quick attempt at Enjolras and R as Aphrodite and Hephaestus in sarah-yyy‘s latest fic since feeling is first

(I considered giving E more clothes, but neither Apollo nor Aphrodite seem to wear shirts, so he got a little shrug-cape-scarf thing. god knows what he’s got on his bottom half…)

Advice: There’s Nothing Wrong with Said

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you know any recourses that focus on terms and words to use in the place of ‘said’ I’ve checked online and can’t seem to find much :/

I get this question a lot.

Once upon a time, some dummy decided started a rumor that “said” is a terrible thing, thus leading to a generation of writers who are terrified of using it. This fear has led to an Indiana Jones-style quest for words to use “instead of said,” and it’s just silly. There is nothing wrong with “said.”

If you’re writing dialogue and you feel like you’re using “said” too much, it’s because you’re over-tagging. Every single sentence doesn’t have to begin or end with, “he said” or “she said.” That’s just amateurish.

So, instead of looking for words to use in place of said, try learning to write dialogue that doesn’t require so much tagging. I have a post about that here along with some other references. There’s also a link to words you can use in place of said when it’s really necessary. Try tag reduction first, though. ;)

Writing isn’t a thing you figure out—ever. My favorite things I’ve ever written, I hate. That might sound like a weird thing to say. But anything I’ve ever written that I felt was really great, I inevitably will look at two years later and think, ‘Oh, God, this is so amateurish and terrible.’ But that’s a good thing.
—  Mike Schur, The Office writer and Parks & Rec co-creator, in Poking a Dead Frog