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I'm surprised that this is being done by a publicist tbh because it all looks so tacky and amateurish. Guess that's Hollywood though

look at hiddleswift, that turn out so well for Tom, they became a joke. This girl must really think people are stupid.

thanks anon


Okay, I’m trying to see If I can Upload all of the Isak/Even Clips back on YT, so we will only need someone to add the subs. BUt god my clips look so amateurish. I don’t know how to make them look like @isak&even old channel 

Rough Translations thanks to @malecxbellarke!!!

Isak: My favourite type of film is when Nicholas Cage doesn’t over act.
Even: those don’t exist.
Isak: you think? (This bit wasn’t in the translated version cause music was playing over it so the translation is rough)
Even: I think that life is like a film and we are like directors of our lives. Do you know what I mean?
Isak: Yes, but I’m not sure I agree.
Even: You don’t?
Isak: No. Do you know what I think the interesting thing is?
Even: what?
Isak: thinking about the parallel universes. The world is so big and there are so many different places out there. The fact that somewhere out there there is probably another Isak and Even lying like we are here, but with… different coloured curtains.
Even: So yellow curtains?
Isak: yeah
Even: that’s enough weed for you.
Isak: haven’t you ever thought about it?
Even: no I’m not sure how it makes me feel.
Isak: but don’t you think it’s interesting?
Even: I don’t like it.
Isak: why not?
Even: I don’t know. it makes me feel lonely.
Isak: what do you mean lonely?
Even: (Even rambles on a bit here about being in his own head, how big the universe is and how that makes him feel so lonely, but then he says:) you know that ‘brain alone’ feeling (this is a common term often tied into to depression)
Isak: brain alone feeling?
Even: yeah, it’s just me and my thoughts. The only thing that can stop them is death.
Isak: that’s dark, ha.
Even: yeah, but don’t you ever feel that way?
Isak: no.
Even: Geez. Sometimes I forget how young you are.

(Knocking on door)

Isak: what do you want?
Eskild: Are you going to staying in your room all day.
Isak: I’m sleeping!
Eskild: ok. who’s shoes are in the hall?
Isak: I…uh…they’re Jonas’, I’m borrowing them.
Isak: fucking babysitter.

Even: how did you end up living in this dorm?
Isak: I was drunk at a party this one time and I met Eskild…
Even: he picked you up?
Isak: No! I wasn’t myself. I was in a bad place. My dad had just left my mum and… I didn’t want to go home, so he brought me back here and…bla bla bla
Even: bla bla bla. Good story.
Isak: you can have it. Make a movie about it?
Even: I AM going to make a movie about you.
Isak: ok.
Even: Do you want to know what it’s called?
Isak: what?
Even: ‘the boy who couldn’t hold his breath under water’
Isak: it sounds like a pompous, shit movie! And I can hold my breath! I just had a drop of water in my throat!
Even: a drop of water!

(Phone ringing)

Isak: Sonja?
Even: I am so fucked right now.
Even: can’t I just stay here with you forever?
Even: can I?
Isak: you can.