Scully sees her son’s name on her cell phone screen repeatedly. A son she hasn’t seen for fifteen years.  Maggie Scully comes to lucidity after experiencing a heart attack and asks for her son Charlie, from whom she is estranged and hasn’t seen in years.

Maggie doesn’t get to fix things with her son, but she reminds Mulder about his son so that perhaps he and her daughter will have a chance to fix things with theirs.


X p h i l i c i t y 

Happy to see you and know that you are still here…with me.

I just saw that my account had reached 300 followers. Thank you guys for noticing my art even though it’s not as colorful as the others. I’m just good at sketching and monochrome coloring. So far, my art is mostly about Echotale and Flowerfell.

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