BTS reaction to their tattoo boyfriend being submissive


The fact you were submissive to him would be a big ego boost to him. Especially because you looked like you would be the more dominate on in the relationship.

“Call me master again”


Jin would find it really hot that you’re submissive to him. He would love to run his fingers over your tattoos while you ride him.

“You look so hot babyboy”


Joon’s pretty dominate as it is so the fact that you’re submissive would be such a turn on to him.

“You’re such a good boy”


Yoongi would find it really hot that you’re submissive to him, especially you had a tuff guy imagine.

“Why’s my boyfriend so fucking hot?”


Hobi is somewhat dominate so the fact that you had tattoos and were submissive to him would be such a turn on for him.

“Even your tattoos make me horny”


Tae would love the fact you looked “mean” and tough but were completely submissive to him and did was he asked of you.

“You look good whimpering under me”


Jungkook would be cocky at the fact you had tattoos and looked very dominate but for him you were submissive.

“Look at my good boy”

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