No words needed. But when they do speak it only reinforces how well they know each other and how deep their love is for each other. They are a team within a team even when they are not “together-together”.  It is just a natural thing for them. <3 them. 


I  *  b e l i e v e  * i n  * y o u 

In a shocking turn of events, SOMEONE ( @lily-the-leopard ) is writing me, the one who usually breeds the angst, sad fanfics

so have some kittens

damn it

The silly one belongs to Lily

stop pretending you are just defending or protecting Louis/Harry/Danielle/Briana/Freddie and realize that you turned this into a personal vendetta against a group of innocent people that you don’t know and that you never met and that will never impact your life in any significant way and that there’s no reason to bully or attack these people because of a difference of opinions on a boyband that doesn’t need your protection and doesn’t know you exist


I love you too, Booth.                                                                                               I know.

a grand(e) kind of love

{ part 1 | part 2 } part 3: i need to be the one that takes you home

Pairing: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, minor Bellamy/Gina
Summary: Clarke continues to have feelings. Clarke continues to deal with them poorly.
Info: 3.7k | Mature | AO3 ||  Hands In, Aca-Bitches series


“Octavia,” Clarke groaned, glaring at her from across their half-circle. This was the sixth time her phone had loudly chimed during rehearsal. It kept throwing them off rhythm, and she had finally had enough.

“Sorry,” Octavia said meekly with a shrug. “Blame my brother. Probably.”

“Silence it?” Niylah cut in calmly. “We really need to get through this arrangement before we break for the night.”

“I just gotta answer him real quick and then he’ll shut up,” Octavia wheedled, and Clarke nodded.

The girls stood patiently while Octavia jogged over to her bag and dug out her phone. Niylah took the opportunity to chat with Fox and Caris about their upcoming solos, and Clarke took the opportunity to watch Octavia. As she listened to her voicemail, her eyes lit up and a mischievous grin spread across her face. When it finished, she texted furiously, bouncing up and down a little bit before chucking her phone onto her bag and coming back over.

“All set?” Niylah asked.

“Apparently my brother had to cancel our usual post-practice ice cream date because he has an actual date. With an actual girl he’s actually into,” she exclaimed in a gleeful tone. “I just needed to let him off the hook. So yeah, all set.”

There was a brief pause where Clarke felt they were all looking at her, and a chill went through her at the thought of her shock written clearly across her face. Then Niylah cocked her head in confusion and Clarke let out a sigh of relief. They were just waiting for her to tune them in. Quickly she fumbled for the device, managing to start them off with a steady note despite the turmoil stirring inside her.

She knew the arrangement so well that the melody came to her easily, which was just as well because her mind was elsewhere completely.

He’s going on a date he’s going on a date he’s going on a date he’s going on a date.

It was just a date, one date. It shouldn’t make her feel anything, but somehow instead it felt like the end of everything.


Clarke was drunk and stumbling through the student center in high heels when she saw them. Her shoes scrabbled against the rough, burnt orange tile as she stared. Raven laughed at her clumsiness. Thudding in her chest, her heart squeezed tightly, painfully at seeing Bellamy laughing and smiling at the short brunette–Gina, no doubt–sitting across from him at table just inside The Grill area. The girl flipped him off then stole a handful of fries from his basket.

It’s something she would do, and Clarke felt her throat start to ache. She looked away just as Bellamy reached over to swipe a bit of salt and grease from Gina’s lips.

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Can I refer to mun as dude? I mean I use "dude" regardless of gender anyway but is it cool with you?

I call everyone dude/man/bro all the time regardless of people’s gender (probably because that’s just my slang at this point) but YEAH! THAT’S A-OK!

i’M so happy right now! today’s such a great day!