In order to get the Shoot spinoff we all want, we need to work together! First step? Voting for a hashtag to trend on Monday, 18th July.

Hashtags to choose from:

  • #RebootShoot
  • #Rooting4Shoot
  • #wRealRoot
  • #WeAreRoot
  • #RootRising

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Time Zones (when we start tweeting):

  • New York (USA) - 10am EDT
  • Berlin (Germany) - 4pm CEST
  • Beijing (China) - 10pm CST
  • Los Angeles (USA) - 7am PDT
  • Salvador (Brazil) - 11am BRT
  • Quezon (Philippines) - 8pm PHT
  • Sydney (Australia) - 12pm AEST
An OFFICIAL ANE spinoff we all need

Hey so maybe this is common knowledge, but this is a hella great spin of, it’s called Salaryman Futsumashi. You should probably read it and here’s why:

  •  It’s based to follow Yukio. It gives you GREAT insight in to his personality, as someone who is more than a cool and apathetic mentor. We see the teenage side of Yukio, who has no McFreaking idea what he’s doing TM.
  • It’s written by Kato Kazue and illustrated by Sasaki Minoru, the art is great and it’s 100% official!
  • You get to see a more mellow side of the manga through Yukio.
  • Yukio winging this whole teacher thing
  • “Who shat on top of the christmas tree”
  • Yukio being salty in general. 

This image:

Who doesn’t Yukio. Who doesn’t.

when you’re sleep deprived and you seeing things from the corner of your eyes and you’re ringing bells and chanting your banishing spell, or got that crystal in a death lock. and you’re just like 

But seriously we need a Kou empire spinoff. Not like all the military needs and stuff, we need a spinoff that describes everyone’s life in detail. Like how Kouha and his mother were left and secluded because of her mental illness and how his dad got it into Kouha’s head that everyone that “is useless must die”. And how Harkuryuu suffered in the palace everyday not willing to believe his mother had actually killed his family and Kouen watching from a distance and as much as it hurt knowing it was for the better and that he would kill Gyouken some day. Oh and let’s not forget small Kougyoku playing with her dolls and feeling worthless and that she didn’t belong until Ka Kobun came and then her feeling like she had a purpose and let’s not forget Koumei just trying to overall be helpful and devising different systems to help the Kou Empire because the the Ren family is so under appreciated and well you get my point

hm. what if during the first few months after Ultear and Meredy broke Jellal out of prison, they always had to keep moving so they won’t get caught by the council? like, even at night they can’t stay in one place for long. This would make sense tbh because the council would be desperate to find Jellal. 

Imagine them all being grumpy due to sleep deprivation tho. 

Alright alright alright alright- I always see plenty of InuKag fluff but just imagine InuKik fluff <3

Specifically Kikyou leaning on InuYasha, smiling up at him, depending on him wholly for once in her life as they live together in peace.

RWBY needs a spinoff becausseee...?

RWBY needs a spinoff becausseee…?

Okay, let’s go. My friend came across RWBY Chibi online and told me about it. As much as I love chibi style, the RWBY producers need to work on strengthening the main story line, not dabbling in some supposed-to-be-fun-lighthearted-and-humorous spinoff. RWBY doesn’t even live up to its theme songs and some of the character development is questionable. What’s more, I don’t think the viewers are…

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