.

In a turn of events, it is Amethyst, not Steven, who makes the speech that says exactly those things. In what I hope becomes a more common occurrence, someone who cares about Steven pre-empts how he feels instead of his having to do it the other way around all the time. 

What Amethyst gave him was assurance that the memories he treasured of their being together meant something to her too. And it implied that finding something else to do was always going to be an option. Wrestling had gone stale for them, but their relationship did not.

I’m glad this kind of shift occurred in a daily life type of episode. It is small acts that people decide to do every day that make them who they are. Becoming a totally different person in a dangerous or extreme moment loses the meaning of the act if only because the change is not as organic and nothing sustains it after the adrenaline fades.

I hope that this shift continues on. It was one thing to begin to care about Steven, but I find it significant that the Gems are also learning how to care about Steven, because it does make a difference.

  • Seokjin: I'm hand-
  • Yoongi: Some. You're handsome. Your body is handsome. Your face is handsome. You're 'worldwide' handsome.
  • Hoseok: Heck, even that guy you shook hands with on the way here is handsome because you fucking touched him. We get it. You're handsome.
  • Namjoon: You're so handsome, that Bang PD had to hire you because he knew BTS would be lost without you.
  • Jimin: You're so handsome, that even the straightest of men turn gay for you.
  • Taehyung: Your mom cried when she gave birth to you, because she knew her looks would never match yours. Your father cried. Your brother cried. We cried. Our families cried.
  • Jungkook: Everyone bloody cried. Because. You're. So. Fucking. Handsome.
  • Seokjin: ...
  • Bangtan: WE FUCKING KNOW!

anyway i was rereading their pesterlogs again and like. rose and kanayas first conversation is so funny god theyre so mean to each other. theyve never met but they match each others cadences perfectly like theyre already conversing on some plane of existence no one else could possibly keep up with. dare i say made for each other

{PART 18} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; The crowning moment arises when you and Jungkook arrive at the fundraising ball; but the storm clouds gather as you come face to face with your greatest fear.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 17} {Part 18} {Part 19}

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Asphodel and Nightshade

My interpretation of Hannibal and Will as Hades and Persephone, Alphonse Mucha style. Originally planned for the @hannibalcreative​ HannibalOdyssey event, but I’m way past deadline since this turned out to be a LOT more complicated/detailled than I’d originally planned.

If you’re interested in the symbolism of this piece, check it out under the cut!

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u ever think about how homestucks the best narrative media youve ever consumed and that other things are good but will honestly never match up to it

a compilation of helena’s hats

beth beanie. perfect for when ur an assassin but also want the hipster look. 10/10

knit camping hat. protects ur ears from cold and bugs. 10/10

jesse towing hat. cute n provides sun protection but also came from a sweaty boy’s head. 9/10 

castor prisoner hat. 4 when ur being taken prisoner by the military but ur ears gotta stay warm. deductions for the military prisoner part since it too probably came from a sweaty boy soldier. 7/10

The Cowboy Hat™. a Look. all fashion can retire. 14/10

the suburban fur hat thing u found in ur сестра’s car. good for ear warmth but ugly. good for deceiving the Portuguese mob into thinking u are ur clone. 8/10 

the Hat Made Out of a Fucking Fox. v badass but probably smells. 9/10

T H E Ushanka: a fucking Look that will never again be matched. excellent for doing things in the woods. whatever those things may be. ukrainian patriotic bonus points. 20/10 

Earned It - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

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A/N: For you @evanstanimagines​ - Hope you enjoy this. Lord knows I had fun writing this aha. If anyone has any requests or comments please don’t hesitate to comment or PM me :)

Bucky x Reader - Bucky knows you have a tendency to sleep talk. In fact it gives him peace, however this night was full of the opposite.

Warnings: All the smut.

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