All you’ve been talking about since Jace arrived was becoming parabatai.

Have some Maul. I completely adore this character. He is so cool looking, so smart yet lost in his emotional turmoil. So utterly obsessed with revenge and with loneliness. 

I look forward to the upcoming comic very much.

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When you and Hugh just had an argument

- He hides all his bees away in fear you might swat them

- He tries so hard to hold your hand

- He hates it when you roll your eyes

- He likes it A LOT when you start muttering under your breath

- “I’ll make it up to you… please?”

- He tries to tempt you with puppy eyes and a stupid pout and god, does he look so adorable

- “Aight, Y/N, you win.”

- He hates arguing with you so he just stops

- Spoiling you with food

- Very slow and careful touching

- Kissing away your tears

- “Please forgive me, okay? I love you, you know that.”

Okok so I stumbled upon Irrefutably Yours and I thought “wow that’s written by that incredible blog right? This story can do no wrong” and I read. The whole thing. Through. In like 2 days I was so hooked I cried most of the time. 

But then I read chapter 60. And woah if I was sniffling and wiping my eyes before this is when the dam broke and I was sobbing it was so perfect and pure the character development was remarkable and it was just,, so amazing it’s my favorite Gaster story ever and I’m in love with it (coughcoughandgaster) 

This song started playing as I read chapter 60 and wow let me tell you I have never had my heart stolen by a story like this h elp

This is so cute! Gaster looks so expressive and adorable and I wanna pap his cute face aaa!

And everything you said is just ;_; way too nice, thank you so much. I probably shouldn’t be posting this right now since it’s freaking 1 in the morning, but I just couldn’t wait to respond and say how much I appreciate this! Sorry for making you cry though 😂

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